Well, it couldn't be anything else after this weekend, could it?? I have enjoyed all the festivities both national and local..pics to follow in a minute!
Please can I say a huge Thank You to the lovely people who sent me ATCs and other little gifts to celebrate last week. How kind you all are, I really enjoyed getting the post and ripping open the envelopes to see the treasures inside!
A few things are winging their way in return - slightly late...sorry.. but I have been away.
Thank you also to Frankie who made G3 the most wonderful Steampunk hanging IN THE WORLD!! See it here to witness the creation of it - the detail is stunning! You're an amazing artist, Frankie :D
Anyhow, The Desk...
I'm just making a quick shopping bag with the stamp fabric - more to see how it makes up really. It's a bit thinner than most of the fabrics I work with so we'll see how it goes but it's a start into making again. I sold all bar one of my Jubilee bunting at the craft fair last Friday - PHEW!!

The Jubilee was celebrated in style in my village in Wiltshire...I take my hat off to the organising committee who came up with this idea!! The artist must have taken ages to paint this and the construction team erected it with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Well done chaps :D
The Queen of Burbage arriving in the Carriage Procession!
A regal wave to all her devoted subjects...do you think she'd been practising...LOL!
It was a fab afternoon but we couldn't stay long as we were off to stay with my brother for the weekend as we had tickets to see Jools Holland and his Orchestra. What a brilliant concert, I wish I could play boogie woogie like him!!

While musing about the pictures from the weekend, my DH reminded me about the Golden Jubilee ten years ago...I was working as a Teaching Assistant and was asked to create a crown to be part of the floral display in the Church.  I don't know what they were expecting, but this is what they got!
I had forgotten all about these! It was such fun making them......

It is amazing what you can do with card, a plastic ball. beads, gold spray paint and plastic 'jewels' *grin*
Hope you have had a fab week whether you swapped or not. See you on the round next time!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Jan, I was just on my way to bed when your blog popped up so I'm making you my last visit before hitting the hay :) Your ATCs, etc., are gorgeous - all different styles too. There wasn't much going on here to celebrate the Jubilee but we are now awaiting the Olympic Torch with bated breath - South Ayrshire council have managed to put up the bunting for that at least. Love the crown jewels ... almost as good as the real thing :) Hope you have a lovely WOYWW. Elizabeth x too early to have a number :)

famfa said...

Love love the stamp material. Very jealous of concert, we love jools and miss his shows sInce we moved out here. Your crown etc is a work of art xx

Di said...

Crumbs Jan - are you sure you didn't nick those Crown Jewels from the Tower of London? Absolutely amaaaaazing!! You clever girl.

Happy WOYWW, Di xx #47

Annie said...

Fab post Jan. Love that stamp material...what fun.
A x #59

Lynn Holland said...

Nice bright happy posting Jan. We also enjoyed all the festivities
Lynn 61
one I made earlier today

BJ said...

Adore the stamp fabric, where do you get all you lovely fabrics from? Making me feel a bit like doing some sewing myself, used to do loads as a kid. Today I just need to sew name tapes on DS's school shirts but I did do some sewing on some tags and card the other day. Your celebrations look great. I still have my bunting up, will probably leave it there for the week :)) Thanks again BJ#32

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

oo arrr the Lunch lady Jan do love the royal orb and crown an all what a clever lady you are you are!! an you will see by my post I am as mada as you about the dear Queen's Jubilee! thanks so much for sharing Happy WOYWW, Shaz in oz.x #8

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I love that stamp fabric, and your crown is beyond amazing. How talented you are. Ali x #54

Carmen Wing said...

Just popped over to see the steampunk piece! It's luscious! Loving seeing all your ATC's too :)And how could you possibly forget the crown jewels? They are superb!

Erika said...

Jan you always have such fabulous material, loving the stamps. Hope you had a great weekend and your crown jewels are stunning....just like the real thing!
Have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika. #61

Neet said...

