This week's post seems to feature the same image four times over! But there are differences, I promise you. We have a shaded seating area which has been the most comfortable place during these high temps and so that is where we've spent a lot of our time.

I was doing some crochet one evening but even with having the bulk of it on the table in front of me, it was just too darned hot. So I swapped to squares instead:

The following morning with coffee instead of Peroni! I found a great tutorial on YouTube about keeping the edges ruler straight and it worked - here's the link if you want a look!

Then when my hands got too hot to handle yarn I did some watercolours following another tutorial, I thought I'd do something to fill the gap on the JanCave wall.

And tried out my new brushes at the same time!

It was fun doing some different stuff - there's some good tutorials about painting shells, too many to link. I had a play with some pens and ended up altering the flowery one a bit:

And here's the only different desk shot this week - the dining table! (the JanCave is way too hot atm)

I sent for some toppers off ebay to make some quick cards for the WI and am using up scraps - woah, steady on there, does that get me extra Brownie points from the cardmakers' Guild?

Nowt fancy but pretty enough.

I hope you've all managed to cope with the high temps whether you're a Lizard or an Eskimo, hope you're all ok xxx


Helen said...

You are lucky being able to sit outside and escape the heat - working in a non air-conditioned office has not been fun this week but by the weekend when it rains at Kew that will be annoying too!! Love the water colours, you've found a great new skill. Stay cool and safe. Helen #??

craftyani said...

Jan when knitting or crocheting in the summer I use talcumn powder on my hands. Find it helps especially when two weeks ago we had temperature in the sun of 50C and 42C in the shade. Glad I was at my daughters as she has a pool to jump in. Ani

Sarah Brennan said...

That does look like a pleasant area to sit outside Jan. I may move outside under the gazebo if the temperatures continue. Early morning or late evening is about as much as I can manage at the moment. Love the watercolours! Keep cool, stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #6

Lynnecrafts said...

It looks a lovely place to stay in the shade, Jan. Glad you’re enjoying your new brushes. Your shell and flowers look beautiful. I meant to ask, which charity do you make blanket squares for?
We’re definitely not lizards and so have been sheltering from the heat. I always say B has a Biking thermostat anyway.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 7

Christine said...

Beautiful photos, and you are so lucky to be able to paint. I was watching a video last week on watercolouring . . . may try it (being brave not using pencils first!!)
I am an eskimo, winter baby, not a heat lover . . . . always makes me smile when I say that . . .. me, who went out to Africa regularly!!!
Have a good week, stay cool (!)
Christine #11

Mary Anne said...

Oh my yes, using scraps def. gets you extra credit :) I found that sitting in the shade with my bare feet in a cold tub of water helps a LOT (plus the cold snap cooling towels my knitting friend shared with me - wrapped around your neck it cools your whole body nicely) Sadly our shady spot, my favourite one, is under a tree and the one time I sat there a bird pooped in my tes from above. I guess it could have been worse - he could have pooped on my head! Loving the watercolour flowers. But yeah too hot to crochet - I knit socks only in the heat, too small to cover me and raise my temp LOL!

Happy Hot Day Desk Hopping!
Mary Anne (1)

Neet said...

Why not make a whole batch of ATC's (3.5" x 2.5") with your lovely watercolours on and make them into card toppers. I bet they would go like hot cakes. You are doing some gorgeous watercolouring - I think you have found your niche. Love the shell.
What a fabulous bowl of balls you have - so brightly coloured and looking fabulous - like your garden. Glad you can enjoy it by having a shady bit.
Could do with that AC unit you bought for your son right now.
Hugs - stay safe and well (I'm emigrating to Wales, they have more sense there about the pandemic rules)
Neet 3 xx

Spyder said...

Love thre water colours you've done, another thing I should start up again as I haven't done any in years. Time just flies by! Yes you're right, that wool does look hot stuff! The aquares definitely look a bit 'cooler' Stay Safe and cool, keep crafting, Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #16

Annie said...

It's good to see I'm not the only one enjoying some painty fun alfresco this week. There is no right or wrong with it all but I have really enjoyed chilling with my paints.
Annie x

Eva said...

