Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


(The Pogues)

Today, Mr LLJ and I are celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary! How can that have gone so quickly? Love you loads, Gordon -  you deserve a medal to have put up with me for so long.......... :-)

It's like Groundhog Day at my desk...honestly, I have to apologise because it's yet more bunting in progress.
Someone saw Zara's bunting a couple of weeks ago and now it's Abigail's turn. Early stages, as you can see....

Some more flags cut out ready to use. Deb, look, I'm using those fat quarters you sent me :-)  These will probably go for charity.

Can you tell that this is the wool basket of a woman who has too many things on the go??  You can just see the sleeve of a baby's jacket peeking out; I am knitting this and I'm not enjoying it at all, No Sirree......I keep putting it off and then making myself do a few more rows. Soon, the dreaded sewing together will have to happen...mutter, whinge, whine....

But I LOVED crocheting this cowl. Chunky wool on a 8mm hook. It grows like crazy. Instant gratification or what? I'm going to make a couple more of these to go in the Salisbury Women's Refuge bag.

Talking of which.......

Huge thanks must go to Crafting Queen (Anesha) who sent these fab cards to join all the other Christmassy stuff for the Refuge. They are wonderful, Anesha...I thought you were only making a couple so I am deeply grateful. Thank you x a gazillion..........

And these arrived today (Tuesday) so I can just sneak them onto the post. Thank you Jill (My Muddled Life). Your kindness and generosity are just wonderful!

OK, see you next week, you lovely lot...I may even have something non-bunting to show....*grin*......


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely day!
    Gorgeous bunting in progress there and I am so glad you are getting to use those fat quarters! I see you prefer to crochet than to knit, I am the opposite. I am so loving my knitting!
    Glad to see the cards are starting to arrive. Mine might take a wee bit longer, I will wait another month or so before sending so I can have a decent amount to send!
    have a great week!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Your bunting is looking fab and love your piece of crochet! You are very welcome. Have a lovely day.

  3. YIPPEE SKIPPEE! TIme to Celebrate. I'm just a sucker for a good love story!! Congratulations to you both. I've been listening to same record (okay, they are a record any more but what the hell am I supposed to call them) since Saturday and part of the appeal is the songs speak to people of our age - about where we are - I played it for my guy and he was like "we're in that song"....always the sentimentalist. Anyway here's the verse:
    We are one heartbeat in the darkness
    We are one lasting answered prayer
    We are one unbroken promise
    And we are two, true believers
    On other matters your experience with the sleeves is why I only make knitted dish clothes and felted bags! Having the remember to purl is too much for me! So best of luck with one. Love the Cowl tho! Yummy color.
    Have a good week!!!
    Hugs Sara

  4. Hi Jan, we're cyber neighbours again this week I see. Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope you have a lovely day celebrating.

    Love your bunting ... got to have a go at making some myself. Your crochet cowl looks super cosy and your wool basket looks so decorative with all those pretty balls of yarn displayed.

    Again, have a lovely day and a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #55

  5. Happy Anniversary to your both. Not many so many now can say they've stayed married for that long . Glad the cards arrived ok. Jill #40

  6. I like the cowl. you make me want to get the crochet hooks out.


  7. Fabby crochet and love the cards - lucky you!

    Do you get the Crochet newsletter? Lots of lovely stuff right to your emailbox....

    Happy (catching up from last week first) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (30)

  8. Morning Jan.
    Happy Anniversary.
    You do seem to be busy. Love the bunting and the crochet cowl.
    I have some Christmas cards for you, but no address. Can you email me and I will get them in the post.
    Chris #59

  9. How fabulous to get so many cards so quickly for the Refuge... love your new bunting in progress! Hope you have a great week, sounds like you may have something up your sleeve already for next week.... and Happy Anniversary to you and Gordon, hope you have a great day. xxx Helen 19

  10. First I must say happy anniversary...... It's lovely you have been together so long.... If I remember he's the 'ironing hubby' so sounds like one to keep!!!
    Bunting looks fab, and how nice you got more cards for the Refuge
    Jackie 39

  11. Happy anniversary!! It's our 25th next year - gulp! Love the Pogue lyrics :)
    Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 33
    PS Can never have enough bunting :)

  12. congrats on your Anniversary dear friends...I see the love.
    and no,it's not the basket of a woman who has too much on the's the basket of a woman who can't stop coming up with projects so that she can have more yarn. see how I did that?!!

  13. Congrats on the anniversary.... 31 years is brilliant and wishing you both many more. Always happy to see bunting on your desk as I can't imagine LLJ without bunting. Cute cowl. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @22

  14. happy Anniversary. Beautiful cowl and bunting in waiting. Happy WOYWW Anne x #69

  15. Happy Anniversary!!!! Congrats on your achievement! Love the bunting and the cute cardigan too. Just reminded me I've not sent your cards, 'umble apologies but hospitals have seriously got in the way lately. I will send them to you this week, promise....if it's not too late. So sorry about that. Happy WOYWW! ♥ Karen ♥ 81 x

  16. Happy Anniversary! Have a really super day! I love that cowl - I'm sure it will go down a treat at the refuge! Such pretty bunting too! I've heard that takes ages to make! You are such a busy person. Have fun. Julie Ann xx #42

  17. Happy Anniversary, wow, that's a lot of years, must be true love :) Love your bunting and knitting bits. The cowl is gorgeous. Wonderful how many cards have arrived for the refuge.
    Have a great week.
    Von #34

  18. Happy anniversary - have a great day! Yep - you strike me as having loads of projects on the go - just like me!! My hubby calls them my unfinished symphonies - on the basis that if Schubert could get away with it....
    Have a fabulous week. Thanks for visiting my site last week - my email is Can you get in touch, and I will explain about the squares for Uganda. Thanks so much for the offer.
    No post this week as I have been away and only got back last night.

