Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


(Simple Minds)

                                         I REPEAT....
                                         THIS IS A BUNTING FREE ZONE!

What you have instead is some fabric for a peg bag request. My bargain £3 a metre fabric is still going strong, though I only have a bare 1.5m left out of the original 4m I bought. But it has been well used and I still love it!

I thought the peg bag needed a good strong colour for the lining.

My fabrics look very dishevelled after the rummaging...s'pose I'd better tidy them up. Sometime soon. Maybe when Halley's Comet next puts in an appearance....  

A little treat for myself is this sparkly tub that I bought from a local Fairtrade shop. It was a couple of quid and makes me smile. It's soooooooo shiny. Just call me Mrs Magpie....

I ran myself up another crochet cowl over the past couple of evenings. Honestly, I'm amazed by how quickly crochet grows when you use chunky wool on an 8mm hook. I love the colours in this, it goes really well with a lilac denim jacket I've got.  Note to myself: you CAN'T keep all the cowls you make, you don't have enough space... But this Marble Chunky yarn by James C Brett is really fab, there are many more colours to explore......oh deary dear......

Btw, watch out for a series on BBC4 called The Fabric of Britain. It starts tonight (18th) at 9pm and features knitting. Could be interesting!

I got the beads out to quickly make a thank you gift for someone. It only took 10 minutes to wrangle a handbag charm and it's good colour therapy too, playing with all those beads.

Some more Christmas/general cards for the refuge turned up. Thank you Margaret (Glitter and Glue), they're fab!!

After I took my desk shot, I spun around to show you the other aspect of our 'long room'.  Mr LLJ and I share this space quite amicably...I sew down one end, he does his photography/photoshop/computer wizardry down the other. His technical knowledge is second to if he could only airbrush away a couple of stone off me, it would be perfect...*grin*

Have a great week!


  1. That fabric is all over the world now too! I am getting good use out of my knitting needles holder! Had to buy some new ones for my toys as my vintage needles were bent and driving me mad!
    Would love to watch that show, sadly not much we can watch over here, mostly the Brit dramas and of course Downton Abbey!
    Love that you share your room with your hubby, I love it when someone comes to visit me in my room although no one has a permanent space!
    Have a great week, Debxx

  2. Good to be back snooping after being awol. You always have such fab fabrics but what a shame you are running out of that one. I love it! Why don't the guys have anything interesting to snoop on? tee her! I'll watch out for that TV programme... didn't know about it so thanks for the tip.
    Gorgeous stash of yummy beads there....
    love Jo x

  3. Gorgeous fabric! I love that tub, no wonder you couldn't resist....I will try and remember the programme, sounds interesting. have a great week, don't make too many more cowls though... Helen 22

  4. What no bunting.... I love your bunting!!!
    Me LLJ is talented as well photography photoshop and I haven't forgot the ironing picture!!!!! I think you might not have to tell us too many more of his talents or you will have lots of ladies knocking at your door LOL !!
    Jackie 31

  5. Looks like you have lots of fun things on the go.
    Have a great week.
    Karen #69

  6. I'd love to rumage through your fabric Jan :-) Can you imagine the fun we would have if we put all our fabric together? Looks like you're having a great week. Tell Mr LLJ that if he perfects the art of airbrushing away a few stone I may well have a job for him :-)
    A x # 64

  7. Mr LLJ is indeed a wizard at the computer tech photoshoppery stuff. I no longer wonder at how to do anything, I just ask him to do it for me. He's marvellous. I don't think a cowl in every colour that your wardrobe requires is too much before you atart giving them away! Gotta agree about the wool, it really is fab.

  8. Morning Lynn. Great post! I think Mr LLJ needs a sparkly pot on his desk too! If he manages the airbrushing trick let me know too!!! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 67

  9. Lovely stash of fabric. Great colours in that cowl. Have a great day.

  10. hello. you have lovely projects going on. what a wonderful thing sharing the creative space with your hubby. alpha shanahan 37

  11. Fab fabric, great pic of Mr LLJ and I love your sparkly pot. I am in the process of sorting a few cards for you and will post next week. Take care Zo xx 78

  12. you are always soooo busy, jan, and I just love your lil sparkly tub! glad you treated yourself for a change :)
    happy WOYWW and have a fun week!
    no. 39
    PS thank you so much for making stuff for the shop - I so appreciate it xx

  13. I'm just going to google that program ang get back and read thre rest later.... Tea breaks are too short

  14. No bunting? Never mind, perhaps next time. Now if Mr LLJ can do that I'll have to borrow him too! Have fun! ♥ Karen ♥ 87 x

  15. Thanks for the tip re fabric prog. will watch tonight. If you find a good way to store fabric easily, let me know!!! lol I have bags and bags of it. Think we would all like a Mr LLJ - he sounds a handy sort of fella. x Jo

