I haven't been in my indoor craft room much this week - it's been too darn hot!  Our large gazebo has shaded the patio nicely and I've been outdoors most of the time :-). We had a surprise visit from Shaz and Doug Silverwolf the morning after they'd been to the Stonehenge Solstice celebrations, so we all had bacon butties out here too!
So, my outdoors desk reveals a cuppa, crochet, basket of yarn and some mags.  The spade shows that I have done some gardening as well, everything's growing so quickly!

The baby blanket is finished - I thought the blue border would be more funky than white...

Happy colours :-)  I really enjoyed doing this project!

My oldest friend Helen (we've been best buds since we were 11!) has been knitting vintage tea cosies like there's no tomorrow and she presented me with this beauty when we last met up in Wales!  You've got way more patience than me, Helen. there was so much carrying over of wool on the reverse side. Shows you've got good tension!

I had some happy mail too - a beautiful card from Twiglet, showcasing her AMAZING freemachining skills. Honestly, it is so clever. I have got to get my act together and learn how to do it!  And the dressmaking book? Well, that may yet be a challenge too far but it was free as part of the Love Sewing Mag subscription I took out...and it may come in handy when I attempt to make myself a tunic! That's the theory anyway, snort!!  The beautiful ATC was sent by Kelly, it's so pretty, I love it. But the thing that made me smile was the amount of stamps on the envelope!!  I'm going to keep that just cos it tickled me :-)

Oh, hang on, I forgot....I DID do some sewing this week!  I made this bag for my elder son's girlfriend about three years ago and the handle had frayed so I replaced it with a sturdier version. But it was too hot in the sewing room, so it was back out into the garden again :-)

This is a bit of a Terry Pratchett in-joke but Ron was so spark out, we had to prod him to check he was ok!

And finally, I was driving over the beautiful Marlborough downs this morning and this vision of loveliness presented itself..........
It was a field of PINK!  I've no idea what the crop was, but the mahoosive field was filled with soft pink flowers. It was so pretty, much nicer than the acres of bright yellow oil seed rape we get now. But does anyone know what it is??  

Have a great fortnight, I won't be around next week.....off to recharge me batteries :-)


Mary Ann Tate said...

That was me today...outside. It was so muggy inside you could hardly breath. Then it RAINED! I quite enjoy a good thunderstorm:)

I can't think of a crop that has pink flowers. We see yellow canola, blue flax and pink clover. Sometimes there is this type of pink geranium that grows wild along the road sides in masses but I've never seen a field of them. It has little pink single flowers. It's not like the pot geraniums.

I'm just starting "Making Money".

Unknown said...

Hi Jan
You did make me chuckle with your photo of Ron! My cat has been the same in this hot weather. Not moving much at all until this very morning when she fell out of the open window in my craft room and ended up having to be rescued from the roof by Hubby (in his PJs!) at 5am this morning (yes I did say 5am!) after yowling so pitifully and waking up the whole street! Enjoy your break
Lynda B 11

RosA said...

Love that bag! Nice colour, nice shape, new handles, perfect! I'm carrying around a hand made bag and the handles are about to go too. Guess I will have to dig out the sewing machine!
I'm glad the pretty kitty ain't dead :)
RosA # 2

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Lunch lady Jan so glad you have some decent summery weather and that you are lapping it up..
I really love the blanket and tea cosy :D very nice and the vision splendid of the last shot is truly jaw dropping.. happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #14

Crafting Queen said...

Glad you are enjoying the great weather. Love the bag you made and all your crochet projects. Your Ron is adorable, gingers are just the best. :)

Belinda Basson said...

The pic of your dear cat makes me laugh out loud! As for the stamps...I noticed them too. Those pink flowers seem to go on forever. Never seen anything like it. BEAUTIFUL #13

Helen said...

FAbulous photos, Jan - especially the field of pink!! How beautiful to come across it and have the means to capture it! Love the photo of Ron, and as a Pratchett fan, very funny too. Love the blue border on the blanket, it's perfect. Helen 5

Anonymous said...

Love the blankie! Adorable and I agree with the funky blue border. Perfect final touch. But OMG I am IN LOVE with that tea cosy! It's fab. Must find me a pattern for it. First I have to find the other two Crochet mags I scored from the WOYWW crop :) I know they are here SOMEWHERE I just can't figure out where LOL!

PS Yes, quite good to have Julia safely home, isn't it?

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Unknown said...

Your yarn colors are so beautiful, and the baby blanket is just adorable. I just love that teapot cozy. #4

Neet said...

Love the blue border, the picture of Ron (how cute is that), the blanket (the border sits perfectly on this lovely fun blanket), the tea cosy, and the field of pink somethings. What better place to craft than outside in the sunshine.
Hugs, Neet 27 xx

Annie said...

