WOYWW 468 - 9 and counting!


Wow, 9 years of global fun, friendship and a little bit of crafting thrown in for good measure! Many congrats to my lovely and best friend Julia, without whom this wouldn't have happened - I know you don't like fuss, my marvellous mate, but you're just gonna have to suck it up today :-D Hope you like the new banner, it may have something to do with my ATCs!

So, today's lyric could refer to fireworks in celebration of this momentous occasion!

Or it could be the noise of the gardeners working their miracles, cutting slabs, decking and rope edging.

The decking area in the backing is going to be my shady sitting spot - it needs painting but that's for another day. 

You get a great view of Pembrey Mountain!  The gravel area looks a bit stark at the moment but I'm going to put drought tolerant plants in there to soften the look, plus some lovely big stones and nice pots.

View from the shade! Complete with Ron testing out the edging....

And here he is again:
Les and Oscar made me some little raised beds in which to grow a few veg and herbs - they made it out of the recycled timber of the old decking - Les also knocked up the log store in the background out of it as well - it's now full of logs, that was our job on Monday.

But the Bang a bang could also refer to the chaps who are upstairs knocking two small rooms to make one big en suite for our bedroom!

They didn't half work quickly! Within a few hours, it looked like this:

It's going to be a lovely large room with plenty of light - worth the three weeks' build time.

So, you can see why there's been no crafting done this week but here are some pics of the WI suffragette afternoon:
The swag and rosettes I made turned out ok!  But another much cleverer lady had made this for the competition:

Isn't she fab? I love her sash!

The committee dressed up, some were even chained to the railings - we did stop some traffic!!

 All that remains is to thank you lovely lot for turning up week after week with your support and wonderful comments - it is a fantastic community and I just love being part of it!

Enjoy the celebrations today and have a marvellous crafty week - now all I have to do is not forget the asterisk by my linky name!!! ****************


Nikki said...

HAPPY WOYWW #9 it goes so quickly. Wow your such a busy girl these days look at the gardens all set to go love the raised beds we are trying to figure out what to do with our backyard space it can be tough to figure out more like we just have to sit down and think about what we want with it. You all look amazing with the signs and votes for women just love the outfits
Hugs Nikki ??

Helen said...

I love the banner! your garden is looking fabulous and I am sure when it is softened with planting will be wonderful! the work on your en suite is coming on a-pace too. Great WI pic too! Happy 9th anniversary! Helen #?

Twiglet said...

A fab post Jan and I love that header pic - clever idea! Happy 9th - let's hope for many, many more. The Suffragette photo is fabulous - well done ladies. xx Jo

Annie said...

Hehehe I all the excitement to get my name first on the list I forgot my asterisk 😂😂😂😂 but I’m pleased to say you’re next on the list to me. You are already on my list for a swap so I will be sending you another one now 😘😘😘😘
I really love the new garden layout and just know it will look amazing when those flowers grow.
Annie x

glitterandglue said...

happy 9th anniversary Jan. What a wonderful post. Your garden looks fabulous, your Ginormous en-suite is going to be amazing. I do hope that at least one corner bath is going in all that space - nine lengths before breakfast!!!!! BTW - Can I borrow your amazing gardeners?? Mine definitely needs a makeover.. Love the photo at the top!
Your ATC may even arrive today - posted them all yesterday.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9 as if by magic!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Happy woyww anniversary my friend. Looks like somebody has been busy at yours and that is one very smart garden! Angela x20x

Sarah Brennan said...

Happy anniversary Jan. It's been a blast getting to know everyone over the last couple of years. The garden looks amazing and the Suffragette celebrations look fun! Your ATC will be going today first class. Sarah #16

Julia Dunnit said...

OH I LOVE THE HEADER> LOVE IT. It looks great, what a blast!
The garden looks amazing, great shots and I really like the long border, that will burgeon into a very interesting browse for non gardeners like me, I just know it. It’s going to cost a shilling to talk to you soon...a large en suite with twin aspect no less, its going to be marvellous.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What was it you said last week about not getting up early enough to be my PIF? Well, that might have been true had Julia not forgotten the linky.

That's a great header. Very fitting of your area.

What a difference a week makes. Seems you are really getting a lot of work done and you have a gorgeous home. I'd give anything for brick. Those raised beds already look beautiful. I look forward to seeing them filled with herbs and veggies.

Happy 9th Anniversary at WOYWW from an unlucky # 13, since my PIF partner is the only person I'm unable to contact!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Your landscaping is coming on in leaps and bounds - what a transformation already. I really like your views towards the hill. Poor Ron will have a lot to get used to - much as they are curious, cats really don't like change, do they? The header is genius and I thought the group photo was real vintage at first! Happy 9th anniversary, Jan! ATC in the post tomorrow! xx zsuzsa #8

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Your garden is looking fab. Hope you keep showing it as it grows.

Hope the building work doesn't go over thetime frame.

Loving the WI banner and the ladies doing their bit.

Sue #24

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, love your new header! The garden is looking amazing, that drought friendly bit would be great for thymes and marjorams/oreganos, as that's what they love. So happy we met you & yours too- can't thank Julia enough for that. Still smile at the 'going to stay with someone we met on the internet', lol. Fabulous new en suite, looking good. Love & hugs and Happy Birthday from us both, Shaz XxXx

Diana Taylor said...

Well it's all happening at yours Jan, and looking fabulous too - what a lovely layout you've chosen for your garden and I really like the raised beds for the veggies. It will be so relaxing sitting in your shady area enjoying that beautiful view - bliss!
I love the new header too - it's so apt for your new life by the beach.
I have an ATC winging it's way to you too, I love being part of WOYWW and here's to the next 9 years of friendship!
Hope you have a great week,
Diana xx

Kim said...