That crown - utterly amazing - you clever thing! Had to go back to have another look and will probably go again before I leave.
Great stamp fabric - hope it works ok with being thinnish.
Love the castle wall in your village - it must be lovely to live somewhere like that - envy!
Thanks for sharing it all, Hugs, Neet #6 xx

Joanne said...

Oh! you mean that isn't the real crown, shame. Glad you enjoyed the festivities. Gives you a boost eh? Happy woyww.
Hugs Joanne xx

Eliza said...

That crown is just devine, how clever of you. Tommy the cat on my blog is sleeping next to the crown thought it was apt for the festivities even though I am not English. Thanks for popping by my blog, I always love hearing from you and finding out what you are upto.

Happy crafting
Hugs Eliza #50

nerllybird said...

Wow, some amazing stuff there! Love your crown - does Andy Skinner know about you???

I missed posting last week, like a twit, and I'm pleading with people to do an ATC swap with me. If you'd like to, please let me know either via comments or at hsalthouse@yahoo.com. No pressue, though, lol
Helen S #77

Julia Dunnit said...

ooh err, nice jools missus!! Cor, Master G3 must be made up, Frankie's piece is just amazing. Love the collection of treasure on your windowsill, isn't the internet a great place for the likes of us. LOVE what Burbage came up with for the celebrations..am a bit concerned that the queen's hair is a quantity if used brillo pads though....

Jacqueline said...

Oh Dem gems are a bit nice !! :D how clever was that! LOVE what you have done with that crown!! I'll bet everyone loved it too!

Thanks for sharing,


Jackie x

Sarn said...

WOW - great pictures LLJ! Love your crown too . . . clever!

Happy WOYWW.

Sarn xxx

April said...

Wow the crown you made for the golden jubilee was fantastic!! Nice to see my little ATC at home with some lovely friends :o) I can't believe that there was even one of your bunting left!! glad they went well though. Great piccies from the celebrations! x April#79

Lisa-Jane said...

Hello lovely lady! So glad you liked the card and notebook, I was so sorry to miss last week. I'm not taking part this week either as I am still catching up but just wanted to check in and say hi. That bunting looks fabulous my dear and I didn't realise you MADE the crown etc, very realistic! Lovely to see you back making xx

Anonymous said...

Wow Burbage knows how to celebrate in style!! You should have worn that brilliant crown at the gala! Hope you had a great time at your brothers and I bet that concert was fab too.

Brenda 94

Morti said...

Well! I know where to come next time I need a crown made - fabulous work!

Burbage did so much better than Upavon on the organising stakes - wish we'd come over to you for the festivities because our PCC just couldn't be bothered... Such a shame.

Happy WOYWW again.... LOL

kay said...

what a great way to celebrate,loved the crown
have a fab crafty week
kay #52

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had your own wonderful Jubilee celebration. Thanks for sharing your part of the celebration.

I knew it! Looking at that crown, you've been crafty FOREVER. Thanks for the early morning visit (at least for me).

Redanne said...

Wow, great pictures and I love the crown and other bits you made for the Golden Jubilee, they are truly beautiful pieces. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

Unknown said...

Hi Jan I enjoyed reading your post. Your crown jewel replicas are amazing. I bet they war a huge hit! Glad to see you had better jubilee weather than we did.1 WOYWW Hugs from Helen 105

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Oh my goodness, what lovely crown jewels! Ten years ago I barely knew how to use scissors... haha! I'm a little green with envy over your lovely collection of ATC's. :) Lucky you!

Susan #115

Deb said...

your jubilee celebrations look like a lot of fun and well done on selling your bunting. love that stamp fabric, can't wait to see the finished item!
love your crown jewels, they look amazing. I remember celebrating that one just before we moved from England to Scotland the first time around, that was 6 houses ago now!

Rita said...

Ooo, I love that fabric Jan. Gorgeous ATc's and cards. I loved every minute of the celebrations too. Sorry I'm later to-day. Hugs Rita 17 xx

Sarah said...

