Good morning, hope you are all well! I am enjoying the last five days of my 50s, having fun and trying to stay (mostly) out of mischief, lol! The weather has been a lot cooler since last week, for which I am very grateful, I'm definitely a northern climate girl. 

The JanCave has seen bit more action now it's less equatorial in there. I was asked for a peg bag and as I hadn't made one for ages, thought I'd dig out the pattern and remind myself of the order of construction.

I'd received some new fabrics through the post:

And was just having a look at them, they came from Amothreads, a company that deals in ends-of-line and deadstock fabrics. The selection does vary a lot but there's some good stuff in there and saves it from going into landfill. The above are all furnishing fabrics and were £4.50 a metre.

And amazingly, I found my old pattern straightaway! I thought that I was going to be short with the lining fabric but a little careful positioning saved the day - phew....

Bright and cheerful eh? I hope the lady likes it.

Talking about lovely colours, my SiL made a gorgeous baby quilt:

Isn't that a lovely combination? Jill put a soft green backing on, which finished it off a treat,

And on Monday, I met up with a Desker! Lisa-Jane was in the area and we met up for a couple of hours chat, it was great to see her:

Socially distanced of course! The last time I saw L-J was at a WOYWW Crop in Wiltshire, a good few years ago. Needless to say, there weren't many long awkward silences in the conversation, lol, both of us  had a lot to catch up on. Good times.

Have a good week folks, I'm having family and friends around on Sunday for a little party, which should be fun!



Helen said...

the peg bag looks great - not seen one of those for a while! the baby quilt is just beautiful. Great to see L-J - what a treat. Wishing you a wonderful and happy big birthday! hope the weather plays nicely on Sunday for you. Happy Birthday! Helen xx #?

Sarah Brennan said...

Enjoy your party for the big 60 Jan - you desrve it. Years ending in 0 are the only time that I celebrate with a party. Your sister's quilt is stunning and the pegbag is bright and cheerful - great fabric shop find. Stay safe, happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Lynnecrafts said...

Morning Jan, Your peg bag looks smart! I love Jill’s quilt as well, such nice soft colours. Happy birthday for Sunday! I hope you have a really good day on Sunday with a lovely local party. We’ll be there in spirit (/s). 😏 🍸. Glad I sent your pressie early.
How nice you could meet up with Lisa-Jane, and that it was dry enough to sit outside for a good chinwag.
Take care and happy WOYWW

Love Lynnecrafts 4

roffeycreations said...

Hi Jan - lovely to catch up with fellow WOYWWer's - am too far away in QLD OZ to be able to do it - but enjoy seeing everyone. Love the peg bags - I am on the look for a couple for Eliza - have a crafty sewing friend here I will make contact with and show her your layout - Have a great week - stay safe & well - Cheers Maurs xxx #6

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Now I cannot get that tune out of my head and keep hearing 'He's a very naughty boy':)

Lovely fabric and the peg bag is fab.

Your sil baby quilt is beautiful. Really love the colour combo.

How lovely to meet up with Lisa-Jane. I have no doubt you had plenty to catch up on.

Have a lovely party. Happy Birthday in advance.


Mary Anne said...

Love the peg bag and realize it would be a handy thing to have, rather than just leaving the pegs on the line all the time. We have to buy new ones far too often. Doh! I am envious of your meet up - lucky my one knitting mate has been shielded and her family as well, so because we have both been extra careful and are both double vaccinated, we can meet up and have done thru most of the outside-ok part of the pandemic. Without that even *I* (a historical loner) would have found it hard to deal with :D Enjoy your party and may the weather gods shine on you for it.

Happy cooler days Desk Hopping!
Mary Anne (1)

Julia Dunnit said...

Good price for any fabric, let alone furnishing fabric! Made me LOL to read about the clever positioning of pattern to fabric… I swear the maths and angles and complicated bits is what drew you to sewing! We really are so different arent we! Really excited for you for the weekend, won’t it be lovely to surrounded by family again. Enjoyed the heat but am glad it’s normal-er now, it’s not the same at all when you have to live your real life in it is it!

Annie said...

Looks like we have both been catching up with blogging friends this week....it's funny how we never strugle to find something to chat about isn't it? :-) Love the peg bag Jan and the fabric is perfect. Hope you have a great birthday.
Annie x #10

Lynn Holland said...

I’m not here today Jan but wanted to wish you a happy big birthday when it arrives and I’m apologising in advance for the total mess up I made of sending you something. You’ll have a good laugh when you realise I mixed you and Jo up again. It was a right mash up of the pair of you haha.
Have a wonderful time dear Jan
Love Lynn xxx

Diana Taylor said...

What a lovely lot of new fabric, I love that turqoise and orange stripe - very summer deckchair-ish and perfect for a peg bag. The quilt is beautiful and I do love that colour combo, what a talented lady.
Have a lovely day on Sunday and enjoy your party - I hope the weather holds for you.
Diana xx #13

Crafting With Jack said...

