(Pocahontas - Disney)

Revenge of the Teabag....mwahahaha.....
Avert your eyes - it's not a pretty sight. You know how things have to get worse before they get better?  Well, it did...

Crafting again - wahoo!  I've been asked to make some Christmassy stuff so am having fun! Any ideas as to what the linen and red/white strips are for??
Go on, have a guess....there might be a small prize if you make me laugh :-)

Variegated yarn, I love it. The way the tones change, the excitement as a colour I really love comes into view, the relief when a detested colour is sent on its way (until the next time of course...)  How sad is that?

I fell in love with this...the fact that it says Passion and Chunky on the label has nothing to do with it....  ;-)  Look at those yummy colours.  As I often have several projects on the go at once (flutterby brain, you see) I am using this yarn in both crochet and knitting. And it's really interesting to see how the colours appear quite differently between the two.

The crochet appears to be so much darker than the knitting - you wouldn't say they came from the same dye lot, would you?

Even when I matched the exact colours together, they looked different - I definitely prefer the knitted version.  I found a different sort of rib pattern whilst browsing on the net - would you believe that there are no purl stitches only the occasional purl slipped stitch?  It makes it a much quicker process and I really like the effect. Almost like a loose Fishermens' Rib....and you know what they say about loose Fishermen....their tackle is never taut :-)

To end...just take a peek at this:
What can I say, except THANK YOU!!  They will be heading off to the Refuge very shortly.
You are wonderful  xxxx


Deb said...

Are you making an elf outfit for Mr LLJ? It is all there, the glasses, the white pennants for a goatie beard and the cute little buttons! Oh I hope you do!
I am fascinated by the comparisons in crochet and knitting, who'd have thought? I am trying to work ahead with all my papercrafting projects and then plan to knit my fingers off when our Mums come over to visit for Christmas, they stay for a month so it is a long time not to create in some way!
I got goose bumps looking at all that scrummy stuff for the refuge, some very happy ladies will be on the receiving end I am sure!
Have a great week!
Debxx #3

peggy aplSEEDS said...

What lovely colors that yarn has! And what a wonderful collection of cards! My desk is a whole mess and it's not even a creative mess!! Happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS@6

VonnyK said...

Oh dear, as soon as you asked what the strips of linen and fabric would be used for my bad little mind thought of upper class Christmas bum wipes, not good huh. But then when I read down further with your fishermans quip, my idea doesn't seem so bad!! We are both naughty old farts!! I was astonished at the difference in the colours of your yarn with crochet and knitting. I would have thought it would come out the same, guess you learn something every day. That pile of goodies is fabulous, the ladies will be thrilled. Thanks so much again for my bunting, love it heaps.
Have a great week, Von #25 P.S. I'm glad my hubby isn't a fisherman :)

Crafting Queen said...

Enjoy your crafting. Lovely colours in that yarn. Have a great day. :)

Julie Lee said...

Wow! What a difference between the crochet and the knitting! Who'd have thought it??? I love the red and white fabrics, but I'm too tired and boring to think of anything funny to say about them! And - wow - all those lovely cards: what generosity! Julie Ann xx #43

Mrs.D said...

Gosh you are busy. Love the red and white 'bunting' stuff. If I had time I might do soemthing like that to go along the bottom of the mantel piece, but I guess that will remain just a dream.
I saw some wool very much like that in The Range yseterday and had to resist buying it, it is so beautiful and I am amazed at the colour variations with Knitting and crochet. That rib pattern looks wonderful, can you let me have the link to that website, please?
And all those cards for the refuge, can see some of mine lurking there and some of someone else's who visits here. They will be very pleased with them all.
Chris #65

Anne said...

I wish I was clever enough to think of something funny and imagintive (sp) but I'm not so gonna have to pas on that love all the bits and pieces and colour. You know I am using yarn like that at mo and feel exactly same re each colour as it comes and goes!!!!
Thanks for the giggle re the fishermen and their tackle :-) I've already shed tears this morning and you so cheered me up. Anne x #63

Anonymous said...

