What an absolutely glorious week it has been, the weather has been stunning and, now that the northerly wind has dropped, really warm too. I've had friends around for coffee and we've sat in the garden as per the rules and regs and I caught the sun!  There's been lots of pootling about and going for walks, the sun just makes everything seem better.

After a chance remark from Laura, the Harbour Lights cafe owner, I took down a whole load of fabric bags that can be rolled up and chucked in a handbag, she'd run out of carriers and I needed to clear some space so it was a win win for us both! I decided to make a few more hence I dug out some stash and set to:

The last metre or so of all these were cut up and ironed....

I'm so slapdash cutting out, the ruler was just to have a straight line, not for measuring, all is done by eye (honestly I'd be thrown out of the Sewing Bee.... *grin*)

There's more time spent ironing than sewing, they really are basic bags, nowt fancy. I've just noticed my Crocs are in shot, they're furry lined and ever so comfy, but I'm always in bare feet in the JanCave! 

I've done some more painting too, including this watercolour cat:
I really enjoyed doing this, it reminded me of my old cat Harry, he was big and boomfy too! The Arteza brush pens were left out from another project and I'd been practising leaf shapes from a crib sheet sent to me by Angela (Crafting with Jack) - this has been very useful, thanks Angela.

But mostly we've been walking, I'm trying to do 10,000 steps a day which isn't hard when you have this on your doorstep:

It was the most perfect walk, a quiet sea, firm sand, watching the sand martins swoop catching insects and listening to skylarks singing. Heaven on earth xx

Have you seen that we'll be celebrating WOYWW 12 IN May? Julia wrote a post about it here - I'm very excited about it and have already done my ATCs, now to buy/create a postcard as well, I'll have to have a bit of a think :-D

Take care and have a wonderful week!!


Sarah Brennan said...

Great bags Julia - I always have something similar in my handbag so indeed very useful. I am not surprised you can manage 10 000 steps a day with the beauty on your doorstep. Love the latest waterxolouring too! Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Bet those bags are a hit.

Loving the Crocs.

Your cat painting is fab.

You sure do live in a beautiful area.


Helen said...

Great work on the bags, Jan! I've never seen furry lined crocs, but I am always in slippers (at home, obviously, not at work!!) Love the beach shots, you are so lucky. Have a good week. Helen #4

Neet said...

With that beautiful scenery and the talented G you will have no problem in creating a postcard yourself. Mind you, you are good behind the lens as well so definitely no problem. Love the pics today! Got beach envy.
I loved the painting of Harry, you are making so much progress with those brushes, far better than what I can do. And what a lovely lady you are making those bags - so generous - so and lovely with it.
Hugs, Neet 7 xx

Lynnecrafts said...

Lovely bags Jan! They’ll sell well. Your cat was just like old Harry.
It’s a bit warmer here too now. I must get out too.
The seaside is looking so beautiful. With Cefn Sidan close to hand, 10k steps would be nothing 😀
Take care lovely girl. I hope to see you soon
Love Lx

Twiglet said...

That final photo is a gem - I just sat back and took a deep breath - stunning - you are so lucky to have it right on your doorstep and good luck with the 10,000 steps - brilliant! You are a treasure making the bags - it is satisfying being able to create, use up a bit of stash AND help the planet and a few folk too. xx Jo

Anne said...

Hi Jan. I love how you make the production of your bags sound so simple lol.
The beach looks stunning, I miss it so much.
I go barefoot in the house! Mum said even when I was little I would keep even socks on my feet lol
Have a great week. Anne x 18

Mary Anne said...

Oh Jan, I would do 20k if I had that on my doorstep! Stunning, and you are so lucky. I am still trying to get to Stourhead - counting down, 10 days from Friday (jab #2) and I figure I might risk an outdoor walk with the family!You would be running the sewing bee, so no danger of getting tossed out LOL! I so want fur lined crocs now - WOYWW is such a danger to my wallet... Can't wait for the ATC trade. Got my thinking cap on...
Sidetracked momentarily by a new project but determined to visit ALL today! :D
Mary Anne (1)

Crafting With Jack said...

My goodness that was quick work with the ATC’s. I was wondering how many we have to make? You do live near to beautiful walking areas. I am glad the sheet is proving useful. Happy WOYWW and have a great week Angela #3

Diana Taylor said...

You really are a whizz with the sewing machine, the bags are great and will be snapped up I'm sure. Love the crocs - never heard of furry ones but they look very comfortable. I love the little painting of the cat - you've captured the shape and cat-ness perfectly.
Hope you have a good week with more sunshine and more beautiful scenic walks.
Hugs, Diana xx #16

Crafting Queen said...

