(The Commodores)

 Me? A Lady? pahahahahahahaha...the only reason I chose that lyric was for the '3', because it is my third bloggy birthday. Hooray!
I am still incredibly grateful to Julia for dragging me, kicking and screaming, into the WOYWW madness. The global friendships and support continue to be amazing. :-)

OK -  shmaltzy bit over!  I have a giveaway to celebrate this momentous occasion.
One of my zipped totes, with pockets inside and out.  If you'd like to enter, just include the words 'Tootie Fruitie' in your comment......for no other reason than it makes me laugh!!!

Right, the desk......
I got my jelly rolls out (and my fabric strips as well.....fnar fnar) for a bit of sewing inspiration. And while I was thinking about what to do, my son asked me to make something for him.  So what exactly is that grey fabric thing on my desk?  Soft numchuks?

No, a both-sides-of-the-doorstop! 

With every window open upstairs because of the heat, his door was creaking away. 

So, this is the result.... a bit like a draught excluder with an unstuffed middle. LOL!  Looks daft but it works a treat :-)

The outside desk has seen a fair bit of action too, especially in the evenings when the heat of the day has gone down.  I have started making random granny squares, using up all my little woolly odds and ends. This is for the SIBOL blanket initiative I found online and mentioned in last week's post if you're interested.  I think I'm going to make what I fancy as I go along and put the colours together properly at the end.  The throw over the chair back is the first crochet I did and it still gets used a lot.  The only thing that's missing is a cold cider........

And finally, we're still very excited in the Appleton household about Owen and Jen's engagement! As neither of them are mainstream, I knew I needed an alternative, Goth type card to give them and there was one person who sprang to mind to ask for help.....Shaz Silverwolf!!  I asked if she could use blacks and reds with some silver.....No Problem came the answer.....and this was the result....

Isn't it just GORGEOUS?! We all got a bit teary when they opened it. They just couldn't get over it, Shaz..it was just perfect for them (as was the card from you and Doug too!)  
Thank You xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have to go now....getting emotional again.....where's my tissue?!

Have a great week, everyone!

Have a great week!!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

well great post as usual Lunch lady Jan!! an wow your bloggy birthday well done on three years seems like yesterday, doesn't it?? I remember you babysat WOYWW for Julia away on hols then started your own blog the next week..!!
Wonderful card by Shaz.. great work on rest of items and yes do the same thing with our front door - as use it as a draught extruder for most of year, but in hot weather fold it in half and wrap around door just like so!!
.. Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x no number yet! :D love your bags but long way to post it to down under...

Judys Lace Creations said...

Yes..I'm over here is Oz too!! Some person is going to be very glad to win this Jan. Great post as usual.

jill said...

'Tootie Fruitie' can you sill buy those sweet. I'd love to be in with a chance of winning your tot bag . 'Tootie Fruitie' , 'Tootie Fruitie' , 'Tootie Fruitie' . Happy woyww Jill #29

Helen said...

Tootie Fruitie... Your grey tote came with me to Hampton Court on Saturday (loads of photos on my "other" blog if you have time and inclination) and had a lovely time in the too-hot sunshine!! The card for Owen and Jen is GORGEOUS (I have to shout!) Happy WOYWW - 3 years for you already? I remember when you stepped in to help and then had to start your own blog to carry on.. cannot believe it is 3 years!!! Helen 4. xxx

Anne said...

Hi Jan. Tootie Fruitie, tootie frutie , tootie fruitie - oh I would so love to own that bag :-). The card Shaz made is fabulous!!!! Happy WOYWW Anne x # 20

Jackie said...

Your give away bag is rather tootsie fruite with that design! Lovely bag Jan and so kind of your to give it away! She made a lovely card for the happy couple! Enjoy your evenings outside it will soon be winter!!!! Jackie 12

Belinda Basson said...

Tootie fruitie! Need I say more? I need it, want it, love it, may it go to someone who will too!

Nikki said...