No funny ideas here as well. I just keep thinking bunting! or little treat bags? I like the look of the (what's it called-) variegated yarn. From up close, I like the knitted version better. But from a bit further, (the other picture), I like the crocheted version a lot. It looks somewhat softer, more supple. (Is that a proper english word?)
Thanks for sharing your desk this week!

Debbie / Daqa # 57

Carole said...

Good Morning.
I'm guessing you're making a pendant hanging...not very funny but I'm not good at guessing games. thanks for showing how different the yarn looks crocheted or knitted very interesting. PS I love the Pocahontas quote. Carole # 72

Eliza said...

safety flags for the dragsters that the pixies ride, I'm right arn't I...... Ok you have to laugh at that one.......

Ok I am with you the yarn looks far better on the knitting and what a collection of cards and goodies for the refuge wow there really are some lovely people out there in the world.

Happy crafting and Thanks for sharing.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 1

Anonymous said...

Christmas garters with little Jingles Bells on them! That'll keep the Elves guessing! You have some interesting looking old books on you desk, what are they for? That's an amazing table full of love and hope right there, I hope it brings a smile to the ladies who find themselves in need of the refuge. I think I prefer the crochet actually! Odd really as I'm a knitter too! I prefer the colour pooling to the knitted piece. It's pretty wool though. As to the time change, I don't like having to close the curtains at 5:30pm, and if we don't put the main light on then I feel a bit sleepy with just a couple of lamps lit. Of course, I'm sure I'd feel better if I didn't come home form work and put on my jim-jams and dressing gown too! I'm my own worst enemy sometimes!!

Brenda 13

Morti said...

Lots of elfin hats and maybe one or two snowmen nose-warmers?????

I'm on the hop for a change - had the opportunity to stay at work this lunchbreak while Mr B has a day off, so here I am!

Love the random knit wool - fabby colours!

famfa said...

It looks very bunting like to me - I can't say anything funnier than what Brenda says. Love the wool, strange how different it looks. I like both the crochet and the knitting. I learnt a new rib recently where when you do the knit you go into the back of the stitch instead of the front and it twists it. Nice x. Famfa 11

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh I love your colour changing wool, in fact I did knit a scarf (yes, me with needles, wooden ones) with colour changing wool and I loved it, loved watching the colours change. But agree funny how it looks different. Oh I'm so pleased you have such a table of stuff for the refuge, and to know I had a small part in it too. All good. Take care Zo xx 77

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for visiting,
Chris #65

Lindart said...

Little Elf hats? Looks like you are very busy little elf yourself! Thanks for the peek, Lindart #87

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Jan, that wool is indeed very strange, who'd have thought it? How about little parachutes for Santas elves? I'm keen to know what I'm going to do with that copper tape too- it just seems like a good idea, lol.Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #28 xx

Kyla said...

I love the way the wool changes, who'd have thought it?
Are you making flesh coloured onesies with red gingham trim for the elves? No? What about stuffed hearts (fabric ones..not real ones, that would be too halloween!!).

Great haul for the refuge too,bet they will be thrilled (my friend used to run one in Bath that we donate to).

Kyla #62

Maisie Moonshine said...

Who would have thought that gorgeous wool could look so different - I prefer the knitted version too. I can only guess that your fabric strips are going to be festive willy warmers (can I say that in blogland?) (RUDE!) but you might need a fleecey lining as the linen might chafe a bit :0)

Thanks for your visit and good luck with your craft fair. MMx #47

Spyder said...

aw, lovely! I've bought a knitting book yesterday, just to 'remind me' what some of those codes mean! The stitching looks lovely... and would make great....or small (willy warmers?) no...sorry....got side tracked to the comment above! Have a great crafty week!! Thank you for my snoop! HaPpy WoYwW!?
was #36

Unknown said...