  16. Ooh, I don't blame you wanted to keep all the lovely cowls you're making! That one on today's post looks terrific! Well, now you have your little sequinned pot, if you're Mrs Magpie, you'll have to join the Magpie clan with my magpie cousin, Dianne in Canada who I met via WOYWW and me here in the UK in SE London! Maybe we can take over the world and fill it with bright, shiny things! My hubby usually sits at his laptop, editing his photos and his music collection while I craft and we don't tend to fight over space!!! He had retired, but now he's going back to work part-time so that didn't last long! Thanks for the visit earlier. Happy WoYWW! Julie Ann xx #45

  17. That cowl is gorgeous how could you consider not keeping all the ones you create. Lucky you to have a DH that can use technology and how nice to see you can work in the same space. My DH is always tinkering with his motorbikes/boat/music (always very noisy activities) but we do meet for a cuppa occasionally.
    Sandra @90

  18. love the white fabric with hearts and fruit on. Really cheerful

    Thanks for letting me have a snoop around your lovely creative crafty place.

    Have a great week

    Candace #60

  19. so many wonderful projects...fabric...beading...having fun just looking Be well Thanks for the peek #92 Carole

  20. Wot no bunting!! Love the sign behind the desk where your husband is sitting.


  21. That cowl is fab, you should definitely make one in every colour going! The new programme sounds interesting, I'll have to see if I can find it anywhere, sounds right up my street. Love the bright fabric colours, they really pop too, but we all know you'll be back to bunting again next week! I think a bit of burlap on those little pots too, sounds like a good excuse to visit Michael's again!

    Brenda 14

  22. Hi there Jan. What wonderful fun you are having this week. The cowl looks great, and my grand daughter would be drooling over all those beads. She, very bravely, as she is very shy, took a stall at her school fair last term, with all her handmade jewellery - she made £50. Being a young entrepreneur (at 9!) she agreed with the school beforehand, that half would go to them, and she would keep half the proceeds "to make some more, because I shall need to buy more beads"!!!!!
    Trust the last bit of clearing goes well - it's hard, isn't it, especially when the parent is still alive. No question , though, we can't have you not having a home in the homeland - fancy moving??? We love it here.
    Have a great week, both of you there in your room.
    Margaret #70

  23. Mrs. Magpie--I love your new sparkly barrel! Thank you so much for giving me some crochet courage...I tell you, I am really giving it a go. I think what I'm struggling with is knowing exactly where to put my hook through for each loop, but I am getting a little better result than before. Not going in a circle yet! Some of my loops are a little too tight, and I'm wondering if this is like when beginning knitters tend to make everything too tight. I am so excited about that Fabric of Britain show! I actually found a website for it! Also, I have to tell you, when I was in the FM Store the other day I did think of you and what fun we'd have in their aisles and aisles of fabric at discounted prices! Mr. LLJ seems very handy by the way--I'd like my hubby to learn photoshop so he could airbrush me a little! Although I don't think it will help with my perimenopause symptoms! Your beading looks fab too. Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #33

  24. so funny mutting free. but you did say last week that it would be. things look so nice as they always do. you have lovely things you come up with. Thanks for the peak and have a great day . Roberta 7

  25. what fab colourful fabrics wish could sew ... so much going on and beading too you are a busy the pot can see why you where drawn to it ..I also love the idea of being air brushed thinner HB could have a business there ! have a great week and thanks for visiting Andrea #47

  26. You always have great projects on the go Jan. I love your little sparkly pot too. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fab week
    Lynda B #54

  27. Ooh! Love the sparkly pen holder. Yes, we are easily distracted by shiny things. Fun fabrics that you are using too. You have quite the stash and while you can tell it has been rummaged through it isn't as disastrous as one might think (meaning I could make a bigger mess). Great sorting job on the beads in the bin. It is such a shame you have to take some out and use them. Personally, I'd just sit there and admire them looking all pretty in their box. Thanks for the view of the other end of the office. How nice to have the Mister nearby. My mister makes too much noise, so he gets banished to the Man Cave.

  28. Hi Jan, gorgeous fabric again. Your pen pot reminds me of a handbag I couldn't resist because it was so sparkly! Have a great week MMx #107

  29. You look as busy as ever, Jan. Love that peg bag fabric. The one you made for me is hung on the back of my craft room door and looks after all my paper flowers!! It reminds me of you every time I open the door.
    Love the cowl, they are just my colours, my MIL tried to teach me to crochet recently with terrible results, my brain just doesn't seem to get it!! Will have to stick to the paper and glue!
    Hope all is good with you.
    Hugs Lisax

  30. oh my word Jan you have been so busy it makes me feel so lazy mind you I have been in hospital so I have an excuse. I am loving all the bits you have made and the sparkly made me smile
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  31. Hello there LLJ,

    Love the cowl (now I understand why you didn't want me to knit you one -- sounds like you already have dozens!). The fabric is always so fun to look at and I plan to do a bit of fabric shopping Saturday! Yay.

