Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 7 November 2012



Sue and David's wedding actually! She looked completely awesome in a 50's full skirted black and white polka dot dress, it was a wonderful day! I'm only showing these pics to let you see the bunting in situ! This is the before shot..the after is still in the camera!!
DH and I took the wedding photos - these two show the twin themes of pink and vintage tea party!!

 Sue made this awesome teapot cake!

The shoes were commissioned from Shoes of Prey and the bouquet came from a local florist. Hot pink ruled the day :)

Ok, back to the desk! There's ricrac braid in white, red, green and silver; also buttons, gingham and linen triangles. More bunting??
 Nope, a mini forest of Christmas trees!! Little cones, stuffed and weighted down, like a beanbag. Ricrac tinsel and button baubles complete the decorations.

I know they're off centre and higgledy piggledy, but I rather like them. They're going to be my decoration of choice this festive season! All we need now is to see a few little gnomes peering around the sides *grin* 

And here's that Christmas fabric I showed last week made up as a table centre and place mats - I'll see if they go at one of the fairs that are coming up. If not, I'll be more than happy to keep 'em!

Blimey - the table needs a polish...... like that's going to happen!!!! LOL
And here's what I was making with the skully fabric - two dribble catchers and a  bandanna for Carmen's new baby, Logan. As he and the parcel have safely arrived, I can show you. It's ok, you know, Carmen loves all things Goth, so these weren't a random departure from baby blue!!
Wonder if Mothercare would take me on as a new babywear designer.... :D

PS The keys turned up!!! Yay! They were stuck in some random foldy bit inside the rucksack that both DH and I had searched. We obviously need to get our eyes checked...sigh. 


  1. The room looks amazing. Hope you are going to show us pictures of the wedding itself in a future post. I love those dribble catchers, bright and cheerful. Definitely a must for Mothercare. xx Maggie (NO number yet)

  2. Hey Jan,

    Love all your sewing this week especially the baby items, and those tree's look amazing so love those....
    Have a great week crafting...
    Love the bride's shoes and bouquet would love to see a photo of the bride in her dress....


  3. What tease not showing us the bride

  4. I sent baby Logan a skulls thing too...poor kid hasn't got a chance!!
    Love the before shots for Sue and Dave, I bet it was marvellous. The hot pink actually really sums her up doesn't it, warm and bright. Beautiful flowers. I bet they'll be thrilled skinny with your photos. Am loving the mini forest, as you know!

  5. You should have gone to Specsavers!!!!
    Lovely makes abound in and out of the LLJ household. The bunting looks super in situ and I bet the doo was great. Love those shoes.DD1's friend married wearing red with white spots 50's dress... must be "in"?! Look forward to more pics.
    I think the baby stuff will be a big hit.
    Pop a head on those "trees" and you've got angels ... oh but you'll need wings too!
    Lots of love Jo x

  6. You might joke about the whole goth skulls baby stuff, but there's a whole other world out there just SHOUTING for stuff like this! That and black/purple baby clothes. Trust me, I've knitted some.... get your goth on girl, approach an online sales company (like Kate's Clothing) and prepare to make a mint....ish....

    Happy WOYWW, lady!

  7. Hurray for the keys, how naughty to hide like that!!
    The Wedding sounds amazing. Love that teapot cake and the hot pink. Can we see a piccie of the bride or is that top secret??
    You look as though you've been giving your sewing machine some hammer this week, those wibbly wobbly trees are great, I love them and as for the baby stuff, mothercare have stiff competition there, you'd be hard pushed to find goth stuff through their doors, not that I've been in for years worse luck!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #71

  8. Those baby makes are perfect...I just know Carmen will love them.
    Fab wedding snaps....Hot pink is gorgeous and I love that cake :-)
    A x #64

  9. Love the pre-wedding shots, hope to see the afters soon! Love that fabric and I know Carmen will have too. Helen 4

  10. wow you have been busty and the baby bits are so cute LOL love them what a fab cake its ace and the bunting is perfect for the vintage tea party theme. looking forward to seeing more have a fab creative week x #67

  11. Great pictures.

    Happy WOYWW LLJ.

