Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 4 September 2013



That's the state of my mind at the moment!  However, when the going gets tough, the tough make bunting... :-)
Making a mess of my desk!

A little owl sitting on a ribbon branch...

An applique doggy....

A button moon....
Et voila, a commission for a friend!

It made me laugh when the word 'dap' flummoxed some of you! It must be a Welsh/South West term...anyhow, I made another bag for a young gal off to Big School....

Attaching the loop for hanging the bag on her peg....

Apparently the young lady in question loves all colours, so that's what I used!

Right, remember this?
      'Sorbet? No, it's just the way I'm sitting!'
Well done, Kate T, that made me hoot! A little prizelet will wend its way south to you shortly :-) Can you email your snail mail addy to me please?

And a little request..... I am slowly making items to send, together with donated toiletries, to the Salisbury Women's Refuge in time for Christmas. If any of you who are making cards at the moment have one or two to spare, it would be fab to enclose them in the parcel for the women to use. Thank you xxxx


  1. Love the bunting, the owl and button moon especially is totally adorable!
    Gorgeous bag for the school girl too, she will be the envy of the school!
    WEll deserve win for the caption competition, love it!
    I will work on some cards to send you over the next couple of weeks, let me know your deadline so I mail them in time!
    have a great week!


  2. Your bunting looks gorgeous! I missed craft club last night where they were doing the same... could have been interesting! Have a great week, Helen 23

  3. What gorgeous bunting, Alfie is a lucky lad.
    I remember 'daps', I even had a dap bag, but not sure if it came from Sussex or my Newport bred parents.
    I will look out a couple of cards for your Christmas parcels.
    Chris #45

  4. Sweet bunting , & will make a couple of cards for you . Happy woyww Jill #35

  5. We used the term 'dap' all of my school life, even at English schools in Germany, so I dunno about its origin! Love the bunting, the applique makes such a stunning addition. Stand by to be overwhelmed...

  6. It's a lovely bunting, in fact I love it so much I MUST have a go, my daughter would love one like that for baby Niamh. How lucky your family is to have a so gifted you! I love the bag too!
    Have a great week, Happy WOYWW
    (((Lyn)) #46ish!

  7. Love the bunting so fresh and bright looking .... The owl is very cute too

  8. Sorry I didn't get to visit last week but life just got in the way....Just not enough hours in the day to do all I 'need to do' let alone 'want to do'.
    Love your bunting as I'm sure it's new owner will.
    A x # 49

  9. Loving your bunting and the dap bag
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay # 41

  10. That bunting is absolutely beautiful! Two of my favourite things are scotties and owls! One of my great friends has a son called Alfie, but he celebrates his birthday on exactly the same day as my daughter and he'll be 20 in October, so it's probably not for him! As ever, this is a bright and beautiful post and that caption did make me chortle! Thanks for your visit and the lovely comment! Julie Ann x #34

  11. She loves it Jan, thank you! I love the bunting too, that owl is wonderful!

  12. I just knew that caption would make you chuckle, can't think why! Nice dap bags lady, I would have called them that when I was little.


  13. Gorgeous projects, love the personalised bunting and bag x
    Have a Beautiful week Heather #63

    Well done to Kate, that's a super quote x

  14. Love the bunting - Alfie is a lucky boy!! Not heard of dap before. Each county has it's own words I think. What sort of cards do you need for your charity? I'd willingly send some across. It's all for charity so that's great. ♥ Karen ♥ 68 x

  15. Well that stopped everyone in their tracks in the staff room.... Wondering what I was laughing at hehehe. Love the bunting . Thanks for you lovely comment on my smile I'm definately smiling now
    Janet @39

  16. I love your bunting! Dap is what we use, but I do hear other variations. I will jot down a note to myself to sort some cards to send you too. Take care Zo xx 71

  17. Love the bunting - well done - and as for the comment for the photo - had me chuckling for ages!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #50

  18. Greetings of another week! I have become a fan of bunting!! Who would have guessed? So darn cute. I even - gasp - considered getting out the sewing machine the other day to work on a long ago started quilt. Now that our 21 year old daughter has gone back to college, I'm thinking a card table in her - or as her father and I like to refer to it, the spare room - would be fine. I have until December when she returns from break. We'll see. Some how the time keeps zipping by at an even faster pace than before. I swear I don't know what happens to it.
    When I miss a week of WOYWW I find I really do feel a bit less connected to the world at nice to see you other there my friend!
    Here's to a good week ahead. Hugs - Sara

  19. Hi Jan. Fab bunting, that owl is v. cute and I love your button moon. Brilliant photo caption - had me giggling too!

    To answer your question - no I'm not a seamstress - the last seamstressy thing I made was a maternity dress for when I was expecting No. 1 son (now 17). I sew for work making decorations/gifts from felt which I sell at craft fairs.

