Sending all you wonderful Deskers a little bit of love on Valentine's Day!

Another week has shot by, full of variety and lots of goings on.

I'm starting with this shot, not so much to point out what fabric I've been using up but instead, look...shadows on the wall!!! We actually had some sunshine for a couple of days, woohoo. I've been steadily working my way through the stash pile and that's why the scraps box is somewhat overflowing at the back there! I think an ironing/strip cutting session is long over due.

I really love this combination!

Some black cotton fabric came in handy for a different project the other day - our bedroom chairs had a sort of compressed paper fabric underneath and it was disintegrating. So I stripped it off:

The chair was upended (looks a bit ungainly!) and I set to with that black cotton and a heavy duty staple gun.

Ta-da! I wouldn't look too closely, don't think I'd be appearing on The Repair Shop anytime soon but it did the trick and cost nothing *grin*

Another happy afternoon was spent making cards from an old calendar:

Nowt fancy but they'll be useful for notecards - I liked the illustrations and thought it seemed a shame for the calendar just to go into recycling.

And more sunshine, yay! Which made these beauties seem all the better:

I love daffs, they make me happy!

Have a good week and enjoy your crafting xxxxx


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

A bit of sunshine is good for us all I think. The cards look great and well done for using up some old calendar, it's such a shame to just dump them. I remember recovering all ten of my dining room chairs and using the Heavy Duty staple gun, I thought my hand would never be the same again they have quite a punch. Have a great week and a very happy woyww, Angela x2x

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan, thanks for your good wishes last week; I’m feeling a bit better now, but I still walk into the bedroom and expect to see Gracie.
Your fabric is beautiful and goes very well with the sky blue spotty one.
Well done you for tackling the chairs.
Your daffs are beautiful, too.
Take care and happy WOYWW tomorrow
Lynnecrafts 8 xx

Susan Renshaw said...

So much to see today! Great idea to recycle the calendar for note cards. Love to see all the fabric pucs.
Happy Valentine's and WOYWW! Susan #9

Helen said...

We;ve had sunshine too, sadly whilst I was inside at work.. but am hopeful one weekend soon might be nice at Kew! The chair repair looks good. I love those pretty fabrics, very spring-like as are the daffs! Helen #4 Happy WOYWW

Twiglet said...

What a happy post- sunshine, fabric, chair upholstering and daffs! Lovely. I love having a good go at chairs with a staple gun- my sewing room chairs need a make over so I may well be tackling them soon. x x Jo

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Great job with the chair repair.....it's always fun to be doing a new project!
Loving your notecards. I have stacks of old calendars and have been using bits and pieces with 3x3's and other oddities. Always great colors. No real winter here and a few have noticed tiny green stems coming thru but no doubt temps will be dropping 50's in day 34' in evening. ENJOY Happy Valentine's Day to You and Yours 💕💕💕

Annie said...

I love daffs too but can't have them in the house sadly. They reminded me of the bridesmaids dress i've been working on this week....she looked like a daff in it :-) Well done you with the chair repair...you've done a great job I'd say.
Annie x #1

Mary Anne said...

Those are some very sunny daffs. Beautiful. I must say I love that colour combo as well - beautiful fabrics. You have such a good eye for pairing them. I wish we had some sun - but having said that, rainy means warmer so Poppy gets the window opened to go out when it is over 10 degrees LOL! How clever of you to make cards from the calendar. Will file that trick away for the future - if only DD would gift me something other than Stranger Things and The Walking Dead calendars... :D
Happy WOYWW so Ready, set, hop!
Mary Anne (12)

Eva said...

Dear Jan!
Adorable! The daffs, sunshine, the cards from a calendar, your crafting with the bedroom chairs! Clap hands!
I'm sorry for "Lynnecrafts". I read, that she misses Gracie.
Wish you happy and busy days.
Eva from Austria

Neet said...

No sunshine up north but don't begrudge you yours, just happy someone is having nice weather. Hopefully you and G will be able to get a walk on the beach in soon.
Love daffs. They say Easter to me and the promise of nicer days ahead. I always think they are made up of sunshine. They remind me of mum and so they are extra special to me in so many ways.
What a lovely idea to remake the calendar into note cards. Love the beach huts.
Clever repair to the base of the chair. Looks perfect to me.
Thanks to you for being you.
Hugs, Neet 3 xx

Christine said...

Super material, when I saw it on the desk I thought it was lace!!
Great job with the chair, looks good as new . . .
super daffs, so cheerful
Have a good week
Christine #15

Crafting With Jack said...

Daffodils are always cheerful and a lovely sign of spring. Great work on the chairs. Happy WOYWW. Angela #6

BJ said...

Oh adore the blue fabrics so calming. Horray to the upholstery, good for you, great job. And yes calendar pictures are always worth keeping, great for cards.What a productive week. Hugs BJ#5

Lindart said...

OOOh! Daffodils just scream SPRING!! to me! Unfortunately we still have a ways to go...I also love the fabric combination you showed! And what a great idea for old calendars! Have a wonderful week, Happy ❤️ Day! Lindart #19

Julia Dunnit said...

Great job on the chairs LLJ, very satisfying! Just this morning I've finally seen some fully bloomed daffs and it did make me smile. There may not be much sunshine about, but they help, huh. And although she didn't like them, because of that, they remind me of dear Debbie Rock! Loving the cards, I have a lovely calendar that I'm holding onto...but the images are just too big....I could make LP covers, I suppose! Sorry to be so late, been a bit of a week!!

Kyla said...

ooh totally agree, old calendars are often perfect for upcycled notecards etc. Love the chair fixing too.
thanks for visiting my desk already

Lynnecrafts said...

Beautiful fabrics Jan, and lots of nice makes to sell for the RNLI. I’m glad you’ve had a break in the wet weather to go for walks.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 16 xx


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