Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Life is slowly returning to normal. I got some new fabric what seems like ages ago now, so I put it on the desk and looked at it..then looked some more..
I love both of these - the stamp fabric is so funky and stripey ticking is always a winner - but inspiration deserted me. I have no idea what to make with it! All suggestions welcome :)
I won't be taking part in the ATC swap next week, just got too much to do, but instead am going to offer a giveaway of some Union Jack Bunting, ready for the Jubilee and the Olympics. 
In order to enter, you just have to add 'Bloomin' British Bunting' to your comment and I'll pick a winner at random :)

My mother's funeral was sad but amazing. 160 people turned up, many couldn't get in. The hymn singing was amazing (not surprising in Wales!) - my dad's Male Voice Choir was there in force. They sang a medley of Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through The Night) and a spiritual 'Angels Watching Over Me'. It was the most poignant, beautiful, spine tingling moment - there were definitely angels helping us all then.
And then today, I was walking through a garden centre when I saw this gorgeous rose....

And then I saw the label...
It's now planted outside my back door. She was a mum in a million and I shall miss her.
Thank you for all your love and support, it truly has helped me through this difficult few weeks.
LLJan xxxx


  1. Crickey jan you are posting early or is it late ?
    I certainly should say bloomin british bunting (you wouldn't beleive the amount of stuff we are selling in C and H for bunting (or how many people cannot work out how to make it).
    Anyway glad the funeral went ok, she must have been an amazing person, the rose is a fabulous reminder
    janet ... off to do the ironing :(

  2. Your mom's funeral sounds so beautiful and how amazing to find that rose bush! I hope you find inspiration for your material. I will step aside on the bunting drawing, being from the "wrong side of the pond" so-to-speak, but it's a fun idea! Blessings and hugs to you and yours!

  3. ...sending you a big hug amazing to see that rose and then for it to be given that name, an angel guiding you me'll watch it grow and your heart will smile when it for your material how about chunky doorstops...thanks for sharing this week Jan...Mel :)

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your mom's passing. She must have been a wonderful person, and the rose sounds like a wonderful reminder and tribute to her.

    I will also step aside in the drawing, since I'm all the way over here in America. Although I am very much looking forward to the Olympics!

  5. Hugs to you Jan at this sad time... the rose is beautiful something for you to remember all the lovely memories of your lovely Mum... Hugs May x x x.. no number as yet!!

  6. So sorry to hear you have had such a sad time with your mum's passing. The rose was obviously meant to be just for you.
    Sandra @57

  7. So lovely to have so many people to join you at such a special Mum's funeral. You were obviously very blessed to have had her in your life. What a beautiful rose to remember her by.
    A x

  8. Sending you lots of love and hugs Jan, i had a similar thing happen when my mum passed... walking thru the garden centre with my 3 children and they all stood to look at this bush... Aurea Nana... Golden Nana so we had to have it.
    Much love
    Lisa #16

  9. Your dear Mum would have been so proud to have so many people at her funeral Jan. I think the rose was meant to be and I hope it flourishes for ever, I know it will in your heart. Love that ticking, not seen that in years. Comforting hugs from me. Rita xx

  10. A little tear on my cheek, mums are amazing. Mine is 80, fun loving, gorgeous and I don't tell her enough what she means to me.
    Thank you for helping me to remember to tell her she is one in a million.
    Lynn 48 x xx
    One I made earlier today

  11. Oops I forgot to add 'Bloomin' British Bunting' to my earlier comment. Thanks for dropping in on me ...can you please email me your address anyway :-)
    A x

  12. I just had to pop by to see how you were doing, Jan. How wonderful to be able to celebrate your Mum in such a wonderful way with such lovely singing and so many people, just the way it should be.
    Bet your Mum popped that rose in your way in the garden centre, It was just meant to be wasn't it.
    Sending you lots of hugs. I'm thinking about you!!!!
    Glad to see that fabric out. You'll feel like doing something with it when you're ready, don't rush!!!
    Hugs Lisax

    P.s I'm not around in Blogland at the minute, been in hospital myself so recuperating in the sunshine but I must add "Bloomin British Bunting" who can resist the chance of your stunning makes!!!!!!

