It's been a really lovely week with friends and family staying, the weather couldn't have been better even if it was too hot for me!

I had a delivery from Doughty's Fabric after spending my birthday gift voucher:

Some different colourways to what I usually go for, the peacock feather is particularly pretty.

I also went through the boxes that Lynne brought and picked out quite a few samples:

LLJ in her Happy Place, lol! Thanks for these Lynne, they'll be really useful.

After watching some tutorials on YouTube, I had a little painting session in the shade:

I liked the shape of the gingko leaves in the lesson (here's the link if you're interested)

I tried another of the tutorials:

Fun huh? Simple as anything as well, splodge a bit of paint around then use a white Posca pen and dark blue metallic one.

But I enjoyed having the family to stay the most, it's a long time since we had a four year old in the house and he was as good as gold. They spent a lot of time on the beach....

It seems no time at all that my nephew was the size of his son, where have those years gone? Happy times indeed xx

Have a good week, may your crafting be fun and trouble free!


Helen said...

the fabrics look beautiful, and your paintings too - love the blue one especially.
Great pic of your nephew and his son on the beach, glad you all had a fun time. Helen #?

Neet said...

I have always loved ginko leaves, there is something about them and your paintings are gorgeous, need to be able to do the blue one myself so off to your link.
Fab fabric, you certainly have an eyke for picking out the good patterns and colours.
Lovely photo of your nephew and his son, sums up a father and his boy for me and would be lovely to look back on and use in some way.
Have a great week and take care.
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

BJ said...

Ah super post, love the fabrics, must look up Doughty's Fabrics... Painting in the shade, how lovely, yes the blue one looks like even I could manage it but for the lack of a Posca pen. Somebody mentioned seeing them in Asda, I looked yesterday and found the last pack but it was open and at £12 when I only wanted the White it seemed a bit excessive. So nice to have family around, something I lack too, hoping one day our son will have children but not holding my breath. Happy WOYWW BJ#6

Crafting With Jack said...

Loving your new fabric and I bet you had fun with the fabric box Lynne brought up. Great watercolour pieces, will be checking the links out, thank you. Love the photograph at the end of your nephew and his son! Happy WOYWW. Angela #5

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great art work Jan and loving the fabrics. I can see the pleasure on those eyes! Lovely photo by the sea too. Wishing you a very happy and creative woywww, Angela x9x

Crafting Queen said...

Wonderful fabrics. Love your paintings they are beautiful. Anesha

Mary Anne said...

That sample book looks right up your alley but oh man I love your leaves. Must have been bliss to be so close to the sea over the last hot week. Lucky YOU! Happy to see your desk, as ever, and finally on the day too! Result!
Happy much cooler WOYWW
Mary Anne (1)

Lynnecrafts said...

And long may you wave it, Jan (ooh that sounds wrong too 🤣). So glad you had a moment to make some lovely paintings in the shade with us and then your nephew and family visiting. That photo of Matt and son is stunning.
I’m really glad your teacher was happy with the silk.
I love the blue painting especially, with its fine detail.
Enjoy playing with your new fabrics
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 10

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Jan, thanks for the visit - yes where do the years go? Love those samples, the colours are stunning and great watercolour play as well - I like simple!! I don't think I put the link to Sam's card in the pos so here it is - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGBmibCKn1o
Nothing special required for this one but a score board would be helpful, it's up to you what you use to decorate but it's a good fold. Happy WOYWW, love n hugs Cindyxx

Eva said...

Dear Jan!
What a great week!
The weather was fine (in Austria it is too hot to...).
Delivery from Doughty's Fabric - the peacock feather is really pretty.
Lynnes fabric, and the highlight: your paintings.
I had a look to the video.
Thanks for sharing.
Eva from Austria

Twiglet said...

Beautiful fabrics - just what we love! No blog from me - have only just spent all morning sorting out the mess from my washer leak! xx Jo

Lindart said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I do love the Peacock feathers! And the sample look very luxurious. Your watercolours are lovely. I love Ginko leaves, we have a Ginko tree in our local park. I'm always amazed to remember that they are the oldest trees on earth, not that each tree is old, but fossils have been found of the Ginko leaf which date back 170 million years! Enjoy your family, Lindart #14

Annie said...

I've had another busy day so am just catching my breath and visiting a few of my favourite blogs.
Glad to see you've been enjoying some family time and special 'me time' doing your painting....simply gorgeous.
Annie x #8

StampinCarol said...

Fabulous fabrics!
I love your blue painting!
Glad you got in some family time!
Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
Carol N #13

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Loving the fabrics, especially the peacock one.

Your painting is lovely. They could make great backgrounds for cards.

Glad you've had famnily there.


Julia Dunnit said...

I’m ridiculous late, but hey, I’m here. And I just knew you’d post some beach pics…that one of nephew and erm, baby (!!) is just gorgeous, so glad you’ve had a good week with them. Loving the calm and mindful shady corner of the garden, almost as much as the calm and mindful water colours, you are very handy with a fine brush aren’t you.

Kelly said...

Good morning, Jan.
You do love your fabric and you have some gorgeous new ones to play with.
Kids grow so fast. I've been getting pictures of my grandgirls for the past 4 years. Without those photos I'm sure I'd not recognize them when we finally get to visit in a couple of months! Hugs & Creative Blessings! ~ Kelly #15


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