Lol now I have that song stuck in my head tootie fruitie, your bag is wonderful thanks for the chance to win it :)
The sweater purses have no felt inside I did double stitch the seems and also it has a nice strong liner in them, seeing I have lots of faux suede lying about that should get used up and one pocket inside for a phone or wallet.
Thanks for the visit and good luck in NY mini giveaway hugs Nikki 7

Lynn Holland said...

Well that's a real TOOTIE FRUITTIE of a bag and so is the card by Shaz, isn't she clever.
That was a great idea for the door by the way.
Have a good crafty week Jan
Lynn xx

Annie said...

Good morning. I'm just doing a quick run round my favourite blogs before starting my sewing...and boy have I got some to do today :-)
Loving your space today Jan...all it needs is that cold cider and a box of tissues eh? It's your age girl! :-) Stunning card cleverly made by a talented lady. :-)
Annie x #25

Mrs.D said...

So a very special Happy bloggy Birthday to you .
That card from Shaz is so beautiful, I'm sure everyone was teary when they saw it, and Congratulations to the happy couple from me.
Chris #32

fairy thoughts said...

Hee hee I started reading your post on the train but had to stop because other passengers were staring at me ' what's so funny'.
Anyway please send your tootsie fruitie bag en routie to me love the fabric. But the best thing on your desk is the door stop .... Very clever
Have a great week.

Crafting Queen said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Love the bag and the doorstop. Have a great day.

Carol Rigby said...

I would love to be in with a chance to win your beautiful 'Tootie Fruitie' tote bag. Happy WOYWW.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical - I literally JUST commented to H that I comment on giveaways that I don't need or won't use but say leave me out of the draw. AND NOW I AM DOING IT HERE! No need t put my name in the hat cause I already have my wonderful birdie bag and it would be rude to take the chance away from someone else, to have a LLJ original! So while I do love it, I don't NEED it. Increase the odds for someone who craves it, but know it's stunning.

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Diana Taylor said...

Happy third birthday! I am loving that card - it's just stunning - it must have really had the WOW factor when it was opened - something very special for them to keep as a memento of their engagement. Your door stop is a great idea - and I love the grey fabric. By the way I thought 'everybody' had a pile of National Geograhics somewhere in their house! Mine come from relatives and friends who generously pass them on thinking I'm going to do the same and not realising I'm a hoarder, and that's the last time they get shared! Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by.
Diana #35

Neet said...

Wow, love that card - the hearts are gorgeous especially. Wondering now how she did those.
Tootie Fruitie to you and I love how you chose those words - fabulous! Great bag, great crochet squares, gosh you have such busy hands.
I love the idea of the door snake, it's a sneaky snake that snakes around corners. Bet you can't say that six times very fast.
Anyway - CONGRATS on your 3rd Birthday. May it turn into many more blogaversaries.
Hugs, Neet xx 29

Shoshi said...

A lovely colour fest of a post again, Jan! That card from Shaz Silverwolf is just stunning... and I love the two-way doorstop, which is a really great idea. I have a fabric cat stuffed with sand or something heavy that a friend gave me for my birthday. It's sufficiently cartoon-like not to freak out our kitties! Your bag is gorgeous, but as I already have lots of bags I'm not going to mention the magic word, so as to leave the chance to win it open to others. A very happy Blog birthday, though!

Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. Lol about you being stuck down a country lane with your diet!! The sort of road you describe is what my hubby and I call a "G-road" - not "A" or "B" but "G" for grass lol! As for my diet, last week I think I just slipped into a layby for a short rest, but I'm back on the highway again now!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #30

sandra de said...

Congrats on your 3rd Birthday and what a generous gal..... your bag is gorgeous. We should be giving you a pressie not the other way round. Lovely card from Shaz she does the whole goth thing with such style.
Sandra de @53

Twiglet said...

Congrats on amusing us for 3 years Jan - just keep those jelly rolls well covered!! You even showed us your Tootie Frutie and a limp in the middle sausage - I just don't know how you fit it all into one blog post but thanks for the giggles! x Jo

Robyn Oliver said...