Wishing you a wonderful birthday, personally I hate the birthdays that end with a 0! I never worry about the numbers in between. I hope you have a great day. How nice to meet up with L-J. Your SiL’s quilt is beautiful. Angela #9

Spyder said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday hope you have a great weekend. I went to see The Harry Potter thingy, for my last 0 on the end birthday, grandaughter was only a baby, so I've promised a trip over for my next birthday with an 0 on the end! Your sil made a fabulous baby quilt! super colours! Stay Safe! Happy WOYWW!? (Lyn) #15

Neet said...

Enjoy the party and have a few gins - I might even join you by raising a glass - any excuse what! Congrats on the coming big one though.
Nice photo of you and Lisa Jane - looks as if it was a lovely day too.
Love the peg bag and the quilt is adorable. So sewing runs in the extended family too? Bet you two have lots to talk about when you meet up - and maybe swap yarns (sorry)
Hugs, (ducking as I run) Neet 8xxxxxx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hurray for cooler temperatures! Hope it will last - being from a continental climate, my husband always tells me I'm supposed to be used to the heat, but I can't stand it! Good that you were able to get back to the Jan Cave for some sewing - and so nice to see Lisa-Jane visiting - I didn't realise you two had met before! Normally you wouldn't sit that far apart! Showing a good example - it's easy to forget about social distancing when caught up in the moment! Happy birthday for Sunday - enjoy your party - how lucky that it falls on the weekend! xx zsuzsa #16

Lindart said...

HI Jan! Having missed those last two weeks, I scrolled down to get them all. Don't you love your new fountain? Hubby got one for his birthday last month and we love it. Like, you we had to pare down the height of the fountain, but you have a much better container for yours. Ours has to have the smallest spray otherwise it all goes out of the birdbath! But I love just hearing the water splash, don't you? Your totes are fabulous, makes me want to live nearby...have a great week! Lindart #20

Shoshi said...

Lovely peg bag, Jan. I am still using the one my Godmother made me many years ago. What fun to meet up with Lisa Jane! I'm sure you had a good natter and a lot of fun together.

Thank you for your comment - yes, good news from the hospital. I feel very optimistic about the future.

Like you, I've got some Spencer Wells foreps - courtesy of my dad who was a surgeon. I've inherited a lot of stuff from him. He used to rescue things all the time when the hospital threw them out (huge amount of wastage). He always found uses for things in his workshop, and I have continued the trend, in my studio! He would be pleased that I am using them, I am sure.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #12

Catriona said...

Great buy for the heavier fabric! Happy sewing and stay cool. 😅

Felicia said...

Goodday Jan!!!! Love the peg bag!! When I get my own place again, I currently rent, I will be putting up my clothesline again!! You just can't beat clothes that have been dried on the line, especially sheets! Woop! Your SIL's quilt is beautiful! One day I am going to go up to Amish country and get a real deal quilt from those beautifully talented ladies! I don't quilt, so paying someone else is well worth it! I admire anyone who takes the time to do that! WOW that you and Lisa Jane got to meet up! I so love that you guys over that are in our group can do that from time to time! That would be a real treat! Thanks, as always, for stopping by my desk and commenting!! As you noted, I am so jealous of the UK's love for all things "wooly!" I so wish I could browse your many fabulous shops! I am sure in other parts of the "colder" country here they have such shops, but not too many in the hotbed of Georgia!!! LOLOL Take Care Jan...stay cool and safe! Felicia #17

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I'm definitely a child of the north too, not keen on all this hot weather. The fabrics look like a great buy and a good price too. Hope the party goes well. Happy woyww. Hugs, Angela x14x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jan, early greetings for a very happy birthday. Sounds like you have a fun day lined up to celebrate. The peg bag is lovely. I will have to save that shop link - not that I need new fabric now but hopefully one day I will. Have a fabulous week ahead. Hugs, Elizabeth x #22

Eva said...

Dear Jan!
The countdown is running! You will find, that a "6" at the beginning doesn't hurt.
Nice peg bag, great done with the rest of fabric.
And nice meeting with a desker, Lisa-Jane!
Wish you a very very happy weekend with your family and friends.
Eva from Austria

Empire of the Cat said...

I'm sure she will love the peg bag, it's so colourful and fun. How nice to meet up with crafty friends too. Happy WOYWW! Elle #18 this week

Twiglet said...

Have a great birthday Jan - a little something coming your way today, I think. So lovely to see that you managed a catch up with L-J - always good to get WOYWW buddies together. One day we will manage that crop! Love your sewing - you always combine colours/fabric designs so beautifully. xx Jo

Susan Renshaw said...

That's a lovely peg bag!
Super to meet up with another desker!
Happy WOYWW!
Stay safe and keep well!
Susan #7
Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for the visit, it's been a great 2 days here It rained, humidity gone, temps reasonable. Great way to get some fun fabric...who don't like a bargain?
Seeing old friends, sure makes one's heart happy glad you got to have time with a fellow desker ! 🍨🥂🧡🧡🧡 HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Enjoy Sunday

Stacy Sheldon said...

OOoh Happy Birthday eve eve eve Jan :) that is exciting, Love the color combo on the peg bag and that you were able to squeeze in a visit too :) ~Stacy #21

Ali Wade Designs said...

Only now going around a few blogs - nearly a week late! Hope your birthday was fabulous. I definitely need to get a list of WOYWW birthdays, so I can send out cards at the right time. Wonderful to see that you met up with Lisa-Jane. Ali x


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