Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 12 July 2017



It's a photo heavy blog today folks, so desk first and then feel free to bail out if you want! But first, May, I did try to comment on your blog last week but your link kept taking me away to online advert sites. I hope you realised and have managed to sort it.

Desk 1:
When rootling around in my furnishing fabric box last week, I came across a remnant of this adorable fabric - I love it so much, those little cute!!  I had just enough to make two more drawstring bags, one for my charity projects but the second will go to my great-niece Edith. She's a bit little for a PE bag yet but it can be put by and maybe used for other things before that!

The red gingham lining looks pretty good too but you'll just have to take my word for it!

Desk 2:
Two days later, things looked like this! I have an exploding scraps box too, just like Angela and Julia - mine's just fabric instead of paper. I'm continuing on my stash busting mission and wanted to make a pretty zipped bag for a teenager in band who is off on a major school trip soon...

A bit of ribbon, trim and one yoyo flower later and Bob's your uncle :-D  I hope she'll like the surprise...

Last week, my boys, future DiL and G went for a road trip up over the western Brecon Beacons, ending up in Llandeilo (home of the amazing Ginhaus). We found another shop, Heavenly (for details see here) which was a fab find on a very hot day as it sold the most amazing ice cream. The shop/cafe is laid out in a very luxurious manner:

Sinful chocolates, sweets and ice cream at every turn....temptation on a stick!  But there was more, they make OTT wedding cakes too. I asked permission to take some pics which they were happy to let me do. 

This one's for Shaz and Doug Silverwolf!

The detail is incredible..I love the dragon!

Son No 1 and his fiancee were very taken with this one!!

How lovely would this be for a vintage tea party themed wedding?!

I thought this was my favourite seaside one but....

The mermaid clinched it - fine figure of a woman there, lol!!  It was a great shop with lovely folk running it - I'll definitely be taking Julia there when she next visits :-D

And FINALLY (thank goodness for that, you're all thinking!) my niece Clare emailed me this pic from her day at Wimbledon:
My goodness - is that a JanBag she's carrying?! Yes it is and one I made quite a few years ago. It's good to see that it's still going strong, thanks for sending the pic Clare, you look very patriotic - hope you indulged in some Pimms and Strawberries and cream too :-D

I met up with Lynne (Lynnecrafts) in London  last Saturday as well. we went to the Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum, it was wonderful and very inspiring. We had a great day but no pics were taken, we were having too much of a good time. It has made me think a lot about drawing again though and when the next three lots of visitors have departed, I'm going to take it up again!

Have fun all - and thanks for making it to the end of this post ;-D xxxxxx


  1. wow, where to start... the elephant fabric is to die for, love the bright pink of the next fabric... the cakes oh the CAKES!!! fantastic picture of the JanBag (and Clare) at Wimbledon.. Helen #?

  2. Great pics and the cakes are to die for. What a great find!
    sandra de @8

  3. Great photos - esp. the last one!
    Was determined to visit you first this time around :D
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire no. 4

  4. Crikey Jan those cakes really are something else. I've seen some beauties before but nothing so eccentric. Thanks for showing us. I love the pump bag as well. You are clever missus
    Lynn x 10

  5. Those are really pretty fabrics Jan and I love what you've done with them...I'm sure they will be loved. As for the cakes....they are simply amazing. What works of art....I love them all. Thanks for sharing with us. Drawing?.....we learn something new every day.
    Annie x #11

  6. Thank you for sharing photos of such amazing cakes! Such details and OMG ... love them.
    Your bags are supreme in the bag world, well done to your niece.
    Happy stitching
    Christine #14

  7. Hiya Jan, oh my! Those cakes! Some people are just so incredibly clever, aren't they? Loving the bags, and what a great Wimbledon photo. Pretty much all packed now, apart from the last minute toiletries.Will be off to the airport for a 13.30 flight tomorrow! Love and huge hugs to you all, Shaz XxX

  8. Thank you Jan Those pop up things were happening to me also When I started the blog up again after a long absence...I have paid extra to Norton my computer protection... but the things are still doing it...Grrr It's so frustrating... My daughter says the reason because I have not used it in a long time this happens... so I am still in contact with Norton to get these pesky things away.... Your post is wonderful full of beautiful fabric makes... Love the little elephant fabric and the bag for your daughter is so lovely... she will love it I'm sure... and the beautiful cakes I can feel my Hips growing just by looking...What am amazing shop that baker is a pure artist...Take care May#13

  9. I'm back! Not that I have actually been anywhere! Your post is a fab one today Jan - those little elephant bags are gorgeous! You really have the knack of creating little beauties with your fabrics! Fantastic wedding cakes - what real arty creativity in those too. xxx Jo