    Sarn xxx

  12. Fantastic projects as always and I rather like the wiggly Christmas trees as well! Glad to hear the keys turned up but doesn't it make you want to .....shout very loudly? I remember I lost my phone from the car to the house and spent ages looking for it. Found it in the end on a little shelf under the passenger seat that we never even knew was there - it must have somehow flown off the dashboard and landed there but I would defy anyone to repeat it on purpose. And as for keys in my handbag...... the nooks and crannies they find to go! Happy WOYWW Cindy #78

  13. Loving the skully babywear, very cool, and those darling tree's are awesome, bet they look great in the home.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #1

  14. I love those pink shoes and that cake is awesome, not to mention the fabulous bunting. Sounds like a great day was had. Don't forget to show some pics.
    Those little trees are so cute, they would look great in the middle of my Christmas table. We have Christmas outside on the patio (it's around 30 deg don't forget) and that sort of thing is perfect, see you should live in Australia!! Yay, your elusive keys turned up. At least you won't be wondering what happened to them for the next 10 years.
    Have a great week.
    Von #39

  15. Oh wow loving the pink! Great bunting and those cone tree things you made are fab, and yes I like the higgledy piggledy style too, it's very me! Take care. Zo xx 82

  16. I'm so glad that the keys turned up safely! The bunting looks great in situ and the tea pot cake is amazing - as a tea addict I can completely appreciate it! I really really love those trees! Shame I am useless at all things sewing or I may attempt one. Thanks for sharing. Caro #73

  17. I literally gasped out loud at those Christmas trees! I adore them and I want one now!

    I'm making another ribbon tree at the moment, all in red and white for a change.

    Love the bunting at the wedding.

    Take care
    Jakix #75

  18. Ha, ha you found the keys!!! Better late then never! Love your Christmas trees and all your lovely makes! The wedding bunting is lovely too! Eh what can I say all is lovely and so are you!
    Lots of hugs,

  19. I do not know all the words to Mairi's Wedding but it is an old Scottish Country Dance!
    Love the bunting, as you know I do. Those pink shoes are awesome! Size 4 by any chance?
    P.S. If you look at my blog post yesterday, you will see my lickle insy winsy 12x12" quilt!!

  20. Loads of lovely things. Love the tea pot cake, wonderful. Bunting loves great as ever. I have just the thing to send you to go with your trees, I was wondering what to make you, now I know.
    FAMFA (20)

  21. Wow what a busy lady you are :) that teapot cake is fab. I will be making a birthday cake in the not too distant future for my daughters minnie mouse party so will post pictures once done.

    That table runner and placemats are gorgeous. I would make some but got enough to finish before christmas I don't think there's time.

    Happy WOYWW

    Lou x #74

  22. Oh what a gorgeous post this week. I love all the wedding stuff - the teapot cake is fab. Your little Christmas trees are perfect - I like the slightly wobbly look too. x Jo

  23. Hi Jan - thanks for popping by. I too love the little trees - I am partial to the Scandinavian look and the elves would look fab. You could definitely set up that street chic baby wear business - I am sure there are a lot of young mums out there who would bite your hand off for those lovelies. Happy WOYWW from Helen 56

  24. Wow! Mothercare should take you on! Love your trees, great idea! Chrisx

  25. I was at the NEC today and yesterday (EHI Live) they have all the current Expo signs up, and I did feel a tug, but even worse, under EHI live was 'hobbycraft' under hobbycraft was "CAKES"


    I have been through torture and survived, no craft, no cake,

    just work, ( How Mean????)


    I have done my work, now I'm on leave
    and I'm off to France and will pursue cake and craft there!


  26. Posted a comment but it didn't go, sigh! Love the funky wedding, looks like a lot of fun, those cakes are brilliant! Love your little trees, the tippy-ness gives them character by the bagful! Bet Carmen loves those baby things, I think they would go down well in Mothercare!!

    Brenda 3

  27. I am over the moon over so many things here--the teapot cake, the beautiful bunting, the fabric Christmas tree forest, the matching placemats and tablerunner...I'm in heaven! Only if I could suddenly be a gifted enough sewist to figure out how to stitch the cone shape and make one of those trees!! I think I'd be stitching all day, they are adorable! You just cracked me up too, because I have actually dipped a watercolor brush in my coffee mug before. I had also put the water in a mug--very stupid of me--so when I discovered my aquabrushes, I was all over that! Let me know if you want some--they are very lightweight and I could mail them easily. Hugs to my soul sister! Sandy Leigh #24

  28. Love the baby bits. It's so hard not to dress babies as pale blue or pale pink blobs, these bibs have attitude.

  29. Thanks for your visit today, Jan. Sadly, going ex-directory does not stop the type of calls we are getting, as they are all random generated calls - 9 so far today and still counting. Grrrr... xx Maggie #40

  30. PS you can get some good bargains from Create and Craft. Look for days when the postage is capped, for example. check that what is in the item is what you really need and does not contain stuff that you would never use. Just take care and price things properly and you can get good products at good prices. xx Maggie #40

  31. Oh so much to look at this week, the wedding looks great, the same colours as D3 is wanting..... yes there is yet another wedding on the horizon!!!!!!!
    the tea pot is fab but oh my those shoes .... to die for.
    Cute tree decorations, yes wobbly is good, it's how I feel.
    have a great week

