Enough said really.... *grin*  I just noticed that 30 weeks have elapsed since WOYWW 600, goodness that disappeared without trace!

I don't have a photo of my desk this week but lots of other things that we've been working on.

My friend Kim gets parcels of stash from a crafting friend who's having a big clear out and she kindly bought these fabrics for me - all nautical in theme, they'll come in handy, especially the one on the left, there must be a metre and a half of that.

You know me, I never keep things 'for best'. so these yachts have already been cut up into four cases, two purses and maybe a little zipped pouch from the leftovers.

The main reason I've not been in the JanCave much is other things have taken precedence. If the Guild of Quilters see this next pic then I'll be drummed out of town:

What? Isn't a quilting ruler supposed to be used for trimming wallpaper? 

What was a bare wall is now resplendent in lovely new paper. We used the Paste the Wall paper, which was so much easier than slapping gunk onto long lengths and then getting everything stuck together. Last time G and I papered, it nearly came to divorce, this time was amazingly easy!!

And the best thing about getting lovely wallpaper was this:

Look at this gorgeous box! It made me happy on opening it up for the first time, I know some of you would make a journal (that's so not going to happen with me...) I can't bear to throw it away!

We've also been spending a heap of time out in the garden and I have to say that it is looking rather fab:

Everything has just splurged and it's filled with colour and the buzzing of bees and chirping of sparrows. There is a new addition in the centre:

I have a big birthday approaching and this above ground pond is a present from many contributors, it'll have plants in there soon together with a solar powered pump/fountain and possibly a few fish too. It'll give me great pleasure for many years to come, thanks G for putting it all together x

Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the crafting (if you're not too busy watching Wimbledon or the Tour de France!)



Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Oh Jan the pre Birthday addition will really take centre stage with it's water feature and plants, love the driftwood and fossil by it's side. Beautiful relaxing area to sit and admire and dream away the days.
The nautical fabric is beautiful, you'll be kept busy with that extra passed on stash. I'm going to bed with a smile on my face at the use of the quilters ruler, my hubby would have done exactly the same if mine had been to hand but mines not as big as yours. We give a thumbs up to paste the wall paper.. Fabulous invention and how pretty your choice of paper is too..
Happy WoywW & upcoming Birthday.. may there be sunshine a plenty Tracey xx

Julia Dunnit said...

OOh the pond looks FAB, just perfect for the space, and I agree, it will make you happy every time you sit out and relax. Our neighbour has a running water feature, can’t see it, but do enjoy the sound of it whilst we’re sitting out in the garden! I hope you have fun stocking the pond and may the Herons always be decoys!! I like the yachts and the sea life more than the other fabric, but whatever, people are very kind to give such stuff away aren’t they. So much more useful to you than unused in a wardrobe somewhere. Wallpaper is fab, I hadn’t realised it’s got metallic on it…it’s so lovely. If the Guild come looking for you, deny all knowledge, tell them G did it !!

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. Those fabrics are fab, particularly the yacht one. I am always tempted to get some wallpaper up in this house, but it is so much easier just to paint. I had not heard of the 'Paste The Wall'. Perhaps I will look into it. Looking at the end walls of my craft room and thinking it might look good with a pattern. That box inner is stunning. I would definitely be making a journal with it. I used to have a big pond many years ago (with huge koi carp) and always wanted another one, but the thought of the digging etc just put me off. Never seen an above ground pond before. Will definitely be looking into that. Your garden is looking fantastic. I have you on my list to come and visit this summer. Let me know when you and G are around for a visitor, and I will consult my calendar. Ali x #15

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That is amazing new wallpaper. It sure changes the bare wall and goes nicely with your drapes. But the thing that made me smile the most is that new water feature that will soon be set up and of course, your incredible garden. I am truly in awe. Happy WOYWW from # 12.

Annie said...

Your wall paper is gorgeous as is all that fab material. Think I'd need just a little stroking time first :-)
I love the new pond in that stunning garden....think I'd need a wee every time I heard the water running though lol
Annie x #16

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan, your decor and garden are looking lovely. I love the sound of water. If you get fish, would Ron take an interest? Could be fascinating for him 😀
How kind of your friend to send you fabric. The nautical theme will be lovely for the RNLI shop.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 22

Crafting Queen said...

Your garden looks so beautiful. Love your sewing projects. Have a great day. Anesha x

Mary Anne said...

Love the paper, love the box, love the sewing project but nothing is as good as that garden. Love, love love it so much!! And I am always using my crafting supplies for very oddball tasks. The Hubster now knows to come to me if he has a problem that needs solving and likely as not there will be SOMETHING in my craft room that will help. I mean I made a Patty Stacker for his BBQ (google it for the As Seen On Tv product!) out of an old 50 cd disc container, some plastic placemats cut with my circle cutter, and an Ikea burger press. He declared it the thing that elevated his burger making to the next level...

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Twiglet said...