'Tootie Fruitie'Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie'''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie''Tootie Fruitie'
Hi Jan do you gather I'd love to win your tote but first Happy 3rd blogging birthday. Ingenious door creak stopper. And I have to chuckle when you talk about the heat, when we're cold over here. Great engagement card, congrats to Shaz. Your're a busy lady, so have fun and a great week Cheers RobynO#41

Anonymous said...

Hey Tootie Fruitie, believe me, we're ALL grateful Julia dragged you kicking and screaming into the WOYWW world three years ago! It's been more than fun and I'm looking forward to the next three years too! Congrats to Owen and Jen and big hugs to you, the wheel of life turns again. Beautiful card from Shaz. Glad to see you're finally having some nice weather for a change in the UK, your holiday snaps from last week were fab. Hope you all have a wonderful summer, is school out yet?

Brenda 58

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, Loving the doorstop- thats a great idea. Happy third birthday to you- that made me go and check mine, we started blogging around the same time, mine is in 70-odd days! So, so happy Owen & Jen liked the card( and you too, of course), felt very honoured to be asked.By the way, the burgundy & black ribbons are ones from our wedding- seemed perfect! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz xXx

Unknown said...

Happy Tootie Fruitie Blogaversary soul sister!!! Thank goodness Julia dragged you kicking and screaming into this thing. I can't imagine not knowing you now! And you are three times a lady! It's so funny, that was one of my favorite songs when I was in college, and I remember seeing someone actually sing it in a concert. Of course, the best concert I've ever been to was the Elton John concert a couple of years ago--I still wear my EJ shirt with pride. I've loved his music since I was fifteen! So do you feel like you're getting a new daughter? Weddings are so exciting. I hope you are doing well, and your outside worktable makes me want to have an outside worktable! I'm going to figure that out. Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #60

Unknown said...

It's me again! Well--actually, I am using distress ink for the stenciling--as the teacher is telling me--because she says the biggest mistake people make with stenciling is too much water. However, I too stenciled a couple of rooms in my house over ten years ago, and it turned out fine! I want some of your peas and potatoes! My tomatoes are really coming in now, and green peppers, cucumbers, squash, and lots of basil, parsley and dill! Hugs!

sandysewin said...

Wow, that IS a gorgeous card. Congrats to the newly engaged couple!

Love that Tootie Fruitie tote, it's so cheerful and happy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments. Good question about the reversible shorts. I may just do a rolled hem on the serger. However, if they seem to need the weight I'll do a facing.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #52

BJ said...

It's great when you make something for a specific purpose and it does the job nicely isn't it? Just couldn't resist the whole chorus for the giveaway entry, hope the alternative spelling counts.
Bop bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo
Tutti frutti, au- rutti
Tutti frutti, au-rutti
Tutti frutti, au-rutti yeah
Tutti frutti, au-rutti
Tutti frutti, au-rutti
A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo
Thanks for visiting me BJ#45

Winnie said...

Your song choice cracked me up, as it was the song I remember dancing with a fellow and got my first kiss! Gosh, how that song just made me reminince back many a decade! Love your bag, and would love to be entered "Tootie Fruite"..So fun you are. Shaz's card is amazing. Congrats to the happy couple. Thanks for the visit today! Winnie #46

glitterandglue said...

Oh Jan - what a lovely post today - and what fabulous comments all down the list!! Congratulations on 3 years! Must go look at mine, I think. Love that door stop/creak-easy!!! Great crochet - and I must confess that a LLJ original would be a beautiful thing to win. Have been racking my brains to try and put the words Tootie Fruitie into a fun sentence - but..... no success at all.
Take care dear lady.
God bless.
Margaret #13

Gillian Pearce said...

Happy third birthday. I love your 'Tootie Fruitie' bag. Such a professional finish. How lovely to have someone from the group make a card for you. I particularly like the hearts. What a fantastic effect. Enjoy working in your garden. I have to admit to being a tad jealous! :-)
Have a fun week
Gillian #50

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Happy blog anniversary, Jan! That is such a cute 'Tootie Fruitie' bag and someone is going to be delighted to get it!

