Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 7 March 2018



 What a seven days that was! From -10 to +10 in temperature range, from snow and howling gales to the most beautiful balmy Spring weather. Crazy! No wonder the weather's always a hot topic of conversation in the UK :-D

But when it was freezy cold last week, I did not venture out at all and consequently had some good days crafting. 

Last Thursday's desk looked like this - I needed to make a thank you gift and got the scraps box out.

I've had that ditsy flower and butterfly fabric for AGES and these really are the last scraps, I shall miss them when they're gone!

There you go, it didn't take long!  

I also spent a happy couple of hours making some more cards for the WI - honestly, I am really enjoying doing this. My technique would probably horrify most of you however so I won't mention anything :-D

A couple of weeks ago, my mate Helen asked me if I had any DK yarn odds and sods as she'd run out of boobs. An odd request, you may think, but Helen is a Community Midwife in our local area and she uses knitted bosoms to help teach new mums how to breastfeed and they hang on to them! So she's always replenishing her boob stock.
Anyhow, I'd invited her over for a cuppa and chat and she bought what she'd knitted with her in order to stuff and sew up.

Unstuffed...... beautifully pert :-D

The product of a good morning's work!! I can't repeat the comment my dear hubby made. Naughty boy *grin*

As I said, from snowdrifts to balmy sunshine, here is the beach yesterday. G and I had a wonderful walk and had the sand to ourselves.

*Happy dance* We watched oystercatchers and heard the skylarks singing - maybe Spring isn't too far away here in the south-west of Wales?

Have a great week and enjoy your crafting :-D xxxxxxxx


  1. the photo at the end certainly puts a smile on my face - how gorgeous! it was crazy how quickly the weather changed from such extremes. Your pile of knitted boobs are very impressive. Helen #?

  2. Morning Jan, I love your cards! They are perfect for selling and the colours and layouts are great. Glad the crazy weather appears to be over too even with the two snow days. Fab photo to finish; made me laugh out loud! Have a great week. Sarah #10

  3. I love the gorgeous bright and cheery. The cards are fab....well done you. As for the table full of boobs....they look like a range of mountains that most men would be happy to climb.
    Have a fun week.
    Annie x #14

  4. What a fun post. Gorgeous photos. Snuggley Boobs, jazzy fabric, beautiful cards and lovely scenes of nature just what I needed to get my day started. I'd love to be outdoors walking, here warm/cold, snow/rain, geese are flying north in huge flocks, robins and friends, not much sunshine but LOTS of winds and dirty cars. Have lots to keep me busy today so enjoy your week

  5. What a beautiful beach scene, and as you say what a change from a few days ago!! Spring is definitely in the air on your desk Jan, with those gorgeous bright flowers and butterflies. LOVE those boobies - I'm sure you could sell them as doorstops :o) Annie C #18

  6. Ok those boobs are soo pretty, I wish we could have patterns on ours hahaha. Aww the little wash/make up bag is soo cute.
    Have a lovely day
    Ellie #13

  7. I think we will all report in with busy desks this week! Love your cards, you're very good.
    I can just imaging you two girls, stitching and stuffing and giggling, bet you didn't need G to add his giggly comments!!
    Have a good week and hope the weather is better for you so that you can enjoy your walks.
    Christine #23

  8. Morning Jan. Great boobs! Glorious set of colours!! I've seen requests for them before, but never seen any "in real life". But how are they used? Hardly suitable to put into a new baby's mouth... presumably there is a doll involved??!! Not difficult to imagine the three of you there giggling away! - naughty G :-)
    Did you get much snow? We hardly had any here, but I know some folk are still cut off in various places. Gorgeous picture of the beach. Love the sound oyster catchers make!
    That little thank you present is lovely - well done. Yes, you'll miss that funky fabric now it's all gone.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  9. Hi Jan, Same weather here, although we had a -14 one morning.

    The zip bag is fab. Your cards are beautiful. The boobs are, well bigger than mine:) LOL

    Beautiful photo of the beach.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #21

  10. Happy WOYWW. It was a shock to get so much snow over here. We normally don't get any. Very glad that we are back to normal weather, ie heavy rain showers due later! You have been busy. I love all of your cards - and the boobs are simply glorious. If your friend needs any more, then let me have the pattern - and I will attempt some (although they will not be as fancy/tidy as your's). We must meet up again sometime soon - I am planning to try the drive to the Llandeilo area (have some stuff to take to the horse rescue centre), or I can come down to you again and you can show me the beach. Ali x #23

  11. I had to count, to make sure there weren't odd boobs. Can you imagine. Lovely selection gals! How I love the beach shot and the thought of you two enjoying it, bet you had a severe cabin fever!
    Your cards are lovely..truly lovely and there's no technique to be graded on, you cut/rip/ position and stick. Turns out you do it with flair. It's obviously the stamping and preparation part that you don't like...a bit like sanding before glossing!!