I am completely fascinated at how different the knitting and crochet looks! LOVE that variegated yarn though. I'm still knitting with my chunky yarn to make that vest top, but I've been trying to carve out time to sew up a skirt for a fun wedding I get to attend this weekend. One of those hotel affairs with dinner and dancing and everything! I'll let you know how it goes. Oh--and I'm still dying over the fact that your mother's name is May. Mine is June. What in the world! Are we true soul sisters or what! Wish May and I could have known about each other. But June loves hearing about you every week. She's recovering well in the healthcenter. And she certainly does have a fascination about England. Hopefully, we'll get home before too long. She's so happy when she's at home. The healthcenter place truely isn't bad, but we all work and can't be with her all day, so she's a bit lonely at times. We've been trying to make up for it on the weekend! So, I'm at the office and I'm off to a big meeting. Hugs dearest! --Sandy Leigh #97

505whimsygirl said...

Hello LLJ,

Sitting in Starbucks and I'm laughing so loud that several people turned to see what the crazy lady was doing! Yep, I'd be in love with that yarn too. Doesn't the label alone just scream for attention! There's quite a contrast to using the same yarn in knitting and crochet. I'm with you though, definitely like the knitting better. (say, will you email my that pattern? It would make a great scarf). Knitting in the round is so easy - you'd be a whiz at it. The most important part is not twisting the stitches when joining. I'm sure there are videos on youtube that you can watch. It's fast as there are no purl stitches! A bonus!

The table full of goodies is great! I'd say that's a job well done all the way around!

Thank you for visiting me already! I'm off today so will be having fun desk hopping.


Princess Judy Palmer said...

I have to make you laugh, hugh? Well I think you are making a fah-bew-lous cape for gay matador for the pride day rodeo. RIght? I'm sure of it. It'll need more sequins though. I too feel passion for that chunky passion yarn. So gorgeous. It is crazy how it looks so different depending on what you do with it. Whatever the end results both will look awesome. Great table full of great cards!

Princess Judy Palmer said...


Andrea said...

lol love the wool what an amazing colour... enough said about the name!.. that's quite a haul you have for the refuge well done to you for your hard work and support im sure they will very much appreciate it thanks for visiting earlier and when i finish the card there will be a close up of the flowers crafty hugs Andrea #26

Carmen Wing said...

Thank you for stopping by Jan :) Yep we played the monster game too. Even more recently with some arty friends (http://collabor-art.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/carmens-corpse.html) but I can remember playing it with my sister and folding the paper over each time :D

Obviously you are making some shmexy pilgrim garters with that fabric ;)

I love the wool - so beautiful. Makes we wish I could knit.

Have a good week missus, hoping to catch up on the old bloggy blogs if my internet ever plays nice again! (My dad knocked down our garden wall thinking he was in reverse... and was not! Our telephone wires run under the wall - we haven't been quite the same since! *sigh*)

Twiglet said...

That wool is so scrumptious - weird how the knitting/crochet looks so different in shade isn't it. Thanks for the give away suggestions. x Jo

Annie said...

I love the effects of random wool too Jan....but when you have OCD about matching sleeves etc it can sometimes be a nightmare [of at the very least be the cause of lots of giggles...do ask Jo :-) ].
I'm guessing you are making festive pants to go with the odd Christmas stocking :-)
A x # 41

Unknown said...

Love your musings on the multicoloured yarn! And doesn't it look gorgeous knitted up :) Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier.
Karen no.50 x

JoZart Designs said...

Super makes all round. Love the knitting and crochet and what a super response for your refuge appeal. So sorry I haven't yet managed a contribution… the intent is good but life has got in the way.
Are the check and spotty strips bandages for gingerbread men?
Jo x
ducking under the wire at 100

Anonymous said...

That yarn is scrummy! Congrats on your appeal success!

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (23)

Chrissie said...

What yummy stuff, I love the look of this lot!
Chrissie # 60

Ali H said...