    The sequin holder is great - I can see why it brought you happiness!

    Thank you for visiting - it feels so nice to be back!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (34)

  32. Such colourful things on show today Mrs! Loving that sparkly pot and the box of beads in particular.

  33. Such gorgeousness in your space. Would love a good rummage through those beads :-) Anne x #112

  34. What a great variety of things you have been making this week! I'm very envious of that big case of beads!
    Bernice #21

  35. What don't you do? Beading, sewing, crocheting. Wow. I love that crochet cowel. Thanks for showing your other half! :) Thank you for visiting my Blog earlier.

  36. Thanks for letting us know about the knitting programme - just watching it now - don't think I'll bother with the swimsuits though - they might be a bit scratchy!!

  37. ah if only i had the patience to crochet. I still only have 1 and a half granny squares done. Pity i bought 2 full balls of wool. still might get back into it later. Love your cowel scarf.

  38. Ooh need ear plugs :) How nice you share space with Mr! Love love the variegated cowl! I know I've asked someone before...peg bag...clothes pins, right. :)) Airbrush a few stones....too funny!

  39. And Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3 (third time my comments have been sent incomplete.)

  40. Gorgeous pen the sparkle! I do wish I could knit/crochet but those skills have passed me by! If you can find out how to airbrush weight away, let me know!! Thanks for your visit yesterday. Hugs. Pam#48

  41. LOL! DH and I shared a space for a LONG time, but now we have each accumulated too much stuff and need our OWN spaces. And am I the only one who went Awwwww, darn to the bunting free zone? :)

    I love the sparkle too, and you remind me I do have a handful of handbag charms hooked on bags I am not using at the moment. I so need to hunt them up....

    Happy (now my internet is back) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (5)

  42. That cowl is gorgeous Jan :o) Lovely to see that beautiful wool crocheted up. With the turn in the weather I think you should definitely make more!

  43. Ok the cowl is so beautiful you could always post it here if you have to many. Looks like you have had a great crafting week. Love all those cards that keep arriving.

    Belated WOYWW sorry I am returning so late.
    Eliza & Yoda 52

  44. Thanks for visiting me, and sorry I am late getting back, but at last I have internet access and a charged laptop. I may have muscles of steel after all the locks but my plantar fascititis is causing me serious problems.
    I'm not ignoring you about the Christmas cards for the women's refuge, it is just that intenet access is limited and so haven't yet emailed you for your postal address. will do when I have finished this.
    I love your fabrics, they are so colourful and your cowl, is there a complicated pattern to it? could you let me have it please.
    Chris #51

  45. Does that sign above mr llj's desk say "remember as far as anyone else knows we're a normal family"? Love it. Shame about the bunting but the peg bag looks great
    Famfa 15

  46. Gorgeous cowl and I loved looking at your beads...there is something therapeutic about playing with them isn't there. Thanks for visiting me already. Sorry I am so late in visiting, work got on top of me. Happy Belated WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#76)

  47. So cute, you and Mr. LLJ sharing your creative space! Have lots of fun. You can always give away the excess cowls! :)

  48. Still lovin that cheap fabric, the bags will be gorgeous. Well who's showing off with the quick fire crochet cowls. They do look fab though. You've squeezed so much into this week, with the bag dangle as well. Now I know who to ask when my computer won't do what it's supposed to, sorry Mr LLJ, you might have a crazy person after you :) Sorry I'm so late this week, my friend from England has arrived and we are house hunting and doing all the govt red tape for her to stay here forever. Plus there was the all important coffee and cake, gee, I might need Mr LLJ to photoshop a few pounds off of me!
    Have a great week,
    Von #44

  49. My God woman - is there nothing you don't do???? That cowl is to die for. The colors are so luscious and a lilac jacket--sounds like the bomb to me! Is it a single crochet, a double crochet, something a mere beginner could accomplish? And I love all the beads....such color. And the pencil understand the appeal. Somewhere along the line I went from an aging hippie to someone who likes sparkle, glitter, and the occasional bauble. Must be an age thing. Ah well, as long as I'm/we're smiling really what does it matter. Do you see how cleverly I brought you into my little world? It's just a little thing I do occasionally. Tee Hee. I'm taking a month or so off from WOYWW - just too damn much going on. One of those times in life when it's just about keeping your head above water and the little legs moving underneath as fast as possible. It's all doable....I'm hoping in November the work load gets a little better. So I'll pop by to see the "bunting free zone" and get my weekly dose of the things in Essex. Hugs.