Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WOYWW 233 X 3

(Donna Summer)

Whaddya mean... x3 what?   Desks of course :-) More on that in a minute.

Oh, you lot made me laugh with your guesses as to what the fabric strips were for....from the sublime to the ridiculous!

They were actually napkin rings but stoopid me forgot to take a pic before they were sent off...doh! The winner with the daftest guess of Onesies for Elves was KYLA. Yay! Let me know your addy and I'll get something Festive off to you!

After not getting up to much crafting for the past couple of weeks, I was asked if I'd like to take a stall at a local craft fair. Oh why not, I thought...and then realised I'd given all my stock away for various charities this past year...ooops.
So that explains the variety of Christmassy fabrics etc on view this week.  I'm mid-stuffing a doorstop at the moment, having just completed the little Christmas trees.....

These were fun to make (if a little fiddly to stuff!)

Here's some I prepared earlier..... 

A little fabric bucket having a handle attached...

Right, I'll take you downstairs to my ground level work station - aka The Dining Table (though we haven't used it for such as I've covered it in essential items)  I've been making wine glass charms, handbag charms and bookmarks - all quick and fairly easy.  Those little trees are multiplying, I swear......

And Downstairs Workdesk2 - aka, my kitchen.  This is a pic from last Friday when I was prepping the food for Julia's Calendar in a Day workshop.  This was the Sticky Toffee traybake prior to being shoved in the oven. I'd already done the Fudge flapjacks, Choccy Brownies and Lemon Cake. :-P  It all seemed to go down well the next day, though I did get told off for not doing my usual coffee cake. Ah, plus ca change......

And finally, I met up with two lovely WOYWWers when I was back in Wales last week...Lynda B and Ali H.  I don't think we drew breath for two hours :-) The waiter at the pub was slightly bemused at being asked to take a photo of folk who had met on t'Interweb!  This lovely ATC was made by Ali and pretty much sums up what WOYWW is all about. need to get in touch with these two gals and form WOYWWiW...the Welsh Cadre of desking!!

BETH SYDD AR EICH WORKDESK DYDD MERCHER has a certain ring to it, don't you agree??


  1. How can you just throw all that fabulous stuff together at the drop of a hat! Love the trees. Have a great week. Helen 3

  2. Firstly I didn't even notice the spelling mistake .... I'm reading this on my phone at the station with blurry eyes.
    Secondly WHAT! just make an entire craft stall by the weekend. Do you have a house elf to help?
    Love the little trees .... Instructions please .... For next year obviously
    Janet @34

  3. Wow! You've been busy! Hope you have a very successful selling day.
    Love those trees, let 'em multiply - they're gorgeous.
    Have a happy WOYWW
    Bishopsmate #26

  4. Jan, I love all your things this week, but those trees are so cute!!
    Yes, I was thinking that too Jan...supplying enough goods to place on a craft stall?!! Are you Whirlwind Jan", as well as Lunch Lady Jan!! hehe.
    Judy x #39

  5. What a fabulous post! I love the onesie for elves idea! Well deserved winner! That ATC is gorgeous and you sound like you had a fab day together! And those little Christmas trees - what a terrific idea! Thanks for the advice about the kitchen! It's tough all round, though, as Kevin is a friend and is making the cupboards to a certain style by hand, having offered to do so! We're in a bit too deep to pull out and ask someone to take over. I keep wondering how we got into this pickle, as we've got such a lot else on our plates too, but I mustn't go on! Ah well, it's only a room, I s'pose - people are more important. Thanks for your kind visit. Have a great WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #29

  6. What a wonderful post Jan. So lovely to hear you've met up with yet more WOYWWers. Really love your crafty makes this week....I've got the pattern all cut out to make some little trees like that but as yet not found the time to do the making lol
    A x # 42

  7. Onesies for elves. She's daft as you! As all the others say, deeply impressive makes to bring together with a weeks notice. More, deeply impressive bakes. to which I and thirteen other people can attest, your honour. Thank you for making the Calendar Day a day to remember.