A lovely collection of arty stuff - tis a mini Christmas in June (with weather to match) and glad to see you have hacked into the stamp fabric! Congrats on the sales - bunting has never been such a hot item! Thanks so much for the visit! Sarah.

SandeeNC said...

I think the term village is a smaller version of a city? It's the second time I've seen it used today and being from the states, I am still trying to grasp your venacular. It looks like it was a grand time, is the Queen of Burbage, your village? I'm so confused, lol You made a lovely crown for her golden celebration! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff received from WOYWW folk! Your festivities look fun. I'll join Sandee in being a little confused, but I get the general point -- a local celebration meant to mimic some of what went on in London? Happy WOYWW from Laura #101

Angie said...

Looks like you had amazing celebrations ...so glad your bunting sold well too.
As for your Crown jewels ....how clever are you.

JoZart Designs said...

Such a lovely post with lots of jubilation! Love your crown and the celebrations in your village look amazing. Pleased that your ATC arrived and you also deservedly received some others. It is all part of the WOYWW fun and you really don't need to return the favours. My 15 were drawn from regular visitors to my blog on WOYWW days so it was random and some regulars didn't get one.
Lots of love JoZarty x

Helen said...

Wonderful reading your post today! Love the way your village celebrated and also your crown from 10 years ago (it seems like yesterday to me!) Helen, 16

Hettie said...

Lovely posting today if one may say so. One loves the Crown one created for the Golden Jubilee! One's Queen of Burbage did a good job of impersonating one as one was very busy with the boating thingey and the corgis of course had to be walked! One also had to make sure there was plenty of tea and cakes for all one's family that came round this weekend! Quite frankly one could do with a bed next to one's husband at the moment could one!

Mary Jo said...

Sounds like the ATC swap was a lot of fun.
As the Jubilee!
And that crown is so cool! :)

Mary Jo #99

505whimsygirl said...


I've been using your tote this week to help celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

What a great celebration your village had. That crown you made ten years ago is stunning! Wow......

Kay #114

fairy thoughts said...

Wow your village went all out didnt they I bet it was amazing. I wandered where the queen was when not 'on display' she obviously left her crown behind too. I was slightly confused when I saw your first photo, LLJ papercrafting, but then I realised they were swaps.
ps you should try an fish finger butty, my handyman says they are awesome, when the dog saves us some lol
janet #53

May said...

Wow... Lots going on in your village great celebrations.. fabulous fabric and ATC's... Hugs May x x x#34

SophieNewton said...

Blimey, is that a nakey lady I see on one of the ATCs...a little risqué...although it after the watershed now ;-) Happy WOYWW!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Hey there! Great ATCs you got there. This has been quite the celebration between this week and last. I'm enjoying seeing the ATCs and the jubilee goings on. Your town sure went all out. I love the smile on the queen's driver. He's enjoying himself for sure. I think your striped and stamp tote will look fabulous. You can say it is summer weight since it is thin.

VonnyK said...

You got some beautiful ATC's. That weekend looked like a fun time. The crown looks amazing, if you didn't know what it was make of you would think it was a real one.
Have a great week.
Von #1

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Great ATC's..they are quite fun to make, paper or fabric. I've watched some of the Jubilee on our CNN news and to have 4 days of celebrating would be great. Some great crowns too..Has been an extra busy week. Will have lots to report next WOYWW.. Enjoy

sandra de said...

I think your crown jewels are wonderful. Looks like you all had such fun over the jubilee festivities. Have a lovely week.
Sandra @36

Tuire Flemming said...

So, I didn´t won last week, but it was SO close :)
This ATC swap was a lovely idea - got also many fab cards.

You really had a great jubilee!
Have a nice week!
Tuire xx

CraftygasheadZo said...