Dear Jan! Must be really hot in your part of the Country!
But you do the best. Sitting in the shadow. With a view of the pond.
And making squares istead of the lange crochet blanket.
I admire you, painting with the water colors!! ♥ And the black delicate lines make a wonderful impression. You are an Artist!
Hugs from Eva/ Austria

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I'm definitely an Eskimo LOL - never liked the heat - at least we can protect ourselves against the cold. What a lovely, shady spot to do all your crafting! Almost like being on holiday! I could only do that in the morning as the back of the house gets way too much son from mid-day onwards. Such beautiful watercolouring! It's lovely that you can enjoy a whole range of creative activities! Happy #633! xx zsuzsa #17

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Loving your garden. Really miss sitting out in my dads garden.

Your paintings are lovely.

The card topper is just the job. You definitely get Brownie Points for using up scraps.

Hope you get the right temperatures so you can spend more time outside.


R's Rue said...

Painting al fresco is the way to go. I love to see people crocheting. Stay cool and safe. Have a beautiful day.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Beautiful photos. Watercolor just speaks to my heart. Love yours. I need to work on that, I've all the essentials. Your outdoor area is beautiful. No lawns to mow? Have a truly wonderful weekend.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You've done well to find somewhere cool to do some crafting. I do not like this heat and hubby keeps threatening to move to Lerwick as the temperature has been much lower there. Wishing you a cooler and creative woyww, Angela x13x

Crafting With Jack said...

Great watercolours, I will check out the crochet tutorial later. I am wilting this afternoon x Angela #12

Catriona said...

Your garden is stunning, Jan, and the perfect place to sit in this scorching weather. Happy painting.

Kelly said...

Hi Jan.
I have crocheting to do but so not into yarn in this heat - and our temps are not near as bad as yours. Lovely watercolor. I look forward to a clean space when I can play again. I'm getting there at a turtles pace but better than no pace, right? Hugs & Creative Blessings! Kelly #19

Shoshi said...

Hi Shady Lady! Lol! How nice that you've got a good spot to sit outside. Crocheting large items that rest in your lap is a big no-no in this hot weather, and squares are definitely the way to go. Thank you for sharing the YouTube link for how to keep straight edges - I've saved this, because I've always had problems with this. Your watercolour painting is so beautiful - I can't believe what an expert you are after such a short period of time.

Thnak you for your visit, and for all your kind thoughts and good wishes. I had my phone appointment with the surgeon this a.m. and all is well - no cancer detected beyond the lump. However, no definite answer on the chemo question until I've seen the oncologist. Fortunately I was over the cold quite quickly (especially for me!) and all I've got now is a slight cough. I am not doing well in the hot weather!

I'm so glad you like my various projects this week. I've got a third bra on order from the Breast Unit and when it comes in, my hubby is going to collect it for me, and I'll ask him to deliver the cards then. I had awful problems finding a glue that would stick on the butterfly cards but succeeded in the end so everything's ready to go.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #15

Twiglet said...

Only just getting round to commenting after two exhausting days with Ben - lol. Loved every minute but goodness - how much energy a six year old has - even in this heat! Your little watercolours are beautiful Jan and will make a stunning addition to the Jan cave. I haven't even tried to knit in this hot sticky weather but I have enjoyed some cool sessions reading a few books - good to chill and relax when possible. xx Jo

Susan Renshaw said...

I am amazed that you can crochet at all in the heat!
Love all the watercolouring!
Happy WOYWW!
Stay safe and keep well! And try and keep cool...
Susan #5
Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

Felicia said...

Getting around late this week Jan, it's been quite busy at work! Thanks as always for stopping by my desk and....for the well wishes! I am much better, although that cough continues to linger albeit in a more subtle way! I would love for it to go away completely!! I love your garden shots with your yarn. We could NEVER knit in the garden here, even in the shade!! It's ghastly!! More humid than anything, but either way, it would NOT be fun! I think my fave shot was the first one, WITH THE GLASS OF WINE!! LOLOL I'm loving how you are coming along with your water coloring!! Just lovely!! They shell is gorge! :) You would have LOVED all the card supplies at the expo! I'm not really a card maker, but those of you who are would have loved it!! Thanks again for stopping in Jan and blessings for your week! Stay cool! Felicia #21


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