Knitting for loose fishermen -well that will be a real ice breaker topic for conversation next week! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday! Xx

Helen said...

what a lovely table full of cards. Sorry I didn't get any made for you. I think the strips of fabric must be to make some funky Christmas ties for Mr LLJ and the boys...have a great week. Helen 7

fairy thoughts said...

Is Santa holding a barn dance, or maybe line dancing with the reindeer.
Anyway love the yarn and what a difference a hook makes. I did the whole giggling in the staff room again today, I must be so annoying hehe.
I will post about the amazing tape next week, the show was full of lovely vintage buttons and some interesting but expensive fabrics, at £10 for a fat 1/4 a bit out of my price range I will certainly let you know if it is on next year.... they also run an other show called unravelled which I think is held in February

The Taming of the Glue said...

That material has to be for a Christmas thong! Love the yarn, whenever I see yarn like that I always wish I could knit. Hugs. Pam#37

Krisha said...

A Christmas thong for sure, but I think it would be a thong for Santa, for his after Christmas vacation in the Bahamas!
Love the yarn and the two different effects you are getting from it.
Krisha #30

dix said...

I LOVE the verigated yummy yarn you are using for your knitting and crochet! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! dix #103

Ann said...

I really love having a snoop at your craft place LLJ, there's always so many fabulous things to see!! You're just sooo talented!! That yarn is gorgeous, and my guess is either gingerbread people or some lovely bunting, gift bags.....the list goes on - ha ha!!!
Happy WOYWW, hugs
Ann #104 xx

glitterandglue said...

Hello Jan. That yarn is lovely - enjoy knitting with it - can't believe it looks so different when crocheted! Red and white fabric? Triangles? Headscarves for Santa's little elves to keep the glitter out of their hair?? We all know it gets EVERYWHERE!
You have received some lovely items for the refuge - that's just great.
Have a good week.
Margaret #49

Julia Dunnit said...

are you making holders for loose tackle? m y, how dedicated you are!
gotta agree about the yarn, it's a bit of a phenomenonomonomnomn, doncha fink?

voodoo vixen said...

Well I'll be... how weird that the variagated wool comes out so different depending on whether you crochet or knit it? I actually like the dark version though! :) Lovely strips of material you have on the desk and I am at loss as to where you are going with them... unless you fancy making loads of candy canes? ;) What a fabulous array of cards and goodies you have there for the ladies too! Annette #14

Donna Wheat said...

love the colours of the wool, weird both pieces look different, Thank for sharing Donna #42

glitterandglue said...

Me again, Jan. Batsford Arboretum is near Moreton in Marsh in the Cotswolds. It is a great place. John took his mobility scooter - and we walked for miles (well, that's how it felt when having to push him up the hill which was too steep for the scooter!!!) The colours were stunning, and a great day out was had by both of us - despite the hard work I had to put in.
Margaret #49

Bernice said...

Beautiful wool - and you will now have to give us detailed instructions on the new faster version of knitting the rib - it looks great.
Bernice #52

Lisa-Jane said...

Oooh its so different! As for the conundrum.... well I think the triangles and the glasses are a dead give-away - you are going to make those little bean bag triangle things that you perch your spectacles on when not in use. I'm right aren't I? Go on, say I am!

Unknown said...

Thank for stopping by. Love the wool, colours are beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Happy Crafting x De De 109

sara j said...

Hello! Tis I the ungrateful (it would seem) cuss from Alaska who receives positively beautiful, colorful, not to mention useful gifts and does not acknowledge them. I am so sorry I left you wondering....your beautiful package has arrived and I am so very thankful. I did indeed fall into a pit in October - a combination of stress, illness and depression - but I seem to have beat it all back once agin, since I just made a journal page that says life is joyous (always searching for that damn balance!). Thank you so very much for thinking of me and reminding me that life exists way beyond my little world sometimes. Hope this finds you well. Your fan, sara j. xoxoxo

Ali H said...

Glad you got home safe & sound - hope it all went okay with your Dad today ? Great to meet you too - lovely evening & thanks again for the fab bunting ! Ali xx


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