Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I'm a knight, I'm a knight and I'm a knight
And our only aim in life is to fight
I'm a knight, I'm a knight and I'm a knight
We are fighters and our armour's always tight
And these swords aren't light!
(Horrible Histories)

Jeez...where has THAT week gone?  I swear that time has sped up...sigh. I haven't done that much at my desk this week...too busy oompahing, mending stuff, catching up with friends.  But I did do a little bit yesterday....
I'm making some raggedy heart lavender bags to sell on a fundraising stall for my band in Devizes this Friday.  It's mostly junk/preloved goods donated by people, but it's amazing how much has been raised for band funds over the past couple of years. When a complete set of music is £80 a pop, plus upkeep of instruments/insurance etc, every little bit of extra cash comes in handy. So I thought I'd stash-bust and see if these will sell.
Using up odd and sods of stash is seriously satisfying........

...and they smell really lovely!

Right then...craft time over. But just time to say that the winner of the little zippy make up bag is:  My Name is Cindy. I think I might still have your addy, so will get it in the post pronto!!

The next part is seriously photo heavy - proceed at your own peril :-)

We had an early Father's Day in our house, as I had to be out playing on the Sunday. So, last Friday we went to Salisbury, in order to have a mooch and follow the Baron's Trail.  You may or may not know that this year is the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta, when English law changed irrevocably, after King John was forced to limit royal powers by disgruntled Barons and Knights, thus laying the foundations for the English Justice System; also many of the central tenets were followed in the writing of the American Constitution. Amazing huh?! To celebrate this, there is a trail of sculpture all around Salisbury featuring knights that have been decorated by artists.
It was a glorious day - Salisbury Cathedral was looking particularly amazing, having had the scaffolding for its renovations removed recently.

I liked the graphics and font on the back of this Baron - he was on the Cathedral Green....
 was this chap, with his illustrations of the workers involved in the construction of the Cathedral.
This beautiful Demoiselle was on the back, weaving vestments or an altar cloth possibly....perfect to show on WOYWW!

But the one that we'd gone specifically to see didn't disappoint.  The tribute to the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett (my favourite author) by the artist Paul Kidby, who illustrated many of the Discworld series. I would have put it in my handbag and brought it home if I could, it was that good......

We spent ages playing Spot the Character....all our favourites were featured......

The Librarian....OOOOOOK!


His sword was filled with Nac Mac Feegles.....fairy folk unlike anything you've ever read about before!!

The Baron was a portrait of Sir Terry himself...I love the image of the Discworld turtle on his chest....
And also on his shield.  I got a little bit teary because it was all so completely fantastic....

However, I leave you with......

The inimitable Nanny Ogg - she's my heroine!  I'm aiming to grow old disreputably, following in her footsteps....likes a rude joke, is partial to a drink or two, can talk a lot and is full of life, lolol! I've started already :-)

It really was the most wonderful day with my menfolk, rounded off by a lovely lunch. I might have bought some new stash too...cough....but I might have to show you that next week!!!



  1. oh wow, what a day out, they look amazing,and I love the Discworld one!! Good luck with the stall on Friday. Helen, waiting for the link.

  2. Thanks for showing those figures. Now I am wondering how we can fit in a trip to Salisbury. That Sir Terry one is amazing!
    Never mind the chores, it's time to look up how far away it is for me to plan a trip.
    Hugs, Neet 10 (not 9 like I have been putting - that's you!) xxx

  3. I love your banner, very clever in deed. Those statues are amaziing, i also love the fonts and the decoupage.
    Bridget #1

  4. Would love to see that Salisbury cathedral in real life.Those figures are great!Great post Jan.
    Judy #15

  5. Wow what fab pics Jan. I can see why you all loved it as much as you did....I would have too.
    Annie x # 13

  6. Looks fabulous. Hope the hearts sell. Anne x #22

  7. Looks fabulous. Hope the hearts sell. Anne x #22

  8. Love your smelly hearts, lol, Jan, they will sell like hot cakes, have no fear Your photos are fantastic. I haven't been to Salisbury for years but it's a beautiful place and you pics are a real trip down memory lane. All those figures are amazing. It looks like you all had a great day.
    Hugs Lisax #23

  9. So glad time isn't going fast just for me.
    It seems every time I blink it's a new week.
    It was such a shame about Terry Pratchett wasn't it. :) #27

  10. Oh yes, please do share the new stash. I need to look up that author. Looks like my kind of read. Thanks for sharing your trip photos. they are stunning. Peg R 26

  11. Hi Jan.. sweet lavender hearts- loves those fabrics. Great set of pics for the TP display. Have a lovely week RobynO#18

  12. Such pretty fabric hearts.

    WOW!!! What fab photos. Shame more places haven't commemorated the Magna Carta in such a brilliant way.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #34

  13. What a fab day out. That artwork is wonderful and a lovely way to celebrate the work of TP.
    You always have such gorgeous fabric on your work desk Jan. I really need to clear out my junk and get organised - especially if I am having craft royalty in my workroom! lol Getting excited now. Let us know what day you want to come. x x x

  14. Wow, I love the statues - I was in Salisbury last Thursday but didn't see any - were they only in the Cathedral grounds? I didn't quite get to the Cathedral this time - just made it as far as the National Trust shop! I think another trip is in order!
    I love the lavender bags, such beautiful colours and patterns - I am sure you will sell loads.

