Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


(Robbie Williams, I take it all back.. you're not the complete ignoramus I previously took you for. The lyrics to Angels are absolutely amazing....)

I'm taking part in JoZart's Angel Swap. It's been an interesting progress of ideas, starting out with wild and wacky colours but as I thought more about what Angels actually mean to me, I realised it was all about white and silver, light and beauty. Hmm, I thought and changed track....
 I've been to the Far Side...of the stitch selection on my machine! To boldly go where no LLJ has been before *grin* I'm doing white on white embroidery, no measuring of course, just going for it.

And every angel has to have silver lame wings!!! That lame fabric has been in my stash for aeons, I knew there was a reason to hang on to it :)

One of the robe fronts, embellished with a few icy blue little bugle beads.

Blimey, this is all a bit monochrome..we'll soon change that.....
I had a stall at the Craft Fair in my Village Hall (where the WOYWW Crop was held..that seems ages ago now) I went for Christmas big time and did quite well. Colour, yay!!

The bunting, bags and beading were popular - and yes, I am knitting! Can't bear hanging around doing nothing all day :) Have you spotted my pinny made from the Dunelm fabric? It got a lot of comments on the day!

I tried to do one of the Ribbon Trees that Jaki has shown...never again, too fiddly for me - you must have high patience levels, Jaki!!
You can just see some Christmas stockings made out of mad Dalmation fur fabric...what?? Just call me Cruella, lol. 
On Sunday, my band were in Marlborough marching in the Remembrance Day parade and then playing in the service afterwards - you can see G3 second from left in the front row...I joined them at the Memorial (not feeling too great, you see..)

I am playing but am hidden!!

Anthony playing Last Post and Reveille...he must have nerves of steel. There were crowds of people, the only sound was his cornet. Amazing.

And for those of you who demanded to see the bride last week, well, here she is!
                                             The newlyweds!
DH and I took the photos that day...this is one of our favourites. 
There is nothing quite like a hug from the one you love....awwwwwww

Have a great week!


  1. What a wonderful page Jan. Inspiring and heart warming
    Lynn //57

  2. What a beautiful original too. I'm in on the angel swap too but mine are rather more like fairies...I rather like how yours is coming along.
    A x #74

  3. Ohhh your angel is going to be divine I am loving all the LLJ detail. Wonderful wedding pics and I have to protest about the lack of LLJ visibility in the brass band pic. Well done at the fair the cruella stockings are a hoot.
    Sandra @75

  4. What loveliness your post brings.... the angel factory looks like it's on overdrive and the craft stall looks wonderful. Was I was touched just reading about it. Hope you are back to feeling 100%hat an honour for your family to make the remembrance day so special for so many. It must have been so moving to hear the last post, I was touched just reading about it. Hope you are back to 100% now... take care,
    Jo x

  5. I was touched too just reading it Jan, a really lovely post today. Your angels are going to be fabulous - wowzers! Love all your goodies on the craft stall too, I would be making a bee-line or it if I was there..... Happy WOYWW, Anne x #65

  6. What do you mean, the ribbon tree needed more patience than you have and yet you're beading and stitching an angel? I do not get you. EVAH!! LAst post makes me blub. Always. No matter how many pills. Am very grateful for a bright and dry Sunday for you. And the photos of the bride are absolutely gorgeous.

  7. lots of lovely photo's you've shared with use this week. Well done for all the things you've made for your craft stall. I'm like you hate standing or sitting about , got to keep busy. Jill #56

  8. Stunning pics lovely. Glad your fair went well, mine was so busy I never really got to sit down at all. It was the busiest one to date we reckon. So many people. But I'm glad you managed to sell some of your beautiful things. I really must ask you to make me a bling bin for Lisa. Will contact you about that when I next remember! No desk from me, am preparing for a weekend away, where I get to meet my fellow Crafty Boots DT ladies! Can't wait. But I wanted to pop by and say hello anyway and of course have a nose at your desk!! Take care Zo xx

  9. Your trees are lovely! I can give you a tip about the ribbon tree, if you ever feel like making one again!
    Your craft stall looked lovely, pity you are so far away from me!

    Take care

    Jakix #86

  10. What a lovely post today, but sorry you weren't feeling too well on Sunday. Hope you are fine now. The craft stall looked fabulous, I wish I could have got there! Thanks for sharing pics of the happy couple - aaahhhh!!! Helen, 3 (will hug Zoe for you too!)

  11. I know i hven't woywwed again but your post caught my eye ..../gergeous wip angels.
    How amazing the sound of the single cornet must have been gave me goose bumps as I read.
    How wonderful for the bride to be different and do her own thing ...I know my future DIL would love that dress. Her family want her to be traditional but she is only giving in a little....her bouquet is going to be made of paper as are her table decorations (lots of tutting from her relations) and her dress is to be in the 50's style and not bridal aparently.(even more tutting ....even the offer to buy a propper one has been banded about.)...and yes that last shot is wonderful. xx

  12. Fantabulous pictures of everything LLJ.

    Happy WOYWW honey xxx

  13. Your craft stall looks fantastic - so full of eye-catching colour - not surprised to hear you did well! And the bride looks fab...