  8. Now look what you've done, my keyboard is all wet where I was drooling over your cooking!! I so love those little trees whether they are mid stuffed or fully stuffed :) So many things to look at on all your desks this week, you are so clever with everything. Onsies for Elves, now that is clever.
    Have a great week.... oops still drooling.
    Von #24 :)

  9. Mmmm lemon cake!!!! What gorgeous things you've created for your craft fair, bet your fingers have been flying. Love the Christmas trees.
    Sounds like you had a great time with the WOYWWers.
    Hugs Lisax #56

  10. Bore da Jan. That is almost the limit of my Welsh although I understand a fair amount, can't speak much of it.
    I love your Christmas trees, they are gorgeous.
    You are lucky to be allowed to spread your stuff through the house, I get moans about my one worktop, if I took over the dining room table I think I would be heading for the divorce courts. When and where is this craft fair. we are coming through Wiltshire weekend after next, I'm always on the look out for something like that to get time at.
    Chris #58

    1. Oops I slipped down the list I'm #59

  11. Beth said what???! Or did I read that wrong, lol! Ooh cake, 8:30am is a good time for cake isn't it? Let me grab a coffee! A craft stall! Are you mad? Wait, don't answer that!! Beautiful makes as usual, hope you're not too stressed trying to get them all done in time. My image took about 3 hrs in total, I finished it last night and posted the completed card today if you want to see how it turned out.

    Brenda 63

  12. Well, I hope your craftiness pays off at the craft fair. Napkin rings huh? LOL
    I am now wiping off my keyboard too, and have become extremely hungry from reading this post.
    Thanks for the visit this week.
    Krisha #4

  13. You have so much loveliness going on soul sister! Those fabric Christmas trees are the cutest things ever! I need to get a booth someday at a fun craft fair. And oh how I would have loved to been at Julia's calendar in a day workshop and tasted your baked goodies! I'm on the wrong side of the pond, but I'm sending you big hugs. Have a wonderful week. Sandy Leigh #11

  14. Wow, you have been Busy. Those trees are adorable and your treats sound wonderful.

    I don't think there are any woywwers in my neck of the woods, southeastern Massachusetts, but a meet-up would be fun. :-)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #9

  15. You do look busy this week, good luck getting everything made in time! Love those trees, I bought one similar at a craft fair a few years ago and still love it!
    Your cakes sound divine, I would love a piece of coffee cake just now with my latte!
    Sounds like great fun meeting up with other WOYWWers and love that ATC!
    I am not posting just now, my eldest is home from college unwell and needs lots of TLC so although we are crafting together I am not online as much, particularly in the evenings when I would have posted the WOYWW post! I am teaching her to knit, she is really enjoying it!
    Have a great week!

  16. Hee hee love that idea onesies for elves. Gorgeous trees. STOP TALKING ABOUT CAKE :-) oh now I am craving cake and we have none!!! Well the Christmas cake is made - no I can't eat it yet ! Can I? Happy WOYWW Anne x '35

  17. Ok starting at the bunting and that cute square. A pin cushion, maybe? Oh my my I'm in loves with the trees!! Seriously in love!!! ;) And look at all the jewels n baubles, so pretty. Cool tile in your kitchen. Now questions: Flahavan's Irish what? An open salt well, really? That's a fairly big mixing bowl, must have one of those stand mixers for it. Well, you can see how well versed I am in the kitchen! Not! giggle Thanks for the earlier visit! WOYWW hugs! Nan G #22 p.s. Love the ATC!

  18. So much colour again Jan- you are a burst of sunshine! Love the look of the tray bake, and you had me at Lemon cake, by the way. Then you said Coffee cake! Lovely ATC as well. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #36xx

  19. Wow, your doing a great job for the craft fair..I've been working on mine for a few months!!
    And, I have to Sticky Toffee Traybake anything at all like Sticky Toffee Pudding? At least flavor-wise? I swear, I wouldn't eat at a pub if they didn't have Sticky Toffee Pudding on the menu! LOL!

  20. Hi there Jan! I just love visiting you each week. Love your kitchen tile! Your kitchen looks so bright and cheery! I have never heard of sticky toffee pudding! going to have to look that one up, I am just sure my thigh's need it.

  21. Gorgeous desk x3. Food sounds fabulous, bits and bobs you are making are amazing, those trees especially and a lovely ATC. I love hearing about people getting together through woyww. Lovely x
    Famfa 64

  22. I want some of the foodstuffs you mentioned and I won't even complain about the lack of coffee cake. I'm impressed with how much you can whip up at a moments notice. Me, I'd just crawl into a corner and weep. I liked seeing what all was going on at your various work sites. So much productivity!

