This really is my favourite time of the year when everything is springing forth but my goodness, have we had a variety of weather this past week....when it's been lovely, we've been out, when it's been stormy then I've been crafting, but still can't share the major project yet...sorry!

I made some more specs cases for the RNLI fundraising - great fabric eh?

A suitable spotty lining and Bob's your Uncle :-D

The secret project involved this:
which my friend Kim came to play along with - she also brought glitter glue sticks, I didn't even know they existed, they were fun!

Other pottering involved visiting the band room for the first time in months:
It was so lovely to be back! There is a possibility of resuming small group rehearsals towards the end of May so I went to see where I'd hidden all the music (with my librarian hat on!)
Shouldn't have doubted myself, they were already sorted from last year so all I had to do was sanitise the folders ready for the first play - can't wait.....

When the Supermoon was in the sky, there was a correspondingly high tide of 9.2metres, so G and I wandered down to have a look:
The tide was so high, it was covering the first layer of the sea wall, but there was enough room to sit out of the wind and enjoy the moment.

And that's it, I really haven't done that much. Thanks for the ideas and tips for seaside crochet, there were some really good links. I have since found out that I can do sewn items as well, so may cop out and do that instead, it's quicker and I shall stay saner.
I may well be late on returning comments as we have a visitor:
Yay, Son No 1!! We have resumed our crib tournament and, for those of you who play, my very duff hand is the reason why O is looking so happy. He's currently ahead in the league but not by much!

So there you have it, a week of randomness (again!), hope you achieve more than me over the next seven days!

Lots of love xxxxxx


Helen said...

well this looks like great news all round - playing with the band again soon, son no 1 home for a visit - and secret projects (that looks exciting!) what a fab pic of the beach; you are so lucky!! Take care, happy WOYWW Helen #?

Sarah Brennan said...

Oh I do hope you get back to playing in small groups again soon Jan. Have fun with your son while he is visiting. Looking forward to seeing the secret project in all its gloriana? Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Mary Anne said...

Lol! Lucky you to see your son. I am green with envy. You remind me of the multi year rummy game my sister and I played, keeping score in a notebook that filled up. What a blast that was. Love those silly doggies. Bet the cases sell like hot cakes. Looking forward to the big reveal...

Happy Woyww
Mary Anne

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Love all the jewels. Well the Corgi fabric clinched it for me:)

Hope you get back to the band soon. Are you allowed to play outside?

Glue sticks are fab for all sorts, that is if you aren't like me and get the scolding hot glue on your fingers:)

What a lovely photo of the super moon.

Glad you have your son there. I've not played crib for years. Mum and dad were into card games.


Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh, it’s been so long since we talked about band, practices, commitments, it’s like another life! Bet the practice room felt a bit eerie for the first couple of seconds, that view of everything having been left just as it was. The library work and sorting has instantly paid off though hasnt it...go in, it’s sorted, do what you have to do and leave. Before it would probably alphabetical taken half a day off you! So good to see Owen, he looks well. Bet he’s had more fresh air since he’s been home than he’s had since he was last home! A 9 metre tide is quite something, hard to imagine it tbh. I bet as the lockdown that’s been easing so your favourite haunts are looking a little more peopled.drawbacks and silver linings in one go!

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan, so glad you’re soon going to be able to get back to band practice. Say hi to O from us. I loved your photo of the high tide at Burry Port. Is that what they call a spring tide? I never know.
Very cute Welsh corgi glasses cases - they’ll sell well glad you can have a friend around.
If you can do sewn items for your yarnbombing then maybe you’ll have more fun with it?
Have a great week, take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 17

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. Love that corgi fabric. Those will fly out of the shop. Happy to see your visitor. I am rubbish at card games and never played Crib. I look forward to seeing more of your secret project (although I can guess what it might be - something with jewels worn on the head?). Ali x #15

Twiglet said...

Isn't it lovely to think of things getting back to normal - especially for you and your band! So good to see son No 1 enjoying your game of crib - I've never played it although I am sure my Dad was good at it. I love all that sparkly gorgeousness - can't wait to see the complete project. xx Jo

Christine said...

If you don't mind me saying you should line them corgis with the Union flag - royalty is a good topic at the moment . . . . .
I call that a smirk on Owen's face, it's like the look Dx gives me when he turns all my white counters black in Othello!!
I always think of the sea when it's stormy, remember seeing it once and the waves . . . . . loved it!
Have a good week and enjoy your practice
Christine #18

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love the specs cases - you should send one to the Queen! I was at first surprised when you said the moon affects the tide, but of course it does! How did I forget - I didn't realise though that a supermoon would have a special effect. The mystery project gets more and more intriguing! Hopefully, you'll be back playing with your band in no time. Son number #1 seems to have your smile too! Enjoy your week, Jan! xx zsuzsa #20

Annie said...

I can’t wait to see the big reveal when you’re finished. Lovely to see you have a special visitor...really enjoy every minute. Big hugs all round.
Annie x #11

glitterandglue said...

