Before I start today, I'm so pleased to report that Alan is back home, phew what a relief, and so is Helen after her episode of nutting the floor and doing herself injury. Rest up and get better the pair of you!

I do love this glorious weather we've been experiencing over the past few weeks but have found it hard to want to do much crafting - the only action the JanCave has seen recently is this:

Yep, Ron decided this was the perfect spot for a little light catnapping!

I have indulged in some retail therapy however:
I was idly browsing through ebay and discovered a site selling oriental fabrics by the FQ and half metre. Well, it would be rude not to eh? 

When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they're a linen finish rather than the usual satin type. I like them very much but at the moment haven't a clue what they'll be used for!!

After commenting on someone's blog that I loved painting but never did it anymore, I was inspired by a YouTube video just to have a mess around, so that's what I did one afternoon in the shade in the garden:
And very pleasant it was too - the results weren't that great but I enjoyed myself pootling around for an hour!

The deck has been well used in this fine weather as I can't sit in the sun at all but love being outside - especially in the evenings:
Well, it's gotta be done eh?!

I'll see if any inspiration strikes this week but don't hold your breath.....Gordon however has been playing in the garage 😃😃😃

Cool huh? It involved fairy lights tied onto a cane, a crystal ball sphere, an old sheet of glass and a long time exposure. Bonkers but I love it! That's the next entry into the club competition.

Incidentally, I've compiled today's blog on the new Blogger format, it's ok but there's a couple of things that seem to take way longer ie the uploading of pics. What does anyone else think? Any tips gratefully received!

Hope you have a great week xxxx


Sarah Brennan said...

Cool fabrics Jan. There's nothing like a bit of retail therapy as you will see from my desk too lol. G's photo is amazing! Enjoy the painting. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

Helen said...

I am still on old blogger but did have a quick look at the new one - didn't try writing the post on it though - will soon be forced on me however, i see!
love the new fabrics. I envy you your gin in the garden sunshine! although I am not in the mood for gin at present (I know, huh!!) Have a good week. Helen #?

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jan. WOW! That fabric is amazing - well spotted! G has certainly been trying his hand at new photographic techniques this week! Incredible photo. I've always wanted to try out some oddities... but never had the courage. Glad you have spent time simply playing this week - well done you.
Take care all of you. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #1

craftyani said...

I am so jealous - those fabrics are fantastic. Never used ebay. That picture is great and must surely win 1st prize, should run a comp. on how it was shot. Think we are all making good use of our gardens. Have a good week. Ani #2

Mrs.D said...

Ooh, those fabrics, real look at and stroke stuff, I do miss being able to go to a shop and accidentally buy beautiful bits like that.
Hope you can enjoy sitting in the garden some more, it's chucking it down here.
I do like the stuff Gordon's been doing, such fun
Thanks for sharing
Chris #10

Neet said...

What a fab picture, G is so talented!
Those fabrics stirred up memories, I am sure I have some of those somewhere. I am a sucker for all things Asian and had a phase of buying fabric at one time - me a dedicated non-stitcher! Must have a look to see if I am telling porkies and it is washi paper I have and not fabric.
Don't knock yourself re the painting, I would use those in my journal or on one of my fairy pictures in a flash. Check out some of the PaperArtsy stamps and you will see yours are very much like what they sell at £22 a sheet of stamps. Could be a whole new world awaiting you designing.
Hugs as alwsays
Neet 9 xx

Sue said...

Happy WOYWW Jan.

Loving the fabrics. Will be interested to see what you make with them.

Because of the way my flat is and the trees outside, I don't get sun puddles for my girls to lay in.

Gone cooler and supposed to have more rain for the next 10 days here.

You take care.


Lynn Holland said...

Morning Jan
I’m just happy looking at the colours of those lovely fabrics. Leave me here for the day. Just let me know when you’re locking up heehee.
Lynn xx 17

Julia Dunnit said...

I used the blog app, but intend to try the new blogger interface when posting time is so important! Hate that I have to learn a bunch of new icons...why cant we just have words? Feeling my age? YEP! Love those fabrics, rich and colourful. Back in the day, I use to stock origami papers just like those prints for card makers. They’re gorgeous and sumptuous. We had rain overnight so today has started as an overcast and slightly cooler one. Already I don’t like it!!

Shoshi said...

As always, a wonderful post, Jan, and full of visual delights! Ooooooh that fabric..... I WANT some! It is mouth-wateringly gorgeous, that’s for sure! Your watercolour doodles are fabulous. Have you come across CeeCee on YouTube? I get a lot of inspiration from this wonderful Canadian watercolour artist. Isn’t it lovely, being able to do one’s creative stuff in the garden? I can’t get enough of it at the moment and for about the first time in my life, my arms are getting quite brown! Kitties are so funny - guaranteed to find either the one smallest patch of sunlight in a room, or a box! Ours have loved being in the garden every day.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #14

Crafting Queen said...

Love your Ron, what a cute ginger boy. Great watercolour paintings, enjoy. Stay safe. Anesha

Annie said...