    Thanks for your visit, and to answer your question:
    I'm working on Boris Godunov, Michael Boyd's last show for the RSC (for now). I've worked alongside him for most of the last ten years, including the extraordinary experience of the Histories Cycle, so although I went freelance earlier this year (releasing this current flood of crafting creativity), I was always locked in to come back and work on this one. Hope your niece is enjoying whatever they're working on at the moment!
    Alison x

  14. Wow, your angel looks amazing, lucky person who gets you. Your stall looks great and very colourful. Is it too late to order stuff for Christmas if I want it sent to UK?
    The bride looks amazing and the photos are gorgeous
    FAMFA (19)

  15. OK so who wasnlt singing at the start of Jan's post? LOL Hi Jan! Your craft table looks lovely - well done! Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@85)

  16. Happy WOYWW. Yes, you had me singing - one of my favourite songs ever. Making me feel guilty now. Haven't started my angel yet - and it won't be as fab and sparkly and creative as your's. Oh well, Jo can hide it at the back of the tree! What a beautiful couple - and the last photo had me in tears and missing my hubby (he has only been out at a meeting since 10 am, but it is rare that we don't get to see each other at lunchtime). Ali x #71

  17. Hi LLJ,

    Your booth looks great! I love all the colors. I also had some knitting going during the craft fair a few weekends ago. It helps calm the nerves, at least for me.

    The bride looks amazing. I love the dress.

    Not joining in this week but I wanted to pop in to see what you've been up to.


  18. Wow, I adore the angel Jan. Your table looks fabulous too - and as for those wedding photos, they're great and don't they look so happy. Happy WOYWW, see you soon! Hugs, Di xx

  19. Me again, Jan. I popped back to answer the questions you left on my blog. :o) I've tried a stack of white pens over the years and the Signo uni-ball broad tips are the only white ones I use now - I find they write beautifully. As for Kirstie - I have only flicked through the book so can't answer with any real authority but I quite like what I've seen so far.
    Sue x

  20. The angel looks like it will be fabulous, can't wait to see the finished item. Your stall looks great as well, bet you were popular.
    Carolyn #117

  21. what an amazing post, your angel is stunning, can't wait to see it finished, love all your colourful items on your stall too, great band shots and lovely happy wedding pics!

  22. Your angel is going to be amazing. Love those silvery wings and the beautiful beading. I hate to disappoint you, but Robbie Williams didn't write those wonderful lyrics. Karl Wallinger (Waterboys) wrote a song called 'She's the One' and Robbie Williams took it, renamed it and used it to launch his solo career. You can go back to thinking he's an ignoramus now if you like! lol
    Fiona xx

  23. What a fun dress and shoes for that bride!!! Love it! The last photo is so precious...It would look fab in a frame.

    Ps Your apron looks amazing!

  24. Would you believe I had your site open ready to comment (then had to sort dinner) then straight afterwards your comment came in to me! I love the angel it is so perfect and spiritual. Oh and the B&W hug photo with coloured flowers is brilliant - do you scrapbook? this would make a super page. BJ#36

  25. Those angels are going to be stunning...I can't wait to see a finished one. Your stand looks amazing...did the Christmas trees sell? I love them! Lovely picture of the blushing bride, especially that last one. Thanks for sharing. Caro #89

  26. Hey LL Cool Jay! Frist, or if you don't like typos, first, thank you for coming by and for your good wishes! I'm a wee rocky again today, ups and downs. So your cheery photo-laden post today cheered me immensely with all the soft and visually stunning angel makings and the bright holiday craft table and the bedazzled and loving bride and groom!!

    I'm sure it's the wooziness, but I am admitting to confusion about the angel wings. Are these for little angels like table decorations or costume sized? The beautiful lay on the bed with the blue ...oh, I scrolled back up. It's a robe with wings, like for a choir, right? By jove, I think I've got it. Sorry. I'm a potato head today. It's really, really beautiful.

    I'll go have a lie down and feel better. Have a terrific week! Darnell #41

  27. Great selection of photo's this week, I love the start of your angel, the bead work looks gorgeous so am sure the angel will be fab, your stand at the fair looks great too,hope you did well.
    Thanks for the visit, Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #8

  28. Hi jan
    Angels is one of my faves of Robbies so I recognised it straight way. Your angel is looking great and a lot of work. I guess we will have to wait until it has been swapped. I dont work Fridays so I wont be in winch, shame as I could do with some me down time but I have saturdays workshop to work on. We have some great scandinavian style fabrics you will love . . .say hi to Lucy on Haby, she has just started joining in too (but I dont think she got the linking thing right #130)

