Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 9 July 2014



...are in order today as we came back from our holidays last weekend and my son and his girlfriend announced their engagement!  *Happy Dance*  So excited for them both at the start of this next chapter in their lives. Congrats Owen and Jen, we love you loads  :-)

Because of all the excitement, my desk looks like this:
Boring, huh?

I bought half a metre of this fun owl fabric on holiday - dunno what I'm going to do with it yet.  Plus I got 2 metres of fat ric rac, which I use on the personalised bunting!

While we were away I did a heap of crochet. Little teeny tiny blankets (for premature babies) that Christine (Cardius Bloggus) is gathering to give to a local hospital.
Some stashbusting blues and greens.....
I don't know if you can see but the pink has got a silvery thread running through it. It's pretty!!
The blankets are sooooo small (approx 30cm square) but I guess so are the prem babies.  The blankets were sent in yesterday's post, Christine :-)

Now onto another crochet project that I found on the UK Handknitting Association's website. It's crocheting or knitting blankets to cheer up elderly people in old folks' homes. Check out this website if you fancy having a go too:  It'll be good for busting your yarn stash!

That's the end of the some holiday snaps, so feel free to jump ship at this point!

Now then...where do you think this photo was taken? Crete? Cypress? Malta even.....

Nope - Dorset!!  

It's the Tout Quarry Sculpture Park on Portland near Weymouth. It was sooo hot, we all caught the sun. But it was amazing!

There are loads of sculptures just lying around the place! 

 Some small, some medium sized, like this ol' bear here....
...and some were very large indeed. This one's for Shaz and Doug, lol!!

The weather continued like this ALL WEEK! Yay :-)  These beach huts were at Charmouth....

We went out on a fishing trip from West Bay.  Look at that Geology-in-Action shot!  The sea was really choppy but we're good sailors so it was fun!

And finally, the loves of my boys.....
The co-ordinating shirts were a fluke!  This pic means everything to me :-)

Hopefully there'll be a little more crafting to share in next week's post!!  Bear with me............


  1. Love the holiday photos, and your boys look great there! Congrats again to Owen and Jen. Have a great WOYWW Helen 4

  2. Congratulations to them both. Lovely, happy news. Those blankets with the variegated wool are so pretty. My friend lives on Portland and we went to that park, must be nigh on 20 years ago now. I seem to remember us getting a bit lost! There are some amazing sculptures.

  3. Congratulations to you son & girlfriend on getting engaged . The weather was lovely for you in Dorset . happy woyww Jill #27

  4. Good morning, I'm doing a quick whizz round all my favourite blogs before I start my mammoth task of clearning some of my sewing mountain today.
    A desk with material on is all I ask for Jan ;-) Really love that last photo...aren't we blessed to have such wonderful families? :-)
    Annie x # 30

  5. Hi Jan happy WOYWW. Love your post this week, the premmie blankets are so cute and the holiday pics fabulous. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#28

  6. Fantastic news, Jan. A wedding to plan for!!!! Congrats to the happy couple.
    Love your owl material, owls are everywhere at the mo aren't they.
    You could definitely have been abroad, those photos are stunning. I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday. Love that quarry and that last photo of your boys needs to be scrapped, not literally, lol. You need to do a scrapbook LO with it, it's perfect.
    Hugs Lisax #36

  7. Love the beautiful tour, would love a chance to go there. Congratulations on your son's engagement. Your happiness just come across the page!

  8. Welcome home Jan. Sounds like a great holiday. Love that area- my mum lives near and have visited Charnmouth many a time! Congrats to the happy couple. Owl fabric seems to be order of the day at the moment. Love the blankets. Anne x # 35

  9. I love anything like that (sculpture parks). Never been to Charnmouth.
    Congratulations and Best Wishes to the happy couple - how exciting, now there is a wedding to be planned, dresses to be made, ooh, it will all unfold over the months ahead. Enjoy!
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  10. I love your holiday pics - the beach huts are fab, and I love that eye! Glad you had a great time - it looks like you got the best of the summer in that week. Congratulations on your son's engagement, what lovely news to come home to. Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #40

  11. Your photos are like postcards, really stunning photography. The one of the boys is sooo special..and although I *believe* about the fluke in the dress will make a lot of people think that you're a scrapbooker!!

  12. Jan your photos are so beautiful and yes I did think of some far off place! I especially love the 3 boys - so cleverly arranged and coordinated -lol. Your crochet will be much appreciated I am sure - you never waste a moment do you. x Jo

  13. Beautiful scenes and a tidy desk. Perfect post-holiday post! Congrats the the engaged. Think of al the lovely wedding sewing you can do, and surely baby blankies will follow LOL!
    Nice to see you back but I bet you wish you were still away....