I'm just doing a quick visit round my favourite Wednesday blogs before I plough into my huge work load for today.
Love the blanket and the field of pink is stunning. Could take very similar pics of our dogs...think the heat just gets the better of them...I often tap the kitchen window just to see them move :-)
Annie x # 33

lisa said...

If you've got some tea in that pot, mine's milk and a sugar please, I'll be round to sit in your lovely garden shortly!!!!!!
Love your gorgeous blanket, what fab colours and had to laugh at Ron, the cats have found this weather a bit much haven't they. Ours have spent the days indoors where it's cool and then gone out in the evening. Not like us spending every second of the day outside, it's been glorious hasn't it. Love that pink field, I wonder what it is.
Right....that tea is calling.
Hugs Lisax #38

Claire said...

Wonderful photos, Jan! Love your blanket - just gorgeous :)
Happy WOYWW x
no. 19

okienurse said...

awesome post and that is a funky blanket you have made. Love all the bright colors. I don't have the patience to knit something like the tea cosy cause you have to be so carefull carrying it over on the back side. I have seen fields with a flower that looks like that here in Oklahoma also. I asked my husband what he thought and it said it could be a type of primrose they use for teas. Weather has been miserable here also but we have central air to combat it. 36c is not fun! Have a great week. Will check back to see if anyone responds regarding the flowers. Vickie #40

glitterandglue said...

Hello Jan. That blanket is just lovely - and yes, the blue border finishes it off fine. I love playing with colours too, in order to get it looking just right! No idea what that pink field is - we occasionally get a field of flax up here - but that's blue - and yes, I agree - that ghastly yellow oil-seed rape is horrid. It smells awful too. I can't go past a field of it without gasping for breath!
Thanks for visiting - I loved your comment - disparate squares - a brilliant description!! But, folk have taken the time and effort to knit them for the children in Uganda - so I do my best with them. I've put together over 120 now - and others have put together well over 40 to my knowledge - and it's a bit like the Old Testament cruise of oil.... never running out of squares!!! Still have a cupboard full! I don't think the word "boredom" is in my dictionary - it has been missed out.
Have a great week.
Margaret #20

Andrea said...

great blanket love all the colours used ,and the cat note did make me chuckle thats one contented animal!..as for the flowers sorry cant help but agree they are pretty, hope you get to oontinu to enjoy the great outdoors as we never know whowlong the sunshine will last happy woyww and have a fab week ahead andrea #29

sandra de said...

That beautiful sea of pink looks like poppies to me..... ummmm might explain why Ron is so relaxed! Gorgeous blankey.
Sandra de @57

Mrs.D said...

Coo Jan, there is so much on your page worthy of comment, that lovely baby blanket and the field of pink, and the black bag, all so gorgeous. But Ron is star of the show as cats always are. What is it that makes us just go 'Aahh'when we see them, he is beautiful, give him a cuddle from me.
Chris #26
And enjoy your holiday where ever you are off to. Just relax and do nothing!

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh, what a lovely lot of interesting things on your post - I LOVE the cat and the sign - they can be lazy creatures can't they! I think the pale pink crop could be poppies - I remember driving through the Wallops a few years ago and several fields were full of white poppies, they were quite stunning as I had never seen a white field like that before. They do come in pale and delicate shades of pink so it's a possibility I would think.
I'm also loving the bag - very cool - and the beautiful blanket - although I can't cope with wool in this heat - knitting and crochet make my hands too hot in these temperatures!
Hope you have a great break and come back fully recharged and relaxed.

Bridget Larsen said...

When its hot here we hide inside-not outside LOL and its too hot t knit, so good on you, love that rug
Bridget #35

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about the weather Jan. I work in the attic which has no opening windows and has been like a furnace. I can hardly get my gel medium on the page before it's dried!
Really like your baby blanket with the blue trim. Lovely!
And, those pink flowers . . . they look gorgeous!
Have a lovely break
Gillian #66

Sarah said...

Ooh the blanket is gorgeous ... beautiful colours!! Had a little chuckle at your cat .... bless hime ... my cat makes an apperance in my WOYWW post too this week! xx

Stacy Sheldon said...

That bag is so gorgeous! and I laughed out loud at the not dead sign with your furbaby. That tea cozy is amazing! Lucky you! Thanks for the visit! ~Stacy#15

Unknown said...