Yes raining here too today and it's such a welcome relief...I can hear the plants sucking it up :-) Love Gordon's photo...clever man. Really love the fabrics...I'm sure you will need stroking time for those.
I'm sad too about the crop but as you say...we will enjoy it all the more when it comes.
Annie x #6

Mariane said...

Oh my goodness, Jane - Those clothes wow. I love the oriental themes but have no idea of what to do with them - I could make a frame and put them there as a picture.
To sit in a garden and paint with watercolour is one of my biggest dreams :) It looks so cosy and warm.
I think it looks great your blog of the new theme 💖🌻🌾
I often try new themes myself until I am really satisfied with it!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Mariane #8

Lillianb said...

Some great fabrics there and if I stitched know I would head over there, lol
When I looked at your work outside the two cones looked like upside down ice creams.. Happy WOYWDW

Stay safe and well,

Lilian #11

sandra de said...

Looks like you have had a wonderful time in your garden playing with watercolour. I think exploring and playing is the key to some wonderful watery discoveries. The fabrics are glorious and I imagine when you do find a use for them the end result will be quite spectacular. Stay safe as you create and like Kitty enjoy the sunshine.
Sandra de @11

Twiglet said...

Gorgeous fabrics Jan - can't wait to see what you do with them but Like Annie says - much stroking to be done before you cut into them! G's photo is a stunner - definitely a comp. winner! I did a little watercolour painting last week - a picture of Ben's monkey and wrote a poem to go with it for him. Must take a photo when I can get it back from him. Have a good week - nice cooling rain today. xx Jo

Ali Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. Much colder here (and we had a bit of rain overnight), even our underfloor heating has turned itself back on! Loving your painting. You could make gorgeous card toppers or embellies for scrapbooking. G continues to be very clever with his camera. Ali x #23

Camilla Fisher said...

Gorgeous fabric! And Gordon's photo is amazing!

Christine said...

I'm with you on the new blogger front, I have found one or two other irritating differences as well but the Help and/or Comment button must be well used as no-one has come back to me yet. We are not alone as there have several remarks about it on some of the Blogs I follow.
Just LOVE that photo the G has taken, he's very clever.
God Bless you and yours
Christine #26

Lanniesmum said...

Fabric envy and it will be lovely to see your makes. I love G’s photo-it would look super in a frame. It’s fractionally cooler today so I am going to climb the ironing mountain just shortly. Sorry I won't be seeing your happy face on Saturday or tasting your Bara Brith or Rhys’ Best ever brownies. 💕

My name is Cindy said...

Love those oriental fabrics! Like you I haven't been doing much but sitting on the deck reading. There might have been the odd gin involved as well. Thank you for the photos, sorry I didn't get round to saying thanks earlier but, well I've just been lazy this week!! I tried out the new blogger last week, but when I went to do my post today I couldn't find the new post button so I had to come out to do that. When I went in again to look at comments it was down on the bottom right hand corner.... I only hope I remember that for next week. I did have a little prob with the photos this week, one didn't load properly twice but no biggy. I hate changes as I have very old version of windows and things get screwed up because its no longer compatible. On the whole though this new one is displaying on my screen better than the old one so its getting a thumbs up for now!! There will probably be a monumental screw up at some point though! Happy WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, Cindy #25

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, love those fabrics, and I realised I have a whole load of origami papers with the same patterns on. Must get those out for a play now I've thought about them, then again, by the time I've finished this coment, it will probably have vanished from my mind, lol. Love a nice g&t outdoors. Or indoors, for that matter, rofl. Good job with messing about with paint, not something I can get into, and thats probably just as well.Also, not tried the new Blogger yet, suppose I'll have to bite the bullet before they swap regardless. Great pic by G,love it too. Love & hugs to you all, Stay safe,Shaz #12 XxXxXx

BJ said...

Yep I concur, it is too darn hot!!
Well it WAS!. Today is perfect for me so have actually been out in the garden.
Love the fabrics, can't wait to see what you do with them. I ended up returning the fabrics I was brought to make scrubs bags and a set of scrubs. A combination of the upholstery hammering and hot weather made my right hand tingly/numb so I couldn't do anything for long. Last week I hurt my middle finger of my right hand as well so that has been horrid too.
Love the painting, I really ought to just have a go too rather than just piling into my Bible! Thanks for your visit earlier much appreciated. BJ#19

Crafting With Jack said...

That fabric is gorgeous, I am glad I am not the only one who buys nice things and thinks about what for later. I am sure you will think of something good.
Happy WOYWW Angela # 30

Caro said...

G's photo is fantastic! I do love all your lovely fabrics, especially those luscious blues. Take care my friend. I hope you have a good week. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#7)

StampinCarol said...

Gorgeous fabrics!!!Love the wide range of colors!
Ron looks so comfy enjoying the sun.
Fun watercoloring.
And what a wild photo!! Love it!
Thanks for popping by and hope you get a break from the heat!
Carol N #27

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Loving the fabrics they're so colourful. Ron looks comfy and that photograph of the lights is amazing. Pleased to see you're keeping busy, great results. Wishing you a happy woyww and a great crafty wee, Angela x15x

belinda said...

