It was a funny old week last week, neither G or I felt great (not Covid!) so we cancelled some engagements and had a very quiet time again though I did sort out the furnishing fabric stash and, believe or not, there wasn't much left so I used the rag tag ends to make some totes for the RNLI. That's it all gone.....well, until the new delivery from Amothreads arrives, lol!!

So that's what my desk was like a couple of days ago...

Using up all the odds and ends is very satisfying!

The hare bag has a plain linen back as there wasn't enough for both sides, there was enough for two each of the pink and black fabrics and one of the stripey at the end. I roll them up and tie them with ribbon to display in the box at the cafe.

And I've finished the final beanie hat from the chunky yarn so will send them off tomorrow:

A herd of hats *grin*

There was also time to sit and do a jigsaw:

Fun and quick to do cos there was lots of detail - my boys call it Cardboard Crack, because once it's out on the table, I can't leave it alone!

Short and sweet today, hope you're all keeping well (especially you Wipso) xxxxxxxxxxx


Helen said...

Sorry you and G were feeling under the weather, hope you are better now. you managed quite a lot, despite that. the totes are fab, as are the hat herd! Love the jigsaw, too. Happy WOYWW and stay well. Helen #?

Mary Anne said...

Cute bags! And the ribbed hats turned out great. Sorry you felt unwell, but isn’t that a thing now, saying “not COVID” as a after comment to “I was unwell?” Weird times.
Happy Woyww
Mary Anne

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Love the material, escpecially the hare one. Those bags will be snapped up.

Sure the hats will be well received as well.

I've not done a puzzle since I was a kid.


Sarah Brennan said...

Hope you are both feeling a bit better now Jan. Sensible to stay close to home while feeling off even if not COVID. Love the bags especially that hare print. The jigsaw is really cool too - cardboard crack made me smile. Stay safe and Happy WOWYW. Sarah #5

Neet said...

Only you could be feeling under the weather and still making things for others. You are a lovely generous soul.
The bags are lovely, especially the hare one and I am sure the peeps who get the hats will be feeling rather good when they start wearing them, especially that lovely bright pink one. Quite dressed up as well as snug as a bug.
Hope you two are feeling much better and managing a bit of sea air to help you on the full road to recovery.
Hugs, Neet 7 xx
ps love the jigsaw

Lynnecrafts said...

Hope you’re feeling better both. That’s a lovely crop of bags and beanies. Your jigsaw made me wonder if you could get one made out of a picture of Burry Port harbour. There ought to be a market for making a jigsaw from your own photos. Or would the familiarity make them too easy?
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 12

Lynn Holland said...

We had a day or so like that ourselves after our flu jabs. I think we are all a bit fearful of getting ill now.
Anyhow, it’s good to see you weren’t completed out of kilter and managed a bit of work as well as that fabulous jigsaw
Lynn xx 14

Twiglet said...

I love the Cardboard crack! It is a very addictive hobby but lovely to do especially when you are not feeling on top form. The little bags are fab - it's so good to use up those last few endy bits to make something so useful. Hope you are feeling better this week both. xx Jo

Diana Taylor said...

Sorry to hear you've both been feeling unwell - there are such a lot of other things around at the moment, but I think you did an amazing job making those beautiful bags (I love the Hare fabric) and the herd of hats - that made me grin! I laughed at the Cardboard Crack too - very apt.
Hope you have a lovely week and are both feeling fully well again.
Hugs, Diana xx #16

Julia Dunnit said...

Cardboard crack!! Your boys make me smile! Also thinking that a herd of hats is the best collective noun ever! Don’t they look scrummy and warm in that chunky wool. Sorry that you’ve had to have a quieter than planned week, I have crossed fingers that you aren’t coming down with summat xxxx

Crafting With Jack said...