Ron is so cute when he's in that deep of a sleep! My kitties do that too. I just love that photo of your outdoor crafting--that gorgeous bright yarn against that beautiful dark table--love it. Really makes me want to pop over, have a cuppa, and craft with you all day! I hope you saw my reply last week about the Mollie Makes--I actually told the cashier at Barnes & Noble that my very first issue of Mollie was from my beautiful British friend and she told me that they just now started a subscription to it because some crafters were asking about it. Made me so happy! So now I can get good ole Mollie and the Cross Stitcher--best mags ever. Hugs dearest! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

505whimsygirl said...

Hello LLJ,

You can come on over anytime to help me sort out the boxes. It seems I need a strong nudge to get started!

The baby blanket is adorable! I love the blue edging; definitely adds to it. Nice goodies that you received too. I save stamps and put them in an envelope because you never know when you might want to use them for a project! I have quite a collection and love it.

The purse is beautiful and so lucky that you still had some of the fabric to do the mending.

As for Ron and the sign -- I literally laughed out loud (and since I am actually at work) I really needed it!!!

Thank you for visiting me already.
Peace, Kay (17)

Robyn said...

love the blue boarder! and all the colors! so glad to be back to normal and not franticly trolling your blog for updates on Julia!
thanks for visiting and enjoy your vaca!
Robyn 10

Unknown said...

Love the baby blanket. Like the idea of bright, bod colors instead of the traditional pastels. The cat photo made me laugh! I had a great time stopping by today, thank you!

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, I can vouch for the baby blanket being as gorgeous in reality as it is in the picture. Ye gods, I haven't seen those sort of tea cosies for donkeys years! That takes me back! Don't know what the pink fields are, but what we did see driving back on saturday was fields with poppies growing in amongst the crops. Haven't seen that for many a year now, it was beautiful to see. Trust Ron to provide a good laugh, lol. Love and Hugs, Shaz xxx

MrsC.x said...

love the happy colours on the baby blanket makes such a change from pastels

Happy WOYWW Mrs C.x #42

Caro said...

The Granny Weatherwax notice made me laugh! Gorgeous bright colours in your crochet and I love the tea cosy! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#48)

Sharon Madson said...

So much here! Wow! First, I love your outside space. Second, blue is the perfect color for your boarder on your crochet. Love, love the Tea cozy! Lucky you, and lucky son's gf, who gets the new bag. So great that you are talented in so many areas. Thank you for sharing! :) #71

Anne said...

Loving the colours you've used for bay blanket. Agree re border. That field is gorgeous. Wish I'd had time to be outdoors. Hoping to at weekend - probably rain then :-( Have a great time recharging the batteries. Anne x #38

fairy thoughts said...

lots going on again this week I love your outside desk, I can almost feel the breeze.... that and the smell of 'bacon butt ties' (that still makes me laugh, childish I know LOL).
the tea cosy is very retro I'm sure my Gran used to have a brown one.
No ides what the flowers are but they look gorgeous, the area around your place is so beautiful especially at this time of year.
The cookery book is definitely past it 's sell by date and falling apart, it does make interesting reading though, the roasted sheep's heart and melt soup in particular. Not sure I even know what melts are ... must look it up
have a good week
janet..... still coughing and fed up with it :-(

dottielottie said...

Gorgeous crochet blanket and I do like the tea cozy your friend made. Know what you mean about it being too hot to be in the craft room, though here in Yorkshire it's so close and oppressive. What a handsome fellow Ron is in his deep slumber, and I love your pic of the pink flower field it must have looked stunning in real life. Lottie #80

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Jan, bet Ron wasn't impressed when you poked him, he's so gorgeously comfy.
Love the crochet and the bag.
Thanks for stopping by at mine, pleased you liked the stamped fabric stuff.
Happy crafting, Angela x

VonnyK said...

I love that blanket, so bright and happy. That's going to be one happy little baby. I had all bright colours for my kids, both clothes and rooms, hmm, that might explain a few things :) It's nice to see you're having hot weather and enjoying the summer, it's freezing here, westerly winds nipping up our trouser legs. Poor pussy cat being prodded while he is just trying to catch a few rays, love the sign. Have a fabulous holiday, not that I'm jealous or anything, in my two jumpers and tracksuit pants brrrrr.
Von #27

Jackie said...

Love the picture of the cat!!!!!!! Lol
I rather like the vintage tea cosy reminds me that my grandmother had one !
Looks like it's been nice weather where u are as you have been outside .... Eating bacon butties I might add!!!!! Your very insightful....will explain next week
Jackie 47

Nikki said...

Beautiful baby blanket looks so soft and that cozy is so sweet it fits your tea pot perfectly.
Yep I did mention the Big C word in June lol but then again I can mention it in January too lol
hugs Nikki 11

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for the visit...and WOW you have lovely photos. Lots of pretty colors everywhere. And this week my time was OUTDOORS. It is perfect weather here, I just hope it last until December .....Enjoy a fun filled weekend, you seem pretty busy

Amy E said...