Jane said...

Aw thank you for the lovely comment! I really couldn't believe it has been that long! I would love to be able to sew and make stuff....love the bag! Xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Happy blog anniversary, I love the 'Tootie Fruitie' bag and thank you so much for giving us the chance to win it.
The door stops are a great idea and I can just imagine you sat outside in the lovely weather we have been having, making your blanket.
The red and black card is stunning, how kind of Shaz to make it.
Thanks for visiting me and happy crafting, Angela x #42

My name is Cindy said...

How strange. Just finished reading 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' yet again (one of my top 10 books of all time) and in fact there are two characters in it called Miss Tootie and Miss Fruity. See I managed to use the words in a sensible sentence! Congratulations on your 3 years - doesn't the time fly? Whatever did I do with myself before blogging.... And your fancy door stopper is a bit more stylish than the sock that I stick in my doors to stop the rattling when the windows are open!! Thanks for the visit, Happy WOYWW Cindy x

Kim said...

Wop-bop-a-loo-mop alop-bom-bom. Tutti frutti, oh rutti. Cause it make me happy too!! I'd love your bag too; but don't count me; too far away!! How nice to have an outside desk; I'd be melting (either of heat or rain at this point) such a nasty humid summer it's been! And Congrats to your family....great card from Shaz.

Robyn said...

Fun post! loving the bags as ever, and mostly that ingenious door stopper!
The ballon card( of mine ) was in my gift from dreamweaver!
Thanks for the visit and stopping by my place!
robyn 9

Darnell said...

Oh, what happy, happy news, Jan!! Congratulations to everyone! And congratulations to you on your 3rd Blogaversary!! Your give-away tote is just like you, jolly!! Thank you for sharing your door stop and the outdoor "desk" with your brilliant needle work!! Happy WOYWW! Have a wonderful week and thank you for the visit to my Playhouse! Hugs, Darnell #18

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love Shaz' card, perfect for the nontraditional gothy couple. Love your fruitalicious Tootie Fruitie bag, so much fun. The door stopper is a really neat idea. I need one of those draft things in the winter. Tried rolling up a towel and putting it at the foot of the door but the cat came up and dug at it until it came unrolled and away from the door. So probably a draft thing would just be a cat toy.... I like that you can wander outside and play when the weather is good. Happy Blogaversary to you! Have a happy! Judy #72

Unknown said...

Can't beat a bit of Tootie Fruitie on a hot day! Happy anniversary. Thank you for your visit. Karen #26

Elizabeth said...

Tutti frutti, au-rutti
A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boom

Hi Jan, I've never had any idea what these lyrics meant but that doesn't stop me toe-tapping the minute I hear Little Richard start belting them out :)

Congratulations on reaching your third blogaversary and what a fabulous post. Shaz's card is fabulous, your solution to your son't problem amazing and your Tootie Fruitie bag a joy to behold ... and it would look terrific dangling from my arm too :) :)

Not officially joining in the desk hop this week - couldn't promise to comment as much as usual so it wouldn't be fair but still couldn't resist a bit of a nosy.

Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Happy bloggy birthday to you, Jan! Always love so have a look at what you have on your workspace. Your door both-sides-of-the-doorstop is just so clever! And how fun that I popped in on a day that you're hosting a giveaway! :o) = Tootie Fruitie

Nan G said...

Tutti fruiti Tutti fruiti Tutti fruiti
one for each blog-adversary year! What an absolutely gorgeous bag! Great idea ... a soft doorstopper...cool. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G (no # just visiting)

Debbie Rock said...

