It's been another productive week here at LLJ Towers, a combination of the new fabrics kick starting some inspiration and the rainy weather meaning no guilt at spending a few hours crafting!

I've used one lot of fabric already (the grey with pink hearts) and am onto the next lot - the owls have it! I've gone with the aqua spot as lining though there were four contenders:

All would have worked well but the aqua worked better with the glasses cases!

The bunting was finished and sent off:

We mostly have boys in our family so I really relish the opportunity to be a bit pink and girly sometimes!

And the crochet stripes are ongoing:

I'm halfway through strip No 5 (out of 7) then I shall do some narrower bands of dark green to go in between and for the border too. That basket of smaller balls is like the Magic Porridge Pot! No matter how much yarn I use it never seems to get less - I reckon there's some weird yarny space/time dimension thing going on!

The book contains a poem for each day, I don't normally do poetry but this guy is very clever, I first found him on FB and loved his way with words. G gave the book to me for Christmas, it's fab!

Have a great week everyone and enjoy your crafting xxxxxxx


Sarah Brennan said...

You have been busy Jan. Loving the latest especially the bunting. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

Helen said...

you have been productive! the owl fabric is great, and I agree about the choice of spotty lining - just right! the stripes look good too, looks like a very quick way to make a blanket! I'd quite like the rain to stop soon though.... Happy WOYWW Helen #?

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Love the fabrics.

How lovely to have a little girl to spoil.

The crochet stripes are looking good.


Twiglet said...

I love anything owly so they will be a hit I am sure. Your crochet rolls are wonderful and yes I agree about the magic porridge pot. . We never seem to get to the bottom of our stash do we! Keep at it and enjoy every minute. Stay cosy. x x Jo

Mrs.D said...

Gosh Jan, your productivity leaves me breathless, amazing stuff. And I love Brian Bilston too, his book looks great.
Thanks for sharing.
Chris x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Fun post Jan, I love that bunting, such pretty colors. AND those owls are adorable. Have had a lot of "IN" time We haven't even had our Christmas with my kids as yet. Terrible traveling weather and in & out of the car is not easy for me yet. In fact they weather 3 hrs away brought on a scare of tornado warnings. Unheard of here in January. no damages there but semi's blown off the roads and a few trees other towns. I love a good book/magazine. I am not a novel reader but short info/etc I do everyday. Enjoy a great weekend. Happy WOYWW

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Oh my that owl fabric is amazing, love it tp bits and you are going to have so much fun using it. Sending hugs and best wishes for a happy woyww, Angela x11x

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan, that owl fabric looks great. I’m very struck by your wormhole idea - maybe we could direct one from my stash to your basket?
How lovely to have a girl to sew for! Your bunting is very pretty.
I like Brian Bilston too.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 15

Tracy said...

Goood morning Jan πŸ€— loooving your owl πŸ¦‰ fabric 🀩❤πŸ’• gorgeous colours,the spotty lining will go together with them so we'll ⭐️ such beautiful makes you've created ❤πŸ’•❤ Toooo the crochet ... fabulous ... I hope one day to be able to crochet 😊 never quite managed it ... yet 😘 one day I hope. Sending you love and hugs Tracy #14 xxx

Mary Anne said...

Lovely fabric, and the owls so cute. How your running total of charity funds collected would astonish us! Do you keep track? You are a dynamo for sure. Can't wait to see what the strips become - still think this is a genius idea for using up bits, and great to have a little simple project on the go to keep your hand busy. The bunting turned out great - and very girlie.
Mary Anne (4)

Crafting With Jack said...

Hello Lyn, lovely fabrics and lovely articles. Your stripes of crochet are intriguing- do you crochet them together or sew? I lent a brand new crochet hook to my grand daughter who wanted to have a go. She didn’t get past doing a chain and left the hook on the floor for the dog to chewπŸ™ˆ It was one of those with a comfortable wide hold. Of well. Happy WOYWW. Angela #12

Christine said...

I have a wool fairy in my house, she hides it all over the place. Last time I collected it all up and put it in my box, I gave her a good talking to and I haven't seen her or any new wool since . . . . looks like she's over at yours . . . .
I know what you mean about no girls . . . found out that Felix best friend's sister loves ballet, small and sweet and Saturday afternoon partner?
Hoping so . .
have a good week
Christine #18
If you do find the fairy she doesn't have to rush home . . .

Eva said...

Deyar Jan!
I can't help but marvel at how busy you've been again.
You have made perfect use of the rainy weather. The owl fabric is great.
And the bunting so sweet!
Soon I think we'll get to admire your blanket made from the crocheted strips.
Eva from Austria

Cardarian said...

Hi Jan! Long time no see! Love your bunting and the owl fabric! Fun fact! Owls are sort of mascots for librarians! And me being a librarian I always used to have a little owl on my desk!
Lots of hugs are coming your way!

Annie said...

I love poetry so would also enjoy your book. The fabrics look fab as does the crochet and bunting.
The popper purses have been so much fun to make....I've mad another 14 this morning :-)
Annie x # 5

My name is Cindy said...

Oh I do love a polka dot!! Beautiful bright pictures as always Jan. That blanket is almost there, won't take you long now especially with your magic woolpot. (Sounds a bit like my papr stash). I like Briam Bilston as well, nice down to earth poetry. Happy WOYWW. love n hugs Cindyxx #13

Neet said...

I can see it was a toss up with the spotty fabric, so many gorgeous colours in the owls to choose from but I think you chose wisely.
Bunting as always, really pretty and I am sure it will be loved by all who see it int he little one's room.
Now I get the striped blanket, good idea, looking forward to seeing it sewn together.
Have a great week, Hugs, Neet 3 xx

Caro said...

Loving the gorgeous owl material and that bunting is adorable.. Happy WOYWW. Take care and look after yourself. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx

BJ said...

super sewing weather if you ask me. I'd have gone with the orange but on reflection the aqua is a better fit, good choice. Super bunting still have mine up! Oh the weird space/time yarn basket made me smile, missing Dr Who. Love poetry, must check out your book, birthday 4 weeks today :) Oh and apparently you could crochet a blanket whilst on the phone to Julia - just saying! Hugs BJ#17

Lindart said...

Such a busy girl! I can just picture you happily humming along with the sewing machine! The bunting is beautiful, I love that name! And I love the owl fabric! Thanks for your visit and your wise and helpful comments about resting. I do feel guilty sometimes but it has to be done! Lindart #20

Julia Dunnit said...

Sorry I’m late! I’ve been enjoying the bails ton poems on FB too, but unlike you two, didn’t think to look for a book! I don’t recognise todays song, but love the fabric and your choice of liner, I think I’d have gone that way too, it’s fun seeing what you lined up for consideration. Ella’s bunting is so lovely, takes me back to the lovely little girly days, my word in some respects it seems more than a lifetime, and in others, about five minutes ago! We’re in a cold bright snap at last, although some roundabouts locally were so flooded that they are now closed because they are like ice-go-rounds, a little moderation would be welcome! Keep warm. Xxx

Susan Renshaw said...

Love the owl fabric and the Ella bunting! Impressive crochet strips. I have not had the energy to get out my crochet hooks after finishing the temperature blanket- but I do have some projects in mind...
Happy WOYWW! Susan #8

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