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  14. What a lovely collection of blankets you've made. I've done some too for a charity and am posting them this week, how spooky!! Love the holiday snaps too! So proud of your boys!! Happy WOYWW. ♥ Karen ♥ 46 x

  15. A huge congrats to the kids on their engagement. I'm in love with that owl fabric and what gorgeous little blankies you've made. Hard to believe the babies can be that small. Your holiday looks fabulous and how lucky the weather was so glorious. Love all those photos but your photo of the boys is the best :)
    Have a great week,
    Von #18

  16. Wonderful pics but the last one is priceless. Congrats to the young couple and I am looking forward to seeing what you can do to owl fabric and ric rac.

  17. Bootiful pics there Jan. Love that last photo of the boys. And the park looks great. Who needs to go away when the weather is good ey!

  18. Hullo Lunch Lady Jan... well big congrats all around. How absolutely wonderful indeed for you all. Love the owl material too ultra cute. Great hol pix to boot.Well done!! Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz x#13

  19. FAbulous photos. How excited huge congrats to Owen & Jen. Well you will proud of me -ish! I've ordered some sewing books and dusted off my machine. I'm going to learn to sew. I'm determined. I just want to be able to adjust my own clothes and maybe make some too. First I need to practise sewing in a straight line! Lol Lovely to see you here! Take care Zo xx 29

  20. What a lovely week you've had. We were in Dorset recently too and your photos brought back happy memories. Missed out on the sculpture at Portland though so I've pinned one of your pics to remind me when we're back in the area.
    Love the one of your boys!
    Have a fun week
    Gillian #49

  21. Love the photo of your boys, we love Dorset too and what lovely weather you had too.
    Beautiful tiny blankets, how cute, and the material with the owls is gorgeous.
    Jan S No58

  22. Hi Jan, missed you last week and thought you had to be on holiday. Love all the cute little blankets for the babies - so pretty. And your holiday snaps are fabulous - especially the one of your boys - definitely a shot to be treasured. Congratulations to the happy pair - I wish them a lifetime of happiness together. Hugs, Elizabeth x #56

  23. I love all your photos this week! That quarry park looks amazing. Such a cute photo of the "shirts." That could be a cool poster. Your little crochet blankets are so full of beauty, hope, and love--I mean, come on, what could be more special than a hand-crocheted blanket for such special babies. How dear. You can't put a price on it! And thanks for visiting me last week--you know I worry if I don't see you in the linky. I always have to know what my soul sister is up to! We are having a beautiful day here today--like perfect temperatures. I'm at the office, so the plan is to have a long lunch and go to Hobby Lobby. Then leave early this afternoon! I desperately need a pool or a beach! Hugs dearest. Sandy Leigh #57

  24. Great work with all the crochet Jan. Dorset looks beautiful - we'll have to add that the list of places we must visit sometime!
    Bernice #3

  25. Love your holiday pictures, we just returned form a week at the beach, so I know how precious that photo is to you.

    Darling preemie blankets, I know they were made form the heart.
    Now the owl fabric really caught my eye, I think it is adorable

    Have a great week
    Krisha #64

  26. Ooh lovely photos Jan I am glad you had a lovely holiday. You just can't beat this country if the weather is good can you?
    Hugs Lynda B 14

  27. Oh, Jan. What a fabulous post! Such lovely little blankets, gorgeous fabric, and wonderful photos of Dorset. Sounds like you had a great time away. Well done all of you. Great co-ordinating shirts!!! - and what hair - fabulous colour! Sorry - am a tad biased about red hair - got it myself, so have both daughters and all 5 grandies have it to some extent, from deep titian to touches in a very dark brown.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #15

  28. Hi Jan, loving this post. I agree, that photo at the end is just awesome. Would be spectacular printed onto a canvas. Had to call Doug to see your dragon head pic! You are so right about the size of prem babies- my youngest, Mikey, was 13 weeks prem. When he grabbed my thumb, his whole hand fitted onto my thumbnail. He weighed 2lbs 2oz, and was 11 inches long! The hospital had ladies who knitted dolls clothes for them. Now- hes slightly taller than me, and a very healthy 27 years old. That owl fabric is adorable- what is it with owls- we all seem to love them. Have a lovely week, Big Hugs, Shaz xXxX

  29. boring is as boring does, and I doubt you even know what the word means! LOL!!
    I'm sure your hands are always busy, desk or no desk.
    thanks or the snoop.
    Robyn 26

  30. Wonderful pictures from your hols...that last one is perfect! I love the owl fabric and the little crocheted blankets are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#77)

  31. ups and down eh! LLJ a very sad looking desk but he photo ofyour boys..... just fab even though they are facing away from you its magical..
    glad you had a good week hope your 'girly' sees some action later in the week....your sewing machine i mean lol
    i still dont know how Popeye ended up on my dezk he he and no to spinach

  32. Love the photos, especially the last one!!
    That owl fabric looks great! Oh! and I really must learn to crochet! I've met someone who does workshops so come September I may sign up for one!! Your little blankets are fabulous! Chrisx 47

  33. Oh my gosh! That dinosaur rock LOOKED at me! It moved its eye and LOOKED at me. *Whimper* Great scenic photos. Your desk is too clean though! You gotta do something about that!!!

