While I was pootling around in the JanCave last week, a new acronym just popped into my head - so as well as WOYWW, UFOs, PiFs, etc etc, may I present to you:

                         (It's No Use In The Stash)

I am on a mission to use up fabric and yarn, the giveaways, masks and wallets have made good inroads and this week, I stumbled across a Childrens' cancer charity called Beads for Courage - the children get a bead for each stage of the treatment and they need a bag to put them in. Just a smallish lined drawstring bag and as I have sufficient fabric and cords/tape. I thought it would be something I could do.

So that's what you find me doing, cutting out the rectangles of fabric using that template...

...and finding the right fabric to be the lining.

There's very little wastage and before anyone mentions the word Patchwork to use those bits up, it ain't going to happen - I'm not the sort of person to hold onto every scrap!

I do like this colour combo:
I'm trying to sew a variety of colours as the children range from toddlers to teens.

And this was the final piece of a 3m length of fabric that the lovely Debbie Rock donated to me ages ago...it's been so useful and this seemed a good way to finish it off:

The charity has a label they like sewn onto each bag:

Which arrived with a little card for you to write a message on. The gorgeous black and gold elephant fabric is a wrap skirt which my mate Lynne donated to me - it was her late mum's and is much better used for something than being in a drawer.

So the stash slimming is in full swing!!

I started using my tote and Betty kicked off because she fancied it too - so I've made another to giveaway out of this lovely hare fabric:
That was the last of the sage green lining too - woohoo!  So if you fancy it, just let me know in the comments.

And this pic is just for Julia:
See, I do listen sometimes...... ;-D

Have a good crafty week everyone, keep safe and well xxxx



Thanks to all who have entered my giveaways, it's been great fun and I've enjoyed it very much! There were a lot of entries for the stripey bag, so much so that I did a draw for two totes in the end. So many congrats to:


Hope you get joy and good use out of them, you lovely gals! 

I'm also waving to Debbie Clarke, who has entered and commented on my posts - thanks for reading my nonsense and joining in!

So when I picked Lynne's name out in second place, I though about what fabric I'd choose for her - no contest really......

Out came some of the Oriental stash - Lynne's is foreground, mine is behind.

Finding a lining wasn't straightforward but this denim blue picked out some of the tones, I had to be very creative with how I cut it however, it just managed to get there!

The bit where you pull the outer through a gap in the inner always seems to be backward and you're never quite sure it's going to turn out ok but.....

It usually does! ( I say usually cos there have been times when I've got to this point and realised the pocket is on upside down!!)  I like the golden dragons romping all over the place and enjoyed making this so much, I thought I'd make a bag for me.

The frayed edge selvedge seemed too nice to trim off so I made it into a pocket top and before you know it, a couple of hours had whizzed by and.....

I love this fabric, it reminds me of Persian tiles - I shall enjoy using this once I've wrestled it back off Betty....she's a minx....

Isn't Happy Mail a treat? I was fortunate enough to have two loads this week:
Two jigsaws from Margaret (Glitter & Glue) which came just in time as I'd completed all the recently bought ones - thank you lovely gal!! And a gorgeous doggy Fat Quarter and some artery forceps (!!!!!) from Annie (Wipso). She had read how much I detest stuffing small tubes etc when sewing and knew that these were perfect for the job. You're so kind Annie, I never thought that forceps would become an integral part of my crafting but they will become essential kit! G, however, is starting to look a bit worried, lolol....... ;-)

Thoughtful gifts from thoughtful friends, it made this LLJ very happy indeed xxxxxxx

Hope you have a really lovely week!



Thank you to all the lovely people who entered my giveaway last week - in the end I made four wallets, you know, something to do when it was lashing down with rain and stash busting too, lol! Anyway the Fab Four are:

        SooJay, Neet, Margaret and Twiglet

I hope you find them useful, you lovely ladies!

The other three to add to last week's.

That was fun so I'm going to do another this giveaway this week. 

Another foray into the fabric stash revealed a lovely stripey beachy sorta result, team it with a navy blue and white spot and you get.....

Just a big ol' useful tote - nowt fancy but you can put allsorts in it (and wash it at 40 too)  So feel free to enter and I'll announce the results next week - it's good to do a PiF and reduce stash at the same time, win-win!

And that's about it for now craftwise - though I did a watercolour doodle card for my bro and SiL's anniversary but forgot to take a pic - doh!

These have been keeping me out of mischief - Jigsaws - I'm a fiend and once one is out on the table, I can't leave them alone. I ordered a couple and so did G so I've been having a lot of fun.

Sitting in the cool breeze by the patio door, cuppa to hand, it doesn't take much to make me happy!

Knitting, wool and lots of colour in jigsaw form - happy days!!

I hope you all have a happy crafty week, lots of love xxxxx



Life in lockdown continues here in Wales and I've been kept quite busy pottering in the house and garden. We're still not allowed anywhere further than 5 miles so apart from walks, we're keeping ourselves to ourselves.
I have spent a lovely few hours in the JanCave too on a variety of projects...
I'd been in contact with Lizzy's Barn, a local dog rescue place asking if they wanted the leftover duvet covers from the Scrubs Bags assembly line (they did) and I thought I'd make some doggy related items for them to use or sell...

They were pleased with it all and I hope it helps them as they're only a small concern but do a great job.

And then I thought I would do a Giveaway this week having not done one for quite a while. The Oriental fabric is still calling to me, so that's what got chopped up:

Yup, another jewellery wallet! I'm particularly pleased with the colour combo and those plastic poppers are perfect (oooh, someone asked me on the blog where I got them from, sorry, can't remember who, it was Amazon, they've got loads on there)

So there it is - if you fancy it, just let me know in your comments. I don't mind posting abroad but it may take a while with the postal service being slightly topsy turvy at the moment.

