Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 25 April 2018



Before I get going, can I wave to Eva from Austria and Catriona, who comment on my blog! As they're no-reply bloggers I can't email them but the fact that you read my nonsense is very pleasing and this is the only way I can say thank you :-D

You know when someone asks you how your week has gone and you can't remember a thing you've done? Thank goodness for taking photos for my blog, because they're a good aide memoire to remind me what I've forgotten!!

And there's a lot to share so apologies for the picture heavy post.....

My WI needed a collection basket - someone had a lovely wicker one but it needed a lining, so I measured it and made everything else up :-D Pattern? Moi?!

Threading through the cords...

Et Voila. Job done.

Then I was talking to my mate Lynne (Lynnecrafts on WOYWW) who has cracked a rib, poor gal and is in a lot of pain. She mentioned she needed another pillow to brace against when coughing or sneezing so.....

I bent a cushion pad in half and sewed it up then searched for a tough but soft cotton. That hare fabric I got recently fitted the bill just right:

The pattern really lent itself to the tall shape - hope it helps Lynne. x

It was the table top sale at my WI meeting and so I thought I'd use up some scraps to make some more sunglasses cases (hope you found the Pinterest pattern Eva!) and tissue holders - you know, stuff that takes no time to make and can be sold to raise some cash.

Tissue holder Jenga!!

Now this might look as if I've been chained to the sewing machine most of the week but other things have happened too:

I made these cakes for the funeral wake of the WI President Rita, who passed away a fortnight ago - I haven't done a run of cakes like this since I used to cater for Julia's cardmaking workshops (where I earned my Lunch Lady Jan nickname) There's coffee and walnut, sticky gingerbread, lemon sponge and maids of honour. The funeral went as well as these things can and loads of people came back to the hall for refreshments - no-one wields an oversized teapot as well as the WI !

You bored yet? Lol...there's been plenty of walking in the beautiful weather as well:

The sand martins have returned from their winter in Africa and were just starting to excavate their nests in the sand cliffs down on our beach. We watched them for ages, they were very busy with holes of various depths providing new homes for these tiniest of creatures,

It's hard to make out but there are two birds hurtling straight towards holes in this pic - we loved the way they folded up their wings just before they shot into the entrance!

Last pic! Phew, all my short blog Brownie points have well and truly been used up today :-D
Our son Rhys turned 22 this week and we went out for lunch and a mooch about and ended up at:
Cenarth Falls in Cardiganshire. The beautiful River Teifi is a home for salmon and sea trout and there's a museum all about the Coracle,a small single person boat that has been used since pre-Roman times. We had a grand day out.

And someone HAD asked me what I'd done last week, I'd have scratched my head and pondered for a bit and said 'Errrm, not much I don't think'   *grin*

Have a good crafty week everyone! xxxxxxx


  1. Your posts always make me smile - not done much!! there is so much to comment on, but I'll confine myself to that gorgeous fabric for Lynne's pillow; and your fabulous cakes! I am sure they added to a perfect send-off. Have a great (quieter?) week!! Helen #??

  2. Wow, busy week! Love the basket but the pillow, well, that is utterly gorgeous. Lucky Lynne although the hurt she is suffering isn't lucky. The fabric is the most beautiful I have seen in ages. I am covered in envy.
    Now what a lot of baking - you have so many talents Jan and Gordon too with his photography - I love the sand martin pictures which I am assuming he took?
    What a lovely day out you had celebrating the 22nd birthday of Rhys. I actually know what a coracle is - they intrigued me as a child.
    Thanks for a great post
    Hugs, Neet xxx

  3. Well I’d say you’ve had a really busy week there my friend. The lined bag is fav colour. Sorry to hear about your friend and hope the pillow made with love will help. Fab craft table makes too....hope they all sell.
    Belated happy birthday to your gorgeous son....hope he had a great day.
    Annie x

  4. Just going for a lie down ......
    My goodness what a week! Love those yummy cakes, sad occasion but I am sure the sight of those cakes cheered people somewhat.
    It always amazes me how a bit of titivation can transform a plain object into a gorgeous item - love the basket.
    have a good week
    Christine #07

  5. I think you squeezed quite a bit into your week! That cushion is so lovely. Perfect use of the fabric. Loved seeing the sand martins. Enjoy the rest of this week.....doing not much!

    Fiona #11

  6. Boy Jan, I'm out of breath just reading how busy you've been this week. I feel very lazy in comparison. Have a great week. Sarah #8

  7. The pillow is so beautiful, Jan. Many thanks. Sorry it was squeezed into such a busy week! Hope you have a good and quiet week, this week! love Lynne

  8. Wow what a week,wonder you can.remember it all. You are one busy woman keep up the good work.

  9. Love all the posts will look like your posts now as I'm back on track but mostly given up the paint/paper/ink's fabric/sewing all the way!!
    Do you ever put your feet up and do nothing ;-D
    Happy WOYWW
    Caz #17

  10. Lovely post Jan and a very busy week too. Your creations are lovely - especially that clever little basket liner - what a talent!! I could just down a couple of those brownies! xx Jo

  11. I love that fabric you used on the pillow reminds me of one of my favourite print artists - Mark Hearld.

    Love the cakey picture, just started Weight Watchers so that had me licking my lips. But I REALLY love the bird images, what a fantastic capture! What good aim they have!

