Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 15 November 2017



Well, the black sheep might not have much but there's lots of yarn on my blog this week! But first, the Jan Cave progress.....

It's still all piled up as we've been doing the gloss painting of the doors and skirting boards. But it's all finished now and we'll be putting everything back together this week - woohoo!! *Happy Dance*  I shall take this opportunity to have a bit of a sort out too, I'm sure the stash can be rationalised somehow!

So the only crafting I've done this week has been knitting:
I'm using up my chunky yarns matching the plain colours (in the bag) to the coloured yarns in the box - nothing special, just beanie hats for a charity thing.

I have bought some more bits and pieces:
Three more balls of chunky for hats or something and some buttons - well, you can never have too many huh?!

I went with my mate Helen to Llandeilo on Monday, primarily to have lunch at the Gin Haus, where I'm getting to be a bit of a regular!  But we found another wool shop in another part of the town:

Oooh, so much choice and so many colours....I didn't know where to start.

I was a happy bunny!

I loved the way the displays were laid out...

I may have bought some of these..... :-D

Helen succumbed too - well, it would have been rude not to! The place is called Deb's Wool Shop - I don't think they do online sales but if ever you come to stay with me, I'll take you there (and the GIn Haus...*grin*)

All the shops in Llandeilo were getting ready for a festival this weekend and the girls in the wool shop had been making Christmas trees out of tinsel yarn:
There are patterns for these but they'd all sold. They remind me of Cousin It from The Addams Family :-D

Finally, this is the view from the front of my house - it's been weird weather recently and we saw a cracking rainbow. 
Do you think the owners of that white house would mind if we dug up their garden looking for the pot of gold?? Maybe not, lol!!

Have a cracking week xxx


  1. Great rainbow indeed, but i LOVE that wool shop.. I have fond memories of the wool shop at the top of our road at home when I was a kid; small but beautiful... and a great rocking horse for the kids! the tinsel trees are fab; too. but the Gin Haus is calling me I feel...!! Helen #??

  2. What a fab wool shop....I always love all the rainbows of colours how they display them but I do have to say the real rainbow wins my heart this week.....amazing!
    Annie x #9

  3. Wow..what beautiful photos. The colors and variety are amazing. Those tinsel trees are beautiful. They look snuggly. I'm glad I don't have to deal with changing a room, but it will be wonderful once you are done. From here to New Years day are really busy times for us, lots of birthdays in with all the holidays. Enjoy a lovely week. Thanks for sharing the great photos. I'd love a rainbow!

  4. I can't resist a good wool shop, and that one looks so inviting and colour co-ordinated - I love the woolly trees, what a great idea.
    Beautiful photo of the rainbow, what a lovely view you have from your house.
    Have a good week Jan, and I hope you get your Jan Cave up and running.
    Diana xxx

  5. Hi Jan, Well I was about to say that Love your craft room, then realised they were photos of the shop:) LOL

    Love the tinsel Christmas trees. Come Halloween you could put some eyes on it and it becomes Cousin It:)

    A double Rainbow is extra lucky.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #18

  6. Hiya Jan, wow, look at all the pretty colours! The Gin Haus sounds perfect,it will definitely get a visit when we get chance to come down and see you. I'm sure the owners wouldn't actually mind- save them digging it over themselves! Aren't those trees ace? I see the cousin IT reference, mind you, Doug does a fair impression when he's brushing his hair, :) Love and hugs to you both. XxXx

  7. Happy WOYWW. Excited to read that you are going to be putting your craft room back together. Loving the colours you are using for the beanie hats. That yarn shop does look fabulous. Have you made it to the National Wool Museum yet? A must-visit for all (even hubby enjoyed it). I am not a 'yarnist', but we do have two local woollen mills, which I always enjoy looking around (however, they do not sell yarn) and the shop in Fishguard is very good too. You will have to come out 'west' sometime next year. If you are on Facebook, that is the best way to see the craft workshops at the shop in Haverfordwest (SET Craft). Send a message to Ben and he can let you know which workshops have places on them (they book up very quickly). I know he is planning lots more for next year. If you wanted to do some tutoring, the new workshop venue in Haverfordwest would love to have you - she mainly does sewing/knitting/crochet etc. Ali x #22

  8. Yay, I look forward to seeing the finished Jan Cave next week. I had to laugh when I saw the photos of that wool shop; it should be renamed LLJ Heaven. Did the credit card survive the visit? Happy WOYWW Sarah #10

