A few days have elapsed since Shaz Silverwolf passed away and I still can't believe she's gone. I wrote about our friendship in my previous post so am not going to repeat myself here. Besides I can hear her telling us to get a grip and keep crafting, busy hands help when your heart is full. Julia wrote a beautiful piece which sums up our Shaz brilliantly. Doug has been very touched by all the messages from deskers around the world, it shows how much she was loved and appreciated.

So here, in a single pic, is a homage to our friend - Queen of Enabling:

Yup, a Tim Holtz Deckle edge trimmer - I think Shaz and Julia nearly fainted when I bought this!! It does make all the difference when I'm slapping a card together. I shall think of Shaz each time I use it, that's a proper crafter's tribute!

I should heed my own advice though as my heart really hasn't been into anything much this past week.

I got out the pattern and fabric but it's still there, I wasn't in the mood.

I had a quick laying out of the crochet Granny squares to see what was what. I shall do a few more with the different colours in the rounds, there's enough plain ones. Another ten or so will make a lap blanket for someone.

And after three weeks of sorting, I finished off the final photo album on Monday - it's been a long process but I have really enjoyed it, culling about 50% of the pics. A lot of the pics of places have gone so most of what remains are images of family and friends because, at the end of the day, that's what is most important.

I hope you have a good week - keep safe and well.


Helen said...

I still can't believe Shaz has gone either... As you will see, I can't settle to crafting either. I am glad Doug is finding comfort from the messages of support though. I look forward to seeing the completed blanket. Helen#?

Sarah Brennan said...

Congratulations on finishing the photo sorting Jan. I must admit that I am ever more tempted by the TH deckle guillotine but as I have a deckle blade for my current trimmer I am holding off at the moment. Family and friends are indeed the most important thing. Stay safe. Sarah #6

Lisa-Jane said...

I don't think you were alone in struggling to create this week - there's been a lot of moving stuff about on some of the blogs I've visited so far this morning. I'm really looking forward to seeing your top - I think Shaz would have loved how it screams of being unconventional even though she was firmly in the black clothing department! Much love on this difficult day, Lisa-Jane #7

Lynn Holland said...

I never got to meet Shaz but I do feel she was a friend through our blogs and the things she sent me.
I’ve read your tribute to her Jan and I’m sending you a big hug. Hope you can feel it.
Love Lynn xxx 12

Mrs.D said...

Hi Jan
Thanks for you tribute to Shaz, she would indeed be saying 'get on with it' but it is not always very easy.
You have done well with your photos, our box, taken down from the attic for a thorough sort out, has been glaring at us from the landing for about 6 months now!
The crochet squares are lovely colours, someone will love that
Chris #15

Neet said...

Good to see you have the photographs all sorted and the blanket is laid out ready for you to continue.
It's been a funny old week hasn't it - but we must heed your words and get a grip- gonna start - this morning!
Hugsm Neet 17 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I think Shaz would be laughing if she could see how much tidying and arranging a lot of us have done in the last few days. And then starting a sentence with ‘Right...’ to get us all going again! You’re so right about the use of the ‘enabled’ tools, nothing will remind me more or probably make me smile more! Well done with the photos, an epic undertaking, frankly. Probably what the Prime administer had in mind when he locked us all in, to get the cupboards and shelves of Great Britain sorted!

Mary Anne said...

Oh the deckle-edged trimmer! How fitting. Like you, a little bit of the joy of life has been sucked out of me this week. Seeing the trimmer on WOYWW made me go hunt up the version I already owned but did not use. Since then I HAVE used it, and all thanks to Shaz. Let us all hope we get our WOYWW-day joy back, even if it will always have a tinge of sadness as we desk-hop. There will be a huge gap we must jump over as we miss out a desk we wish we could still visit.

Hugs to all on a sad WOYWW day.
Mary Anne (1)

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

The words to find are so difficult but Shaz will be beaming at that deckle edge trimmer taking pride of place @ WoywW this week. I knew Shaz would get one before me, I had to wait till Christmas until I unboxed mine. A handy piece of kit for card makers. Take care of yourself too Jan Hugs Tracey #3 xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

It's just not easy losing special friends. It seems the ones who lend laughter and support are the ones leaving our world. Reminiscing those memories, and shedding the tears seems ever so hard when we've missed seeing them during these crazy times. Love the colors of your granny squares, something bright and cheery. AND photos, I think we're all doing bits of that, and the sorting of everything...................... Stay strong, so sorry for your loss.

Diana Taylor said...

