Thanks for all the love and welcomes back last week, that was rather lovely! I enjoyed mooching around the desks again and it was good to see so many supporting Sarah on her first solo flight as WOYWW Leader.

I was pleased and surprised to receive some Atcs in the post:

From Lynne, Wipso, Twiglet, Helen and Cindy plus a lovely card from Julia - thank you lovely gals, I wasn't expecting anything as I didn't participate this year, but they're fab and will be going up on the board in the JanCave xx Sorry the YouMatter is upside down, I didn’t notice that until too late.

Talking of which, it's been another busy week:

I sorted out a pile of strips in order to make the next quilt...

Just lots of long straight seams really...

And before you know it, you have a chain of squares!

I sent for some cat fabric from Ebay and when it arrived realised that the pattern was way too big for the usual makes so instead I just did tote bags:

Fun huh? One has already sold.

I was asked if I could mend some RNLI tabards that volunteers wear at events - the velcro and nylon on some need repairing:

I managed to rescue 9 out of the 13 and decided to chop up the rest to make totes:

I can't sell these cos of the official logo but all the paperwork/stuff that the fundraisers have to take out with them can be shoved in here and kept ready for future events.

And talking of the RNLI:

I did a stall at the local village Makers Market and took £239 which I was very pleased about. The collection tin from the Harbour Lights also yielded £349 last week so I was happy about that too!

I'll leave you with a pic from our walk on Monday, it was bright and not too cold but by gum it was windy. I think three layers of skin had been exfoliated by the end of the walk!!

Beautiful though, did us good.

Hope you all have a good day's desky snoop and a marvellous week! xxxxx


Helen said...

I knew I wouldn't be the only one to want to share atcs with you, you are such a big part of WOYWW. well done one the fundraising. the walk on the beach sounds exhilarating, what a lovely photo. Happy WOYWW. Helen #2

Neet said...

My ATC to you was late in the post so it is somewhere between you and me at the moment. How could we miss you out, you are such a big part of us.
Haven't forgotten about your last message and will act on it soon.
Seems a shame you cannot sell the bags but that is such a good idea to use them for official stuff. Yours will be the branch that sets the style.
Guess cat fabric is popular so can see you selling these totes and them being used everywhere.
Glad you managed an (abrasive or bracing) walk on Monday.
Loadsa Hugs, Neet 3 xx

Twiglet said...

Our little ATCs are always a delight to look at+ so many tiny works of art. Your new quilt looks so bright and colourful and I love that cat bag😸 Good to have you back with us. x x Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looks like you've been busy and pleased to see you did well at the market. The weather has been all over the place but guess it's that time of the year. Happy woyww, Angela x10x

Lynnecrafts said...

I’m so glad you’re back with us! Your quilt is really vibrant and I love the cat fabric tote bags. You did really well on your LI stall 😹. Does the RN show up better in person? It’s a great total anyway.
Glad you got out for a walk on Cefn Sidan between the showers.
Lynnecrafts 12 xx

Lindart said...

Oh that cat bag is soooo cute! They will be snapped up quickly, I'm sure! Great start on the new quilt! Your stall looks lovely, so many wonderful items to sell! And what a great idea to make bags from the leftover smocks that couldn't be repaired - brilliant! Have a wonderful week, Lindart #15

Crafting With Jack said...

The cat bag is fabulous, I see what you mean about the size of the pattern. You have raised a wonderful amount. We moved to a different site today and it is very windy. We didn’t put the awning up, hopefully tomorrow. Happy WOYWW. Angela #11

Sarah Brennan said...

Making quick visits while away as the Wi-Fi is good at the villa. Thanks for joining in and Happy WOYWW. Sarah

Annie said...

Love the latest strip quilt and those cat bags are fab...I bet they sell well.
Annie x # 7

Spyder said...

Well done on the fund raising. And I LOVE the kitty tote bag, they will sell sell sell! I'm sure! Have a geat week, lovely ATC's! Happy WOYWW!?((Lyn))#14

https://shinebrightandcreate@blogspot.com/ said...

A lovely mix of fabric for your quilt and your kitty bags are wonderful! I'm glad to read that your makers market went so well. Happy woyww and have a great weekend - Michelle #13

BJ said...

Oh yes I see the lovely lime green on your desk today, definitely "juicy" as you say. Those cat bags are super. Hugs BJ#6

Susan Renshaw said...

Well done on all the contributions to the RNLI. One of my favoured charities when we lived in the UK.
Love the cat bag!
Happy WOYWW! Susan #4

Eva said...

Dear Jan!
What a heartwarming feeling to visite your blog again.
Nice, that you got ATC's. And you're busy as usual. What a big range of stripes. I love the cat-bags. And the cool idea of making totes from the tabards.
Congrats to your stall! (and the money!). Good job!!
Wish you a happy weekend.
Eva from Austria

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