  13. My mum is still gardening,with one kidney and now has to go into hospital very soon because of her heart, (83) all mum's are amazing. Hubby's mum and our brother in law passed away suddenly at the beginning of the year. We have things planned. Love the rose and having been looking for it! Lovely and sunny here today off out in the garden very soon! Have a crafty week! HAPPY WOYWW

  14. It is a long haul back from the grief of losing a loved one.What a gorgeous way to remember your mother. I hope you can see some light in the days and weeks ahead.

  15. I love it when plants "speak" to us like that, you feel as if they are still with you when you have a memory plant like that. I think something squarish with the square print, like those tote / shopper style bags. I think a peg bag would be too small to carry off the squares? Might make a lovely cushion though, maybe one of those bolster type ones so that the squares are contrasted with the round shape? I haven't forgotten to post you something, just not been able to get to a correctly sized envelope! (don't ask...) Sending you rose scented hugs xx #52

  16. People we have loved never leave us, they are all around.
    The fabric would make some lovely outside cushions for garden furniture?
    Thank you for your kind comments on my recent post.

    What marvellous blooming British Bunting you have made, I would love that for my student's room so that they are all aware they are staying in a wonderful country at a fabulous time!


  17. It's a sad time for you, but you have many many memories of your dear kind Mum and they will never leave you. If your time is up, then that is the best way to go, angels will watch over you and your Mum will always be with you. Take care, Karen 110 x

  18. That material cries out coin purse to me, I'd love one!

  19. I only now saw the sad news about your Mum. I send warm thoughts to you and your family!
    I also have been thinking about my Mum who passed away last summer... I now had the first Mothers Day without my Mum, but being a Grandma myself... So fast can things change!
    Although not being British, I´d like to win that Bloomin' British Bunting :)
    Really love it!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Tuire #34

  20. Sorry for your sad loss hun ,ive only just seen this .The rose is beautiful and im sure you will chat to it and water with love n care and the blooms will be gorgeous!Havent been around for few weeks due to ill health in family .missed the wednesday ritual.Now having catch up.Have fab wednesday love n hugs judex 32

  21. Lovely flower, with a GREAT name - you'll think of her every time it blooms (and every time in between, I'll bet) The fabric looks wonderful and hope you enjoy working with it.

    Cheers on WOYWW day

    Mary Anne (1)

  22. The fabric is gorgeous - not sure what you could do.... but the name of your rose brought a tear to my eye. The funeral service sounds as if you did your Mum proud! Welsh male voice singing - perfect! Take care, Helen 17

  23. How lovely that so many people came to your Mum's funeral, she must have been much loved by many other too. The rose is such a wonderful way to remember your Mum by and it will give you great pleasure, if tinged with a little sadness too. I would love to win you Bloomin British Bunting as I intend to cover our whole garden with bunting! Crafty hugs, Anne #18

  24. Sounds like you gave your Mum a wonderfull send off. What a lovely rose too, I must have a look for one. Loving the stamp fabric, I'm rubbish with design ideas I'm afraid, but it would defintely look good as one of your bags with the stripey lining?? Oooh must'nt forget to say 'Bloomin' British Bunting' :o) it looks fab, if I won it I'd give it to my Mum as I know she'd love it! Keep you chin up x April #97

  25. It sounds like your Mum had a good 'send off'. Love the rose, what a lovely reminder every time you step out of the door. Keep your lovely memories. Would love to enter Bloomin' British Bunting but understand if it's only open to UK.
    Love your fabric. Anything you make will look god I'm sure.
    Famfa 126

  26. With me being away and not blog hoping much I didn't realise your mom has passed away - so so sorry! I read your post about her and she was a lovely lady!
    I see you are back at the sewing machine!Lovely makings!
    Lots of hugs and love,

  27. Glad to hear everything went well Jan, sounds like a great send off for an amazing women. Love the rose, perfect reminder every time you leave the house. Would love some Bloomin' British Bunting but have no idea what to do with the other fabric, although everything you make is wonderful.

