How wonderful were all the tributes to Shaz last week, it shows how much she was truly loved by all the deskers. The funeral will be at 10.15 (GMT) on Friday 19th March and will be streamed for people to attend. Some folks have asked me about donations in Shaz' name, Doug is setting up JustGiving pages in aid of Cancer Research and WolfWatch UK, again I will give all links when I have them.

And she'd want us to carry on and live our lives so I've got back on the road again this week:

I had a mini sort-out in the JanCave and found these strips of fabric left over from mask making and decided to make some zipped bags (maybe could be pencil cases?) to take down to the Harbour Lights cafe as it's reopened for takeaway business. The patterns work quite well:

Some completed, some still spatchcocked ;-)   (stop sniggering Twiglet, I can hear you!)

We'll see if any sell but it's worth a try and has got me back sewing again. The top I was thinking about has been packed away, I was not in the mood!

I've had some happy mail recently - Lynne (of LynneCrafts) sent me a Nostepinne, a device for winding yarn into a ball where it unravels from the centre. If you leave a tail of yarn on the end, it's also useful for cat fishing, our moggy Ron may be nearly 20 now but his reflexes are still pretty good!

Four lovely thoughtful cards from Neet, Cindy, Kim (a local friend, it has a teabag for a Drink on Her, lol!) and Margaret. Cheers girls, I really appreciate the lovely thoughts behind them xxxx

Do you remember the eucalyptus watercolour doodles from a couple of weeks ago? I thought I'd make them into a couple of cards:

I'd rather do this than see them languish in a drawer, I like my crafting to be useful and have a purpose! Note the Deckle Edges too (thanks Shaz!)

Hope you're having a good week, the news about the success of the vaccination programme in the UK and the map to getting back to normal have cheered everyone up. There's definitely a glimmer of light on the horizon - hooray!!



StampinCarol said...

I was shocked to hear about Shaz. I know she was a wonderful friend to so many deskers. I never met her but loved her posts. Anyway....
Glad to hear businesses are starting to open. Bet your bags will sell fast since they are SOOO cute! Cool way to wind yard! And what wonderful cards. Love yours!
Hope you have a great week!
Carol N #3

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

We always need to look towards the light, like a flower it lifts our heads high xx I'm sure the pencils cases will sell Jan, i'm a sucker for a snazzy pencil case, they are not just for pencils you know.. I love the word spatchcock nearly as much as the word snigger, the later reminds me of me & my bestie @ college, we sniggered about many things hee hee happy days.
Lovely thoughtful cards off the girls & I really love what you did with the eucalyptus watercolours, very classy cards.
Take care & hugs this WoywW Tracey #4 (I think) x

Chana Malkah said...

Your zip bags are awesome! I could use a Nostepinne! I wrap my yarn around soft drink cans!:D)

The eucalyptus cards are very pretty!

Have fun with all your sewing!

Chana Malkah, #7

Mary Anne said...

I love a centre pull ball and have a warn winder but for small bits I have a bit of PVC pipe I use as a nostepinne - problem is I always have to look up the sequence cause I get confuse with that and my kitty noddy, do making skeins of yarn, doh! Love the bags (I sniggered too) and thanks for the info on the service. I’ll watch for the donations page info.
Busy day! Have a good one
Mary Anne (2)

Susan Renshaw said...

The water colour doodles have turned into lovely cards - especially with the deckle edges!
The pencil cases (?) must surely sell!
Happy WOYWW!
Susan #8

Helen said...

Thanks for the funeral date, Jan I was wondering if it would be screened and will try and organise the time off so I can "attend" It is good to see you creating again and the doodle cards are particularly gorgeous. Take care Helen #10

Sarah Brennan said...

Love that you are using your water colours to make cards Jan and that you are back sewing again. Can't wait to be able to get together again with family and friends once it's safe. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #11

Neet said...