I can put my hand on a lot of crafty stuff in my studio and say that it originated from a Shaz post, your deckle edge trimmer will be a lovely reminder of Shaz and her enabling. Great that you've sorted out your photos, I did the same - ditched a lot of views and concentrated on the humans!
The blanket is looking lovely and I hope you get your enthusiasm back for making the top.
Take care, sending hugs,
Diana xx #22

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah loved the sing intro today and so would’ve Shaz our wonderfully, vibrant, giving caring Shaz. Yes hearts are heavy and hands to match and not much is done but Shaz the Queen Enabler would totally be delighted that deckle edge trimmer. I do remember those posts! Thanks for your emails this week was a good week to keep in touch.❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Twiglet said...

I know what you mean about not having the urge to sew that lovely top. It takes a happy head to tackle a bit of dressmaking. You will get to it in good time and it will be fab when you do. Well done with the photo albums - what an achievement and you are right- it's the folk that matter and not so much the scenery. Keep smiling Jan - it's what Shaz loved you for, as we do. xx Jo

Morti said...

I have a feeling that Shaz is going to continue enabling from the world beyond. A deckle edge trimmer.... hmmm....

Sending you a big squidgy hug. I hope we can organise a crop/wake once we're all able to travel and meet up again. I think we're all in need of real hugs this week.

Much love
Morti x

De serendipity said...

Such lovely tributes in all the posts wrt Shaz. She will be missed. Enjoy your deckle edge trimmer. I bought a deckle edge rule for my watercolour paper. Yep it came all the way from the UK. Have a lovely week.
Sandra de @28

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan,
I love that you have a concrete, practical memorial to Shaz. You’ll think of her every time you use it.
Glad you’ve finished sorting your photos, that was a big project!
I’m glad Gordon is having his jab this week, too.
Hugs and lots of love,
Lynnecrafts 30

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I feel the same way about the Christmas cards she sent me - they will take on a special meaning from now on. We need to get back to normal - Shaz would want us to - the legacy she left behind means we will never forget her. I hope Doug will leave her blog up, so we can all pay our respects from time to time - and I know the time will come when I google something and one of her blogposts will come up - happened before! Hope you're doing well otherwise, Jan. Well done for sorting all those photos - I don't even dare to sort mine! xx zsuzsa #31

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jan. Firstly - thank you so much for inviting me to dinner on 25th November 2016... the evening before the crop, and the first time I met you, Julia,... and Shaz & Doug. What a great evening it was - bangers and mash with lots of veg - but I confess I can't remember what we had for pudding! That evening meant so much to me.
A deckle edge trimmer - I am most impressed - but very amused at the thought of you "slapping a card together". I seem to remember a day when we worked together to make cards and you spent a good whole deciding what should go with what, and how to create your own style.. I'm sure the top will be made - no rush - we ain't going anywhere... Enjoy making the rest of your squares. That blanket is going to be gorgeous.
Take time to grieve the loss of your dear friend.
God bless.
Margaret #29

Catriona said...

Such a sad week and yesterday a good friend had a large part of her bowel removed due to cancer which is making me sad and lacking motivation except for eating. I have tidied and decluttered and even done all the ironing in a bid to keep moving. 💕

Annie said...

I’m sorry I’m so late visiting this week. I’ve been head down making Memory bears this morning.
As I’m visiting the blogs today it’s so lovely to see how many have been affected buy Shaz...she was a very special lady. We will all miss her so much but there’s no doubt she lives on in our hearts.
Hugs, Annie x #9

Crafting With Jack said...

A sad week indeed. Well done on your photograph sorting x Angela #21

Sue Jones said...

Sorry I am a bit late getting to you darling, I had to stop half way though and go get my jab - yayyy. 2/3 of the family done. Thats a lovely blanket - very pretty colours. I bought a Tim Holtz Trimmer - not a deckle edge though. I LOVE it and wished I had got one sooner- I use it all the time. Stay Safe xx Soojay xx

Felicia said...

Jan both your and Julia's posts were so touching and fitting. I didn't know Shaz like you all did, and only online for a few short years, but certainly was affected by her crafty talents and unique style. I feel so fortunate that she popped in for the zoom meeting we had. It was a treat knowing she had been so ill. She will be missed by all. I'm sure there is an inside joke about the edge trimmer, although I am sure it does come in handy! I just wouldn't have the space for it!! LOL Can't wait to see your finished lap blanket I love all the colors you used!! So excited for you that you were able to finally finish the photo album. I am sure it was quite a job!! Most of my photos are all on CD's and I should probably print all those puppies out and do the same. It won't be long that those CD's won't be able to be read! Scary thought, but true!! Many blessings to you Jan and have a good rest of your week! Felicia #34

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Jan.

I must have missed the enabling of the deckle edge trimmer. I will have to look for it.
Don’t have one, or space for one but now will remind me of Shaz, too.

Sending hugs.


BJ said...

You'll get back to it when the time is right for you.
Hugs BJ#23

Spyder said...