    Brenda 123

  28. Beautiful rose and a great memory provoker. Love to have the chance of some Bloomin' British Bunting, how very kind of you. Take care and enjoy this sunny & warm WOYWW. Zo xx 80

  29. With missing a couple of WOYWW I didn't know about your sad news, so please accept my heartfelt sympathy. It is so hard to accept. It sounds like the service was as special as she was and I'm sure it gives you comfort. The rose will bloom on in her memory.
    One of my friends gave me some special daffodils in memory of my mum and it's wonderful when they are in flower.
    The Blooming Bush Bunting is wonderful and I think that the postage stamp fabric just has to be cushions, aprons, or shopping bags to show off the design.
    Love JoZarty x

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  30. Oops! typo Blooming BRITISH Bunting!!! It's an age thing, ...
    Jo x

  31. I hope you smile and fell warm with memories everytime you pass that beautiful rose.
    The stamp fabric is great. Is the design too big for a make up bag/ pencil case? Maybe an apron?
    Oh and Bloomin' British Bunting!
    Laura 138
    (Sorry, I posted in the wrong place!!)

  32. So tell me LLJ - what does normal life look like and will I recognise it when I see it?

    Hope your Dad is holding his own, and that you are getting some rest if not sleep,

    when you take a break from the grieving I think you could make some small, really useful, travel bags (toiletries/phones/gadget) courier style bags with that rather super stamp fabric,

    I adore ticking

    yes I do,

    big hugs,


  33. Oh sorry - also meant to say - i did extra's ( atc's) and one has your name on - please email me if you would like me to mail it next week.

  34. Ohmygawd! I thought your rose said "very pregnant" instead of very fragrant, which explained the mum of millions bit. Okay! I get it now! One in a million mum instead of the mum to millions. Whew. That last one would be very exhausting I think. Sorry to hear of your mum's passing. How great that so many came out to send her off in style.

    I love the fabric and ticking together, perhaps a reversible tote bag? I'm not British but I love your bunting, so here is goes: Bloomin' British Bunting.

  35. 'Bloomin' British Bunting' a's so fun to celebrate a National with all the festivities etc. I hope the Rose bush does well for you it will be a treasure with each flower picked. I love roses. Isn't it funny how a piece of fabric or paper can puzzle you...then all of a sudden the idea hits so be patient and enjoy the beauty of the day...I'm glad to be home and with the WIND we are having I must stay inside!!!

  36. The rose bush was a very serendipitous find. I hope it brings you much pleasure. How wonderful that so many came to pay their respects to your Mum. Fiona xx

  37. Aww Jan, the funeral sounds like it went really well considering. Singing in Wales is always uplifting and from the heart, I grew up in Swansea and remember singing all our hymns in Welsh. Calon Lan always gets me. Anyway, just have to say I love your 'Bloomin' British Bunting' it is FAB. I am totally union flag mad at present. The stamp fabric is cool too, I just bought the Asda celebratary mug and in similar same colours (navy and gold). BJ#24

  38. Oh Jan, now I'm snivelling and wiping my nose like crazy :( The rose was meant to be for sure, and thoughts of you are still close in my heart. Love the bunting but can't remember what I have to do so I hope it goes to a good home honey! Love and hugs, Di xxx

  39. You know Jan, sometimes God works in a mysterious way and that rose was meant to be seen by you. I am convinced of it.
    How heartening to hear that so many came to pay their respects and help you celebrate the life of your mother. A truly uplifting experience those Welsh voices I bet.
    As yu said in a previous posting, carry on with your work, mum would have wanted that - and that 'Bloomin' British Bunting' is lovely - you are so talented.
    Hugs, neet 25 - playing catch up yet once more - doh xx

  40. Forgot to say - the ticking and the stamp material is fab - it would make great bags for the Jubilee etc.
    Hugs, Neet #25 xx

  41. Hi Jan, sorry to hear about your mum but everytime you pass your rose in the garden you will think of her with fond memories. x
    Love your bunting and new material.
    Big hugs Erika. #90

  42. So sorry for your loss, your rose will be a beautiful reminder of your mom. I hope you find the inspiration soon to continue creating!