    Have a lovely week Jan,

    Carmen x #13

  12. Thanks for the variety of fun photos. Your eye glass case is still calling my to do list. Enjoy WOYWW and all of this week

  13. What an amazingly creative post, so refreshing to see so much going on, you have been a busy busy bee. Really heart warming to see that you had also taken time out to make Lynne a cushion, i'm sure it's spot on and helping get a little more comfy.. broken ribs are unbearable.
    Thank you for visiting and sharing WOYWW.
    Wishing you continued creativity throughout the week.
    Tracey #10

  14. Thanks for popping by and you can have some of my "short" post points since I only had 1 picture! LOL! I love seeing your creations and your treats look so yummy! Love the pictures of the birds! We were visited by a roadrunner yesterday and today. Fun creatures! Hope you have a great week!
    Carol N #18

  15. Hi Jan! Not much, eh? I love the place that you ended up on Rhys's birthday - gorgeous! All your sewing makes me want to get back into it myself - you really make my sewing fingers itchy! But I can't. . .too many other things to do! I love the pillow you made, perfect fabric, and I love a good lined basket! Watching birds is wonderful - they are such amazing creatures! Have a great week, Lindart #27

  16. Holy cow! All I've been doing is cleaning and preparing for our upcoming trip to the ocean! I'm lucky if I squeeze in a few minutes for making anything, you've just done a month's worth of stuff in a week! Wow! I love the pillows and the pictures of the birds! I am a nature lover, so I get it! Thanks for the visit!

  17. Hi Jan, by heck I am tired just reading what you have been up to:) LOL

    That pillow is fab, as are the glasses cases and tissue holders.

    Glad the funeral went as well as could be expected. You made some lovely things for the wake.

    Seeing the Sand Martins, I hope the Swifts and House Martins are back here soon.

    Not sure I'd want to be in a coracle going down by the mill. Rather rough going:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #22

  18. You have been such a busy lady. I love the basket liner!!! Hugs Anesha

  19. Thanks for the visit. I love everything you do. I used to love making things like you do. Alas no WI here. And the cakes I wanted to dive in. I will show that to hubby tonight and he will salivate for hours! You really cheer e up
    monica 19

  20. Hi. Nice fabrics, scrummy cake and lovely photos. I started blogging to remember what I'd made especially with the techniques, it's really useful when you get stuck for an idea. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x28x

  21. I'm glad you shared all your photos! The covers, pillow and basket are lovely, and the sticky gingerbread has caught my attention-love gingerbread!! And I love the shots of your travels and martins. Have a great week!
    -K #29

  22. Gosh I'm exhausted looking at all that! Is there no end to your talents? Freestyle basket lining, pillow making, catering and nature photography....Have a lovely Wednesday!! Cindy #15

  23. Hiya Jan! Been up to much,lol? Seriously,know what you mean. You don't think you've done much till you recall something, then a whole tide of things roll in. Love the pillow, that came out fab,as did the basket lining.So that's where your name came from, I'd thought school dinner lady,lol. Love & hugs to you both, Shaz xxx

  24. I fully expected I don't know what Jan but, when I cannot remember how the week went, I really do not think there would be such a variety of events. I think I always assumed you had worked at a school from the lunch lady name. I love that you can just eyeball that basket and have a liner just like so. that just amazes me when I see the things you crate with fabric. The nature shots are great too. ~Stacy #26

  25. Awesome post Jan! I think we all have to post photos once in awhile...don't know why I run over quota all the time though! You have been one really busy person this week. All the makes for friends and the sale. Your sweets look awesome. Are the brides maids the ones with cherries? Yummy! Have a great week and try to rest a bit or you will become forgetful like me! Vickie #30

  26. Wow, you've been so busy and productive! And all for a good cause - it almost makes me feel guilty that I only ever create anything to follow my own whimsies, LOL. A superb landscape shot - very Welsh! Thanks so much for visiting yesterday, Jan! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx zsuzsa #12

  27. wowsers, girl! And you had time to visit blogs, too. Just WOW! Sweet pillow for Lynne. I'm sure very much appreciated. I really need to look up the pattern for the glass case and the tissue pocket. Tissue pocket especially. Love the location where you and Rhy celebrated his birthday. Just beautiful! Thanks for the stop by. Hugs & Creative Blessings! Kelly #27

  28. Wow you have been busy! Love the basket, that is some proper skills. I love the sunglasses case, off to scour pinterest (I still make your tissue holder and bag you taught me!).
    Love the fabric you used for Lynnes pillow, a lovely idea.

  29. Here I am again. You are so clever - basket lining with no pattern, that fabulous pillow (I love that fabric) and all of those cakes. Glad the funeral went well. A WI funeral is always well supported, well catered for and an emotional occasion. We love Cenarth too (used to live not too far from there). Only seem to get there in the winter when there is noone else around - and the falls are even more impressive. Ali x