Glad it wasn’t Covid, the cases are ever increasing. Your jigsaw is lovely and looks rather difficult too. Happy WOYWW Angela #9

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You are always so productive and the bags are gorgeous. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too good and hope that clears up soon. Hope you two have a lovely day crafting. Happy creative woyww, Angela x15x P.S. forgot to say I love the hats xxxx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Lovely totes, though it must be frustrating not having enough fabric for both sides, especially if it's just not big enough. The beanies look nice and warm - something I would wear for sure - I have one with a bobble on top and I love it, even if it makes me look like an overgrown 5-year-old, who cares? Hope both of you are feeling better now - lucky it wasn't Covid. Lots of other bugs going around at this time of year. Have a lovely week xx zsuzsa #18

Spyder said...

Oh Yes! I love the Hare bag! On a wizz round, as it took me ages to get into Julia's, and the link might close! Stay Safe, Keep on Crafting! Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn))#20

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love that colorful puzzle, looked at a few while out shopping but just not the themes I'm looking for. You have shared beautiful works with us. I only wish I knew how you get so much done in a week. I need that pill to rev me up. Have a fun week

Lindart said...

Hi Jan! You sure do get a LOT done in one week! We still haven't finished a puzzle we started in 2019! we can't keep it on the table because Mittsy will just bat the pieces off onto the floor! Your puzzle looks lovely - and hard! My favourite bag you made this week is the hare one, I would buy that in a second! Have a great week, Lindart #22

Shoshi said...

I hope you are both feeling better soon, Jan. Lovely bags, and the hare fabric is really nice. That jigsaw looks ultra-difficult to me - I'm hopeless at them! Thank you for your visit, and I do appreciate the words springing from experience about mixing and matching fabrics! I definitely want to do more patchwork designs with my papers, and I must experiment some more with adding layers to the ones I really don't like.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #13

Catriona said...

Hope you and G are feeling better now-there seem to be no end of bugs going around just now. Love all the bags especially the pink spotted one. We’ve now had our third dose of vaccine and I felt slightly idd for a few days afterwards. Happy sewing when the new fabric arrives💕.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear you & G haven't been too well but it sounds like you couldn't have coped with it any better. We've had the winter vomiting bug here in the Worthington household and we just hunkered down for a few days too. Though I have to say I wasn't anywhere as productive as you. Your bags are lovely and the hats are very cosy looking. Be sure to let us see your new fabric when it arrives. Have a good week. Elizabeth x #23

Susan Renshaw said...

Love the herd of hats but very taken with the bunny bag!
Hope you are bothe feeling better...
Happy WOYWW!
Stay safe and keep well!
Susan #17
Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

Marit said...

Love the bags, the striped one reminds me of summers on the beach - not that I had a bag (or something else) in those colours but it just reminds me... oh wait, it must be the windbreak-sheets that people put up with those beachhouses, those were striped! Anyway, great job! And seeing your jigsaw makes me want to take out one and start too, it's the time of year for jig saw puzzles I think. Thanks for visiting my desk the other day, have a great weekend! Love from Holland. Marit #19

Eva said...

Hope you are both feeling better now Jan.
Hard times where it's necessary to write....no Covid.
But I'm very happy for you.
Love the bags. The jigsaw is a little bit soul food?
Wish you stay safe.
Eva from Austria.

StampinCarol said...

Running late due to extreme fatigue. Great bags and hats! Love the puzzle!
Have a great weekend!
Carol N #21

Kyla said...

Hope you are both feeling better now and LOVE the idea of calling that cardboard crack!! I am SO using that phrase as my in laws love jigsaws. I am always amazed at the fantastic makes you do for such a good cause it must take quite a chunk of time but bet it raises some much needed funds for them and loving those hats too, so colourful just what we need during the darker winter months.
Thanks for visiting my desk already

Empire of the Cat said...

It's bad that we all have to clarify that it's not what we have now isn't it. Love that grey and gold damask fabric of the bag on the right. Happy belated WOYWW! October was a busy month, still catching up. Elle #6 this week


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