Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 30 May 2018



Wasn't it fun last week?! I really enjoyed the lovely vibe of the whole desky madness and the added bonus has been the extra snail mail that's been arriving daily - it's really great to receive proper mail as opposed to mundane bills etc. Writing proper letters is something to be treasured - emails, while convenient, just aren't the same.

Lovely ATCs
Top L-R  Diana, Sarah, Helen, Cindy, Annie (PIF partner)
Mid: Jo, Annie, Heather, Neet, Shaz Silverwolf
Bottom: Ali W, Margaret, Zsuzsa

Thank you ladies, they're brilliant and all unique, I love them all but equally wonderful were:
the envelopes, cards, fabric, tags and embellishments (thank you Zsuzsa!) It just made me smile and is another example of WOYWW generosity xxxxxx

The garden boys are back after a week away and you really don't want to see the bathrooms at the moment, so here are a couple of pics taken down the beach on the same evening that the Midlands were getting flooded out...bonkers....

A couple of holidaymakers had taken a lot of time to make a seaside stone circle - we loved it and thought it might make a good feature for our garden, lol!!

A heron was looking for his supper.....

It was a calm and extremely beautiful evening in complete contrast to the huge storms further east.

I will try and show some crafting next week but don't hold me to that!



  1. Fantastic bunch of atcs Jan, how lovely they all are. The photos from the beach are also amazing, love the one of the heron. Helen #?

  2. Hi Jan, love your stash of ATCs and the beach photos are gorgeous. We managed to avoid the worst of the thunderstorms luckily, although we heard them in the distance and had some rain overnight. Have a good week. Sarah #8

  3. What a lot of love you’ve had through your letterbox. It’s such a lovely thing to do isn’t it?
    You were lucky to avoid the thunderstorms....we had them here. All I can say is the garden had a good watering.
    Annie x #12

  4. Great ATCs and I love that fabric. Wish I was on that beach. Have a great day. Hugs Anesha

  5. Fab ATCs Jan - what a clever lot they are! Your photos are beautiful - I love the stone circle and of course the heron. Springwatch this week so I am in my element! xx Jo

  6. Hi Jan, Glad you got those lovely ATCs and the accompanying items.

    Thank you for the ATC you sent to me and your Thank You postcard. I have emailed you a thank you as well.

    I like the mini Stonehenge on the beach. The water looks so calm and inviting.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #14

  7. Hi Jan. A wonderful collection of ATC's. Thank you for sending one to me even though I have not taken part. You are so kind. ( I did email you but not sure if I sent to correct email?)
    Loving the photos of the beach - I need to get my seaside fix! Hopefully will when visit mum next - hopefully soon! Take care Anne x @20

  8. Hi Jan. A wonderful collection of ATC's. Thank you for sending one to me even though I have not taken part. You are so kind. ( I did email you but not sure if I sent to correct email?)
    Loving the photos of the beach - I need to get my seaside fix! Hopefully will when visit mum next - hopefully soon! Take care Anne x @20

  9. You have collected a fantastic amount of ATCs, Jan. It just goes to show how much people love you.

    Those beach photos are incredible. I love the stone circle and think it would look good in your garden area. Happy WOYWW from #10.

  10. You've got a lovely bunch of ATCs there, Jan! It's been such a fun swap - looking forward to next year's! I do envy you for living close to the sea - we couldn't live further inland if we tried - right bang in the middle LOL! Good that you captured the mini stonehenge before it was claimed by the tides - beach art at its best! Nice capture of the heron as well! Have a lovely week - happy #469! zsuzsa #17

  11. Hiya Jan, loved your ATC- makes a great header too! :) Isn't that stone circle fab? Yes, we had an amazing amount of lightening here, which is unusual, as normally we are just on the edge of storms- Malverns in one direction, Lickeys to the other. Lovely peaceful photos. Love & hugs to you both, Shaz XXXXX

  12. Hi Jan, amazing photos today and love the stone circle. The ATC collection look great too. Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x16x

  13. What a lovely part of the world you are living in now. So much beautiful weather - not the 'wet Wales' everyone likes to talk about.
    Such wonderful photos, love the stone circle but the one that took my eye was the one with the heron - the pattern made by the sea.
    Love your atc collection - so much fun and friendship in one photo (or two)
    Hugs, Neet xx4

  14. I just love your photos Jan, that one of the Heron is stunning, what a beautifully perfect reflection, and I love the stone circle too. What an amazing place you live in, and I love how you reflected that in your ATC.
    Have a great week,
    Hugs, Diana xx

  15. Dear Jan, it seems like ages since I have managed to get onto Blogger and catch up with everything that is going on. You certainly have been busy with all your wonderful makes (the wicker basket was stunning and the cakes looked yummy). Your garden is looking amazing and I love the new photo header for your blog.
    My blogging has taken rather a back seat as I had a spell of jury service and end of year performance reviews to undertake at work - time just disappears before you know it. I had a weekend away this bank holiday with a group of crafting chums so actually got to do some bits & pieces. Now I just need to get the camera out and get the details on the blog.
    Have a super week.
    Toni xx

  16. What a great collection of ATC's, cards, etc.! I love the pictures of the sea, too. I showed the heron picture to my husband. We tried to figure out what kind of is. Maybe a great blue? Have a great week!

    Suzanne #27

  17. Hi Jan. Beautiful collection of ATCs. Thank you so much for swapping with me, and your lovely note. It really is a marvellous group to be in! Your photos are great - the heron is particularly captivating. Mr M would love that photo opportunity. Thanks for the earlier visit, and have a lovely week Heather x #13

  18. Lovely ATCs and some great photos, Jan. Thanks for your visit and birthday greetings. I've had a great day. So glad you like the shell bunting! I knew the Pike card was by Simon Drew - my hubby and I love Simon Drew and always have a good laugh at his puns. Love your example - I hadn't come across that one before! We've got a book of his drawings somewhere. He lives quite near us (Dartmouth).

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

  19. Morning Jan, what lovely ATC's Happy mail!!
    What fabulous beach photographs and a great opportune moment to capture the Heron.
    It was madness indeed in the Midlands as I was one that got caught in the storm as my MIL 7 miles away had nothing!! Crazy weather..
    Creative wishes Tracey #9

  20. HI Jan, ooh beautiful cards :) yep, I think that is the most fun to receive mail from others that is just for you. I love the beach shots. ~Stacy #24

  21. Hi Jan, Happy Belated WOYWW! I Love all your cards and photos! Stunning photo of the heron...I hope you enlarge and frame it! Trying to make the rounds on a lunch hour...where does the time go?? Have a great week, and I'm so glad my card made it, albeit late!
    -K #29

  22. Oh...I'm sorry, forgot to mention that I received your ATC yesterday!! I love the photo-so of course I assumed you had done the beach-henge as well, until I read your post! LOL!

  23. Sweet beautiful cards Jan and that would look pretty wild in a garden setting mini Stonehenge hugs Nikki

  24. Hi Jan. Finally I'm here! This week has been just a tad silly. Thank you so much for the gorgeous ATC - well done! Loved the photo of the heron this week, with the water showing so beautifully behind him.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  25. Hi Jan!
    Thanks for the visit this week. Love your pictures. That stone circle does look like something I'd love to have in my garden. Goodness knows I have enough rocks! Such talented artists in our group. Creative Blessings! Kelly #28

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