  34. Love all the photos! No wonder your desk is clean! Now get to work!
    Glenda #50

  35. Congrats on going to be an in-law! How exciting! And love all the photos! Great shot of your guys! That one needs to be scrapbooked! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #71

  36. That last photo did make me smile Jan.. As for Dorset!! Wow... it looks beautiful, I do so love those beachhuts too. I would love a beachhut... they look so romantic. and as for romance, an engagement! You must be so excited, congratulations to the happy couple.

  37. I don't know how you manage to get so much done and have a holiday and be productive. Love that owl material. Oh and that last photo just perfect. Have a wonderful week.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 51
    Happy WOYWW

  38. That is one very tidy desk. I love your photos of the boys, it remeinds me of some photos that Frank Sutcliffe took of men sitting on harbour walls, though they were dressed a bit different and the photos were in Sepia.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #41

  39. Missed drooling over your fabric, oh my Owls too. Cant wait to see what you make! Karen #39

  40. Howdy,

    Looks very tidy to me!

    Congrats to them! We just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary - see my blog for pix of what we did to celebrate.

    Would love for you to stop by mine when you have a moment or 2.

    WOYWW #87

  41. Adorable teeny blankets. Wow what a fab vacation! Love the 'gator' ! And close to the right size too. :) :) Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #76 a bit late

  42. Hello LLJ,

    So glad I stopped by. I love your holiday photos (I think I'm going to start calling my vacations holidays because it just sounds SOOO much better). I love the photo of your guys and can see why it's one of your favorites! The three different blue patterned shirts look great together.

    Now, that owl fabric is adorable! The baby blankets are amazing and yes, I can see a hint of silver in the pink blanket. What a great cause. I must find something like that here in the states. I've knitted scarves and donated to homeless shelters but haven't done anything for little babies.

    I'm not participating this week as I don't have much to share. I've managed to unpack several more boxes of books but that's it. The new desk in my bedroom still hasn't had any action.


  43. Congratulations to your son and his lady :)

    I absolutely love the look of that sculpture park! And the photo of your boys is such a good capture :)

    Thanks for stopping by to see me today. I love your WOYWW banner!

    Carmen x #81

  44. What wonderful news for your family, congratulations to all. I love anything Owly and that material is so pretty and colourful. What a wonderful thing it is you are doing with the baby blankets I love the pink one with the picot edge. The photo's of your hols are stunning and really make me want to visit such a lovely place. Love the pic of "your boys" it made me think of the first line in the song If, .......... If a picture paints a thousand words, by Bread. Lovely song, lovely picture. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog Jan much appreciated.
    Hugs Lottie x

  45. Happy WOYWW, Jan! What a wonderful post! Congratulations!
    Owls are so cute aren't they? And I loved those sculptures and the precious picture with the coordinating shirts!
    peggy aplSEEDS@12

  46. What a lovely post, Jan, and many congratulations on your son's engagement! I loved all your photos, esp. the beach huts and that final one with the blue shirts - what a great photo is that! The sculptures are just great too. What a lovely time you've been having!

    This week has not been great for us as Mum had a TIA and had to spend a night in hospital. It was all extremely stressful as her behaviour hit rock bottom with her complaining and being so rude to everybody... I am just glad it's all over and she's home again. They are now keeping an eye on her and the community OT is about to arrive to assess her at home.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #31

  47. WOW awesome pictures...awesome post. Love your bare looking desk and project pictures today. Almost bought some similar owl fabric to make my daughter a blanket and pillows for the crafty room but didn't think I would have time to get it done before Christmas...{{{grin}}} Great picture of the guys and your trip. I wish I could visit. Maybe we could work out a deal for next year to swap visits...Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such a sweet comment. You are welcome to swim my pool anytime. Vickie #82

  48. Thanks for your return visit, Jan. Actually Mum's always been like this - and I think that feeling vulnerable and out of control of her life, as she was when being whipped off to hospital - make it much worse. I wish you well on your diet too - I'm feeling so encouraged! As for my purple pencil box, it originally had Cadbury's choccie in it, which can't be a bad thing! I love purple too. It has to have a rubber band round it because I've got too much in it to keep it closed!!


  49. That is a priceless picture ). I love that dinosauresque statue, but I've been on a bit of a monster kick lately... so that's my bias showing lol. The beach huts remind me of my tweenage years... 1968 - 1971 traveling in Europe. Lovely Owl fabric, looking forward to seeing what you make with it! #65