Your garden and your interior design transformations are wonderful! I chuckled at G using your quilting rule - but why not - its straight and sturdy and perfect for the job and you can wipe it down when you have finished! Your pond and ammonite look fab Jan - great idea. AND - I love that our crafty buddies keep moving their stash in our direction don't you - gorgeous fabric. xx Jo

Christine said...

Superb photos of your garden, your material ones are good too, loving all the colour. I hope (know) you will really enjoy your pond, especially if you have a few fish . . . . I love sitting by mine and so do the boys, they have their own fish watching chairs, a cup of coffee takes so much better sat there. OooH! such good restful times ahead . . .
Have a good week
Christine #27

Diana Taylor said...

The wall paper is fabulous, it really makes a statement and I've never heard of Paste the Wall paper - if I ever attempt paper hanging again I'll look out for it - and yes I wouldn't be able to throw that box out either but would have no idea what to do with it!
Your garden is looking beautiful and I love the water feature, what a lovely idea to mark a big birthday. I have to say I'm hugely taken with the Ammonite, it's fantastic.
Hope you have a great week,
Hugs, Diana xx #28

Felicia said...

Jan!!!!!! That garden!!!!! Gahhhh, I am sooooo jealous! I miss having a garden so, so much! Congrats on the pre-Birthday present! How gorgeous! It is going to be such an amazing addition to your garden and we must see pix when it is all up and working!! I love what you did with the acquired fabrics! I love how you always pair things just right! It seems you are getting a lot of bang for your buck with the one fabric! I'm tired thinking about it! LOL I can so see the scene with the wallpaper and hubby....it probably would have went down just like that in my home when I was married! So guess what...there was NEVER a wallpaper episode! LOL I'm much too lazy anyway! Slap a coat a paint and I'm happy! I agree about the box and you are right, flags went up for a great journal with that guy! You didn't really say when your birthday was, so in case I miss it HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL Blessings to you Jan! Felicia #30

Helen said...

I'm busier watching football.. the wall looks beautiful and what a box!! The garden and your pond also look fab. Have a great week . Helen #11

Crafting With Jack said...

Your garden is looking fabulous as is your bedroom wall. We have never tried hanging wallpaper - that’s a royal “we” because I don’t remember the last time I had a decorators brush in my hand! Great fabric and very apt for your charity gifts. Happy WOYWW Angela #7

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

The reason you don't need to "keep things for best" is because everything you do is the best - things just turn into gold in your hands - raw material in/lovely make out! Love the wall paper - it goes with the curtains and the bedding - I remember my parents wall papering, but that was many decades ago! Never done it myself, although I'm toying with the idea of replacing the gloomy one I inherited in my craft room. Your garden is indeed looking fabulous! Love that ammonite ornament and generally the whole deco. Enjoy! xx zsuzsa #31

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Is that your spare room? Do we need to book, or just turn up?:) LOL

Those fabrics are ideal.

The box is lovely. I hope you do something with it, rather than just put it away.

Garden is beautiful and nice you now have the pond.


Neet said...

What a beautiful garden you have already, and it looks low maintenance too which is appealing to me. The water feature is lovely and will provide the perfect centrepiece for you to sit and listen to whilst you craft.
Gorgeous fabric, love the yachts and what you made with them - sure fire sellers.
Now that wallpaper is lovely and it sounds great too. I think the pasting is probably the worse job to do - and I should know I have always been the one to do the whole lot in our house.
Hugs, Neet 10 xx

BJ said...

Gorgeous wallpaper, so luxurious. Bit confused, did the wallpaper come in that box perchance? Definitely a keeper. Oh and you've taken the pond plunge - enjoy. Thanks for the visit BJ#25

Lindart said...

Hi Jan! I love the new fabrics, especially the yachts! The garden is gorgeous, and that new pond will be so nice! We love our solar powered fountain, but have had to use the smallest nozzle because the wind would blow all the water from the fountain out of the birdbath, and we would be refilling it every hour. It's a bit better now as the water is just evaporating in the heat, and the fountain spray is going back into the birdbath. We are re-thinking the fountain... Have a great week! Lindart #34

My name is Cindy said...

Your garden looks fab and that water feature will be the finishing touch - so nice to be up off the ground too with a built in seat for admiring the fish. Gorgeous material from your friend - the sea creatures and sails particularly call to me. Well done on the decorating that looks stunning. Thanks for your earlier visit and encouragement - I'm sure everything will be fine but I can't help being anxious while we are going through it!! Happy WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, love n hugs Cindy #18

Shoshi said...

Your posts are always such a delight to read, Jan. I love the new nautical fabrics and you've done a splendid job with the little yachts! I laughed at the "abuse" of the quilting ruler!! I won't tell them... Haha! I learnt the lesson very early on NEVER to decorate with my hubby. Divorce? Nearly came to blows in our case lol!! I had visions of courtroom scene - Exhibit A in murder trial - murder weapon - one wallpaper roller! He is sooo slapdash and thinks he's brilliant, which is impossible to deal with! We came to a very sensible arrangement - decorating down to me, and garden down to him = marital harmony. I can't do decorating any more so we get someone in now!

