Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Happy 3rd WOYWW Birthday, Julia - my dear old mate! I bet you never thought, when you dreamt up this desk lark 3 years ago, that it would be not only still going but thriving too! Congrats for being a wonderful organiser of it all because you do an awful lot behind the scenes that many are unaware of. Here's to the next 3 and all the friendships held within this little patch of Cyberspace. xxxx
And thanks from LLJ for all the wonderful support over the past few weeks - how lovely that Desk Friends can come to mean so much :) I love the fact that there's going to be ATC goodwill going all over the world over the next few days.
Anyhow... the desk...
I'm on the final leg of bunting making - there's a craft fair on Friday and I want to get rid of it now! I have enjoyed making it very much. I did a list of all the Bloomin British Bunting entrants..
Then I stood with my eyes shut, arm outstretched and let a button drop to see which name it would  land on. Great idea? NOT. The first few times it pinged off the table and as I had my eyes shut didn't see where it went!!! Undeterred, I soldiered on, lowered my arm a bit to reduce button velocity (!) and ...behold...the button picked a winner...
BJ - the Button picked you!! Yay :) Please can you email your address ASAP and I'll get it off to you so you can use it this weekend.

Finally, does anyone need a laptop case warmer? I've got one right here - he's very cheap to hire..bit of food and a tickle under the chin....what? It keeps me happy!!
If you're celebrating the Jubilee. have a wonderful weekend - aw heck, have one even if you're not!! See y'all next week!

LLJ xxxx


  1. Happy 3rd WOYWW Birthday! Great to pbe part of this wonderful fun group!
    Your bunting looks fabulous and congratulations to BJ. Have a great Jubilee weekend.
    Love your lap case warmer.... doesn't cost much to run!
    hope things are going better for you in the LLJ household, lots of love JoZarty x

  2. Happy jubilee week to you as well Jan and I know what you mean about the bunting.
    I was glad to get ours hung up at the day care centre but I've still got all my trimmings to put up at home yet.
    One I made earlier today

  3. We're not really celebrating the jubilee but it's Craig's birthday the same day so what a good excuse to have a BBQ and buy cake :D

    Have a great day LLJ.

  4. Your ATc is one of a pair - so you may need to refer to Mrs D's atc to do a comparison, hope it raises a smile, tis my Babies 21st weekend - far more important than Queenies bash - and yes, the very real friendships I have gained through my virtual travels are priceless... Mrs d should not underestimate the changes she has made to many a persons world...


  5. Happy WOYWW Anniversary Jan......and what fab bunting. Enjoy the Jubilee and TFS.....Annie :)

  6. Love the laptop case warmer....I bet you could market those :-)
    Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday.
    A x #89

  7. Hi Jan!
    Hope all is getting better with you. And, Happy WOYWW Anniversary!
    LoVe the bunting!!!!
    Funny how cats love to occupy/sleep in cases. Can't pack a suitcase or duffle bag without having to move the cat. Yours is beautiful, such wonderful coloring! Give him extra chin scratchings for me!

  8. Hello LLJ!
    Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday! You have joined in late but have become a passionate member so I think you need an ATC from me! ha, ha not that I am of any importance but I want to send off some arty love!
    Hugs and love
    my email:

  9. aww that laptop warmer is too cute.
    Happy WOYWW birthday
    Bridget #25

  10. Happy 3rd birthday to Julia, our queen of WOYWW! and thanks indeed for all her brilliant ideas and hard work for the worldwide great blog hop of WOYWW!
    You will see on my post today just how far the arm of WOYWW reaches and what it brings about!! a testimony indeed to our dear Julia! - mm rather partial to that bunting, and do love the way you persisted and let the button do the draw - well done to winner, happy 3rd WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #35

  11. I bet that bunting will sell like hot cakes at the craft fair! it's fab! Loving the laptop case warmer :o) Happy WoYwW 3rd Anniversary, and here's to many more :o) x April #95

  12. I'll take the laptop warmer any day! So cute! Love the bunting, there isn't a street party down our road but we're going to have a "High Tea Party" of our've gotta join in! Karen 103 x

