It has been a busy week - I ask myself how I had time to go to work as the hours just seem to fill themselves up without much encouragement from me! 

There has been lots of crafting from making items for the WI Christmas stall to yarnbombing, the usual stuff. I had a request for some personalised bunting for a new baby, the first I've made for goodness knows how long!

I know it looks staged but I always lay out the flags in order to then select the right trims, buttons etc etc. And Alffi is the Welsh spelling of Alfie, I haven't got it wrong (this time!)

I've had the blue bias binding for ages so it was nice to be able to use it, and the seaside theme colours just worked well. Hope the new parents like it!

My mate Kim came over a couple of days ago for some chat, coffee and crafting - we painted and glittered some pine cones to look like mini Christmas trees...there may have been more sparkly stuff on us rather than the cones *grin*

The Glitter Goddess! After they dried for a day, I hot glued them to some wood slices:

I'll stick some small beads on to look like decorations - they've cost nothing to make, apart from time, so any small profit will be good!

I'm doing some green ones too and will stick on brightly coloured beads as 'baubles'.

I've also become quite obsessed with angels!

Here's the tutorial on Youtube, they're very quick and easy to run up so I'll make some for the harbour yarnbombing as well. This is twinkly yarn which looks better in reality than the photo!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos sent me by a friend who'd been to the Simply Christmas expo at the NEC - it really tickled her and she thought I'd like it. Made me hoot so I thought I'd share with you - be warned though, there's nudey bits on show.....

The details are fantastic and so clever!

Lolol - whoever made this was one clever person - who says crafting has to be boring eh?!!

Have fun this week and keep out of mischief - or go create some of your own, life really is too short to be serious all the time......



Sarah Brennan said...

Oh that display at the NEC is fantastic Jan - it did make me smile. Love the latest bunting too. Hope the pinecone trees go down well, they certainly should. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

Helen said...

The cones look great Jan. So does the banner. Have a great week Helen #2

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Love the bunting.

I don't do glitter, as it will go everywhere:) LOL Like the little Christmas trees.

The angel is lovely. I can imagine a string of them, like bunting.

Oh I did chuckle at the scene and the two signs Woolly Bush and Taste a Red Bush:)LOL


Crafting With Jack said...

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have zoomed in quite so much! Embarrassed laugh! Love the little white dog on the left and the border collie. Fantastic scene. I am sure the new parents will be thrilled with the bunting. The fir-cones are a clever idea. Where did you get the wood bases? Angela #6

Twiglet said...

Fab bunting Jan - as always so neat and fresh looking - I love it. The glitter job looked fun and will be nice little earners too. I had a good chuckle at the cheeky models - what a fun bit of crafting that must have been! xx Jo

Annie said...

Love the bunting Jan but I have to say that knitted display steals the show today...what patience the knitter must have to knit such tiny details ;-)
Annie x #7

Lynnecrafts said...

Lovely bunting Jan, They’ll be delighted. Your angel is beautiful. I bet it looks even better in reality with sparkly yarn.
That display made me laugh, taste a Red bush indeed! It’s a fantastic display and they must have had a lot of fun creating it.
Take care and happy happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 12

Diana Taylor said...

Morning Jan, well you've certainly brightened a grey wet morning! The display is hilarious and so cleverly thought out and crafted - I love the little blushes on the buttocks!
The bunting is gorgeous and I love the little angel - she certainly suits the sparkly yarn.
Have a great week,
Hugs, Diana xx #18

Neet said...

Oh Jan, I would have loved to have seen that scene in real life. What a hoot! It is absolutely fabulous, tickled my sense of humour immensely.
Loved your bunting, was wondering what it said and then you told us it was a name in Welsh.
The cones for the trees are inspired, they look super and what a great idea. Along with the angels you have certainly been in the Christmas spirit, hope you had one or two.
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

BJ said...