Hi Jan! I think Ron has the right idea. I do that all winter when we can't get outside, I find the sunny spot in the house and claim it!! I am loving your retail therapy. Those fabrics are beautiful. I can't wait to see what you make with them. Now I am quite impressed with your watercolor session. It makes me want to pull mine out. Maybe after I finish my coloring page. That art piece is so trippy but I love it. Sounds complicated to make. Thanks for sharing and stay cool. Thanks for the visit and your kind words. It means a lot.
Belinda #33

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Jan!

I love your new fabrics too! Gorgeous! I'm a fabric collector but haven't gotten back to sewing for a bit. I don't do it frequently enough that when I have to stop to fill the bobbin, I have to get out the manual or go on YouTube! (I can hear you laughing now!) Anyway, that "research" usually puts me out of the mood. I used to sew a lot, when my daughter was little. Made many dresses and sunsuits, even her prom dress! Beautiful I might say. But now, I have different machines and haven't spent as much time on them.
Wasn't it fun to play with the watercolors? I putz too. I save the ones I don't like and try to figure out something to do with them. Recycle some way or another.

Love your kitty! We have two but they do not get admission to my craft room. They do not mind their manners there!

Stay safe and well!
Happy Wednesday!

Kathryn #34

Shoshi said...

Thank you for visiting, Jan, and I'm glad you like both my jumpers. I agree that the black one is worth rescuing. I do hope you try the stretchy casting on/off. Both techniques are brilliant and a great addition to one's knitting armoury! The casting on is a bit more complicated than the casting off, but well worth mastering. Both edges are firm and stable, but lovely and soft and stretchy at the same time. I am like you in that my regular casting off is always too tight, and you end up with a feeling of a tough cord running through it. Let me know how you get on if you do try it.

I meant to ask you in my previous comment - can you share the link to the site where you got that fabulous oriental fabric? I'd be very interested to visit and explore!

Shoshi x #14

Stacy Sheldon said...

HI Jan, ooh I giggled over the justification. yep rude she nods... ;) love the fabric's. and I cannot get it to give me a make a new post on the new blogger so, I went back to the old version. ~Stacy #31

Lisa-Jane said...

What stunning fabric?! I can see why you had a bit of retail therapy there. Loving the watercolouring too - pootling is very good for the soul. Goodness I can't wait to be able to enter Wales again and pootle along the beach. Very cool pic from Gordon too. I know about Helen, but please tell me about Alan?! Have a great week lovely lady xx

Marit said...

Oh wow, those fabrics are gorgeous! I should purchase me some but am afraid to buy overseas, with all the restrictions and all I find it to musch risk so I'll wait a little longer 'till postal services are back to 'normal'... The painting looks great, did you see a video by Laura Horn? It looks a bit like that... thanks for visiting my blog and you are most welcome to come over and play in my atelier when the Corona virus has gone. You can sleep in the 'hippie guestbed' in the atelier, so you have all materials nearby in case you can't sleep *lol* Happy - belated - woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #20

Lindart said...

Hi Jan! Gorgeous fabrics! What a great find! I'm sure you'll think of something wonderful to do with them! I laughed when I learned your cat's name is the same as my hubby's...! Beautiful sunny yard, very inspiring, and I love your play with watercolours! Gordon's photo is awesome, he's getting so good! Thanks for your visit, have a great week, stay safe, Lindart #32

Lindart said...

PS- regarding the loading of pictures in blogger - that's when I go get my second cup of coffee! If you upload them one or two at a time, use them, then upload a couple more, it is faster. Lindart

Eva said...

oh wow - those fabrics! Those colors! I'm curious, what you will sew...fine, sitting in your pretty garden. And the watercolor leafes - cool idea-1
Eva from Austria

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Lunch lady Jan! Happy Sunday for your time or late-ish evening for moi!
Im supposed to be off here but just write looong post on Julia Sun post and read your before so though comment before I forget again .. I’ve given photo tis on my comment over there if helps.
Re loading. I have no issues on mobile.
Its prob because they are too big file size.
Ideal is under 500kb, most of mine are 250 to 150. I used to have very slow broadband. And even now there are so,e blogs I struggle with.
So get resized and add that way. It doesn’t depreciate the quality of the image. Mine are still clear WHEN clicked on.
However if you like big images I can’t help you there.

Love love love the material. I’ve washi paper like couple of them .. your puss has the right idea... excellent indeedy re paints in garden! And what clever image by G. Well done, that’s a cracker.

Yes a really lovely desky share sorry I’m late... again... 😁
Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too, especially in these uncertain days. He is a sure Rock to those who trust in Him! Praying you’re all kept well too!
Shaz in Oz.x 😊 #23

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Kelly said...

Good morning, Jan.
Tad late getting 'round. Spending more time on YouTube with my sister than anything. LOL My word but that new piece of G's is amazing! Such a talented pair you two are. As to your question regarding sorting the rest of my stuff, the majority of my crafting supplies are stored in my ScrapRack. I have a triple-base unit (and could use more but for lack of room). I just keep Tim's stuff separate from the rest. He's special LOL See ya tomorrow. Hugs! Kelly #29


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