Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 31 October 2012



I've got a sorry tale to tell, but it can wait to the end of the post - desk first!

Nan G thought my piles of pennants looked like G strings last week, lol!! They did rather..but here they are in the finished state. 4 lots of 3.5m lengths of bunting for the wedding....errmmm, I have quite a few flags left over, my cutting out was rather enthusiastic (!!) so if anyone would like some bunting as featured below, please get in touch :D
I have been trying very hard not to buy more fabric, but when you see these beauties sitting on the shelf in Dunelm Mill, well it's like the call of the Sirens...' us...go know you want to............'
I already had the gingham but knew that this gorgeous Christmassy fabric would go so table runners and place mats for the Christmas table are in order I think, plus a festive pinny, and make the leftovers into gift bags. 
A detail of the's so gorgeous, I love it!!

I haven't done that much this week because a few days were spent down at my dad's in Wales. On Saturday evening, DH and I went for a walk down the harbour. All was tranquil...
Homage to Julia's Shadow Photos she does so well!!

All was happy.

Late Sunday morning, we're just about to take Dad out for lunch when we realise that the car keys are nowhere to be found. Panic ensues. The bungalow is turned upside down..the previous evening's walk is retraced, the police station is phoned...nothing, nada, zip, zilch. The absence of keys is overpowering. So there we are in Wales with a locked car on a Sunday. Sigh........

DH decides to go back to Wiltshire on the train that afternoon, my brother Steve picks him up and drives him back to our village (no buses run at that time of night, so many thanks, Steve!!) Thankfully he finds the spare key..phew. 
The following morning sees him back on the train to Wales, checking every 5 minutes that he has the key safe in his pocket. This key doesn't have the remote locking blipper, so will it open the car and start the engine anyway???
It does.....
We return to Wiltshire somewhat frazzled, out of pocket and mightily cross. Then we hear on the news what's happened on the East coast of the US which puts our problem into perspective somewhat. I sincerely hope that all our many friends across the pond are safe and well.

So the moral of the story is:
ALWAYS TAKE YOUR SPARE KEY ON HOLIDAY!!!! We will...............


  1. yep that fabric is truly amazing, it's a week for fab fab. I look forward to seeing what you make with it. Did you find the original keys? where does all this stuff go?
    My dad once locked this is the car. . . with the engine running, hee hee.
    I'm off to bed Zzzzzz

  2. Oh, yippee, Jan, a Dunelm Mill is opening shortly in Kilmarnock ... I'm twitching with anticipation :) Lovely fabric. Sorry tale of the car keys but lovely pics of the trip ... and yes, what is happening in the States does put our own little miseries into perspective. I'd better get to bed. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x (no number yet)

  3. I adore your bunting as usual, still have my union flag one up! Great upside down fabric too - LOL. BJ#35

  4. You will have another moment of fury when you find out how much it cost to replace a 'plip plopper' key... I have been 'manual' for two years because £70 for a key just goes against my grain - it is sometimes over a hundred for 'posh' cars...remember the days when nothing was remote? and we all were a bit more up close and personal?

    ha ha

    dxxx 70 something

  5. Love the bunting, it will be so well received, perfect for the 'do' if you ask me. Do you know, I think the bauble fabric is even nicer with a second look!

  6. ah Lunch lady Jan.. such a lovely, lovely day.. and hard lesson..

    I am not sure I would have thought to take a spare key! (thankfully my car does not have bleeper keys) so glad it was all okay in the end ie you could get home on the non bleeper key and as you say you dont have to look far to get things in perspective...
    - and yes... I do adore your bunting - great colours and pattern arrangement - you really do it well and yes agree with Julia on bauble fabric, looks a treat with the check! thanks so much for popping over and happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #37

  7. I was getting worried at the start of your post.... glad it was "only" lost keys. The bunting is great,(and glad I wasn't the only one who thought it looked like undies!) and so is that new fabric - no wonder you couldn't resist. I am not sure I would have either....Your homage photo is great, by the way.

  8. Gorgeous bunting and I should know as I have gorgeous LLJ bunting above my window. Good to know it can double as a G string at a pinch. Opps! Spare key message now filed away in my brain.
    Sandra @87

  9. Oh I can imagine the stress re the car keys... we seem to go through this all too often and I couldn't tell you where the spare keys are. A lesson to be taken.
    Those fabrics are fab and I think I'll be paying Dunhelme a visit soon. Never ever been to one so must see if there's one nearby.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and I'll pop you on the list for the bits and bobs and the angel.
    Jo x

  10. Your bunting is so cute and I really love that Christmassy fabric. It will look fantastic when you make it up. Such a bummer about the car keys, can't imagine where they went. Good idea to take a spare.
    Have a great week.
    Von #38

  11. Such pretty bunting! Love the new fabrics too, you know you really do "neeeed" them of course you do!!!! Karen T 96 x

  12. Lovely bunting, beautiful pictures from Wales and a tip for all of us.
    Joining you with the wishes for those on the East Coast.
    Hugs, neet xx 23