Oh I'm tickled pink, especially after reading all the signs on the display, so funny. Love the angel and I do believe it will mark the resurrection of my crocheting after my carpal tunnel surgery. I'm still a way off sorted but I think I could crochet now, must have a go....Adore the mini "cone" trees might give that a go too (if I find some cones LOL) And the bunting is adorable, they will love it.
Thanks for your visit today, hugs BJ#8

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

OH what a lot of detail on that display WOW...Amazing really. I love the pinecones you've completed. I gather lots last year painted some bright colors for a wreath, which yet has to be wired to the frame. I can see the sparkle and on the adorable angel also. I'll have to visit the video, Crochet use to calm me, but I think I am beyond help !!! Have a good weekend.

Christine said...

Brilliant idea for the pine cones - might steal that for the boys.
Have a good week
Christine #23

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Looks like you're in the full swing of Christmas, Jan! Loving the cones, such a nice idea and they do look like mini Christmas trees. Lovely baby gift as well - and that nude scene is just hilarious and so well done. I bet there are lots of little details to discover with bits of silly innuendos, like 'taste a red bush' LOL. Whoever created it must be a fun person! Have a lovely week and thanks so much for your visit earlier! xx zsuzsa #22

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Oh my! you are so right. Anybody that thinks they will have time on their hands when they retire are very wrong. I actually believe that when you're working people tend not to expect you to do too much else but as soon as you retire they find you jobs to do and that includes family, friends and neighbours too. I love the exhibitions that they have at the Christmas NEC shows but decided not to go this year. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x13x

Caro said...

The banner and cones are fab, but nude scene made me howl! Brilliant! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe, with love & God bless, Caro xx (#15)

Shoshi said...

Lots of fun stuff on your post this week, Jan. The baby bunting is so pretty - never seen spotty bias binding before! I'm glad you had a fun glittery time with your friend and the angel is super-cute. I love those craft displays - our county show used to have brilliant ones made out of fruit and veg by one of the farm shops and I took loads of photos!

Thank you for your visit. I hope you find something useful on Graphics Fairy. The collage canvas workshop sounds interesting. Still no decision re printers lol!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #10

Catriona said...

Lovely bunting and I know what a fiddle faddle it is to make! The pine cones are a super idea and it’s lovely ti craft and chat. 💕

Ellie said...

Thats lovely bunting, im sure the parents will love it! Wow that wooly village oh my goodness, its amazing, made me laugh my socks off
Take care
Ellie #26

My name is Cindy said...

Hello hello my lovely, thanks for stopping by!! Oh goodness where does the time go - I too often wonder how I ever went to work!! I love your little Christmas trees, hope they do well (I am thinking about joining the WI here myself). I think I can make a challenge for the glitter Goddess title - my room is positively shimmering after jazzing up those bottles!! So funny you should say about the nudinets expo - it was advertised on the WI FB page I was looking at today. One of my friends regularly posts the photos as well, they are a hoot. Serendipity or something. Have a great week, love n hugs Cindy xx # 20 - thanks for the heads up!!

Lynn Holland said...

I really like your glittery cones Jan, especially the green ones. I’ve got some massive ones I found in a charity shop, I may have to pinch your idea. Thanks for showing us
Lynn xx

Eva said...

Dear Jan!
Thank you! You brought glitter, a smile and an angel in my life today.
Hugs, Eva from Austria

Lindart said...

Hi Jan! Lovely bunting! I wish I had remembered about bunting when Jasper was born! Not sure I could do as good a job as you though...The display is awesome, I especially like the puns spattered here and there! Have a great week, Lindart #27

Stacy Sheldon said...

Oooh what a special keepsake for that family Jan :) the little scene of people is too fun with such fabulous details. ~Stacy #26

Kyla said...

ooh loving the fir cones a brilliant idea and the NEC display is fantastic, loving the "Wooly Bush" sign too, genius


Spyder said...

I noticed the bunting and thought, ohoo, scroll down, I missed this last week! When I can't get into julia's it's a real pain! I love the sparkly wool on the angel and then wow! what a great picture of the villagers at their annual fete! Hemhem, actually I'm very glad they don't do that here! But it's brilliant, who ever made it must be sooo pleased, it's a work of art, 'show stopper'! Keep Crafting! Happy very VERY late last weeks woyww ((Lyn))#24


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