After last week's photo marathon, a shorter offering today! I was inspired by many of the deskers who have been clearing out and resorting the stashes so:

It was carnage in the Cave! Everything came out before being put into piles for recycling/redistribution or keeping. And because of this, I discovered these hidden away in a box:

I'd kept some legs from old jeans to use for projects and had completely forgotten about them! I'm cutting out cases and purses from the better parts of the denim.

I haven't got very far yet, just mulling over linings...

Most of my time has been spent outside in the garden, working but also just watching the sparrows having a free for all in the bird bath - sheer entertainment, lol!  The veg beds are starting to be productive:
Radishes, spinach and lettuce are providing the basis of my salad lunch every day. Look at that Golden Marjoram in the herb bed at the back, isn't it wow?!

And the garden is looking and sounding great, all you can hear are bees buzzing and birds chirping, it's brilliant and amazing how it's developed in only three years:
I love it!

I'm having my second Covid jab tomorrow so visiting may be curtailed but hooray for being fully vaccinated. 

Have a great week everyone! xxxx





I've got LOTS to share this week, so it's going to be a longish post!

More Happy Mail arrived, I do love getting these envelopes through the post, there's always a wonderful surprise inside.

From Catriona, Sylvia, Morti and Kyla, I love them all especially the brass band card. The gorgeous little orange number in the middle is anonymous though, so I don't know who to thank!

And this little lot of loveliness was from Heather, thank you, gorgeous gal, I love everything you sent XX

The weather has been glorious so I've been out in the garden quite a bit but there's been lots of crafting done too:

I found some odds and ends of fabric that were too small for much but big enough for fishies...

All that's left was a teeny pile of scraps....

Swimming happily across the desk! That's it for now, I've done a few lengths of crochet to be sewn onto railings and about 40 fish. The ice cream cone didn't get done, I couldn't find any suitable fabric or felt, see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

I was restocking the crafts for the RNLI at the cafe and Laura, the owner, mentioned that a couple of her regular customers were after glasses cases but in more muted colours, so back to the JanCave to see what I had lying around:

I didn't have that much but set to and made a few to take down later. All the face masks had gone too and Laura said they're still going quite well, so that was a quick hour's worth of sewing sorted:

I picked a variety of patterns and made two of each - they don't take much time and raise a bit of much needed cash for charity. The Crew were called out a few times over the BH weekend, for broken down boats, lost swimmers and people cut off by the incoming tides...all recovered safely, I'm glad to say.

I also went to Carmarthen market last week with the sole intention of spending some money at a few stalls, I feel so sorry for local businesses, they need all the help they can get. Anyway, I visited the Caws Cenarth cheese stall (yum), the butchers, the greengrocers and would you believe it, there's a yarn stall too - what's a girl to do except show willing!

The Wool Cwtch (cwtch is Welsh for cuddle) was set up last year, a few weeks before lockdown. It is a fab little shop, small but perfectly formed:

Oooooh, treasure awaits within! There was a great selection of yarns for all price ranges, with a fantastic choice of colours...

Everything was beautifully laid out in the bright white units....

A gorgeous little bit of decoration, love the colours....

And a whole wall of Stylecraft acrylic, I found that very pleasing indeed! I'd only gone in for some white to finish off a charity blanket....cough.....

Well, I did get those.....plus a bit more, lol!! Isn't that a pretty sight? Sian, the owner, was really lovely, I shall definitely be back as her prices were very competitive and not that different from online shops. She doesn't do mail order (her unit is too small) but you can find her on Facebook.  I shall be going there quite often......

There, well done if you stayed with me to the end! Thanks for all the lovely comments that have been posted over the anniversary weeks, I do really appreciate them and your friendship. *Cwtches all round*

Have a great week and keeeeeeep crafting!



What a really lovely time I had last week on the WOYWW anniversary, it was such a great time just being part of the desky love. Thank you for sharing and commenting each week, I really do appreciate it xx  And the Happy Mail has been arriving and I've loved getting them all:

From Diana, Lynne, Zsuzsa, Wipso, Cindy, Margaret, Caro and Helen.

Mary Anne, Twiglet, Debbie and Neet xx

And Ali! Thanks for the reminder about Solva, I haven't been there for years!

A whole heap of crafty sisterly sharing. thank you so much! I save all the stamps and give them to a lady who's raising money for a Motor Neurone Disease charity, so they don't go to waste either! That pleases me immensely....

So, the desk:

This makes me smile, look at those bright fresh colours! I'm continuing to make some sea creatures for the town yarnbombing project - trust me to go off piste (!) but I did check that sewn items were ok before I jumped in.

I found some simple drawings online that I'm using as templates:

And am just using up what scraps I have:

Fun eh? I'm going to do the ice cream cone in felt with some 'raspberry sauce', sprinkles and maybe a Flake (that's a small chocolate bar for our non UK deskers!)  I've got enough beads and bits and pieces to achieve that *grin*

I hope this week is a good one and that it's going to get a bit drier and warmer. My little town was top of the BBC wind speed chart last Friday, it was seriously frightening with gusts of 75mph, thankfully no damage to us or the neighbours. I'd quite like to sit in the sunshine or do a bit of gardening, that's not too much to ask for!

Take care and see you next week xx



...and the weeks, months, years of WOYWW. And Julia, of course, without whom all these desky shenanigans wouldn't happen! And you, lovely deskers and followers who make each week such fun, I appreciate the friendship, camaraderie and sharing of ideas in this wonderful forum, it is a life enhancing thing which I'm so glad to be part of!

Long may it continue!!

