Well, for two weeks anyway! There's a lot going to be happening over the next fortnight and so I've decided to have a blogging break - the first for a while. 

No fabric/yarn/card crafting again this week (sorry Steve!) but I have:

Created three raffle prizes for the WI Pudding Club event....

Made a Black Forest Gateau with cherry confit, chantilly cream and dark choc dipped Morello cherries on top....(for the Pudding Club again) and also

a Strawberry Pavlova. So, some cake crafting instead!

The new bathroom is finished so it was a case of massive tidying and cleaning in our bedroom and the JanCave! So, hoover-crafting....as opposed to hovercrafting, that's something else altogether, lol!!

And some walks along our beach with a high tide right up to the sand dunes. A gorgeous evening stroll.

Sorry about the lack of desk Julia, I'm hoping to get the JanCave up and running again very soon.

Enjoy your crafting everyone and I'll see you in a couple of weeks :-D xxxxxxxx



It's getting a bit embarrassing, all this 'too busy to craft' lark, but it's true.  The crochet blanket is growing slowly as I'm not that keen on using acrylic yarn when the weather's been so warm - sweatyhanditis, you see!

I have got the card making stuff out however as I had to make a sympathy card for an old band friend in Wiltshire whose mum passed away recently:

Crafting on the dining room table this week! The photo of the bluebells is one of G's, it's beautiful, I may make a few more cards with this image for WI:

A soft focus vignette courtesy of Photoshop and Bob's your Uncle!  G has taken a couple of really beautiful pics this week:

Backlit roses in the new border....

...and a common blue butterfly feeding on the broom down in the dunes by the harbour!

Other artwork is courtesy of my friend Lynne (Lynnecrafts) who came to see us last week - she's discovered watercolours big time and painted this for me as a thank you for the hare cushions I made for her recently:

I love it! When the JanCave is back to normal, this lovely painting will be going on the wall with some other artwork. The earrings are also from Lynne and are in suffagette colours - I wore them to this event:

I played as part of an all female brass band at the Cardiff Processions 2018 event, where thousands of women marched through the streets celebrating 100 years of Women's Votes in the UK - other marches were in London, Edinburgh and Belfast. I wish you could have seen the amazing banners, all sewn by the marchers but I was too busy playing to take pics. 

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, the Paralympic champion, was the BBC presenter, a lovely lady. We just made it onto the BBC footage and our playing was heard on the news but that wasn't the priority, being there to witness and take part in a wonderful event was the most important thing.

And the first ice cold beer afterwards didn't even touch the sides :-D

It's supposed to be a quieter week but I remain to be convinced!




A slightly tongue-in-cheek lyric this week and dedicated to my brother Steve - he's a regular reader of this blog and gently chastised me last week for not showing any crafting for the past couple of weeks (he was teasing!) So, just to keep him happy...

This week's workdesk aka the kitchen table! If this shot looks a bit weird, G bought a very wide angle lens off a mate and I was trying it out! The weather has been so amazing this week, the doors have been open to get some breeze into the house...

How's about this for a random assortment of bits and pieces?! I'm entering the County WI competition in a few categories - the theme is 'Crossing Continents' and so I've done a pen and ink drawing of some Easter Island figures, a computer generated poster advertising the Taj Mahal (photo courtesy of my other brother Eric), a poem 'On Safari' and an original photo of a European landmark. I picked the most obscure categories possible as there's no point me entering cooking/floral art - I love both but sticking to a recipe/strict brief simply isn't me :-D

Is that ok for you Steve? It's crafting of a sort!!

Some more beautiful ATCs turned up this week - thank you so much Christine Bishopsmate, Sylvia Little Treasures, Robyn and Kim; such gorgeous little works of art and all so different. I love them xxxx

The garden is finished!! Woohoo! Well, I still have a few plants to put in but all the hard landscaping is done - G, Rhys and I shifted a tonne of grey slate chippings the other evening to finish off the paths - it looks great.

We've sat in the shade an awful lot this week!

And the bathroom has gone from this:

to this:

So we're getting there slowly. You can imagine the layers of dust upstairs but I'm ignoring that until the work is finished!!

Hope you all have a fun week and manage to do more crafting than me ;-)



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