  13. Great post, love the bunting and congrats to BJ on winning! Got our bunting and flags in the garden, at the ready! Love the laptop case warmer too.
    Happy WOYWW, Anne x #38

  14. Great post.Love the lap top warmer.Don't cats find the oddest places to sleep?
    Judy #51

  15. You certainly have a lot to celebrate; 3rd anniversary, jubilee and the olympics. Don't you love it when you have nothing on for ages and then it all happens at once. To ease the pain I am going to send you a little atc just as a thanks for all your lovely (and funny) comments over the year. Please email me your addie

  16. Love your bunting, BJ is very lucky. I will be watching the Jubilee celebrations over here in Australia. Love the Queen. I'll swap your laptop case warmer for one naughty parrot, who is trying to eat my computer keys as I type!!
    Happy 3rd anniversary and have a great week and celebration.
    Von #20

  17. Just read Sarah's blog and think I need your yoga exercise too!!
    Happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary.
    We have made some fab blogging friends through our mad blog hop haven't we!!
    Have a great week. x Jo

  18. So close and yet so far! Can't believe your button missed me!
    I love the union bunting! I had to make baby pink bunting yesterday and I've decided that next time I make it I'm doing it the easy way!

    Have a great weekend


  19. fab bunting . Happy crafting Jill #64

  20. Hi Jan. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. Still not sleeping but it will happen eventually I am sure. I am now your newest follower so I can keep up to date with your lovely creations. I see my mum has joined too. Take care......Annie :)

  21. So is this the week of the Jubilee? I'm clueless. Have a lovely third anniversary, even though you aren't playing. BTW, Bleubeard would love that laptop warmer (just JOKING).

  22. BJ does a little dance and thanks the spotty button for landing on her name. :)

  23. Very well done to BJ for winning your fabulous bunting! Glad things are on the up a little, and good luck in your craft fair on Friday. Where's this one at?

    Deffo have to find some spare minutes to enjoy a glass or two of the posh stuff - but need it be a v expensive pub? You're more than welcome to visit us here at The Royal Morti, or perhaps we could come over to The Jan's Head? Or perhaps when Milady returns, we could pay a visit to The Red Dunnit.... If she's been in the sun too much, truer words ever spoken in jest.....LOL....

  24. Happy Anniversary/Birthday to you my Dearie!
    Lucky BJ! Loving the bunting there Jan. And why is that cats always love bags? My sister's used to work her way into my college bags and I walked down her drive a few times with her in my bag! Doggies just sniff in bags looking for some munchies!

  25. Thanks for stopping by a , relative newcomer to woyww I am amazed at all the crafty hugs there are out ther!! Have a great week hugs trace. X

  26. Fabulous bunting - good luck at the craft fair! I never cease to be amaazed at the support WOYWW buddies give one another - it is heartwarming. Happy WOYWW, and much love. Helen 8

  27. I found Smudge curled up in the top of my open handbag ...and he is not a small... so I dont ned a case warmer thanks lol.

    I read your account of your Mums funeral and it made goose bumps appear ...the music must have been beautiful. xx84

  28. oops forgot ...Happy 3rd Woyww Birthday xx

  29. Hi Jan, gorgeous bunting, hope the craft fair goes well for you. Love the laptop case warmer ... it's so typical of a cat to make himself comfortable in the most unlikely of places :) The Boss is still not happy after here visit to the vet yesterday, though I don't know why she is in a huff right now, we fought to put her ear drops in and she won! Happy WOYWW and enjoy what's left of the day. Elizabeth x #96

  30. ah yes, and we can add bunting ( aka as banner ) to my favorite word list, I do like tidy too, and yes brad Pitt is rather tidy, yum! lol I hope you are having a great WOYWW day and hopefully you will show a picture of all the ATC's, that would be great fun to see! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  31. Lucky BJ, she will LOVE the bunting. As for button velocity, what I need to know is...did you let them go or just keep trying with a new button? It's all in the details!! Good luck with Friday, bet it's a sell out.

