(listen here, it's been my earworm!)

Blimey, where did those seven days go?! I didn't even get out that much as the weather has been so dark and miserable but we managed to see friends, have lunch, get to band and resume (very slowly) a few of the activities that we're comfortable in doing.

And my machine hasn't returned, though to be fair to the guy, he did say he had a few lined up to repair first. So I've had to resort to tidying! 

I was given a voucher for the local wool shop in Carmarthen market and had a lovely time choosing yarn for the year (who am I kidding? More like six months....ok...three then!)

I tipped it all out on the desk and got out the balls from my stash...what a pile.

It doesn't look much better from this angle! I moved a few bits and pieces on to the local Balls of Fun yarnbombing gals as I knew I'd never use them, so no point in hanging on 'just in case'. Been there, done that and it doesn't happen anymore!

That looks better now, I can see what's what!

I've also been cutting out the pieces required for more fold up tote bags (like the one Julia featured on her post two days ago)  It takes time and I thought that if I could get this done and the pieces ironed then I could start sewing as soon as my machine gets back.


After! Pleasing huh?

And that's it craft wise, sorry it's not more exciting - I did make a couple of cards but forgot to take pics :-D

Another photo from G's archive - the main question is Why?

It's like something out of Monty Python! Such a strange framing, why is the deck chair so prominent in shot? He almost looks like a town crier don't you think? Weird and we'll never know the answer but it cries out for a caption!!

Who knows what gibberish I'll be posting next week, lol.

Take care and keeeeeeeeep crafting xxx


Helen said...

That was quite some wool pile! it looks very neat in the shelves though. A good idea to prepare the totes for when you can sew. Great vintage photo - very odd that the chair was left in shot...but my brain isn't in gear for captions yet this morning! Happy WOYWW Helen #6

Sarah Brennan said...

What lovely tidy yarn Jan and at least you are ready to go when the machine returns. Hope it's back soon. Loving the slide selection each week. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

craftyani said...

Like the wool hanging doda but think I would need a great deal more than one. The caption surely must be 'Let it be known whoever places their towels on this deckchair .....'Have a good week and hope your machine returns from its hols soon. Ani

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan,
Your bags etc will be flying off your machine when you get it back! It does all look nice and neat.
I have a caption for you:
“Dear Mr J, We’re sending you this deckchair as you’ll have so much time to spend in your garden from now on”
I wish!
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 2

Twiglet said...

Of course he is saying " It says sewing by Annie - now if she had turned up my hem it would have been a much better job!" I need to reorganise my wool stash Jan - I like the yarn tucked into those open shelves - I might need an extension for mine! Well done with the bag making prep - hope that machine comes back soon. xx Jo

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jan. Oh wow - just love those yarn colours. Glorious - I just like to have them all around and gaze at them too!! Should keep you busy - but I'm not sure they will even last three months!! Great pile of sewing awaiting your ministrations - enjoy. All neatly piled up awaiting...
Great photo - yes - definitely a town crier - practicing in his garden.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #8

Mary Anne said...

Lovely stash, all the rainbow! I somehow ended up with a LOT of yarn from my mate when she closed her yarn shop. Whatever she couldn't sell off she parceled out to the regulars. Happy to share if I have something you can use. My stash is out of control. The fabric looks very tidy too, maybe the machine should stay away for a few more weeks - your whole house will be organized and pristine :D. I am so loving those old photos. I wonder if they are in copyright? What a lucky find.

Stay Safe & Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (5)

Catriona said...

Wow-luscious yarn. You have enabled me to purchase a mete of sprout fabric thanks to seeing your lovely work on Julia’s post. Happy sewing when you finally get your machine back!

Annie said...

Oh I really do wish you lived closer...I have several machines you could borrow. I really love all the colours of your wool...makes my heart sing. Your ready to make bag pile is impressive too. I’m sure the caption to go with that photo is ‘the first (and only) photo captured of a man actually reading instructions before putting his deck chair up’.
Annie x #9

My name is Cindy said...

I do love it when my craft stash is tidily stored!! Sadly doesn't last long! Woo hoo you'll be straight out of the gate when that machine gets back, I salute your organisational skills yet again! That photo is a tad odd - it needs to have a mobile photoshopped into his hand, that would be really weird!! Have a great week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindy xx #17 (Oh and thanks for the seventies nostalgia, having a little boogie in my room right now...

Christine said...

Why do I find so much amusement in things?
That photo . . . .
I imagine that when it was being arranged there were some great conversations going on . . . ..
Who's going to dress up? How do you want me? Time stamp? Deckchair? ooh such fun . . .
I think
have a good week and tell G that I love his photos and thank you for sharing
Christine #18

Diana Taylor said...