  13. Your wedding bunting is gorgeous, Jan. It'll look so pretty. Love the Christmas fabric too, not surprised you couldn't resist it.
    What a nightmare to loose the keys. Some friends of ours stayed overnight in a hotel before flying off on holiday and left their car keys in the hotel bedside drawer!!
    As you say though, our storm ravaged friends in the USA puts everything into perspective. Love and hugs definitely go out to them.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #95

  14. Lol at the g-strings, she's right though. Lovely fabric I agree, and you are not the only one who hears stuff talking to you, begging to be taken home. Glorious pictures of Wales,and we once spent an hour & a half turning the house upside down, when Doug couldn't find the car keys. Whole house, everywhere. In exasperation, he put his hands in the air, said 'to hell with it, I give up', slapped his hands down to his sides- and felt the keys in his pocket! Men!!!have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #90

  15. We take our spare car-key on holiday but it didn't stop us from leaving it in our cottage one year, driving 45 mins to the beach and then me closing the door with the key still in the ignition (way back in the days when you could lock the door and then close it).
    Bunting has turned out beautifully Jan, will be the prettiest wedding around.
    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  16. Oh no! What a palaver. I don't actually have a spare key for my little Clio so I really would be in trouble. That bunting is such a lovely colour combination, you put fabrics together so well :o) I LOL'ed at the g-string remark! Love the baubly fabric, so very festive. I'm on the hunt for some fabric with tiny strawberries this week for a very special project which I'm looking forward to starting. Enjoy the rest of half term xx

  17. I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  18. Haha, I did a similar thing at school the other day: without looking I shoved my car keys into a pocket of my bag I never normally use and then couldn't find them once I was ready to go.... three kids all buckled up -no keys- nightmare!! Luckily the school secretary searched my bag for me and found them before I broke down completely....

    Lovely photos, I love Wales.

    Happy Wednesday x Chloe 106

  19. Gorgeous fabrics - I'm being taken to Dunelm tomorrow so I shall have to look at fabrics! Oh what a tale, sounds a nightmare but like you say when you see the news it puts everything into order. Fab shadow pic too! Not taking part this WOYWW, too much going on, well there isn't but I've been told off so have to rest, but wanted to pop by some of your desks anyway! Take care Zo xx

  20. Love the bunting, I would say I want some, but I already have some lovely stuff from you! The Christmas fabric is gorgeous - the ideas of what to make with it even better! Huh that story with the key - I have had that happen to me too - and I still don't take the spare key with me, but maybe I will from now on!
    Lots of hugs and love,

  21. Gorgeous fabrics.

    HOW annoying about the car key, but, like you say . .. things are put into perspective with other people's worse news.

    Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn xxx

  22. Thank you I am a sane person and I am not mad and what I am saying should be listened to and this could happen, no I am not crazy people do get stuck and misplace keys on holidays, this has been one of my biggest fears when going anywhere let alone a holiday. So thank you it has happened to someone now that is not me. I am off to show hubby your post.

    Never leave home without your keys and wallet is my moto......

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 39

    Oh so sorry it happened to you, really I am.

  23. Well, what a way to have your lovely time a bit spoiled! That is so weird. Wish I had been there, dear soul sister, to help you because I'm very good at finding things that no one else can find! I'm so glad you all got home safe and sound, even if a bit frazzled. Well I've certainly heard my name in the news for the past week solid--hurricane Sandy has done a lot of damage, including lives lost, so it's quite horrible with millions of people without electricity. Where we live, it's kind of odd, because our area was right inbetween where the East Coast wind died down, and another great wind coming from the West died down, so it has been calm and beautiful here in the Ozarks. And guess what? My daughter may be going on a little "Study Away" trip to London in May!

  24. Oh my...... I wonder where that key went??? Can't be far - you had the key to bring the car back to your Dad's....

    ROFLMAO at the g-string comment - I hadn't noticed, to tell the truth!

    We must meet up soon, very soon.... 5 weeks to op day now.

  25. Love that fabric Jan. What a shame your lovely break was spoiled by lost keys - it's the little things that can soon cause BIG problems. I posted your pattern yesterday. x Jo

  26. LLJ,

    What lovely fabric! You know, I still have my British bunting hanging on my fireplace! I'm afraid I will have to take it down once I start showing my little condo - trying to sell, hopefully. I REALLY need a cute little craft room. And a place that doesn't have steps!

    The bunting you made for the wedding is great - I can see why you got carried away in the cutting.

    Yes, the East Coast is a total disaster. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


  27. Oh Jan loving all your material again I believe we are soon to get a Dunelm nearby can't wait now. Yippee!
    Have a happy Halloween....sorry to hear about the car keys but so easy done.
    Hugs Erika.

  28. Love how the bunting turned out but you'd have to be very drunk or very liberated to wear it as undies!! Love the new Christmas fabric, it'll look great on the table. Shame about the keys, stuff like that can ruin your day in a hurry, but you're also right about the perspective, cause stuff like Sandy can ruin your life!

