How can it be Feb 1st today? What on earth happened to January? My tempus has never been so fuggited *grin*

This is what the desk looked like yesterday:

I was having a major sort out prior to refilling the boxes for the cafe - what you see are the fabrics I bought after Christmas so they're not hanging around.

A day or so before that, I'd been making bags etc from this rather fab hearts material:

The finished trio - I think this fabric is fun!

As is this, that purple is very funky *love*

And this too! I'm not entirely sure what the bird is (Bird of Paradise maybe?) but the colours are so rich and vibrant. In fact maybe that's why I've enjoyed the sewing so much, cos the colours have cheered up the grey weather!

Despite the clouds, G and I got out for a walk on our beach:

A very dramatic light... but a blue sky just makes you feel good...

What a difference a day makes! We took our mid morning coffee down to the harbour and filled our lungs with some fresh sea air - felt better for it too.

Hope you're all well and happy, have a great week and enjoy your crafting!! xxxx


Helen said...

Gorgeous fabrics, and what a lot you've made! It must be wonderful to have such a beautiful beach on your doorstep to enjoy. Whilst th blue sky makes it look warmer (bet it wasn't) the more dramatic photo is amazing! Happy WOYWW Helen #?

Sarah Brennan said...

Loving those latest fabric prints Jan, especially the birds. Those baskets will be empty again in no time methinks. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Loving the vibrant colours of your makes.

Glad you have been out enjoying the beach.


craftyani said...

Love that heart fabric and ready for valentines day also. In fact I love all the fabrics. Have a lovely week sewing and keep up the walks. Ani

Twiglet said...

Stunning photos Jan- a wonderful place for your walk. You have certainly had a busy time making all those gorgeous items. Wasn't there a song. . .may the bird of paradise fly up your nose? What was that all about?!! 😂x x Jo

Mary Anne said...

You are so lucky to live by the beach! Honestly, I cannot pick between the purple+butterflies and the bird+dots. Both are completely stunning. You have such an eye for colour combos, it is a burst of joy here every week. You are a star of a fundraiser :)
Happy WOYWW Early for a change!
Mary Anne (?)

Neet said...

What fabulous fabrics - just the thing for brightening a dull day up and also for heralding February - the heart fabric will go down a bomb this month!
Glad you got some sea air, that's what I am longing for - maybe a ride to the seaside is needed. Great photos.
Hugs, Neet zx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

It's obviously going to be one of those years again where the months fly by. I love how you manage to match up the fabrics it makes everything lookm extra soecial. Happy woyww creating, Angela x?x

Lynnecrafts said...

Gorgeous fabrics, Jan. The café and shop will be so pleased.
It was lovely to catch up last weekend.
That seascape is wonderfully dramatic and would be lovely for a watercolour, lots of ultramarine and Daniel Smith neutral tint.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 14

Diana Taylor said...

You are quite simply amazing Jan - the quantity you make and the gorgeous co-ordinating fabrics - I'm sure they'll fly out of the door. I think the birds fabric is my favourite, but they are all glorious and beautiful.
I love the beach scenes too - I much prefer the beach out of season.
Have a great week,
Hugs, Diana xx #8

Christine said...

Love all your creations . . . I hope the purchasers get as much joy from them as I do from my bag . .
Thanks for sharing your sea views, love them.
Have a good week
Christine #12

Crafting With Jack said...

Fresh air always blows the cobwebs away, although it is very windy today and likely to blow more than cobwebs away 🤣. You desk of goodies is a lovely sight and I imagine customers have trouble choosing which to buy - perhaps they buy 2 because they can’t decide. Happy WOYWW. Angela #1

Annie said...

Your fabrics are so gorgeous...so vibrant and colourful. You really do know how to combine the colours too. I would love to be working with your fabrics rather than my factory trousers today....I've put 19 zips in already this morning and am feeling like I've had a workout!!
Annie x #11

Robyn said...

oh yes- that heart fabric! love the sonic photos. I do love the sun, tho we can use all the rain we can get (well, within reason)! robyn 19

BJ said...

Oh the purple and butterflies too, my absolute favourite! I can see how the colours brightened your mood. Hugs BJ#4

Anne said...

Beautiful fabrics as always Jan. I am looking forward to a walk along the beach again. Its been a while but hopefully not too long to wait.
Take care. Anne x 21

Marit said...

Smart of you, to use the heart-fabric... Valentine's day is just around the corner! I love the fabric with the birds too and I still enjoy the spectacles-case you send me years ago, it holds my sun glasses and every time I put them out, I smile and think of you! The view on the beach is breathtaking, everyone should take a deep seabreeze-breath every now and then isn't it?! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, good to see you! Have a great weekend, hug from Holland. Marit #15

Eva said...

Oh, what a beautiful post! Yes, it's already February, time is rushing by. I can't stop marvelling at how much you have sewn again. So that the café is well stocked again.
The fabric with the hearts is so nice. Valentine's Day is coming soon!
And thank you for the beautiful sunny pictures of your beach.
It's been snowing all day today. But it's only watery snow. Not pleasant.
Many love greetings, Eva

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Julia Dunnit said...

Fabrics are just gorgeous, lovely vibrant colours, very cheering. Seriously considering having a proper seasonal selection of glasses cases and bags, they’re so practical and useful. Love em. I know I haven’t experienced it very often, but rathe thought of that beach as mine, actually…..!

Kyla said...

ooh lovely fabrics and makes, sure they will sell out fast, goodness knows how you keep up with demand!! The walk photos are amazing, some gorgeous views and I can see why you moved up there, stunning.

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