Love the yarn storage Jan, they look so lovely in colour order and it's so easy to see what you have. Hope your machine is back with you soon, and nice to see you are all ready to get going once it is. I laughed at you remembering the knitting pattern - I guess we are showing our age! I never had Tressy but the name rings a bell now you've said it.
Love the photo of the dapper gent, it's very intriguing.
Hope you have a lovely week,
Diana xx #15

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

As a retired Textiles teacher seeing all this yarn and fabric sets my mouth watering Lol! Hope the machine is back with you soon. I think the old guy is presenting someone with the deck chair as a gift for their retirement so they can spend their time sitting on the beach. I could manage that Lol! Happy creative week, Angela x13x

Eva said...

Jan without her sewing machine is like a fish without water?
But you filled the time with yarn and friends. Give you a high five! ♥
Very nice storage. Cool idea!
Can't take my eyes off the gaiters from the men on the black-white photo.
Best wishes, stay well.
Eva from Austria

Crafting With Jack said...

Apologies for leaving you out last week, don’t know how that happened, but it did! I didn’t recognise the post underneath. Love the old photographs and in those days when I was struggling to get dry and dressed on a beach, I would have loved a bathing machine!

This week’s photograph is amazing, may I copy it? The deckchair is a bit odd, you can’t imaging a formal meeting with deckchairs!
I was thinking of you when I went through the bag of scraps. The lady asked me to return anything I couldn’t use and she would pass it on to someone else. The only item I may return is the black lining material, there is quite a bit of it.

Hope your sewing machine is returned soon. Happy WOYWW Angela #4

Neet said...

Answering your query first of all - the layout of the pieces is that of a polaroid so it's a case of one piece of cardstock one size with an inlay of another that is square which is the picture. Actually they look rather nice all laid out together. I do have favourites and some I am not that keen on but hey ho, I am entering (goodness only knows I have enough stamps to do it).
A bit like you with the wool. Gosh, you have enough to have a stall in the local market yourself. Must say it looks lovely all piled up like that but guess you want it in colour coordinated batches.
Great stash of fabric all ready and waiting.
The photo, as you say it is a peculiar one, unless he is rehearsing his lines i the garden and maybe not as old as we think. I am not good at thinking captions for photos but as G has given us such a teaser this week I guess I must try. Like Arnie, "I'll be back" if I think of anything other than 'My dear wife, I have done as instructed, worn your tights and now am going to see if I can bend by sitting in this deckchair'. Told you I was hopeless.
Hugs Neet xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Why indeed. How extraordinary…he looks as if he’s reading out loud or about to and the chair, well, apart from my admiration for the armchair style, it doesn’t really add much to the pic does it! Your wools look good on that hangy thing, nice to look at as well as tidy, just your thing. Not convinced thst there’s even a three month supply though, tbh!!

Lindart said...

Hi Jan! What a lovely array of wool colours you have! Sure to keep you nice and busy while waiting for your machine to return, when, of course, you will be more than ready for it! Greta way to store the wool! The photo is a head-scratcher..."I hereby dedicate this deck chair to our long lost friend, Sir Abel Barrimore, who, as we all know, loved to sit and sip martinis whilst watching lawn tennis..." Have a great week, stay safe, Lindart #21

Caro said...

Loving the colours of your wool and patterns of your fabric. I wonder if the gentleman in the photo is rehearsing a play?! Happy WOYWW. With love & God Bless, Caro xx (#16)

Heather M said...

Hi Jan, even without a sewing machine machine you are still a busy bee! Oh dearie me, I do love your stash of wool lots of lovely colours ... I'm beginning to think I have a shopping problem, as I'm now mighty wary of showing my wool/yarn stash. Maybe I'll be brave and post a tiny pic of it next week. I know I will eventually use it all - I've just got to stop buying it! But I see it, and it calls to me ... and well, you know what happens! On a positive note though, I am attending my first ever WI meeting next week - so maybe they will have some projects on the go that a beginner crocheter can join! We don't have a WI in my town, just neighbouring villages so I'm going to one of those! Have a lovely week, hugs Heather xx #20

Anne said...

Such a lovely array of yarn and colour. My next
task in the great declutter is my yarn and fabric. Wish me luck. Take care. Anne x 1

StampinCarol said...

Love how you organized your yarn! And a great stash of totes-to-be. Interesting photo and yes, lots of questions.
Have a great week!
Carol N #19

Dorlene Durham said...

Great prep work for the bags. I think the new year provokes people to organize! Glad to be back and peeking in all the craft spaces. Dorlene #22

BJ said...

Love the yarn the pinky purple is my favourite but then I couldn't see it in the hanger - oh no! I always hated the cutting out, mainly as it's the only part of sewing you can't undo if you get it wrong! Although the aesthetics of cutting is quite pleasing in itself, love cutting my son's hair! There I go off on a tangent... BJ#11

Sue said...

Hi Jan,

Loving the colours of the wool and the fabric is also lovely.

Glad you have been getting out.

The photo is strange with he deckchair. As you say whny???


Kyla said...

ooh fingers crossed the machine is back soon BUT so pleased you got back to the band (as I know how important that is, hubby had band practise this week too). Loving the fabric all ready for the bags, I should really make some more as your instructions were brilliant I just need to sort it all out and get my head in that space again!! Yours are always inspiring


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