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comments MMx #45

  20. Love the bunting and of course we know what daps are here in Shropshire - well I do but then I spent along time in Yorkshire!!M m m will quiz Annie and see if she knows too. Do you want Christmas cards or any cards? x Jo

  21. My ex sister-in-law used the "daps" word - I'd not heard of it before then. She hailed from Havant, down in Hants.

    Lovely bunting, very sweet! Promise I'll look at wedding photos tonight - not had much of a chance lately!

  22. You have an Eric and I have an Alfie. Small world. Love the bunting which reminds me I need to get on with some. Love the colourful bag.
    Famfa 10

  23. We're off to Button Moon, follow Mr Spoon... you do know I'm going to have that in my head all day now? :)

  24. Hi Jan
    It was definetly daps in Wroughton when I was growing up! I love your bunting with the name on what a great gift. Would love to meet up when you are next here. Let me know, I'll see if Ali's free too.
    Hugs Lynda

  25. You make the best bunting!! I am going to use your quote too (when the going gets tough, the tough make bunting) love that! Thank you for the sage advice--I can make hubby do both the salt water and hot water with honey and lemon. I think I'll have that ready for him on his way to dress rehearsal tonight. This morning, his voice was completely gone--not good. Julia was right, these actor types need a lot of care! Hugs dear soul sister. I'm so glad my flowers made you happy too! Sandy Leigh #11

  26. Gorgeous bunting!!! Caption for photo is brilliant. Happy WOYWW Anne x #54

  27. Gorgeous the detail. The caption for the photo is fab! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#78)

  28. Thanks for calling by ! Hope your son is safely back at Uni now - Cardiff must be a great place to be a student these days - great vibe !
    Love the bunting !! Ali x #40

  29. The world is like an apple???! Well, gimme some cheese then! Lovely bunting! I have to agree with the young lady whom you made the bag for--gotta love ALL the colors. Plus you did a great job of using them.

  30. love the bunting and btw your site always makes me feel like I get nothing done.. uggg you do so much.. how how how do you do it. Thanks for letting me look at everything. Roberta 17

  31. Your bunting is adorable, I particularly love the owl! Have a great week! Danie #25

  32. Well, the windmills of your mind were certainly whirling this week. Sad that I missed you last week. I even looked the list over three times, thinking I would eventually see your name.

    That sorbet quote is priceless. I can see why you picked it as the winner. And I like the bunting, too, although I still have trouble calling them that. Happy WOYWW (because it's still Wednesday in my world) from #2.

  33. Just love that pennant.Ihave 3 in my sewing room, and one in my garage, and one in the bedroom.
    That little bag for the newbie student is so sweet.
    Judy #20

  34. You really are the best bunting maker... alfie's mum will be pleased. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @68

  35. Love the bunting! Just gorgeous :)
    Sorry it's taken so long to visit - busy week!
    Happy belated WOYWW :)
    no. 26
    PS I finally got my Etsy shop open, Jan, so if you're still open to making things, let me know :)

  36. I can't get Blogger to let me see/use your email (it says it's not properly installed). I'm sure it is, I think it's my Blogger that's off somehow...
    Anyway, if you can email me: claire[dot]sauer[at]ntlworld[dot]com, we can talk more :)
    Essentially, anything you can make would be wonderful - it will be credited to you, of course :)
    As I can't sew, it would be lovely to have a fabric bag, or something...
    But, obviously, caring for your family is the priority! Take care xx

  37. Love your bunting, that is going to be a hit, so wish I could do applique but my sewing doesn't seem to go round corners very well! LOL Apologies for being so late returning your visit! Annette #30

  38. I adore your bunting. They were doing bunting at my local craft club this week but unfortunately I had a minor operation the previous day so I couldn't go. I must pass on your blog address (if that is OK) Thanks BJ#16

  39. Hello there LLJ,

    Love the bunting! Of course the name "Alfie" reminded me of the song == what's it all about, Alfie? That's the only line from the song that I remember and I don't know who sang it. Guess I'll google it!

    The little bag for the little girl going off to school is so cute. I'm sure it'll be a hit since she's so colorful!

    The chosen quote for the photo is priceless! I laughed out loud and I'm in Starbucks so a few heads turned my way.



  40. Hello

    BJ pointed me in this direction as my craft club has just done a "bunting" session.
    I love this. How do you do the letters to applique? Hand cut or some other method.

    Kay,it was Cilla Black !!


  41. Happy WOYWW! You have so much wonderful craftiness going on there!!