  32. Goth isn't my bag, but I really wish it was now I've seen your dribble catchers! They're fab - I can't see Mothercare being able to resisit launching a whole range.... scrummy looking cake and the bunting looks great too! Enjoy the rest of your week! x

  33. Love the wedding theme ....and those shoes are gorgeous.
    Dribble bibs are the best ever thing that has appeared ...after...I had kids....and those you made for Carmen are awesome.
    I didn't join in this week due to a jippy tummy but had to drop by a few friends. xx

  34. Ooh those trees are lovely Jan :o) I loving your skully makes and the teapot cake too xx
    Fiona #130? Oops! I can't actually remember.

  35. Glad the keys were found! lol It's amazing how our stuff hides from us! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  36. The teapot cake is wonderful!
    And I love, love, love the 'goth' fabric. If my son and his girl ever get around to marriage and/or family, that would be their fabric of choice!
    I'm keeping it short to try and visit a few more folk this week.
    Kate x #72

  37. So fun to see the bunting in action, so to speak, and that teapot cake is adorable!

    I am slowing cleaning out a room to become the sewing room . . . all you awesome sewing woywwers have spurred me on!

    #129ish this week

  38. I would totally hire you to design baby stuff because pink and blue and all that pastel is BORING! I thought the one dribble cloth might be a diaper cover (to go over baby's bum) now that would make the outfit. I like your wobbly whimsical Christmas trees. And whoa! Check out those hot pink shoes. Zowie! No missing those.

    So sad you can't tell what I've changed on my newly organized shelf. Neither can hubby, he says it is all just stuff. Well, I know it is new and improved... now if only I could figure out where to put all the stuff I didn't put back and just piled on the table....!

  39. Thanks for sharing the fun photos and lovely Teapot. Great little trees, hard to realize it's just around the corner. Have a fun WOYWW and enjoy your little fun projects.

  40. A wonderful tour today, LLJ! The bunting is devine and those cakes and slippers and flowers - what a blast and half, the whole affair!!

    As far as the baby items, um, uh, goth baby, eh? Hey, whatever stops the drool, right?! You're a hoot.

    I have commented back and forth to Ros and like her blog. I saw somewhere where she had written about starting a blog for the wordy WOYWWers, but I didn't think she meant word affliciandos, I thought she meant people who are long-winded. Seeing as how I fit both cats, I should be a shoe-in. Problem is time. And energy. I'm feeling at that limit where it's all still fun and not a chore, but one more thing on the pile . . . and I don't do an iota of what, say, you do day-to-day. Never having said that, I am interested to see what you two nincompoops get up to and I just may find it to be irrizistabooble!!

    Thanks for coming by to see me earlier and I hope you have a wonderful week! Darnell #42

  41. I thought I was busy but you wow what a week you have had. Thanks for dropping by and saying Hi. I'm about to leave for work.....

    Eliza 113

  42. You are such a talented sewer...the bunting looks fabulous of how the table runner and placemats turned out...
    I used to sew a lot but kind of drifted away from it...seeing your work makes me want to give it a go again.
    Little Miss C is dying to learn but I has been fobbing off that job onto my daughter (her Mum). Perhaps I should give that a rethink!

  43. From wedding bunting to baby bottoms you are a sewing marvel. Would love to see the bub in all the skull gear. The teapot cake is so sweet!
    Sandra @10

  44. Hi LLJ,

    The wedding bunting is great! And I must say, my bunting is still hanging on my fireplace mantle and my dad was up yesterday and asked "what's with the british flags?" He was quite impressed when I said a blog friend made it!

    The cake for the wedding is amazing! Holy cow.

    I'm sure the table runner and placemats will be a hit at the craft show. Thanks for visiting me already!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #5

  45. Just a quick note to let you know the Angel Swaps info is on my blog... Thanks for joining in and don't forget to name them for fun!
    Love Jo x

  46. Amazing stuff! What a lot of things you have to show us this week - where is the bride though? I was so looking forward to seeing her.
    Love the pirate bandana (skulls) so much - great!
    Thanks for visiting me - have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Neet x 43

  47. Oh, I would have loved to have been a guest at that dotty themed wedding - love all things spotty and the bride's fifties styled dress sounds fabulous. Recognised that table instantly and Christmassy table centre and place mats - I would find it hard to part with them, myself :) Elizabeth, later than ever, x #75

  48. I definitely think they should take you on as a designer! Those baby bits are fab-u-lous!

  49. Amazing wedding preparations. Want to have something similar for my daughter’s wedding at one of elegant New York wedding venues. Hope will be able to make it possible. Thanks for sharing this lovely post here.