  12. Saw some of your photos on FB earlier but notice the "boobs" did not make a debut on there! Love them and what a great idea - they are so pretty too.
    Love that bright bag you made and the cards - well - you are producing beautiful work and putting me to shame as I am not card making that much these days and certainly have got out of the habit of doing flowers. Maybe a project for the 8th September??
    Stay happy and enjoying that beautiful place you live in
    Love, Neet 6 xxx

  13. Hiya Jan, and there was you telling us all you didn't 'do' cards! They are fabulous, honestly. Loving the bags, and those fabrics just make me smile. :) All those boobs! Rofl. Do you remember when Mary Anne was making them for breast cancer surgery ladies? Knitted Knockers, I think they were called. Love and hugs to you both, Shaz XxXxXx

  14. Hi Jan, I've no idea where those lyrics come from but they certainly caught my attention. Of course there had to be a reason - that table of woolly boobs is quite a sight. Despite having had two children I don't recall ever seeing them before a recent episode of Call the Midwife. Are they knitted in various sizes or is that just the angle of the camera? Your cards are beautiful- I don't think you can claim to be a non-cardmaker any longer. Have a wonderful week, hopefully with more strolls along the sand. Hugs, Elizabeth x #27

  15. Oh Jan - what a giggle you have given us with the lyrics and your amazing boobs! I just haven't had time for blogging this week and the poor desk looks forlorn. So glad you had such lovely things to share with us. xx Jo

  16. Your hand made cards are beautiful, whatever your technique is, it certainly works! The knitted boobies are such a good idea xx

  17. Lovely makes Jan. The cards are great and the little bag so bright and cheery. Hee hee re 'the boobs' - I can just imagine the giggles!!! Have a great week. Anne x #16

  18. Hi Jan, never heard of knitted boobs before, but they look very nice and colourful. I am in awe of your stitching skills - beautiful bag! And a selection of lovely cards too! Hehe, I do need to get round to a new pic for my profile. The current one is a honeymoon pic in Jamaica. I really don't like having my photo taken, but it would be easier to recognise me without the hat and glasses ... Have a lovely week Heather x #13

  19. I was wondering how the boobs quote fit in LOL! Knitted boobs - whatever next! I can't even imagine how they use those to teach breastfeeding! The bright butterfly fabric is so pretty! I can see why you wanted to use the last scraps of it. Gorgeous cards - you're getting really good at this - and hey, who am I to judge other people's techniques LOL - I use my fingers to paint with! Thanks for your earlier visit Jan! Enjoy your week! xx

  20. You have been a busy bee. I love the cards, they are really great. I love my bag and have been using it lots, again thank you. Got a rotten cold so not been on the computer much. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs Anesha

  21. Happy Belated WOYWW! Look at you go with the cardmaking!!! Awesome! And I have to say; not sure how the knitted boobs will work; but they do present quite the visual image! Have a great week.
    -K #29

  22. Happy belated woyww and the boob quote had me confused till I read the whole post lol makes sense never heard of that before . Your little case is so bright and cheerful too Hugs Nikki 6

  23. Oh Shoot, less than an hour to go to next week's WOYWW and just realised I hadn't replied to last week's comments yet!!! I was busy getting back into the world after being laid up with a bad back. Now I'm knee deep in egg cutouts yep on my desk awaiting midnight and desk photo! I'll really try harder this week! Adore the little bag you made love bright colours. Oh and as for the boobs, my nipples were NEVER this big which might account for my son refusing to breastfeed with me, he did take it from 2 of my NCT group but their nipples were more like the knitted ones LOL. BJ#2

  24. Okay.. before I comment on WOYWW#458 I have to tell you, The Bellamy Brothers recorded a song a couple years back called 'Boobs'.. and that subject line is in their lyrics. LOL The boys are friends of mine and that was so out of character for them. But it became the theme song for Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in 2016. Hugs! Kelly

  25. The weather has certainly been a mixed bag recently. It has cause no end of transport problems so my crafting has been a bit hit & miss and my blog has been sadly neglected.
    Your friend has been very creative.
    Toni xx

  26. I have no idea why this post made me giggle. #straightface