Hi Jan. Oh my - what a great mixed week you have had. Going into the band room - that must have felt quite weird. I had to go into the church building one day before lockdown enabled us to meet again - and I just stood and cried! It was so empty and abandoned. Such a contrast to the usual feel when we are so busy. Glad son no.1 was able to visit - even if he did give you a run for your money - or matchsticks... whichever you play for. I love the royal corgi fabric. They should certainly sell well.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

There you go another product that looked like a good idea, glitter glue sticks which are still sitting there in my drawer unused! Great to see your son is able to visit again you must be really pleased to see him. Good to hear the rehearsals starting again. We are hoping to open the craft group again too which will be nice. Happy creative woyww, Angela x19x

Caro said...

What a fun week you have had. So glad that the band will be starting soon - I can't wait until we are allowed to sing in church again. We went into church for our first service last week. Love the photo of your son beaming with delight. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#9)

Diana Taylor said...

Great news that your band is resuming rehearsals - bet you can't wait. The corgi fabric is so adorable and I love your tray of glam bits and bobs, I see you are working along the lines of more is more! That's a lovely photo of No.1 son, looks like you are having a fab time having him home.
Have a great week,
Diana xx #24

Stacy Sheldon said...

Oooh how exciting Jan, I am so pleased for your family :) and that is very cool view of the moon & tides too. ~Stacy #29

Shoshi said...

I love the corgi fabric, Jan - the Queen would appreciate that! Perhaps you ought to send her a glasses case... Fabulous high tide photo. Don't you just love the sea? We are so blessed to live so near to the coast. So great that you were able to get back to the band again too.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #16

craftyani said...

Glad your life style is beginning to return to normal. Yes the weather here in Spain has been changable but hopefully summer is on it's way now and promised temperatures of 30C towards the weekend. Love the corgi material and still waiting to see the out come of those jewels and that ping pong ball! Ani #26

StampinCarol said...

Love the spec cases. Great news as to getting out more, playing, etc. And look at the goodies for your project!
Enjoy Son #1!! Have a great week!
Carol N #27

My name is Cindy said...

Oh it will be lovely for you to get the band back together as they say - you must have missed it! Can't believe you doubted yourself for a moment, of course everything was already sorted! Loving that corgi fabric, it's so cute. I have never tried the glitter glue sticks - at least it won't get everywhere (I'm guessing?). Beautiful shot of the seaside, looks so peaceful. Have a good week, stay safe, stay well, love n hugs Cindyxx #14

roffeycreations said...

Hi Jan, Lovely seeing your work space and goings on. Always room for a new specs case here - I have 5 pairs on the go, Reading, Computer work, Normal distance, long distance and prescription sunglasses - a must here in OZ.
I am back on WOYWW after being missing for 8 years - am looking forward to catching up with all the talented people moving forward. Stay safe & well Maurs #33 xxx

Lillianb said...

Love the Sec cases that fabric is lovely. hope you secret turns out okay and I am sure it will. Hope the band practice goes aheat soon,

Take care and stay safe.

Lilian B # 10

Crafting With Jack said...

You play in a band? My brother plays the bagpipes! My grand daughter is trying to learn the guitar at the moment. I did try to get back into piano/organ, but my hands can’t cope. My mother was brilliant playing both, me not so much! Love the corgi fabric -I wonder if there is a chihuahua one? I can’t play Crib so I wouldn’t know how good/bad your hand is. Have a great week Angela #23

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh the cute eye glass cases. My son's family have a Corgi, could be him posing, Leo is quite the dog !! Love all your photos Such variety in your life. But that is good, keeps us young. I think you all have more restrictions then we do. More things opened up with weather being nice. Best of all time with family. Good Looking young man and isn't it a great feeling to spend real time with them. ENJOY to the MAX.

Lisa-Jane said...

Yes I think I had virtually every weather coming down today! Sun, rain, wind, hail! Loving the corgi fabric! That's a lot of exclamation marks! Late to the party this week - stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

Susan Renshaw said...

Trying to catch up on commenting - it is already Friday! The problem is because we are 9 hours in front I can't manage it on Wednesday and then the time just flies!

Yes it is fab fabric!
Also liked the idea that you might soon be band practising. My husband Kevin has been ukulele-ing on line for the past year - it would be so nice to join in with some face to face people!

Happy WOYWW!
Susan #25

Eva said...

It's so lovely for you and your band! Comming back!?! Are you allowed to play outside? Fingers crossed!
Nice to see you with son Nr. 1.
I love all that sparkly diamonds. What do you create with them?
And the Supermoon - didn't let me sleep.
But pretty to observe.
Have a great weekend. In Austria it's Mother's Day on Sunday.
Hugs and best wishes,
Eva from Austria

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Jan!
Sorry to be so late getting around. No visitors here. No valid excuses either. I am just behind myself! Really have trouble remembering what day of the week it is.
Although we have both had our vaccinations, life hasn’t changed. We do not go out other than groceries and doctors appointments.
A few sunny days, but mostly gray days.

Stay safe

And Happy Late Wednesday

Kathryn #30 (I think)

Spyder said...

Well, I think I must type out stuff and then forget to sent it! I know I said I loved those Corgis! But then I don't remember what day it is either! Hope you've had a vwery happy last weeks woyww ((Lyn))


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