    Brenda 1

  29. OMG that bunting is divine. Such an unusual colour combination. I have been set the task of making bunting for a new catering company called Buttercups. SIlly me saying, 'Oh, finding fabric with buttercups on shouldn't be a problem'
    Take care

    Jaki (not playing this week, again!)

  30. Lovely fabric, I've never come out of a Dunelm Mill without buying something! Great story about your key, sorry it was so expensive for you! Chris 126

  31. Lovely bunting - very inspiring. Wish you could come and help me with mine. Shame about the key story, how annoying.
    Dun elm - ahhhh I miss it there. Lovely material.
    FAMFA (10)

  32. My mother only ever locks her keys in the car when she's on holiday, so she's learned to bring spares and sometimes even wears them on a cord around her neck! I have a flat key for my truck that I keep in my purse/wallet. By flat I mean that it doesn't have a fancy fat head on it like the official keys do. However I managed to lock both my purse and the truck keys in my truck anyway.... luckily just down the street from home (I was at the gas station) so the old man came to my rescue. Ah.... my favorite thing is to leave the lights on at the beginning of a long weekend. My truck is smarter than me though and will turn themselves off. Anyway..... love the g-string! I mean the bunting! It looks even more spectacular all put together. I can see why the Christmas fabric insisted you buy it. Good thing you listened to it!

    And Poppy says she isn't so sure she can lick those new baby brothers into shape or not. They are quite willful. I think tiny Dio (the gray one) is going to rule the roost.

  33. Loveing the bunting ...and the Xmas material too ... and I so felt your frustration over the keys. The photos are stunning especially the sunset. xx#101

  34. Forgot to say ...yes ...totally inadequate. xx

  35. Oooh yes! Take the spare key always. Makes me anxious to think of it. Some years ago, I went driving in the outback with a friend. We spent five months in a tent and did 23,000 Km. It was fabulous, but more than once we were glad we had that other key. No hopping on a train out there.
    Lovely fabric for Christmas thingies. And thanks for leaving kind words for me.
    BTW I have some thoughts about having a Wordy Thursday for Wordly People. Don't know how complicated we want to get. I'll send you a note or post something.
    Miles of smiles,
    Ros. #102
    PS It's raining here now and the temperature is more like 15C outside. Inside the house it doesn't vary more than 18 to 24C because we're mud brick and double-glazed.

  36. glad you got home OK
    nice bunting

  37. My attention was wandering at the beginning of your post wondering what your story was going to be and I initially read ...."so if anyone wants any G strings....." - thought you were branching out!! Sorry to hear about the car key panic, takes the edge off the weekend but as you say, one has to keep these things in perspective. One thing, you'll never forget THAT weekend.. Happy WOYWW. Cindy #66

  38. Another great post, Jan! Sorry about the keys! You are right about The Prespective, but it's still beyond frustrating. And what about all the other keys that are usually on the car ring: the house, the office, the liquor cabinet ...

    Before the drama rama it looks like you had a wonderful stroll. Your pictures are amazing!

    Let me know if you still need a home for the leftover G-strings. I'm thinking ahead to next year's Halloween costume ...

    Thanks for coming by to visit me already! Have a wonderful week!! Darnell #63

  39. Lovely photos. Hope your keys turn up safely - we had a similar catastrophe a few years ago and they turned up eventually (about 6 months later) in an old wellie my daughter had grown out of!
    Bernice #7

  40. Yes, when you see the devastion that the northern east coast suffered, it does put everything in perspective! Did you ever find the missing keys? The pictures are awesome! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  41. OMG! what an adventure of the lost keys. Hope they surface someday. Love the fabric you purchases and look forward to seeing what you make with it. DS lives in Virginia about 6 miles from the beach and they only got a lot of wind and some rain so they were really lucky cause a cousin in Pennsylvania had a lot of water damage and the electric is still off! Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #37

  42. Not sure I would be wearing your bunting as G strings my my bum well and truly covered.
    As for your key story, I usually have a set of spare keys in my handbag when we go out/away so if I get back early I can sit in the warm. You nutters. They are usually expensive to replace too!
    As for US, it is devastating isn't it. Nature is so beautiful on one hand and so cruel on the other.

  43. I’ve had a similar experience with car key Jan, but I know exactly what had happened to them. Stupid my put them down in the boot of the car as I was loading the shopping, closed the boot and them realized what I had done. Fortunately I hadn’t travelled to Wales, just 20mins away to Romford , so not as expensive as your mishap, but as you say, lesson learned.

    I can see why you fell for that fabric, it’s going to make some beautiful Christmas goodies.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 125

  44. Just popping by with a late hello and a wave. :o) Glad I did - your bunting is fab.
    Sue x (MiniOwner @98)

  45. Gorgeous bunting and stunning photos. Sorry to hear about the keys - I got locked out of home one day by dropping mine down a drain, very frustrating! Thanks for sharing Caro #80

  46. Bums to the lost key, I wonder where it went?! Gorgeous bunting and Christmas fabrics there. I like the idea of a coordinated pinny and table arrangement! Need to get my darn machine sorted though :-(

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