  19. Happy Anniversary to you both, amazing how quickly time flies when you are having fun! You don't have to apologise for bunting, I am envious that you can make all those triangles look so marvelous... you can be darn sure mine would not co-operate! LOL Love the cowl scarf, perfect for an autumn day! Happy WOYWW Annette #2

  20. Happy Anniversary!
    Happy Wednesday

  21. Happy anniversary - 31 wow, well done. It is rare these days.
    Love to see your bunting, always. Not fun knitting something you Are not enjoying but it will soon be finished and you can do something you do want to do
    Famfa 14

  22. That chunky cowl is gorgeous. Did you just whip that up in no time? I still haven't forgotten your crochet recommendations--I'm still going to keep trying to learn because it looks like crochet can go so much faster sometimes. I love the pinks of the new bunting you are making. Happy anniversary you child bride you! I hope you get to whoop it up! Hugs from your soul sister across the pond! Sandy Leigh #23

  23. Well I for one love to see your bunting. BJ#94

  24. You can never have enough bunting.
    A very Happy Anniversary to you and Mr LLJ. Hope you are doing something special to celebrate.
    Hugs Lisax

  25. Such a pretty banner!I am a big fan of our cowl, and it is pink too. Oh my! Hope you have a very Happy Anniversary! Such lovely cards people sent you for the charity. Awesome job! Winnie#79

  26. Hi Jan - I feel a bit Groundhog-ish myself - I am doing work sewing in the car on every school run (the boring sewing round the edges sewing not the tricky stuff) so it's nice to have something different on my desk today - even if it has been a bit of a nightmare.

    Your bunting is lovely - such pretty fabric - I'm guessing Abigail is a very girly girl!

    Love that cowl too - I could do with it here today, I'm so cold I've had to put the heating on - IN SEPTEMBER - OMG!

    Have a happy week MMx #76

  27. Happy anniversary to you and Gordon!! I haven't forgot to get some Christmas cards to you. New DT stuff taking up my time but I will get them to you soon! Take care lovely xx

  28. Happy anniversary :-)
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #45

  29. Aren't you sick of bunting yet?! I love the cowl, it looks so cosy and elegant. Happy Anniversary to you both. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#73)

  30. Happy anniversary to you both xx I love that huge ball of variegated wool on top of your basket :o)

  31. wow to all kinds of thing. That is great all those cards and happy anniversary to you both. so what's up for next week that is non bunting?? hum one wonders. Im tired so for being silly. And thanks for letting me peak in to your room. Roberta 6

  32. You can post buntings every week, we will still want to see them! This one will be so pretty and pink, and what a gorgeous lot of cards. The beautiful cowls will be appreciated, I'm sure.

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    #31 this week with
    ATCs Around The World

  33. happy anniversary :) the bunting looks cute so far :) Lx

  34. Lovely cards by Anesha, so lovely that I have pinned them from here! Love the look of that cowl too - what a wonderful idea.

  35. I like seeing the bunting so I'm not bothered by the deja vu feel of your desk. I love your cowl and can see why it was fun to make. Don't you just hate those projects that you have to force yourself to do? They are no fun but eventually soon it will be done and behind you--and then you'll probably wonder what all the fuss was about!

  36. Happy Anniversary, it looks like you have had another fabulously crafty week and are being sent some fabulous cards for your cause. Have a great week! Happy WOYWW! Danie #48

  37. I love your crocheted cowl - gorgeous colours - I'm really in an Autumn frame of mind now and I think I might have a go at one of these. Lovely of you to stop by my blog, hope you have a good week and A Very Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

  38. Your crochetd scarf is lovely - fab colours. Is it an easy pattern? - I can crochet but not brilliant at it. x Jo

  39. Sorry I'm so late in paying you a visit this week but it's been really manic here this week.
    All the best folk got married in 1982 :-) Happy Anniversary to the both of you.
    A x # 46

  40. I didn't see your post last week, didn't see anyone's lol, so the bunting is new to me. Pretty pinks. Hope you get the baby pattern sorted. I have SO many things I want to knit and a ton of yarn to do it with but not enough time to do everything! It's driving me crazy tbh. Love the cowl, we're going from a high of 95F (35C) this week to a low of 37F (3C) on Friday night, so I might get to wear the lovely cowl Julia made me! Very pretty cards you've received, the women will appreciate them.

    Brenda 16

  41. Hi LLJ
    yep that does look a very full basket heck, I should know mine spilleth over too. don't you ever get bunting-ed out?
    I hope to make some cards for you soon when I can get my home head around to thinking about (you know what, instead of my work head that has been 'doing' you know what for ages.
    janet# 28 very late this week

  42. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated 47th,and I don't know where the years went, either! You have a pretty neat space for all the projects you have going. :)

  43. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary day! I missed last week so your comment about the bunting went over my head. :) So I scrolled back.....ahhh .....a bunting we shall go then. :) Something tells me there'll be more buntings before the baby knitting is done. Enjoy it all, LLJ. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

  44. Happy belated anniversary, sorry I am getting around the desks really late this week, so much happening down under in the land of Oz. Love that verigated wool you are crocheting with and what an amazing bunch of cards for the refuge, some people are really amazing.

    Belated WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 86

  45. Hello there LLJ,

    Lots of fun bunting. I thought of you over the weekend (no surprise there). The reason was I started watching the third season of Downton Abbey and the square was decorated with white bunting in preparation for a wedding.

    I love the basket full of wonderful yarns! I really need to learn how to crochet. I hear it goes much faster than knitting and I love granny squares.

    Yep, I bought the shoes - love them!

    I'll be going to some fabric stores on Saturday - is there a particular theme you'd like me to look for?