Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Getting the Right Shot....

Behind the Camera......

I like to keep a visual record of what I make, because it is so easy to forget otherwise!!  'Oh Yeah..' I say, when revisiting my photos, 'I'd forgotten I made THAT!'

I like to take a decent piccy and try to capture the fabrics, details etc.  But goodness, does that open a can of worms.... For example, here are the things that were being made on my WOYWW last week. Do you....

                              Shoot it in natural light?        Or indoors with a flash?


                             Handle down?                     Or up?  Is the black background better?

And don't get me started on bunting!!  I was trying all sorts of layouts, all unsatisfactory.....


Until my OH, who has moments of genius sometimes, said 'Try the points facing inwards...'

Et Voila........
 Not high art, I know - but ooh, it makes a difference to me!!

The one thing that starting this blog has made me realise is just how blooming picky I am about things.....I don't know if I like that about myself!!  But, to quote the wonderful Terry Pratchett, 'the leopard is never too old to change his shorts'  !!

Maybe there's hope for me yet then.....    :D xx


  1. Clever hubby ...points in is perfect. for bags thats all another problem .... maybe there isn't a right ...maybe a selection of 'poses' to keep things interesting ...and I liked all the backgrounds including the garden ... but maybe black least....the problem is your bags are all amazing and eye catching so stand out anyway.xx

  2. Oh very clever! I must admit (from a customer's point of view) I quite like to see bunting hanging up, but just for your own personal record that looks great:)
    Another thing to check (if you haven't already, in which case tell me to shut!)is the White Balance setting on your camera. It can make a world of difference to the colours.

  3. Dont change, i cant cope with change! Picky isn't a word I'd use foryou, this blogging- so revealing! I love the garden shots, when you shoot to sell, perhaps a small fabric close up with the price. Nice bags missus ooerr.

  4. Love 'em all! The garden one sings of Summer - weather here right now is anything but! Keep showing please :) Add as for what a White Balance setting is - I'd have to get the manual out, if my camera even has such refinements. Di xx

  5. Hehehe We do sound similar and I think this leopard changes it's shorts on a daily basis :-)
    A x

  6. Getting a good photo of bags is really hard, I know I have tried all sorts of ways. i tend to be less picky now about photos than I used to be...maybe thats just laziness tho lol

  7. I have the same problem, mainly cos I never remember to photograph my items in daylight! If you're looking for votes, I prefer the garden one, setting the product off against a pretty background is always good, its like the 'serving suggestion' they put on food packaging! Have u got a garden gate or shed door with a handle u could hang it from? Its amazing how cropping a photo of manky old shed makes it look distressed and romantic, lol

  8. Thank you for all your comments - all of them constructive!! It has made me realise that there is a better background for selling than just for record keeping. @jodpea, love the manky shed comments, but it's so true!! Shall have to scour Wiltshire for suitable candidate :D xx

  9. Oh my goodness! What a difference! When you photographed that flowery bag indoors with a flash, it made it look like it had doggies all over it! Thanks for sharing - I don't want to be doing THAT with my layouts! ;)
    Helen S (hehe)