Here are the ATCs and Postcards I made/had printed:

And brace yourselves, I even stamped on the envelopes! I know, wonders will never cease, lol!

There's been a bit more crafting this week which has been a lot of fun - my bro and SiL came for a socially distanced visit and Jill helped make some fish for the town yarnbombing project, using up odds and ends in the process:

Jill is the gal who does the amazing quilting, this was a bit more rough and ready but she got into the swing very easily.

No rules just dive in and have some fun!

We made jellyfish too and soon we had a bowl of piscatorial perfection.....

We did use mostly scraps but I saw some fabric on ebay and just had to get some:

Isn't it fab? It looks really great sewn up, I'm not going to use it all for the fishies, watch this space!

Thanks to my mates Helen and Kim who helped me with some socially distanced cutting out as well, carried out whilst chatting and drinking tea.... gotta be done sometimes *grin*

There we are, some fun items to share on this special day, I'm thinking of Shaz as well and sending virtual hugs skyward.

Have a fab week and I look forward to seeing all the amazing creations on your desks today - it really, truly, never ever gets boring!!

With love and hugs ,

LLJ xxxxxxx



It's been a busy week, that's for sure! Having Owen home meant that I wasn't spending much time crafting but I was looking forward to doing some more sewing and returning to band at the weekend and seeing Lisa-Jane. Thanks to the appalling rain, the meet up with LJ was postponed and due to the problems with all the safety checks on the trains, it meant a sudden journey to take Owen back to Reading....cue lots of motorway driving but with a happy twist, which I'll reveal later!

I found out that the yarnbombing group were happy for me to sew some items so I'm going to use up scraps and make fish, starfish etc etc. I've just cut out a rough template and will add some felt fins from the heap of scraps that live in the cupboard!

The first length of 7" wide crochet has been done and rolled up into a Swiss Roll, now I'm using a ball of the yarn Debbie Rock sent and it's proving very seasidey, perfect!

The other thing that arrived this week were the postcards I'd had printed to accompany the ATCs:

Nicely printed with envelopes, I couldn't have printed them at home for much less...you'll have to wait until next week to see them though!

Proof that life is slowly getting back to normal is this:

G and I attended the first group litter pick of the year, a beautiful morning meant there was a good turn out and we picked 31 bags from a wide area.

And the surprise?  We broke our return journey from taking O back to have a socially distanced meet up with.....

Julia!!!! Me and my bezzy!!!  It was the first time we'd seen each other for 16 months and it was wonderful to meet up. I don't think we drew breath, lol! It was a proper spur of the moment thing and made my day.

I'm looking forward to the Anniversary next week and have made a few ATCs to swap, you have been warned *grin*

Have a fab week, see you for WOYWW 624 XXXXX




This really is my favourite time of the year when everything is springing forth but my goodness, have we had a variety of weather this past week....when it's been lovely, we've been out, when it's been stormy then I've been crafting, but still can't share the major project yet...sorry!

I made some more specs cases for the RNLI fundraising - great fabric eh?

A suitable spotty lining and Bob's your Uncle :-D

The secret project involved this:
which my friend Kim came to play along with - she also brought glitter glue sticks, I didn't even know they existed, they were fun!

Other pottering involved visiting the band room for the first time in months:
It was so lovely to be back! There is a possibility of resuming small group rehearsals towards the end of May so I went to see where I'd hidden all the music (with my librarian hat on!)
Shouldn't have doubted myself, they were already sorted from last year so all I had to do was sanitise the folders ready for the first play - can't wait.....

When the Supermoon was in the sky, there was a correspondingly high tide of 9.2metres, so G and I wandered down to have a look:
The tide was so high, it was covering the first layer of the sea wall, but there was enough room to sit out of the wind and enjoy the moment.

And that's it, I really haven't done that much. Thanks for the ideas and tips for seaside crochet, there were some really good links. I have since found out that I can do sewn items as well, so may cop out and do that instead, it's quicker and I shall stay saner.
I may well be late on returning comments as we have a visitor:
Yay, Son No 1!! We have resumed our crib tournament and, for those of you who play, my very duff hand is the reason why O is looking so happy. He's currently ahead in the league but not by much!

So there you have it, a week of randomness (again!), hope you achieve more than me over the next seven days!

Lots of love xxxxxx



Another week has shot by - I can't believe it's Wednesday again! Thank goodness for WOYWW because it's the one thing that keeps me on track when working out what day it is *grin*

I've been quite busy again dibbling and dabbling with various projects. My desk is a heap....

Bag bits, fabric (the stripey at the front was passed on by my mate Helen), a staple gun which I was using for something that is quite possibly treasonous...my next post may well come from a dungeon in the Tower of London....lol!

Silver card, spray paint and jewels are my next project.....

And this too:
I do get involved in the weirdest things, cutting slots in ping pong balls is one of them :-D

I am crocheting long strips for a village yarnbombing project, they will be sewn around railings around the harbour. There's been a call out for 3D yarny seaside models as well which I haven't done before. Has anyone got any patterns/tips you could point me in the direction of? 
Just using up odds and sods of yarn! 

I've got in contact with some friends from the old Grammar school I attended back in the 70s via a group on Facebook - it's been great fun. I 'met' Carol, who always stood in front of me in a queue for exams/jabs/assembly etc as we were in alphabetical order, we had a good old reminisce and she posted a photo that I'd not seen before:
Can you spot me? So many faces that remind me of laughs, nights out at the disco and a few of whom I'm still friends with now. That uniform however, groan, at least the Sixth Form skirts were better than the gymslips we had to wear for the previous 5 years!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


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