I love your banner! And your back yard is looking amazing! Well..the bedroom will be amazing when it's finished! LOL! Happy Anniversary, I'm so glad we have met. I hope you have a wonderful week.
-K #31

Monica said...

It is really an achievement as most groups seem to fold after 3 years. Love the suffragette photo and decorations. The home improvements look like they will be great and the back srd looks like it will be a great "kitchen garden". Yes I know there will be lots of flowers but a kitchen garden seems to be very british!
Monica #35

Stacy Sheldon said...

HI Jan, Love the banner and grinned over the mug shot of you all dressed up and that you did it in Sepia tones :) oh WOW your garden is coming along so quickly. It will be nice when the construction rebuilding phase is complete. ~Stacy #36

StampinCarol said...

Happy WOYWW Anniversary! I love how your garden area is looking! And with some plants it will be so cozy! Hope your room comes together quickly. And I love the "vintage"suffragette photo! Have a fabulous week!
Carol N #31

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Jan, the new banner looks great! Happy WOYWW anniversary, it's been brilliant joining in these past months! I posted all my ATCs this morning, aprt from PIF. Your garden is looking lovely, we actually bought our current house because of the gardens! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished bathroom. That's the only major change we've done to our house, apart from my little craft room. Have a lovely week, Heather x #17

Anne said...

Hi Jan I have garden and en suite envy lol The Garden is looking wonderful and the view you have is fabulous.
Thanks for popping by, it was good to 'see'you. The WI Suffragette photos are great.I didn't make the meeting of ours as I was still feeling under weather. Decided to stay in and take it easy.
Thank you for your friendship over the years, you have been very kind and thoughtful. Hope I can make the Crop again. Happy WOYWW 9th Anniversary. Anne x #25

Unknown said...

Wow Jan your garden looks amazing and all those new plants ...Im drooling! Hope the weather stays good now so that you can enjoy! Xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Happy 9th Anniversary Jan and what a magnificent site to see your header as well as your fabulous garden, hands up I too am envious. So glad you shared the Suffragette photograph what fun and a great keepsake.
Thank you for visiting earlier, i'm playing catch up with as many as I can before the sandman catches me.
Hugs Tracey #18

Robyn said...

aren't you the clever one on the beach!!!! i got your email and addy and will be mailing soon. Happy Anniversary !!!
robyn 11

AliWade said...

Happy Belated 9th Birthday WOYWW. After getting home from seeing the nurse (the tests went smoothly and I only had to wait 20 minutes to see her!) and then treating myself to some TK Maxx and M&S shopping (no issues with fall in profits in Haverfordwest - one of their better stores and always busy), I just sat outside in the sun with my Kindle until it was time to cook a meal/go to my Spanish class. Up early this morning with an allergic reaction to something, so catching up on blogging now. I would love to post an ATC to you - and hopefully that will happen today. The garden looks amazing - and your new larger ensuite will be incredible (when we renovated the farmhouse we treated ourselves to a large ensuite, which used to be a small bedroom - I still love it after nearly 5 years). Those roses are gorgeous - he is very clever. The suffragette photos made me smile. I stopped going to our local WI, as there is very little support for any special projects, and being a newbie to the area (been here for 15 years - but unless you are born here and been to the local schools, I am still an outsider!) they are not the friendliest of groups. I will wait until we are in Spain more, as everyone is so much friendlier there and already got several groups to go to. Ali x #19

Marit said...

Your garden looks Japanese with all the 'emptyness'... just put a Bonsay in it and it's done and Zen.... ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and happy anniversary to you too! Love from Holland, Marit #27

Shoshi said...

I love your minimalist Japanese-style garden, Jan. I don't think you need to dress it up too much! Very peaceful and beautiful. Sorry you are having to put up with builders' mess at the moment, but it will be gorgeous once it's done, I am sure. Thank you for your lovely comment - yes, loads to celebrate at the moment! I am delighting in my new-found good health after feeling so poorly for so long. Long may it continue!

I've finished my hubby's card and he's delighted with it. I've put a post on my blog if you want to see the finished project.

Happy belated WOYWW and happy 9th anniversary,
Shoshi #29

Lindart said...

I LOVE your banner! Awesome! Your garden reminds me of a Zen Garden, very peaceful! I can't wait to see the raised beds planted and full of veggies and flowers! Good idea to have a spot of shade, too. Your renovations look great too - can't wait to see that all finished as well! Very cool to celebrate the suffragettes, and the little knitted lady is perfect! Thanks for your visit, I wonder what idea I gave you for your garden ;-) Have a great week, lindart #37

Dorlene Durham said...

Your banner is great! Isn't it funny how we are our worst critics! I'm going to show my hubby your photos, we're redoing our backyard with more drought tolerant landscape. I love yours! Thanks for your earlier visit and happy 9th year anniversary. Dorlene #40

Shoshi said...

Oh Jan, I've just opened my post and found the beautiful ATC and the very pretty card you have sent me! You are so kind to think of me, and to spare one for me especially as I'm not taking part in the swap. So many good things are happening just now, as I recover from being so poorly and I really appreciate your kind thoughts and words. The ATC is just gorgeous - I love the message written in the sand! Also, I love everything to do with the sea. The ATC will go in my little gallery in my studio where I keep all my special things, and lovely pieces of art that so many friends have sent me.

I hope you enjoy the swap. Thank you again for your kindness!
Shoshi xx

craftyani said...

Love the header photo very creative. A happy 9th Anniversary sorry not to take part this year, but hopefully will be there next year. Ani#3


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