Wow, I just love your painting of the cat! Wish I could be that free with my painting. Love your bags as well. Hugs Anesha x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I'm actually a bit late on my rounds because I've been creating/ordering some postcards as soon as I saw Julia's post. Check out Moo.com - you can get 25 postcards printed for under £20 delivered. I used a photo I took a few years ago. Love the idea of your textile bags - just imagine people will be using them in years to come - there'll be Jan bags everywhere! Might even become collectible LOL! Love the watercoloured kitty as well - could be Oreo from behind! I like being bare feet too - in fact I can't tolerate anything on my feet when it's hot. I get cranky, even if I have to wear sandals. Happy WOYWW Jan! Thanks for your visit earlier! xx zsuzsa #15

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

PS - the seascapes are fantastic - it must be lovely walking around there for sure! I can almost smell the sea and feel the breeze on my face! xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Loving the funky crocs! And you know I'll have spotted the sausage dog fabric! Remind me to speak to you about re-usable things when we get together (yay!) Your cat is wonderful - I love how you've managed to make him almost quiver as if you can see him breathing! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #5

Annie said...

I spent my morning making two very special Memory bears and now have time to catch up on a few of my favourite blogs.
Love the bags Jan...you really are a gem. I always love the photos of your beach...the smell of the sea air does us all good.
Annie x #9

Felicia said...

Hi Jan!!!! Good to be back and visiting everyone's desks! I love the bags you are doing for the Cafe! How awesome are you!! And they may be basic to you, BUT ANY amount of sewing on my part would definitely NOT be basic! LOL At any rate, I am sure she was thrilled to bits! Your watercolor painting is just flourishing! I love the kitty, too super cute! I have been practicing my leaves as well, but I'm afraid it will take A LOT MORE practicing! Hee Hee I'm so, so glad you guys over there are able to get with pals again, even with the restrictions, just to be able to spend some time with others is such a treat! And....to go on those amazing walks! Your photos are just gorgeous!!! I'm with you, with those views, who cares if it's 20,000 steps!! LOLOL Just gorgeous! Thanks, as always, for stopping in on my blog and leaving your comment! The west coast of Scotland, huh??? Oh my goodness, that would be amazing!! It sounds like it was an awesome camping trip to be sure!!! Looking forward to the swap and I LOVE your crocs, by the way! LOL Blessings to you Jan, Felicia #21

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

The bags are very useful so I'm not surprised so many people want them. The weather's been nice here though we've had some cold days too, it's sunny outside as I type this. You asked me about the watercolours. I used to use pans all the time but moved to tubes and watercolour brushes. Those new watercolours on my desk are something I've not used before so I'll let you know when I've had chance to give them a go. I think I'm a bit lazy really and go for the easy route but I do think the tip with a pan is to rehydrate before you start using them and buy quality as the pigmentation is better but there are lots of blogging ladies who know more about this than me. My past has made me a bit of a "Jack of all trades and Master of None" well nearly anyway. Happy creative woyww, Angela x12x

StampinCarol said...

I love Tom Jones songs! Well, I love him, too!
I can't sew without measuring. Just can't eyeball and get things right. Love the crocs. I live in my flip flops.
Congrats on the walking! Love your area!
Have a wonderful week!
Carol N #24

My name is Cindy said...

Thanks for the earlier visit - how strange we are both aiming at 10,000 steps! It's just an arbitrary number and the B410 thing is because I realised that I could easily waste that first hour and a half after I got up so why not just get the exercise out of the way. I'd never get out once I get involved in stuff around the house or craft room - it's a bit like making your bed, if I achieve nothing else at least I've done that!! Well, it's worked for a week so I'll carry on whilst the weather is fine at least. And we are also channelling cats - must be something in the air! Love n hugs Cindy #23

Stacy Sheldon said...

ooh good for you Jan :) ( I have to really check my watch on the steps sitting for so much time at work and driving days to get mine in) and the views are not so spectacular either. :) Love that you can just eyeball those tote bags and the cat looks awesome. ~Stacy #25

Shoshi said...

I find it hard to believe that you are a careless cutter, Jan - all your projects are so beautifully finished, and the essence of a good result is always in a good initial cut - hard to be accurate if the pieces aren't cut properly. Also, you are very brave to go barefoot in a sewing room. I'm sure I'd be piercing myself with pins dropped on the floor all the time!! You are probably a much tidier worker than I am. I love your watercolour cat, and the "boomfy" word is hilarious! I so agree with you about the sea. I love it in all its moods, and like you, we are so blessed to have it on our doorstep.

Thank you for your visit. Today I read the Queen's response to the outpouring of love and support she has received from around the world - it must be a great comfort to her. I am glad you are enjoying witnessing the progress of my yarn-based projects. I love the squares now they are edged with black, and it will be fun to be joining them all together.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #20

Lynn Holland said...

Tom Jones is on the telly tonight, on the one show at 7pm. I think he is fabulous. His voice is as strong now as ever it was.
Well done on the bags, I bet they were thrilled with them. I can’t cut a straight line even with a ruler haha.
Have a lovely week Jan.
Lynn xx 19

Eva said...

You and your sewing machine, what a great team! The bags will soon find new owners. I'm shure!
Love the crocs - never heard of furry ones, so cute!
The little painting of the cat - it's so amazing! Don't stop doing this!!♥
Hope you have a good week with more sunshine and more beautiful walks.
Hugs, Eva from Austria

Susan Renshaw said...

It must be wonderful to have that on your doorstep!
Lovely bags.
Happy WOYWW!
Susan #14


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