Well done sorting the out all the phoo's I have loads in the attic, left by my parents which I uust can't face yet. The blanket is coming along nicely. Stay Safe, keep crafting! WOYWW? ((Lyn)) #13

Chana Malkah said...

Take your time! When your heart is ready, you will return to your crafting and the memories of your friend will continue to inspire you!

Chana Malkah #36

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Jan, I keep looking at the deckle edge trimmer but still not sure if I would use it enough and I'd like to see how it looks. Well done with the jobs this week and the blanket is coming along fine too. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x18x

Heather M said...

Hi Jan, there are certainly a lot of lovely tributes to Shaz. And many of us have been "enabled" so will be able to think of her regularly. Not too sure how would she feel about you "slapping" a card together, especially after all her tutorials of how she "creates" cards! Only joking, I think Shaz along with the rest of us were in awe of some of the cards you have "slapped" together. For a non-card maker, you do pretty good my dear! Take care, hugs Heather xx #19

Shoshi said...

I have never before felt so sad doing the rounds of blog comments for WOYWW, Jan. Each blog is bringing fresh tears. I am devastated about Shaz and find it hard to believe that she has gone - she was at the centre of our little family and I always looked forward to visiting her blog, so full of fun and generosity and such incredible creativity. She was a girl after my own heart as far as eccentricity and alternativeness was concerned - not for us to grow old gracefully - I think we were both skipping Middle Age with our funky clothes and hair etc! Above all, though, was the personal impact she had on my life through my own cancer. Her support and real practical advice helped me more than I can say, throughout my own treatment. I am finding it a real struggle to get to grips with the brutal lottery of cancer, to spare me, but to take our beloved Shaz. It is so, so unfair.

Your tribute to Shaz was quite beautiful. The single picture of the paper trimmer was very touching - it is almost as if it was a personal gift from her to you, and you will never be able to use it without feeling that she is standing at your side, encouraging you into your new area of papercrafting! At the end of this week, I think I am going to revisit all the blogs and copy and paste each and every one of the tributes that have ben made, together with the photos, and keep them safe in one place. I only met her and Doug just that once but I felt I knew her. The world is a poorer place without her.

Thank you for your visit, and for your very kind words about what I wrote. I agree about her hair! So funky, so Shaz! She and I were both on the same chemo (oxalyplatin) which does not cause hair loss, which was a huge relief to me - I remember my sister saying the same - she said her first thought after my diagnosis was sorrow that I would lose my "crowning glory" and she was very happy that I did not! It was the one good thing about that awful treatment that made one feel so utterly poorly.

I'm glad you enjoyed the little Valentine card I made for my hubby, with the two kitties inside! It was fun to make.

I can't say "happy WOYWW" this week, because our WOYWW family is incomplete, so suffice it to say, I hope you have as good a week as possible. We are all united in our grief.

Shoshi x #25

Susan Renshaw said...

I have only been a desker for 8 months - but Shaz made a big impact on me in that time - her comments, posts, funnies and enabling! Thank you for sharing your memories and photos.
Susan #5

Anne said...

Hi Jan. Love all your tributes to Shaz. You have a wonderful way with words, sadly I don't.However I have felt quite bereft and it has brought to the surface many emotions and memories of mum, and others I lost due to cancer.
Glad you were enabled as well :-)
I should sort photos further,join together a lot of squares! I don't think I will be making anything to wear though. Did years ago, lost the bug for it. Take care. Anne x 33

Eva said...

Dear Jan! You wrote a lovely tribute to Shaz. Last Posting. I understand, you miss her. And when a crafters heart is sad, the hands are not able to sew and crochet all the time.
Heads up - and stay well.
Eva from Austria
It seems to be my destiny sometimes to be the latest comment....

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Jan, I have to laugh that you bought that deckle edged trimmer - I hate deckle edged cards and if I get gifted any blank cards like that I cut the edges off! I think it's because on a card it can only be 'deckled' on 3 sides - can't cope with that, my brain just can't deal. Oh well, I guess we all have our foibles! Like you haven't been up to much, really not in the mood after the news about Shaz. I loved your post by the way. Well done again on the photos. Glad you like the card, I did worry my timing was a bit off but maybe it was just right. Sorry about the late visit, was a bit poorly and had to go to bed for a bit!! Love n hugs, Cindyxx #20

Ali Wade Designs said...

It is the end of a sad week. I have been busy with life and no crafting has happened, except for stroking some new crafty stash (which Shaz would have loved). I was 50 last Saturday and received some crafty presents, and treated myself to a few things. Will show them off in a blog post next week. Our family were never much for taking photos, and now I am sad that there are very few photos of me with family or friends. I am usually the photographer now and create photo books all the time. Ali x


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