  32. Oh, that bunting came out fabulous! I'm using my union jack bag to celebrate the Queen's Jubiliee. There was a two hour special on t.v. last night about it. Quite interesting.

    Happy WOYWW
    (now at #138!)

  33. Beautiful British Bunting! And well done to BJ too. I liked your unscientific method of selection, very LLJ-like! No party for me this weekend, I had to look it all up on the BBC website as I didn't know what the date was or anything! Obviously I've been in the Colonies for too long!

    Brenda 127

  34. Wow Jan, That bunting is lovely. You certainly have been busy. Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita 104

  35. Hi Jan I LOVE your bunting and so now. Have a great 3rd anniversary, crafty hugs, Erika. #101

  36. Love the bunting and I have one of those warmers myself. In fact I have I have 14!

  37. Love the little laptop warmer.. soooo cute... Hugs May x x x#4

  38. Oh very pretty. A novel idea with the button :) I picture you, eyes closed, listening for the PING.

    Have a great weekend and Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (15)

  39. I laughed at the button method of choosing a name. I could just picture it: your breath held, the quiet moment before the drop, the opening of the fingers, and *ping* *bounce* @#U$*(@#& where did that go?! LOL! I could so do that myself. Beautiful bunting and lucky BJ! I think I don't need a laptop case warmer, but thank you for the generous offer. He looks like quite a good worker!

  40. Aren't cats just so funny!! Mine is tad miffed tonight, he wants out but it's raining and he doesn't want to get wet... wimp! lol

    Thanks for sharing your pics, take care and Happy WOYWW


    Jackie x

  41. I hope you found the jumping buttons!
    All this bunting is lovely and the country is going to be very colourful this weekend.... have a good one, well done to BJ
    When you see Julia next give her a big hug from all her WOYWW friends
    janet #43

  42. Had to smile at your unique method of picking a winner, and the because I have been away had to go and see what I had missed ..... and was so sorry to see you had lost your mum - the funeral sounds amazing, what a glorious testament to a life well lived.

    I shall be sad to see all the Union Jacks start to disappear after the weekend... oh hang on, we've still got London 2012 to come!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #66

  43. Haha... the new house we're moving into apparently has a cat attached to the property. :) More than we bargained for..but whatever! Sorry to hear of the lass of you mom. Take care!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Katie (38)

  44. Lol! Loved the picture of you dropping things with your eyes shut and then losing them!!! Ha ha ha!! Love the bunting. Hope you enjoy all the celebrations. There's lots going on round here too (and everywhere, I suspect) but I doubt if I shall manage any of it - it's been a busy time recently and I've not been too well and really need to have some peace and quiet at home and catch up. I shall probably watch some of it on TV!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, for your birthday wishes (I have had a nice birthday!) and for what you said about my zentangle art. I must say I am enjoying it immensely, and all the other things I'm doing these days, too - really getting into the mixed media now and enjoying getting really messy with all the wonderful materials at our disposal!

    What a beautiful laptop case warmer you've got. I've got a leg warmer as I type this. She's really toasty - just what I need! (not. Still too hot!!)

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #71

  45. Ooops - I seem to have been promoted to #60 since I signed up this a.m.!

    Shoshi #60

  46. Lovely post, fabulous bunting, am crying over not winning. That button was so close. Congrats to your lucky winner. Enjoythenpeacefulness celebrations. We have one over here but no days off. BOO.
    Famfa 123

  47. Wow love the bunting, you really do them perfectly..Love mine..I've truly enjoyed your posts and it's so fun to visit the WOYWW blogs. Lots of fun and creativity from all over the world. Thanks for stopping by...the furnace man rescheduled...and my husband felt bad so he took me fishing...15 great fish and a wonderful day in the outdoors. And my car repair was a cheap was a pretty good day. Have a wonderful week

  48. What a fun little laptop warmer you have LLJ! I got a kick out of your "randome generator" button too-how perfect! Your bunting looks very cool...wish I could see it hanging up! I bet you are all getting into gear for an awesome Summer of great events! Happy 156th WOYWW! Sue Kment