Super pictures, the Jubilee really was perfect! Wiltshire, not too far from me then. I'm between Bath & Wells. Take care my WOYWW friend, am still snooping on Thursday! Zo xx 65

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...wow Jan them crown jewels of yours are just amazing!...loVe the display of your incoming treasures arn't they beauties, I'm not surprised you sold your bags, super fabic & stitery!...Mel :)
Thanks fro stopping by me :)

SueH said...

What a fab ATC’s. We really do have some very talented crafters out there, don’t we.

Glad to hear that you had a lovely weekend and that nearly all the bunting had gone……you must have been pleased to see the back of it, Lol!
The crown you made for the last Jubilee looks amazing, I bet they didn’t expect to get anything a life like as that when they asked you to make it for them…..but then again perhaps they did because they know how clever you are.

Thanks for sharing and

Happy Crafting!

Debs Willis said...

Hi Jan, your crowns are fab! Should be on display in the Tower hee hee :-)

Had a lovely time watching all the festivities this weekend, with a little bit of crafting thrown in

Happy woyww


trisha too said...

Sounds as if everyone enjoyed the festivities this past week, we saw bits on the television here.

That fabric for your bag is great, and your crowns, wow, Jan!


Shoshi said...

I love your stamps fabric, Jan, and all your lovely Jubilee photos. Unfortunately I wasn't well enough to take part in any of it, but I did enjoy watching it all on the box and seeing our wonderful Queen enjoying herself and being appreciated by everyone! It was just great.

I clicked on your link to Frankie's awesome steampunk hanging - what a work of art! Brilliant.

Thanks for your fabulous comment on my blog - so glad you like my coloured zentangles!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #89

Anonymous said...

Great ATC's Jan, I have just made my first two-yippee!

Thanks for hopping over to my blog :)

Happy WOYWW xx

Twiglet said...

I'm a bit late getting round the WOYWW desks this week - been busy making 3 more little wedding waistcoats. Lovely ATcs there and I recognise the Annie dumfling! Looks like you had a fab jubilee weekend. Your crown is brilliant! Have a great week. x Jo

Kathryn said...

That crown IS amazing! So realistic!!
You received some wonderful ATC's, the one with the pink cheeks is an eye catcher! HA!
Have a wonderful weekend as well!

Neesie said...

What a fantastic time for everyone. We enjoyed watching all the Jubilee festivites here in the land of Oz.
It made me feel very proud to be British and all the Ozzies that I know all were thrilled and amazed at all the pomp and pageantry.
You're jewels look like amazing and I hope you have them well insured.
Have a wonderful weekend ~ Neesie #7

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a fun jubilee celebration. Didn't notice anything going on here! Still loving that gorgeous stamp fabric. X

Sandy said...

Wow that crown is amazing. Love the ATC's that you have received its amazing how they are all so different. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the lovely comment. Sandy :)

donnalouiserodgers said...

thank you,

I am going to save them for our house in france, only because I do not want to forget to harvest seeds when we 'go '

and what goes around comes around Jan...

'tis an Artist's gift and a blessing to be able to make a smile....


okienurse said...

Well done! Love your post and all the pictures. Looks like your village went all out for the Jubilee. I love your representation of the crown jewels. Sorry I am so late getting by but...life called. Thanks for posting on my blog. Have a great week. Vickie #51

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Now that's what I call a Jubilee celebration! I would have loved to attend something like that but living in Scotland meant that it was all low key... almost non-existant, in fact!

Thanks for commenting on my WOYWW post! My wreath is progressing steadily, so I'm hoping that it will be good for Olympic celebrations soon!

Scrappydiva (aka Anthea)

famfa said...

I have just received my gift from you. I love love love love love it. Thank you sooooooooo much. You are amazing. It is hanging in my kitchen until I can find the place for it to be. I guarantee it will have pride of place and be out for every birthday, anniversary and Christmas. Many many thanks. Xxx

Jan Ltc said...

This looks great xx Jan #122

LuLu said...

Happy WOYWW! Fun desk Lovely crown!!!

Would love for you to stop by my blog - and take the poll while you're visiting.



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