  43. Was the funeral in Swansea then? I grew up in Mumbles actually, with all those lovely beaches on the Gower just a stones throw, my Mother still lives in The Mayles. I went to Bishop Gore for a time before we moved to Porthcawl. Yes - nice to find a connection. BJ

  44. I'm not sure whether you want us to say Blooming British Bunting this week or next so I'll say it now for good measure, so to speak....

    Life will never quite be the same again, and whilst the sadness fades and the memories start to put more smiles than tears on your face, there will be odd moments when you're blindsided by it, even years on. Like last week and the Douglas bunting.... My mother amazes me and how she has had the strength to do what she's done since Dad died, I don't know. Only 4 days after we buried him, she attended a family wedding they'd been invited to, Dad's cousin's youngest daughter. I had to go with her as escort and taxi driver, and I was proud to be at her side that day - she was so strong and happy for Rachel, even as Dad was missing... How perfect to find that rose - that was your Mum saying it'll be ok. I think you called it synchronicity last week?

    I'm sorry not to be seeing you on Saturday - keep a sunshine ray in your heart for all the good memories because your Mum wouldn't have wanted to see you sad for too long.

  45. LLJ, your mum sounds to have been a wonderful, active, loved lady and I am sure she will be sorely missed. Life isn't fair, is it?? Your mum was so active and involved in stuff sounds to have been living a full and useful life to it's end. My poor soul knows not what day or planet she is on most of the time, and is often doubly incontinent. She should have gone to sleep long ago, as she is basically stuck in a peculiar time warp, and does not KNOW her great grandsons anymore, or grandaughter, for that matter. If I could swap souls with you, my dear, I gladly would, to see my poor mum at rest and yours in the pink again, like that beautiful rose. But whoever said life was fair??? That singing sounds to have been uplifting. I am with you all the way, even though we have not met... oh and the bunting thing please!!!
    Love and light, and a little peace

  46. I can't even begin to think how you must feel, I am very lucky not to have anyone close pass away. My thoughts are with you and that rose was meant to be, what a lovely name it has. It will keep the wonderful memories alive.
    Such fabulous material, love the stamps and the bunting. I would put it up around here as I am the only Pom with all these Aussies!! It's a bit far to send it though.
    Have a happy week.
    Von #22

  47. Fun fabric and bunting, Jan, and a very sweet tribute.
    Hugs and prayers to you,

  48. That is one brilliant beautiful rose, so healthy too.

    Eliza #49

  49. I love the stamp cloth and think cushion covers, a bag, or even more of the bloomin' British Bunting would be nice made out of it. I remember when my Mom died the whole it left in our lives. I will keep you in my thoughts and I hope all goes well as you settle her affairs. Love the beautiful pink rose...awesome tribute. Have a great week. Vickie #28

  50. just take one day at a time and it will get easier,the rose is gorgeous,enjoy
    thanks for visiting me
    kay #22

  51. oops should be
    kay #33 (22 was last weeks number!)

  52. Hugs!!! So sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. It sounds like she was a very lovely woman! Your roses will be such a wonderful reminder of her!

    I'd love to be entered for your drawing: *Bloomin' British Bunting*!!!!

    Jeannie #75

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  54. Sorry to hear your Welsh news, I havn't called by since 'batcat'.
    I have been looking at that stamp fabric too, it is fab, but I don't know what to do with it either - I really wanted smaller stamps, but they just don't seem to exist.