I'm just dying to know what bacon butties are?!?! Definitely haven't heard of those! Your blanket is FABULOUS!!!! I just love the bright colors and the way it came out! And the tea cozie your friend made you is adorable!

Love the field of pink! what a stunning photo!!

Amy E. #72

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

There are loads more poppies around this year because a large group of people went around the country seed bombing with poppies to commemorate WW! and D-Day. xx Maggie

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I think you might be right, Diana, about the poppies. It is probably set aside land that has been seed bombed this year with poppy seeds in commemoration of D-Day. xx Maggie

Eliza said...

My dad always uses tea cosy's but they are really hard to find and this little old lady used to knit them for him all the time. Don't know what happened to her probably passed onto tea cozy heaven. Love that bag you had to repair, and what do you speed crochet, seriously that is a lot of work with beautiful colours. Have a great week, mine is full of broadcasting until mid next week.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

When I was driving round the area at the Bank Holiday, I was struck by the number of fields of buttercups. They looked beautiful but the farmers are cursing them as they are so abundant this year. I agree with one or two others that your flowers could be poppies (they do come in different colours) either planted deliberately to commemorate WW1 and D-Day, or just appearing on land that has been turned and exposed dormant seed to the sunshine. I have just got hold of some seed bombs to plant on the island in front of the houses. There are three "flower beds" which are supposed to be maintained by the council, but are severely neglected. A few wild flowers would definitely look better than the straggly miserable looking roses the council have planted. I love your baby blanket, especially with that bright border. Have a good week with your outdoor craft area, although with my new table and chairs arriving any minute now, it is almost certain to rain for months now. xx Maggie #60 PS The Ebosser is an electronic machine for cutting dies and embossing card and paper or metal.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

One quick question, Jan. Where is the best place to buy lavender for making bags and sachets and how much would you buy to start with? xx Maggie #60 PS my plants are too small to produce enough this year.

Twiglet said...

Thanks for the lovely mention - our cupcakes are lovely aren't they!! Your photo of the pink field is stunning Jan - I wonder what it is. The cow parsley at the front sets it off beautifully. x Jo

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Jan, Happy WOYWW and just have to tell you I loved your post this week....all cheery, happy and colourful. Getting some outside time is wonderful, yes!! seems Ron loves it too. Best of all I love the tea cozy - I really like this pattern and colours. Cheers and have a wonderful weekend RobynO#29

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh mate. I'm of course very late, but enjoyed every detail as usual. The blanket is a joy - love that stitch, you must teach me. Have a MARVELLOUS holiday...already looking forward to some stunning photos!

Laura said...

That blanket is gorgeous!
I'd go along with those saying the field is poppies of the pain killing kind. There was a massive field full of them near our holiday farm, just beautiful to look at and nowhere near as itchy as rapeseed!!
Had a bit of spare time and thought I'd check out a few more desks :)

Kyla said...

I normally do this on my mobile so hadn't seen that you used my inky hands in your banner!!!! What an honour!

Love the Discworld reference!
Hope your recharging is going well

Lisa-Jane said...

I love your blanket!!! Its so jolly :-) That bag is very pretty but it doesn't look like anything you've made recently - from what I know of your son and his friends it is very "them"!

Paper rainbow said...

Summer breeze and the isley brothers. One of my desert island discs( if I was ever asked). That teapot does look a little hot in his warm sweater. :) love teapot cosies they make me smile. Long may the warmth continue....keep cool and carry on :)

Crafting Queen said...

Hope you are ok!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I sewed this week too! I zigzag stitched all willy nilly over a tear Joe put in his pants bottom. That's high end tailoring for the likes of me! It was nowhere near as nice as that fancy tote you gave a new life and new handle to. I love the baby blanket. I have a new baby? Can I have a blanket? She's sweet and silly and sassy and is 9-months old. Yes, adopted from Siam. Right, there is where Siamese come from??!! Okay, mine really came from New Mexico as my mom kicked my nephew out (drugs and thievery) and he left his cat behind. She's not on my blog though, don't want nephew to know where she is. But... totally off topic, this comment should be about YOU and YOUR DESK or YOUR GAZEBO in this case. It looks like a lovely place to be outside and feel the fresh air and breezes. I can see why you've taken up residence there. The teapot cozy is a scream. I've not seen a teapot in need of a muffler before but what a neat idea. How sweet!

Mrs Twins said...

Thank you so much for visiting UK Hand Knitting Association and also the SIBOL Blog.
All details are over on www.sibolchallenges.blogspot.com
Anything over 36" would be lovely thank you.
We also have a group on RAVELRY.

It's lovely to be able to say hello to you thank you
Sue x


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