I altered a new top that arrived this week, loved the fabric but it didn't fit right, so I lifted the shoulders, took in the side seams and sleeves and put darts in. I shouldn't look at the seams too closely but it looks a lot better. I thought I'd challenge myself so sent for two patterns....I'm going to have a go at the man's shirt using one of the duvet covers I'd hung onto, G won't be wearing it, it's just a way of making my mistakes on a fabric that doesn't matter. I'm scared.......

We've been trying to walk as much as possible and our local country park and big beach was reopened last Friday - so Saturday morning found us social distancing on the sand, it was a glorious couple of hours:

It did the whole family a world of good - room to breathe.

Anyway, I hope you're all safe and well. Don't forget, if you want to enter the giveaway, mention it in the comments and I'll let everyone know next Wednesday.




After the dearth of proper crafting in last week's blog, the JanCave has actually seen some sewing action this week - the cooler weather has meant less sitting out of doors that's for sure, though the garden does look a lot better for the rain.

Isn't it funny how ideas pop into your head from nowhere? I hadn't been thinking about sewing anything in particular apart from some more masks for friends, but the arrival of the oriental fabric last week stirred my mojo....

especially this one:
I just adore this floral colourway, it's so pretty! I had a moment of inspiration and thought I'd make a jewellery wallet for myself after making quite a few for friends. So, that's what I did when it was raining. I'm just going to do some topstitching on the pocket here, the internal zipped pocket has already been done.

General view of the desk! I'd also finished off some specs cases and they're ready to put away until needed. Twiglet's lovely needle case is up ready to be filled though it'll live downstairs in my crochet/knitting/embroidery box.

A little cumulus cloud of stuffing - this is the bit I DETEST (sorry for shouting there...) Honestly I take my hat off to toy makers who have to stuff the teensiest limbs etc, I'd lose the will to live. The ring sausage is bad enough! (that's quite enough sniggering from you Jo, I know you are, don't deny it!)

All the prep work takes the time, the actual sewing up is quite straightforward and before you know it:
A little jewellery case that looks a bit like a clutch bag, it's easier to use than a roll and the contents don't get crushed.

It opens up into three segments and has room for more jewels than I possess! The strip of lace is for putting your dangly earrings in, it works surprisingly well for a low tech idea. All I need now is somewhere to go.....and that may take some time, lol!

Some happy mail arrived yesterday - a gorgeous selection of buttons from my mate Lynne! Thank you so much, dear old pal, they will be used for all sorts of projects but the Hokusai Wave ones are mine, all mine - mwahahahahahaha.....

So that's it, I've borrowed some ballpoint needles from my friend Helen and am going to alter the shoulders of a new top that arrived this week. I really like it but it looks better just lifted up an inch or two - see how it goes anyway!

Have a great week and keep safe and well. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Before I start today, I'm so pleased to report that Alan is back home, phew what a relief, and so is Helen after her episode of nutting the floor and doing herself injury. Rest up and get better the pair of you!

I do love this glorious weather we've been experiencing over the past few weeks but have found it hard to want to do much crafting - the only action the JanCave has seen recently is this:

Yep, Ron decided this was the perfect spot for a little light catnapping!

I have indulged in some retail therapy however:
I was idly browsing through ebay and discovered a site selling oriental fabrics by the FQ and half metre. Well, it would be rude not to eh? 

When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they're a linen finish rather than the usual satin type. I like them very much but at the moment haven't a clue what they'll be used for!!

After commenting on someone's blog that I loved painting but never did it anymore, I was inspired by a YouTube video just to have a mess around, so that's what I did one afternoon in the shade in the garden:
And very pleasant it was too - the results weren't that great but I enjoyed myself pootling around for an hour!

The deck has been well used in this fine weather as I can't sit in the sun at all but love being outside - especially in the evenings:
Well, it's gotta be done eh?!

I'll see if any inspiration strikes this week but don't hold your breath.....Gordon however has been playing in the garage 😃😃😃

Cool huh? It involved fairy lights tied onto a cane, a crystal ball sphere, an old sheet of glass and a long time exposure. Bonkers but I love it! That's the next entry into the club competition.

Incidentally, I've compiled today's blog on the new Blogger format, it's ok but there's a couple of things that seem to take way longer ie the uploading of pics. What does anyone else think? Any tips gratefully received!

Hope you have a great week xxxx



I really did enjoy last week's celebrations, rather different to the normal ATC swap but no less wonderful - I'm glad you enjoyed the video, thanks again to G for helping me with the techy stuff!

How can it be nearly June though? The last time I turned around, it was March - thank goodness for WOYWW because at least I know what one day of the week actually is, lol!!

After all the mask sewing I was in a bit of a lull, unsure of what to do next when Rhys came to my rescue.

His favourite ancient linen shirt had a hole in the front, so a bit of make do and mend came into play. The grey and yellow fabric is the tail end of a duvet cover used for scrubs bags and I kept it to make glasses cases or something, anyway, it was the perfect tone for the mend.

I cut three bits out, bondawebbed them to the shirt and sewed around - you can see they're there but it's quite subtle and Rhys is happy!

I have continued crocheting my Lockdown Blanket and in the lovely but slightly cooler evenings it has been quite nice doing it outside. This was taken at 9pm last night - I so wish we had smello-vision because the scent from my roses was amazing!!

The antics of the birds in the garden has kept us all amused - the sight of baby sparrows in the bird bath is a thing of joy. They discovered a good place to perch whilst waiting for a parent to feed them:
Patience is a virtue eh? Sparrow numbers are diminishing so we're quite happy that there seems to be a growing population around us.

Hope you've had a good week, keep safe and well xxxxx


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