ABC, EASY AS 1-2-3

Isn't 234 a satisfying sort of number?!  To the desk, LLJ, and don't spare the horses........

C for......Crisps? Carnelian? Cormorant? Just kidding.... ;-)

Bless you...........

Oh, go on then.....
Can't fool you lot, can I??

Now, if I can just get my act together and go buy some presents, then life would be peachy.  But I can't and I haven't.......sigh

The craft fair went really well..forgot to take any photos though, doh. These reversible headbands went down a treat; easy to make and uses up scraps, the perfect crafting item in my opinion!

Just after I'd joined in WOYWW last week, the postie came bearing Happy Mail:

A beautiful card with a Real Tree on the front from Lynda B (whom I'd met up with in Wales, together with her accomplice, Ali H!)  Lynda was going to teach her neighbours (virgin crafters the lot of them) how to make these. Hope it all went well!
Lynda also enclosed these beautiful cards for the Refuge..which I have now sent off together with the crocheted stuff and two boxes of toiletries.  That's a good feeling...I wrote a note which explained how the cards came about and how they have come from all corners of the world.  

Once again... you are WONDERFUL! And thank you xxxx

WOYWW 233 X 3

(Donna Summer)

Whaddya mean... x3 what?   Desks of course :-) More on that in a minute.

Oh, you lot made me laugh with your guesses as to what the fabric strips were for....from the sublime to the ridiculous!

They were actually napkin rings but stoopid me forgot to take a pic before they were sent off...doh! The winner with the daftest guess of Onesies for Elves was KYLA. Yay! Let me know your addy and I'll get something Festive off to you!

After not getting up to much crafting for the past couple of weeks, I was asked if I'd like to take a stall at a local craft fair. Oh why not, I thought...and then realised I'd given all my stock away for various charities this past year...ooops.
So that explains the variety of Christmassy fabrics etc on view this week.  I'm mid-stuffing a doorstop at the moment, having just completed the little Christmas trees.....

These were fun to make (if a little fiddly to stuff!)

Here's some I prepared earlier..... 

A little fabric bucket having a handle attached...

Right, I'll take you downstairs to my ground level work station - aka The Dining Table (though we haven't used it for such as I've covered it in essential items)  I've been making wine glass charms, handbag charms and bookmarks - all quick and fairly easy.  Those little trees are multiplying, I swear......

And Downstairs Workdesk2 - aka, my kitchen.  This is a pic from last Friday when I was prepping the food for Julia's Calendar in a Day workshop.  This was the Sticky Toffee traybake prior to being shoved in the oven. I'd already done the Fudge flapjacks, Choccy Brownies and Lemon Cake. :-P  It all seemed to go down well the next day, though I did get told off for not doing my usual coffee cake. Ah, plus ca change......

And finally, I met up with two lovely WOYWWers when I was back in Wales last week...Lynda B and Ali H.  I don't think we drew breath for two hours :-) The waiter at the pub was slightly bemused at being asked to take a photo of folk who had met on t'Interweb!  This lovely ATC was made by Ali and pretty much sums up what WOYWW is all about. Hettie...you need to get in touch with these two gals and form WOYWWiW...the Welsh Cadre of desking!!

BETH SYDD AR EICH WORKDESK DYDD MERCHER has a certain ring to it, don't you agree??


(Pocahontas - Disney)

Revenge of the Teabag....mwahahaha.....
Avert your eyes - it's not a pretty sight. You know how things have to get worse before they get better?  Well, it did...

Crafting again - wahoo!  I've been asked to make some Christmassy stuff so am having fun! Any ideas as to what the linen and red/white strips are for??
Go on, have a guess....there might be a small prize if you make me laugh :-)

Variegated yarn, I love it. The way the tones change, the excitement as a colour I really love comes into view, the relief when a detested colour is sent on its way (until the next time of course...)  How sad is that?

I fell in love with this...the fact that it says Passion and Chunky on the label has nothing to do with it....  ;-)  Look at those yummy colours.  As I often have several projects on the go at once (flutterby brain, you see) I am using this yarn in both crochet and knitting. And it's really interesting to see how the colours appear quite differently between the two.

The crochet appears to be so much darker than the knitting - you wouldn't say they came from the same dye lot, would you?

Even when I matched the exact colours together, they looked different - I definitely prefer the knitted version.  I found a different sort of rib pattern whilst browsing on the net - would you believe that there are no purl stitches only the occasional purl slipped stitch?  It makes it a much quicker process and I really like the effect. Almost like a loose Fishermens' Rib....and you know what they say about loose Fishermen....their tackle is never taut :-)

To end...just take a peek at this:
What can I say, except THANK YOU!!  They will be heading off to the Refuge very shortly.
You are wonderful  xxxx


I just thought you'd like to see my Ron in his new cat cave.....
Makes a change cos he's normally straight out the cat flap as soon as I pick my bass up!!

I'm joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles  :-)



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