That certainly is a beautiful box. So plain and ordinary on the outside, and then open it up to find such a lovely surprise. So what are you going to do with it?

Your garden certainly is looking fab. Congratulations on the upcoming special birthday,and the pond will be a gorgeous reminder of it. Once it's all planted it is going to be stunning.

Thank you for your visit and for your good wishes for my operation on 9th July. Thank you also for reminding me about the salt on watercolour technique - I used to do this and had forgotten about it! It's a lovely effect, and a bit more definite than the simple water spattering. I've got a pot of coarse grained salt somewhere in my studio, and no doubt it will turn up during my tidying!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x 26

Robyn said...

The garden is lovely and those nautical fabrics are fab! Any tool in a storm, I say. Robyn 5

Lynn Holland said...

What a fabulously happy post today. So much going on and to see. I hope himself didn’t use your fabric scissors for cutting that lovely wallpaper. The garden is looking wonderful and I hope you’re going to let us in on the date of your big birthday missus.
I’m calling mine a pension party this year as I’ll start drawing it this time. Yippee at last. Only six weeks to go
Lynn xx 19

Caro said...

Loving the new fabrics, but the wall paper really steals the show - it's stunning. As for your garden - WOW! I would be out there all the time. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe, with love & God bless, Caro xxx (#29)

Stacy Sheldon said...

Ooh happy birthday in advance Jan, that pond looks fabulous. ( will fish survive the winter with it above ground?) ( they make "tank warmers" for livestock water troughs here though so maybe a garden center/farm store would carry something. That wall turned out so pretty. we do not have a single piece of wall paper anywhere, so I always find that interesting when people are showing reveals of remodels and used some.
I think people who renovate homes together while they live in it are nearly always tempted by murder at some point. :) ~Stacy #33

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You said it yourself that you don't keep anything foe best so why not use the quilting ruler for other jobs, wish I was like that as I have too many things including fabrics and wool that I have kept for that special project and well that was a long time ago and I need to use it or lose it! What I would probably do with the box is carefully open the join and turn it inside out so that the inside becomes the outside and then use it to store something, it's just gorgeous. Do remember that if you put fish in your pond it will need a filter. Wishing you a happy and crafty woyww, Angela x23x

StampinCarol said...

The fabrics are beautiful!
And the wallpaper is gorgeous!
Love the garden and what a fun pond! Can't wait to see the fountain!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
Carol N #4

Sarah Brennan said...

That is a beautiful feature wall Jan and the box is definitely too nice to throw away. Your garden is stunning. The new addition is such a great way to remember the imminent big birthday. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #9

Marit said...

I AM busy watching the Tour de France but I find some time to visit you in between *lol* I love that wallpaper and I think I know what you mean with that 'paste the wall'... I used wallpaper like that in our former apartment - and I put it on alone 'cause my beloved has two left hands when it comes to doing that kind of work in the house. (he's better at computers!) As you could read on my blog, I fell in love with 'Escape to the country' and yes, I liked it most when they were in Wales!!! What a beautiful part of the world (i visited twice, in another life that was..) and I especially like the little 'character' cottages... ohmy! When I win the lottery, I buy me a second (holiday) house there! Enjoy your weekend lovely one, hug from the Netherlands! Marit #13

Eva said...

Thanks to the one who made a big clear out - and now you are the owner of the lovely fabrics. Love the sailboats!
Hard working Husband made his job so excellent!
Oh what an amazing new wallpaper! An the BOX! The Queen of the boxes! Got big eyes seeing this! The new above ground pond made me smile. Would be nice with a pump and fishes...
Your garden is so fab!!
Have a nice weekend.
Eva from Austria

Susan Renshaw said...

The garden is looking lovely!
That box is beautiful but so are its contents!
Those fabrics are lovely - they would be perfect for members of my family!
Happy WOYWW!
Stay safe and keep well!
Susan #24
Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

Kelly said...

Oh Jan... that wallpaper is gorgeous. I wish more people saw the beauty in wallpaper and left the paint for trim. Yes, that box would be a journal cover in a heart beat! Want to send me just the flaps? hehe The fabric is very pretty. I'm working on a 'water/ nautical' theme for Bob's retirement book. I have 2 years to do it in. Think I can make it? LOL Love the garden. Mine is sadly way behind this year but making progress. I have videos under Kelly Henkins on YT if you want to see what mine looks like. Hugs & Creative Blessings! Kelly #32

Empire of the Cat said...

Wow your garden looks terrific, I love the pond! I also love that box, what an amazing "gift" to come with your wallpaper. Some companies just go that little bit extra to make it all special don't they. Happy WOYWW! Elle #24, EOTC


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