I'd like to start off with an explanation and apology.  It may seem to some of you that you're always having to comment on my blog first - the reason for this is that I am able to visit and comment on a Wednesday morning, usually reaching No 30 or so in the list, but then I go out for my Oxfam Volunteering stint so everyone from 31 onwards won't get visited until the evening. By which time you've already commented on mine!  So please understand, it's not that I can't be bothered, it's just that I'm not here!  Thank you for all your wonderful feedback about the blog, I really do appreciate it :-)

I have two desks for you this week - the first is from a couple of days ago:

You can see the finished tote from the fabric I showed you last week, plus a little cardi I've knitted from odds and sods of yarn that needed some pretty buttons; this will be one of many that I'm making for the Outreach project.

I found three different buttons in pinks. Twiglet gave me this pattern - it's knitted from the neck downwards with a nifty bit of casting off and on for the cap sleeves. And BEST of all, there's no sewing up afterwards!! I love knitting but detest the sewing of the garment/picking up of the button bands etc - just like I love patchwork but hate the quilting bit - weird, huh?!
So one down, a few more to go.....

And here's the tote - I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out. Not sure where it's intended for yet!

24 hours later.....

I already have a few things to send off to the Greyhound Rescue charity but thought I'd use up some of the doggy scraps to make some pencil cases/make up bags. You can see two fronts more or less made, two rectangles of a sueded fabric for the back and some ecru spotted cotton for the lining.

I cut out one of the Scotties with pinking shears and zigzagged it onto a scrap of the brown spot I used for the tote - it gave it a raggedy edged finish which is ok. Those little wooden buttons are used for everything, I think they came from Hobbycraft.

Bright pink zips finish them off - I enjoyed making these, especially as they used up tag ends of fabric, ribbon, a single daisy from ric rac....pleasing on all fronts :-D

Hope you have a lovely day mooching around all the desks - people make such interesting things, I love it!



The beautiful weather of the past week has meant two things - I've either been outside or in our bedroom with the windows wide open......
The decorating has expanded!  This is our bedroom - the walls were a medium toned turquoise before. It took 4 coats of paint to cover it....all of which I did. How is it that I can get more paint on me than the walls when I use a roller?!  We've got a new carpet coming soon and then we can move all our stuff back in from our son's room...
He's in there somewhere :-)  We've got two weeks before he gets back from uni, so there's a deadline for us.

But, I have got some fabric out today when I had a spare hour:
That butterfly fabric was calling my name and the sewing machine was sulking :-)

I thought the brown linen spot would be a good lining for a Big Ol' Bag ( oh, and the tote as well!!)

You never know, I may actually have something made to show you next week....steady on there gal, don't wanna peak too soon....

Short and almost to the point this week. blimey, I must be getting the hang of this WOYWW malarkey :-D




Hello lovely gals, hope you've had a good week. I know it's whizzed by, that's for sure!

So, What's on my workdesk this beautiful Wednesday?

Brace yourselves........

It's finished - only taken me two months...cough. Still better late than never, eh?!
And yes, I realise that it's not exactly my desk but it is the workchair, so that still counts, right? :-D

And so it's ready at last to be sent off (with the two splitty yarn blankets) to the outreach project in Wales. 

I'm still in lurrrrve with my berry colour blanket and it's still floating my boat :-)
So I thought I'd treat you all to a shot of my living room floor because I wanted to enjoy the pleasing colourfulness in a different shot!

Two more rows of colour and then I can start the border. It's not going to be a blanket for show, it's going to be picnicked on, snuggled under etc etc.  I'm going to do the Happy Crochet Dance again, so you'd better look away now :-D

Boogie, boogie, boogie....




It's a case of same old-same old this week!  The desk looks identical though I have done a couple more rows of the patchwork:

I could have used a similar photo from two weeks ago, but I haven't...honest!!

Not much sewing got done last week because I was caught up in a hectic social whirl :-)  Catching up with old friends, family and deskers took up pretty much the whole week - it was lovely to have lunch with Diana (VelvetMothStudios) last Thursday. Lots of fun and laughter- I'll leave it to you to guess who was the naughtiest 😉😇😋

Also both my boys came home for the weekend and Mothers Day. They helped out in the garden too:
Bright and cold. just the way I like it!  My greenhouse is full of logs because we had to move the wood stores to put paving slabs underneath. My job this week is to put them all back! Plus I'll need the space to start sowing seeds soon.

But I have been doing loads of crochet in the evenings. I couldn't resist any longer, those berry colours of yarn were just calling to me!
Yummy, yummy, yummy.......

The chunky yarn crochets up really quickly. I don't think I can give this one away, I love it too much. I went on a colour therapy course once, which was so interesting - working with these colours has been a real tonic and cheered me up a lot. I'm in lurve with the berry, purple and pink rows at the bottom. Happy Crochet Dance coming up...oh yeah, shake that booty.....

I do have some lovely friends you know...Helen from band had been to the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia last Friday and presented me with this at Training band the next day...
Isn't it fab?!  I love it and am going to have a good think as to what it'll be used for. Thank you so much Helen, it was really kind of you to think of me :-)  Helen is an amazing crafter herself..I'll have to see whether she'll share some of her stuff one day.  
I think I have some green fabric in one of my boxes to tone with this, I'm off for a rootle...see you later!



I started this little quilt a week or so ago and then got sidetracked...that's what comes of having a butterfly mind!
But now I've decided to send a parcel of blankets away for a charity I support, then I'd better get a move on.  The blue spotty fabric was used for Father Christmas's chair in the grotto I decorated last December and now it's going to be a fleecy backing :-)  Yay for multi-purpose fabric!!

Not a perfect match but it'll do...and that means more stash has been busted. Yee Haar!!

I finished the second blanket made out of that bl674y splitty cotton, so have two to send off to the outreach project in Denbighshire who contacted me two weeks ago. It may be a pig to work with but the result is soft, heavy and snuggly. So, it's an ill wind, eh?!

I like this treble (US Double) stitch in the space very much...it's super speedy and makes the yarn go quite far. I know the V stitch is popular but I've never enjoyed it that much. I made up the bobbly edging on the top blanket - it was 1 double, 1 chain, 1 double into the same stitch, slip stitch into the next stitch and then repeat.  Quite effective without being too lacy!

Have fun this week - I'm liking the lighter evenings and the arrival of Spring. Might even get out into my garden...steady on there ;-)


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