  49. Good luck with your fayre tomorrow, Jan, all that bunting will fly with all the celebrations going on over the weekend. It's a shame the weather's broken though. It's raining here today. No more sunbathing for me!!!!! Well done to your bunting winner too.
    Love your laptop warmer, we have two of our own. They find the strangest places don't they. We have one who likes a shoe box that lives under the coffee table that I keep for spraying paints in. When we can't find him he's in there and you can just see a nose sticking out!!
    Enjoy the Bank holiday whatever you are up too and hopefully I'll be back with you all in WOYWW land next week.
    hugs Lisax

  50. Hi LLJ . . . you did make me laugh at your rhyme at the beginning of this post. I never heard the cake and jelly bit before! MUST remember it!

    Fabby bunting. Congrats to BJ.

    Have a super duper Jubilee weekend.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  51. Fab bunting - hope you have great Jubilee celebrations.
    Love the lap-top warmer - aren't cats funny in the places they choose to nap - it doesn't look awfully comfortable for him, but I suppose he knows what he's doing!
    Thanks for stopping by my desk and hope you have a great week.

  52. You use the same verse as I do for birthdays (squashed tomatoes and stew)! Sorry the button did not land a little more to the left but Congratulations to BJ on her win.
    Well done you too for making all that bunting - how many strips of it have you done over the weeks?
    Have a good Jubilee weekend and a good 3rd Blogaversary. Hugs, Neet #15

  53. please, please send that case warmer to me, pretty please. just got the drier out of my room and in to the kitchen under the new, shiney sink. Yippeee! Still no more space in my room tho'. Thanks for asking. Fab bunting. Seen a few flags round here and bunting in the town but nothing as good as yours. have a happy week.
    hugs Joanne xx

  54. I can tell you are up to some celebrating?

  55. Thanks for your visit yesterday, and your welcome back to blogging. We were very lucky with the weather, although I would have preferred it slightly cooler at the end of the week. It was such a shock after freezing over the previous few days. Good luck with your craft fair and getting rid of your bunting. I am sure it will be snapped up. love Maggie xx #99

  56. Was very impressed with the button idea, until you explained the faults with it. Have a great weekend, and then it will be Wednesday all over again.

  57. Hi there love the bunting!! Belated Greetings from me for this the 3rd Anniversary of WOYWW. Anne x

  58. I'll have a laptop bag warmer, I have two already another one won't hurt. lol. Your bunting looks amazing. Happy WOYWW. Michelle x #104

  59. I'm late, for an important date! Thanks for you lovely comment, Jan. Wow, what a sunset it must have been.
    Love your laptop warmer. I have one a little similar who loves to warm anything she can get inside.
    Happy WOYWW 3rd year.
    Ros. #102

  60. Happy 3rd Anniversary Jan! Love all the bunting you have laid out. Hope you sell it all! Interesting way to pick a winner but just as effective! Sorry I am so late getting around but I am finally making it around! Have a great week. Vickie #178

  61. Oh yes can I have him here in Australia LOL I have 2 cats and then dads visiting cat (whenever) so what is another cat. They love getting into the laptop bags, mine fight over it sometimes. Love the buntings they look good. Have fun at the fair. I am off to do more computer uploads after my disaster.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  62. Happy WOYWW 3rd Anniversary Jan!

    I love your lap top warmer, Lol! I have something similar that keep my cross stitch threads warm for me when I’m stitching.

    I would imagine the bunting has been quite fiddly to make and having made so much of it I’m not surprised that you’ll be pleased to see the back of it. I’m sure there will be lots of gardens adorned with your beautiful work this weekend though.

    Hope you have a good week and…….
    Happy Crafting!

  63. Thank you so much for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday. Alas, my birthday lunch was cancelled as I got a few days work. Work, money, it's nice, but I did want my birthday lunch!

    I'm very impressed by all your bunting. I made some once and was nearly driven crazy by it. So glad you weren't.

    rachel, #7

  64. Oooh your bunting's fab!

    Happy WOYWW anniversary hon! :D

    Ali #86

  65. Hi Jan, Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your kind words about my ATC, you saw it at Julia's. I am so glad that she got it. I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there. #92