  15. Gorgeous little lavender bags... you always make cotton fabric look stunning. Nowwww I know what discworld is all about.... Had been reading a previous woyww post about discworld and had no clue. Just need patience to keep visiting woyww and all will be revealed. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @24

  16. Those pics at the cathedral are lovely, especially the cathedral itself - spectacular!
    RosA # 39

  17. Your heart sachets should sell out! I think what I really love about them is that you didn't have to turn them out, they are adorable the way you've stitched them! I can't get over how gorgeous those painted baron statues are--I love that kind of art and it's meaningful. My very very favorite is the weaving lady!! I have to pin that to my pinterest board so I can look at her again. Isn't it funny, I love weaving, but it's not like a have a big ole loom. I do have that little square loom I love, and I did take a weaving class back in the eighties with this weaving professor who was 80 at that time. Her weaving studio was amazing, and one loom was the size of a whole room. *sigh* Now I want to get out my little square loom and finish making those ribbon squares I was going to sew into a clutch bag! It is sooo hot here...but the garden has taken off and I am growing beans. So happy. Hugs soul sister! Sandy Leigh #42

  18. After looking at your post, I now understand what the beginning poem was about. I had no idea it was an anniversary for the Magna Carta, living in the USA I hadn't heard much about that. I love your sachets! That vivid pink and blue flower fabric is fabulous, and I don't even sew! Good luck on your sale. Happy WOYWW! #41

  19. I really enjoyed visiting you. What lovely photos. It looks as if you had fun. Your hearts a really pretty. Enjoy the rest of your day. Barb. #33

  20. WOW!!!!
    FAB post Honey! I LOVE those Knights but Sir Terry just looks wonderful. So much so I am now working on Mr Hettie to go to Salisbury on Friday!! (He owes me a day out!!)
    I was going to berate you for calling me a Minx at Annie's!!

  21. Those flowers on the lavender bags really jump out at you and look almost dimensional. It is satisfying to use up stash. And Sir Terry... wow! How fun! Judy #50

  22. those are some seriously wonderful snapshots of your day trip :) ~Stacy #49

  23. You do know that Shaz's son actually met Terry Pratchett and has a photo taken with him? Sounds as though you were having a really good time in Salisbury. I am going to bring my parchment stuff down to the Crop so you can have a go if you would like to. Looking forward to it again. Have a good week and hope you raise lots of money with your lavender bags etc. xxx Maggie #8

  24. Hi Jan, love the Barons we have several of them around Lincoln at the moment. Bet you had a lovely time. Have a good woyww and happy crafting, Angela xXx30

  25. An amazing desk loving that flowery fabric - but the tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett is fantastic thank you so much for sharing I ado the Nanny Ogg one and do I spy Greebo around her neck!

  26. Hi Jan what fabulous knights! So enjoyed seeing them! Ali #5

  27. Jan, I love the fabric hearts! The little bows just finish them perfectly. And thank you for taking us on that outing with you, The photos are fantastic! I'm guessing a DSLR camera was used. This is the only way I will ever see Salisbury Cathedral and the Baron's Trail, I'm afraid, so it's fab that you did such a wonderful job sharing photos. I love seeing people's travel pics.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words also. Much appreciated. Hugs.

  28. What a wonderful post, pictures and love the hearts.

    Hugs Diane

  29. I got HAPPY MAIL!! Serves me right for not playing last week, I had no idea what it was on my doormat this morning!! Thanks so much Jan, I really do like that little bag. A great start to a good day I hope - hubby and I are dressed up for a day at the races with all the gang - only Windsor but should be fun!! Thanks again, Cindy xx

  30. Oh, my goodness, why haven't I been there yet? Maybe if I get to the next crop I might do a sidetrack to visit. Fabulous post.
    Thanks for your comment, I have been so lucky both in attending and being a part of the Sewing Bee and then to win. I never dreamed I would as I don't do social media and that's how it was voted. Gorgeous prize.
    The artwork on Sir TP's baron is amazingly wonderful.
    Jo x