  10. Hi Jan, It's May again from WOYWW #13...they say the pesky ads have gone but I have no way of knowing The good thing Norton and Chrome say it is not a virus just a pesky ad who like to jump in on sites Thank you so much for telling me I really hope they have gone...The secret is not to leave your blog idle for such a long time like I did... I am about to run another scan...May x

  11. Amazing wedding cakes. I have Wimbledon envy at the moment as I missed the whole of the first week in Berlin. Gorgeous bags, I'm sure both your great niece and the second lucky lady will love them. Sarah #23

  12. You're right Jan, that is an adorable pattern with the elephants and the little toiletry bag you made for your bandmate is also cute. Those cakes are unbelievable! I think I like the castle with the dragon most - hard to believe it is edible! I wouldn't want to eat it - I would want to preserve it as an ornament. Your niece is rocking that bag - how fitting for Wimbledon! Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #17

  13. The elephant patterns are so cute, love th bags you made! Oh I hope the Hokusai exhibition will come to NL too, it looks very interesting :) Have a great week! Xo Cheetarah WOYWW #19
    Contemplations of a Kitty

  14. What a fun post, Jan! You know I just love any type of JanBag that you post; they are all scrumptious (as I can attest!)! The sweet ellie bag is adorable and your surprise bag for the teen will be squealed over and loved to bits, and finally, see a vintage JanBag still well-loved and outstanding is a treat!

    Now if I could only wash the sight of those huge nippled boobies off my retina ... lol! What an awesome store!! Hugs, Darnell

  15. I love pics, so I definitely look at them all! Your bags are so awesome, obviously since they are kept and treasured! That store is so cute, and those cakes - WOW! My favs - the dragon and the Day of the Dead! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #31

  16. Wow your desks are a hive of activity - fabulous makes.
    Lots of lovely photos and that Union flag bag is wonderful.
    Toni xx

  17. Where to start, so much yummyness on your post, from fabric to cake. That mermaid was rather well endowed! What a fabulous shop find. Wonderful to see that your bag is still going strong, but then again it is a quality product. Have a great week x

  18. Oh my gosh what fabulous cakes!! The artwork and detail is amazing! And, as usual, I love your bags! Hope you have a great week!
    Carol N #24

  19. Hi Jan, well, I had no problem reading to the end of your post. Loved all your little bags - the elephant fabric is fun, as is all the spotty dottiness in the bag you've made for the teenager. Those cakes are fabulous and the first one is so Shaz and Doug. I'm taking notes because if we stay over a day or so longer in September, that's weather dependent, we might be able to visit the shop personally :) Great pic of your niece - a roomy bag like that is perfect for a day at Wimbledon. Pity about today's disappointing result though. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #25

  20. A lovely zipped bag - I'm sure the recipient will be delighted with it. A very patriotic niece there - she would have fitted in very well in N.I. today as the '12th' was celebrated with lots of Union Jacks and red, white and blue!
    Bernice #20

  21. Oh wow! so many wonderful things to look at. And I love the bag - beautiful colours - Hazel WOYWW 36 x

  22. Great pictures on your post Jan. I love, love, love the bags and those cakes are amazing! It's amazing what people can do now. What a great compliment from your niece to show off your bag! Love it! Have a great week. Dorlene #30

  23. So pleased ypu mentioned about the blog that took you to the on-line adverts, I had forgotten about it but it did that with me too. Those cakes are great fun and love the bag too. Oh and of course everyone needs an exploding box, it's the law Lol! glad it's not just me that has one! Have a great woyww and a lovely crafty week, Angela x12x

  24. I love the bright colors you used for that cute bag. Those wedding cakes are crazy creative. Thank you for sharing.
    April #22

  25. Love all of your sewing but the teenage bag is something else. What a fab combination of fabrics. It would certainly stand out in a crowd and I am sure the teenager will be completely in love with it when she gets it. It really is fabulous!
    Then there is the very British bag - showing it off at Wimbledon - fame for LLJ!
    Great find, the cake shop. Reminds me of the programme that was on recently, 'Extreme Cake Makers', or something like that. There was one in Wales but I don't recollect seeing one of the cakes you photographed, but they were similar. I was particularly thrilled with the programme when I found a young girl (early twenties) lived in the valley I used to live in which is only about ten miles from me now. Some real talent out there and how lovely to see them irl - plus what a gorgeous shop to sit in.
    Well, must go, just a day late this week (me, commenting) so things are getting better - must be the acupuncture!
    Here's to a great week for you with lots of sunshine and walks along those beautiful beaches. Take care my lovely
    Hugs, Neet xx

  26. Hi Jan, Been away for a few days, so didn't take part in this weeks WOYWW.

    Hope your niece Clare told anyone who asked about her fab bag, where they could order one:) LOL

    Those cakes were fabby. Glad the Mermaid found big enough shells for her boobies:) LOL

    I love the mix of fabrics for the zip bag.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Sue