Lovely sewing as always - the black one with the bikes on reminded me of Doug straight away.
I have no idea how the Nostepinne works but it looks good in what you have produced and I am sure it will be well used as wool from the centre is so much better to use. And that is from a non-knitter.
Glad you turned your watercolours into cards, I think you should do more of those, they are definitely your style. All these years and I flit from one idea to another and never have developed a style of my own. Well done you.
Take care - stay well and safe
Hugs, Neet 13 xx

Sue said...

Hi Jan, I'm sure the zip bags will sell well.

I'm with Twiglet, as I couldn't surpress a snigger:) LOL

Never heard of the Nostepinne before.

Love that you have used your watercolours on cards. I like colouring in. I know my inner child is trying to escape:)) and have used some as backgrounds on cards.

How did you get the deckle edges?

Got my first jab on Friday.

You take care. Hugs Sue

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jan. Sounds like you are well motivated to "get back on the road". Goodness - such industry! Great little bags - hope they sell well down at the cafe. Is that the Lifeboat place? I also like to work from the middle of a ball of yarn if possible. Don't have a fancy yarn thingy, though, I just pull the end out of the middle!! Those two watercolours look so good now you have made them into cards. Well done! I also have a dislike for not using the things I have made. When I did my C&G I said right from the start that whatever projects I made would need to be of use. I remember one of the girls saying everything she did would be simply thrown into the attic when finished. I could have wept. Of course, it does make for a busy, full, house!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Julia Dunnit said...

You can include fancy words like Nostepinne and we’ll all nod to your vocabulary strength. But spatchcock is a strength too far and it seems, makes us a snort and 🤭. No idea why, really! I love the cards that your watercolours have made, a lovely use of two of your other strengths. Was hoping you’d attack the shirt making, I wonder if a lockdown deadline will panic you into it?!! Isn’t it marvellous to think of restrictions easing and potential end dates.

Lillianb said...

What a great idea making the fabric into pencil cases and bet they sell well that motor bike one is lovely, great wool winder,love the two cards you made,

Take care and stay safe.. Lilian B #16

Twiglet said...

Oh Jan - you know me too well!! It is a lovely word - spatchcocked isn't it - "does what it says on the tin" sort of word I think! I love the little pencil case bags - great way to use up left over mask pieces - I have a few bits I could do that with. AND finally - you have become a card maker! I love the way you have mounted your gorgeous little paintings - a bit of Shaz's influence - she will never leave us I'm sure. Take care and stay safe. xx Jo

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan, glad you got your “sewjo” mojo back! The pencil cases are cool and I’m sure they’ll sell. It’s great things are slowly opening up again. I hope we can sensibly sustain it and not go mad. I’d love to be able to come back to Wales again!
So glad that Ron gets some fun out of the Nostepinne too, bless him!
Lovely cards as well.
Lynnecrafts 23

De serendipity said...

Love all the projects you have managed this week -from your sewing, yarn rolling and turning the lovely watercolours into cards. And,,,, you also got the cat to do a bit of exercise well done. Have a lovely week.
Sandra de @24

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Your cards are beautiful Jan, and how thoughtful of the girls to send you some as well to cheer you up. I was wondering about the funeral and donations, so I'll look out for those links! Yes, Shaz would definitely want us to carry on. I kept thinking about her while making things - maybe she's sending us cosmic inspiration! That's a comforting thought, actually. Hope you're having a good week! xx zsuzsa #27

Lisa-Jane said...

Those cards are fab! I did try the class you mentioned, it went very badly. Maybe flowers are just not my thing! I do love the watercolour patches with the doodles on that you've done though so I might give that a go. Lovely cards for you too - what a lovely bunch crafters are. Great zippy bags too - I hope they sell well. A few people near me are selling those triangular ipad stands that seem very popular - just throwing another idea in the mix for ya! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #14

Camilla Fisher said...

The zip bags look lovely. I like the car fabric in particular. Good to see you've got some mo-jo back. x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I always love to see your gorgeous fabrics and the card is lovely too. I bet some boy would love the motorbike pencil case. Have a lovely week and happy woyww, Angela x19x

Lynn Holland said...