  55. So sorry about your Mother. I lost mine a year ago April so I can relate somewhat. The rose is beautiful. When my mother passed, friends sent me a Gardenia plant. Last year it's first bloom was on Easter morning after my Mom passed away. This year, it's first bloom of the season was on the 1 year anniversary of my Mother's passing. It gave me comfort. Perhaps your rose will do the same for you. The fabric is lovely and I hope inspiration will come to you soon for it. Since I'm in Texas, USA. The bunting would be unused over here I'm afraid but I like it and hope it gets a wonderful new home! :) Thanks again for visiting my WOYWW post this week. ~ Sandy T. from Texas

  56. Glad that the angels were close at your Mother's funeral with those beautiful voices. It's so important to have a fine farewell... reminds of my Dad who died (feels like) a short five years ago. We had a great send-off for him in his house with lots of people, good food and wine, light and music as it always was.
    I don't have a DH so the beer is either for me or Boyz who visit and the shelves are in a much better place. It's such a pleasure to work in my 'new' space. Thanks for visiting - thinking of you,
    Ros. #64

  57. Lovely post Jan and such a perfect rose - so special for you. Your bunting looks fab but I will give others a chance - the term coals to Newcastle comes to mind - lol. x Jo

  58. Aww Jan, I’m so sorry to read that you lost your poor mum. You must be devastated but what a way to remember her every time you walk out onto your patio and see the Rose you brought. I did the same when I lost my dad. The Rose I brought was called Glenfidich, the tipple he loved.

    Sorry I can help with inspiration for your new fabric but I’m sure you will come up with something wonderful to make with it…you always do!

    Have a good week and……..
    Happy Crafting!


  59. I am sorry to hear about your mum. I lost mine in 2007. It leaves big hole but I found it is true that time is a healer.
    I love your fabric, you have some lovely and interesting finds with fabric.
    carol x

  60. LLJ,

    Oh, I'm sorry hear about your mum. What you wrote about her gave me goosebumps (and a few tears). You didn't stumble across that rose bush by accident, you know.

    As for my garden, well, it could use some BLOOMIN' BRITISH BUNTING to get it sparkling. The two new fabrics are gorgeous too. The stipe with the other looks great.

    Hugs to you.

  61. Normal is good - but hard after such a thing. Maybe just aim for a new kind of normal. You wrote a wonderful post and told a beautiful story of how special she was. Thinking of you. The rose is just perfect...

    Fabrics can always get you going again - I was thinking of making a baby blanket thingy until I realised the fabric I spied on the internet was about £98 metre!!!! I'll do designer love instead... The stamp fabric would look great as bunting but rectangle flags instead of triangles... and for some reason I could see someone in a band wearing a waistcoat out of it!!!

    Enjoy the weekend! Sarah.

  62. Your Mum sounds lovely, the rose is beautiful. It will be so wonderful to look at in bloom and remember your Mum.
    The stamp fabric is gorgeous, I'd make a cushion cover or mount it in/on a frame to be able to see it in its full loveliness. Take care XX

  63. Hi Jan. Sorry I am a little late but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of you and your family. Glad the funeral went well.
    Loving the Rose you bought. I happened to do the same the day after my friend died and now she is flourishing beautifully. A deep deep red one. Angela was born on Christmas Eve so quite fitting really. Next month I am doing the Pink Walk for her!
    Bloomin' British Bunting! I am with Sarah on the stamp fabric. I would wear a waistcoat made with that!! Hee Hee! You should see the ones I wear at Christmas!

  64. Aww bless you. Am glad the funeral went well and the rose is beautiful, a fitting reminder. Thanks for your comment on my WOYWW post. :)

    Ali #84

  65. Oh Jan . . . I just saw this post after leaving you a comment on this week's WOYWW post.

    Beautiful rose.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Sending big big hugs your way xxx

  66. Jan thanks for popping blog background is from here....
    Hugs Erika.

  67. Love the bunting...I so wish I had made some, but not enough time left for the jubilee so maybe just for parties :) The rose is gorgeous and am glad the funeral went well.