  23. My yet again you have been busy I love those fab little trees but look so difficult to make the doorstop and bunting is fab love the fabric . we didn't get to see the charms bookmarks maybe next week ? as for teasing us with all those cakes you made mouth is watering ...I wish I could bake ..not even a cupcake from a packet !.the ATC is great and is prefect as you say...sounds l like you had an ace time happy crating and looking forward to next weeks instalment will it be 4 desks? crafty hugs Andrea#27
    oops nearlly forgot thanks for visiting earlier and your kind words very much appreciated

  24. You have been so busy! The trees are fab and I am so intrigued by the idea of wine glass charms...can you show me sometime? Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#48)

  25. Great makes Jan - hope you have lots of sales at the craft fair. x Jo

  26. Fabulous trees, Jan - you are always SO busy, coming up with new ideas. How do you do it??
    Y dech yn siarad Cymraig?
    Thanks for already visiting - the deep red wool is arran weight, and it's a 400gm ball. Two make a jumper - it's great, 'cos hardly any ends to sew up when finished!! Nearly there now - finish the second sleeve, and do the collar, then sew up and wear - just in time for the winter which arrived yesterday. Snow on the local mountains then - gone today, though.
    Have a really great week.
    Margaret #20

  27. Great projects and good luck with your fair.

  28. Jan I just love those Christmas trees they are lovely
    And what a cute ATC you were given!
    Jackie 33

  29. So lovely to see you back making things again in abundance! I love the look of those trees. And yay for meets in Wales - maybe I should try to arrange one too. Were they far? #45

  30. Hi Jan, love all your desks and the goodies thereon ... and I recognise the two downstairs :) The Christmas trees are fabulous. And, I am so impressed with your knowledge of the Welsh language! Is there no end to your talents. Good luck with the craft fair. Have a great week, Elizabeth (slowly unpacking crafty stash) x #43

  31. Oh my goodness, what a lot of loverly work you've taken on for the stall. You're very clever.
    Yes nature is cruel at times, naughty is just fine (had a good chuckle) finger is making this a bit of a labour so I'll stop now.
    Ros. #50

  32. PS Love your kitchen colour scheme.
    Glad you can't hear me typing - the punctuation is "blue".

  33. You are so busy, it's amazing! And multi-talented too! patsy

  34. WOW, you have been busy... the Christmas trees are fabulous. Thanks for visiting my blog, I especially loved your comments.....I'm still chuckling as I type, you have wicked humour and I love it...Thanks Have a great week & WOYWW Hugs De De #16

  35. Love your little trees - thanks for popping by BJ#51

  36. I love the little trees.....and your three work stations. You are oh so much more energetic than I - I passed on the craft fair this Christmas and now am kind of wondering if that was the right thing to do. LOL. Maybe be one of those grass is always greener type things. I am having the best time with Christmas things this year -- looks like you are too. Best of luck with the fair this weekend....hugs from Alaska.....#90

  37. Lots of lovely Christmas stuff on your desks there Miss. I remember those Christmas Trees well, I have made a few in my time including a large one, for which I shredded a double duvet and still needed more!
    I like the sound of WOYWWiW better that the full Welsh version and without spitting too!

  38. Oh my word you have been in a frenzy of crafting ! So many lovely things for your stall ! Hope it goes well ! Thanks for the mention on your blog - the photo over on Lynda's blog came out really well of the 3 of us didn't it ! Hope the craft stall goes well ! Ali xxx

  39. Hi LLJ,

    I bet your booth will be quite popular! The Christmas tress are adorable - but I can see where they'd be fidgety to make (for me anyway). The fabric bag is adorable - love the heart.

    Oh, LOVE the tile in your kitchen. I noticed that before the dessert! haaa

    Thank you for visiting me already. I'm slowly making it around.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Love, Kay (6)

  40. How fab, cheers hun! Only prob is when I click on your contact me it just takes me to a talktalk page with no deets!

    Love the idea of sticky toffee tray crop meet? ;-p

  41. Thank you Jan for visiting me and for your encouragement. It is such a blessing to receive support during challenging times. The projects you've made are wonderful. I love your choice of fabrics! How wonderful that you have given so much of your time for charities this year. The world is a lovely place because of people like you!