I was chuckling yesterday when I set to with a rotary cutter and mat. I thought of you and Annie and said to myself they would cringe if they saw me hacking away with this lot now haha.
Thanks for the info on Shaz and donations. I’ll look out for your post about it.
Nice to see your mojo in full flow.
Take care
Lynn xxx 22

BJ said...

Wow super duper cards, love those watercolours especially. The little zipped bags are great, the motorbike one is my favourite. No idea what spatchcocked is, must be losing the plot here. Anyway glad you have jumped back in. I have yet to get me sewing machine out to use the lovely fabrics I got for my birthday last week. I have done 18 months worth of paper filing (bills etc) and washed my car today though. And remember my screen is just a screen not a special zoom option!
Happy WOYWW and thanks for the visit BJ#1

Annie said...

I’m really late in the day doing my visits this week...I’ve just crawled out from under a pile of Memory bears.
Enough talk of spatchcocks! I really don’t have the energy for it tonight lol. Love the fabrics you’ve used for the little bags. Keep up the good work.
Annie x #18

Shoshi said...

As always, a delightful post, Jan. Your watercolour doodles have made beautiful cards. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the info about Shaz - presumably you'll give us details nearer the time how we can join in the funeral. I just hope it isn't only going to be on Facebook because if so, I won't be able to attend.

The nostepinne looks lovely with that pretty yarn on it, and what a great collection of lovely cards, too. Your desk looks very tidy and organised, and well done with the latest sewing projects.

Thank you for visiting - I so agree about Shaz. The extra crocheting wasn't too much of a task really, I just kept at it and then it was over and done with. I loved the way Ruby trampled all those kitties underfoot and showed who was the most important!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #15

Stacy Sheldon said...

well, I tend to pick up zipper pouches when ever one catches my eye. ( I use them as gift wrap some times too) So, I think they are very cool Jan. I love the card with the green shades the most. :) ~Stacy #34

Catriona said...

What a lovely colourful pile of makes-I love your handpainted cards and they will be a lovely keepsake for whoever is lucky enough to get one. Very late commenting today as I was Zooming all afternoon. Happy crafting!

Lindart said...

Great use for those doodles, Jan, they made awesome cards! I love the motorcycle bag, though I really don't like motorcycles! The bag will sell, I'm sure! And the rest will too! That yarn winder looks interesting, I wonder if it would work on my Ron as well (hubby! LOL!) Have a great week, thanks for your visit! Lindart #36

Crafting With Jack said...

Great cards Jan. I find the yarn winder fascinating and so useful a gadget. Have fun with your sewing. Angela #31

Kathryn Frantz said...

Thank you for the funeral date. I hope I can connect.

Your watercolor cards are lovely! Your eye for colors and pattern is exceptional! Must be all of the quilting!

Sorry to be slow getting around. Spent most of the day at the doctors yesterday.

Stay well.
Happy Thursday,now.

Kathryn #35

Eva said...

Your zipper bags are so pretty! It gives me a push to try the same! Sewing masks is out in Austria, we have to wear the FFP2 masks.
I've a lot of strips too.
The fabric with the Bike - so gorgeous. Loved it in a post long ago...
Nice Cards from good friends. Heartwarming.
And your cards are so exquisite.
Wish you a nice weekend.
Stay well, Eva from Austria

Annie Claxton said...

HI Jan, sorry I'm so late. Wow! those little paintings you've turned into cards are really gorgeous - I really envy that ability to make it look loose and doodly but still beautiful, I always get either too pernickety or too messy, but yours are perfect. The little bags are lovely too, I reckon they'd be handy for all sorts of things. Have a great weekend. Annie C

Dorlene Durham said...

Thanks for your earlier visit. I missed last week and missed the news about Shaz. I was so sad to hear it. Cancer is a horrible disease! Your desk is lovely and i love how your decile edge cutter will remind you of your dear friend. Dorlene #33

Spyder said...

I love the motoercycle pencil bag! Now there's an idea, you've just given me! Stay Safe ((Lyn))


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