Ok first things first ... Tootie Fruitie! LOL ... it makes me giggle too! Glad the envelope arrived ... something daft for you and the amazing Ms. Dunnit for just being the two lovely ladies that you are and for both getting in touch with me one way or another and saying such lovely things - you both really touched my heart. Am SO with you with the ploughed fields .... or a mown one ... when we rambled over those bloomin' stiles on Monday we ended up in that wonderful meadow and the smell as the tractor mowed it's way along was tremendous. Had great fun kicking my way through the cuttings of grasses and clover and buttercups! Sorry, this isn't really craft related at all!!! Happy WOYWW'ing to you and ... just for the heck of it ... TOOTIE FRUTIE!!!!! Love Debbie #41 xXx

Unknown said...

Chilly here in Michigan too. The bugs have been too bad to create outside although I think of you sitting and crocheting at your table when I do manage to get out there. That card truly is gorgeous! Diane #78

Unknown said...

Definitely, Tutti Frutti!!! I see BJ and I think alike with the old song! Great projects but the card from Shaz is truly gorgeous! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #62

Sharon Madson said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday! Your tote is so pretty, and would love to see one when you do it with that turquoise fabric. You are a talented lady! Your crochet squares are going to make a colorful afgan. I do papercrafting, and need to get back to my other crafts of cross stitch, crochet, and quilting! I enjoy them all. Shaz's card is fabulous! Great birthday post!

Kelly said...

Wow Jan. You've been busy! I need to pick my crochet hook up again if I'm to get those hat/ scarf sets finished by Nov. Will be here before I know it! Love the purse but I'll pass and save you the US postage. Creative Blessings!
Kelly #75

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier - the blankets arrived safely, I blogged about them but that was as far as I managed to get. I gave them to the lady concerned at CRUNCH (Crafting at Lunchtime) and she was thrilled.
Do you remember Tutti Frutti's?? I do and I used to love them, don't think I could eat them now!!!
Love the card from Shaz, she's amazing isn't she?
Bishopsmate #51

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Three years! Seriously? I can hardly believe that's how long ago it was that you minded woyww for Julia, while she was otherwise engaged. That card is just stunning and many congratulations to your boy and his girl xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hello LLJ,

Oh, love the bag!! Congrats to you on your third year anniversary! So glad that Julia dragged you into WOYWW! Also, congrats to the future bride and groom. Shaz definitely didn't hold anything back with her great card! She's a master at putting together grunge and elegance!

Did you notice the cow photo on my desk? Well, after I snapped it I think the camera must have freaked him out. I think he thought it was something like a mating call. He went "TOOTIE FRUITIE" and started looking for another cow right away. I never thought of being caught in a photo would have such an effect. Next time I see a nice looking guy I'm going to snap his photo and see if I get that same reaction!!!

Thank you for visiting me already!
Hugs, Kay (22)

Bridget Larsen said...

Love that song, aww moment with the book at the end. I am going to try and crochet some washcloths, wish me luck
Bridget #58

Laura said...

You give us Lionel Richie, in return I give you Little Richard... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVWm9PQeYtE Tutti fruitti - truly bizarre lyrics and facial expressions!
Love that card :)
Belated Wednesday wishes
Laura The Tardy Desker

Gill said...

Congratulations to you and of course to the happy couple!!
I'm crocheting granny squares too - so relaxing !
Toootie Fruitie - such a catchy song !!

Hettie said...

Tootie Fruitie - Woot Woot!!
Great post Jan. Happy Anni! I can remember your joining the blogging world well, all kicking and screaming! Now look at you!
I just realised your machine is very similar to my previous one. As far as I know it is still being used by my friend. My current one is on it's way to Sewing Heaven. Gotta love Janome!

Kyla said...

ooh one of your lovely totes....THAT is what I would like to learn how to make (hint!) :-)

Kyla (with a days annual leave being owed to her from work!) :-)

lisa said...

So late getting to you this week, Jan. Blame the heat... love your door stoppy thingamajig, you could make a fortune with these. I don't know how many times doors have slammed in our house lately with all the doors and windows open.
Happy 3rd Blogaversary. I'm glad Julia persuaded you into blogland too.
It has to be a Tootie Fruitie from me!
Hugs Lisax


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