  9. Love the idea of the Gin Haus. I've been told to try Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin Tea - you can try it for me, please.
    Never seen a wool shop quite like that, and the buttons ... Can imagine you were in heaven! Love the purple wool you bought and it looks so good with the blue and turquoise. Looking forward to seeing the hats you knit. Now where did I put that hat pattern I fancied?
    Pity about that double rainbow landing on a house - maybe they are mega rich, eh.
    Enjoy your newly done cave.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. That looks like a knitter's heaven, all those wonderful colors of yarn! Happy WOYWW! xox Cheetarah #28

  11. Jan....I'm coming right over....I WANT to go to the Gin Haus! LOLOL I am in LOVE with that wool shop! Oh my goodness, I think I would have stayed in there for hours! Their displaying was spot on! I love your beanie cap and that you knit for charity! What a blessings! Felicia, #26

  12. Well that is certainly a lot of wool! I think the black sheep is bald in comparison hahah!!
    The trees are fab!
    Have a good week, look forward to seeing your crafty space being put back together.
    Ellie #19

  13. Oh, what a lovely shop, Jan - more tempting than a box of chocolates! Beautifully displayed yarns and the buttons just where you need them. Love the Christmas trees too - different - and, yes, I'm reminded of the Addams family too. Beanie hats are brilliant for fundraising - everyone needs a beanie at this time of the year. And they are a great way of using up oddments of yarn. Love your double rainbow - do you think the occupants of the white house even knew they were living at the end of the rainbow? Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #24

  14. Hi Jan - goodness - wool, wool and more wool! Wonderful looking shop. The Jan cave is certainly coming on - soon have everything back where you want and need it! Of course - if you rationalise and get rid of some stuff, you'll need it next week...
    Take care, girl. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  15. You must have been in wool heaven at that shop! All the colors were making me wish I was a knitter. Have fun going through your own stash as you put things in your Jan Cave. Dorlene #32

  16. You must be so happy to be getting the cave back, Jan, I'd be lost without mine. Love all the knitting, I so wish I could get to grips with it. F has just started and has picked it up much quicker than I ever did. Good job she has a knitting Grandma to help her. Thanks for visiting earlier. The nail varnish is a purple and a grey, might wear them together, you never know!!
    Have a good week
    Hugs Lisax #12

  17. What a great stash! It always looks like too much until it gets put away and organized... yep, that's my story. Great beanies. And what an amazing shop! But I'm not going to start a new hobby, LOL! Have a great week!
    Carol N #23

  18. Wow, that was an excellent rainbow, maybe a leprechaun lives in the house. That wool shop looked like a little slice of heaven xx

  19. Oooooohh what a colourful post, including a real rainbow. I would NOT be able to reisist those buttons :o) Enjoy putting all your goodies in their shiny new home, that's always the best bit. Annie C #20

  20. Glad to hear that the Jan cave is taking shape. What a fabulous wool shop and I love those woolly trees x

  21. Wow! Such a stash of wool! And what great find - a new wool shop! Very pretty place - I love how they store their buttons! The rainbow is awesome, you will probably get luck by just looking at it and appreciating it! Looking forward to seeing the completed Jan cave! Thanks for sharing, have a great week! Lindart #25

  22. What a gorgeous wool shop, love all the colours and you topped it off with a rainbow, super post. Cold so much better this week, foot still sore and hot flashes are getting interesting. Happy WOYWW BJ#7

  23. That wool shop is just heaven. My only local wool shop is very tiny and you can't actually see much. You normally have to ask and then Shirley will move things about so that she can show you the stock that might meet your requirements.
    Those trees do look rather like Cousin It LOL.
    Have a super week Jan.
    Toni xx

  24. Irresistible wool and button display. I would have had to buy something too, just to own some of the colour! I think they put the rainbow there because they want their huge garden turned over for winter!!

  25. Hi,
    Sorry I missed you when you visited my shop, but you did meet my lovely assistant Chrissie. Thank you for all the lovely photo's and comments, it is good to hear as this is my first venture into retail (I am an accountant by trade) but I am passionate about yarn and knitting. Glad you like the trees, I knitted 9, 3 in each size for the window displays which are now complete, we have to do them early for the 3 day festival which was this weekend. Now back to knitting orders, including 3 fairies who are going to Australia. Let me know when you are coming over to Llandeilo again and I will make sure I am in the shop to meet you. xx

  26. Loving the fact that you have finished the 'jan cave' apart from the sorting now (I tend to think that's the fun part)-though I did scroll down quickly and thought you posted "before" and "after" photos and the wool shop was your new room!!!!

  27. We have a material shop in town like that wool shop - spent a good half hour looking for a piece in the right colours - will have to go back soon to have another look round ......
    Enjoy restocking your craft room
    Christine #33