  29. WOW great post this week Jan! I need to get my angels started soon as I am off on a cruise in 10 days for 10 days. I love the pictures of the memorial band and the Christmas booth! The bridal couples pictures are outstanding. The vintage look of their outfits and that black and white with the colored flowers just makes the picture pop! WOW! Have a great week and thanks for sharing and visiting my desk. I love comments! Vickie #62

  30. What beautiful work is going into the angel. You are so clever to 'just do it'. I'd be spending for-bloody-ever thinking about it. I'm really looking forward to the finished Creativity Angel.
    So much here - the Christmas trees are cute. Put 55 pounds (no pound sign on this computer) on the ribbon version.
    The band looks very splendid in red. Are you in the front row? I must post one of me in the Pink Ribbon campaign choir.
    And the newlyweds. Great photo. Warning, warning - it might go viral. ;-) like President & Mrs Obama. Love the song you quoted for the wedding post, Mairi's wedding. Used to sing that in the caf at uni.
    Take care,
    Ros. #94

  31. Lots of loveliness this week. Thanks for the photos of the happy couple - how fab to have a wedding which looks so much fun.
    Gorgeous stall, fabulous angel (wish I had joined in now) and lovely photos of the band. Thank you for the work you do with the band!

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting me. Hugs, Neet 15 (been having internet problems and unable to comment up to now) xx

  32. I bet your angels are going to look fab! Love the parts we see now. Looks like it was a fun wedding. Happy WOYWW! Nan 103

  33. I NEED a pair of those pink shoes, wonder if they come in size 9? Your market looks fabulous and please post a finished pic of your angel when it is safe to do so and you won't spoil the surprise.

  34. Your angels are going to be sooooooo lovely from the pictures you have shown us the beads are lovely

  35. sorry I had no time to visit anyone you are busy those angels are going to be stunning oh to have such a talent and the craft stall looks ace ..thankyou for such fab photos have a great week x #60

  36. Oh where to start!! Your angel will be GORgeous!!! So glad your craft fair went well - we have one on 24th so I am trying to get a few bits done. And those wedding photos are so lovely - what a happy day. We all need pink shoes like those. x Jo

  37. Oh my I can hardly wait to see your angel completed! Marvelous parade! Thanks for coming my way :) Sandi #29

  38. Those shoes are brilliant and she looked beautiful,love the photo of daddy hugging daughter, makes me smile. I am sure your angel will be perfect and your stall went well. I thought of you today when heaps of bunting was getting hung on the set of the show in the big marquis, it made me smile and think happy thoughts. I must try and snaffle a shot of in bunting for you.

    Anyway have a great week and look forward to seeing the completed Angel.

    Hugs Eliza

  39. I think I spied you playing there! So proud of my soul sister!! I may be singing in a group in our Christmas parade--if I do, I'll post a pic. Fifty somethings should be in as many parades as possible!! I love that you ventured over to the dark side of your stitching selections--I like to freestitch messing with a pattern! (this is why we're soul sisters) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday song! And you are not odd--as I get going on this watercolor collection I'm doing (yes, it's turned into a collection) I may have to send you one! Hugs dearest! Oooh, and I love the wedding photos! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #6

  40. I'm sure your angel will be fabulous, and am not surprised at all you did well at the craft fair! Thank you for sharing the wedding pics--that last one is absolutely charming, Jan!


  41. I so want to see the finished angel just know it will be amazing. Love the brides dress and shoes - she looked lovely. Anne x #126

  42. Lovely photos Jan, what a happy bride and what a marvellous display on your table! I have to go to the far side with my machine.... the guide book! Its all wiggly and I think its the tension. I've got the book out... just haven't looked at it yet...

  43. Hullo there Lunch Lady Jan, ah loving your post as usual and yes agree with folk at show that your apron is a cracker :D and yes love the table too looks smashing.. trust it did well?
    Great bride groom shots too and for 1.11.12 - love brass bands, really create the mood - well done! Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #10

  44. Your stall looks great this week Jan and I’m pleased you did well selling your bits. You put so much work into making them, so I’m not surprised.

    Thanks for stopping by this week.
    Happy Crafting!

  45. Your craftsmanship is amazing. I love your wedding pictures too. Blessings!

  46. I'm REALLY late getting round to people this week - family life getting in the way!

    So, I figured I'd better pop in and at least say thanks for stopping by!

    Love the photos of the wedding, and Phoenix always look so beautifully turned out! Well done on the craft stall - you should have said, we'd have come and been supportive too...

  47. Huh! I am VERY late but I am glad I got love, love this post!!!! You went all out with that angel - mine will be much more simple! Your stall at the Crafty fair is amazing - yeh I LOVE COLOR! And your pinny is fantastic! Ha, ha who doesn't love a bit of romance....Merry Christmas in Slovene VESEL BOZIC (pron. veseu bozhich, zh is pronounced like the old film starlet Zha Zha Gabor)
    Lots of hugs and love

  48. Well done on the craft stall.. Photos look fantastic all look very happy... Thanks for the visit to my blog. We finished with the wood now till next year YAY..I am just a bit late getting around to say thanks.. Sandy :)