Very little crafting happened this week...life got in the way.  But I did manage a visit to a friend who I haven't seen for a while. She's just got a new job as a lecturer in Child Care, so I thought I'd make her a tote in which to lug all her college paraphernalia around!

The metre of Botanicals fabric I bought in Shrewsbury was cut into (I rather like this warmer toned colourway) and a black and ivory spot lining added for a contrast.

Just giving it the once over for stray threads etc.....

Ta dah!  Hope she'll like it and find if useful :-)

I also had a quick sort out after finishing the triangles quilt last week...and have rationalised my fat quarters to this quite small cardboard box. This is NOT a reason to buy more...I'm on a serious stash busting mission!

And the reason that I haven't had much time in the past few days??

My elder son, Owen, has moved back home after finishing university! We spent last Sunday washing/sorting/throwing/recycling/putting in loft.  Isn't it amazing how much more bread, milk and cereal you get through again?!

Have a great week :-) xxxx


(The Sound of Music)

Bet that's got you worried!

Fret not, the song title isn't referring to me but something else - read on :-)

I thought I'd have a sort out of The Stash, to put away the new stuff and have a general look-see.  Whilst doing this, I came across a stack of triangles that I cut out ages ago, from some of the first fabrics I ever bought, ready to make bunting with....

Goodness but this takes me back!!  I've had most of these for at least five years - they were probably some of the first I ever got when the sewing bug first bit.  There are some old friends there :-)

But I didn't fancy making bunting (banners)...... friends of mine in band have just become grandparents for the first time, so I thought I'd use up these tessellating triangles and make a cot quilt.

I had some white sheeting already, so that was useful to separate the colours......

I also had some pink fleece stashed away from a previous project and had just enough for the backing.  Just quilting in this shot...that's the bit I like least!

Ta-Dah!  Perfect for a new little girl AND it used up some stash, Brilliant :-)


That's it.....these few scraps are all that's left of an old friend. I feel quite sad...which is crazy, isn't it?  But this floral polycotton has been in bags, bunting, quilts, tops and even a dolly.  I made good use out of that original 3 metres, that's for sure......

Just to leave you with a smile though.....

Two more Hooters, made for a friend, sitting on my bookshelf next to Gandalf and a cat. What DO you think they're all looking at??!!
(Clean answers only, please!)

Have a great week xxxx



In loving memory of Eliza Harms (Queenartoypia)
Taken far too soon.....I shall miss her wit, love and generosity.
But she'd be the first to say that life carries on and to keep on laughing,
so my blog is dedicated to her.....an awesome, caring, crafting lady. 

Grab each day and live it large.......

Goodness, but we had a lovely holiday in Shropshire - our barn was beautiful, quite isolated and very peaceful but we could get to loads of places within half an hour. Perfect.  I managed to do some Hooter knitting in the evenings but my main crafty activity was with Jo and Annie (aka Twiglet and Wipso), details of which can be found in the previous post.  They told me about an amazing fabric shop in Shrewsbury...well, I had to go and investigate, didn't I?!

I found it easily thanks to Twiglet's excellent instructions!!  There was a cafe a few doors away so my menfolk could escape :-)

I always ask permission before taking photos in shops and explain it's for a personal blog, nothing commercial. This chap was a right hoot and offered to strip for a photo!!  

I said that's fine but he got waylaid by another customer...lolol!

The shop does have a website:
but it's under construction at the moment. Well worth a look in the future if you can't make it in person. However, go to the shop if you can, they are lovely in there!

This was about a tenth of the ribbon desk....

....the fat quarters were laid out so beautifully - it was easy to pick out what I wanted :-)

There was a cliff face of buttons...I've never seen that before.

A small part of the ground floor!  Everything was laid out so well, it was easy to see the different fabrics. I hate it when it's all cram-jammed in too tight.

So did I buy anything?? What do you think? 'Course I did :-) And it's all your fault, Wipso and Twiglet...you made me do it!!

Back at my sewing room at the weekend, I laid it all out to have a look....

All new stuff - apart from the Scotty Dogs, which I have used before.

I only bought half metres of everything...just enough to have a play. I adore that elephant fabric so much!!  I think I'll make something for my great-nephew, Felix, with it.  The grey and Pink roses on the right is a departure for me, but I was drawn to it....and I've learned that if you don't buy it when you see it, it's never there on returning!

I'd picked the fat Q's completely separately from the furnishing fabric and didn't realise they were such an awesome match until I laid them out on the desk just now!!  

I might have to make a craft tote or sewing machine cover or something. Pretty, isn't it?

And after a run on making personalised bunting, I was down on ribbon, lace and buttons, so that's my stores topped up nicely :-)

Shrewsbury is a fantastic town, if you ever fancy somewhere different to go. There are over 600 listed buildings and a huge number of small, independent shops. 

We took lots of photos which I shan't bore you with, but this was one of my favourites.....

Is this where Old Band players go when they're all puffed out?! Grin  

Or possibly (in my house anyway), it's the musical accompaniment provided by my menfolk after a curry or baked beans :-D

It made me laugh anyway!!  Have a great week. xxx


                                       WE'RE ALL GOING ON A SUMMER HOLIDAY,
                                       NO MORE WORKING FOR A WEEK OR TWO.....

An alternative desk from me today!  I'm on my holidays and have been knitting Hooters like crazy in the evenings. But the really exciting thing to share is that I had the opportunity to visit Wipso and Twiglet!

Here they are...two lovely girls and great friends, sitting in Jo's new sewing room. It was very exciting for me to see where all the creativity goes on (I'd seen Annie's sewing room earlier) They had all the machines set up, but first there was some serious chatting and photo taking to be done!

It's not easy taking a selfie with a point and shoot camera, but you get the idea, lol!!

Jo had set up two of her machines and Annie brought one of her 6 to play with!

Me being a wimp! It is a very strange feeling to get used to at first, not sticking to straight lines and having to drop the feed dogs....I wasn't too good sewing by moving the hoop. But as soon as Jo told me about just holding the fabric (on which she's ironed Vilene) then I was away. As Annie says, it's all about practising, relaxing and letting go (cue the song from Frozen!)

Ok, so it's not brilliant but I was pleased with it!  It was a revelation that I could sew sideways (the fabric that is, not me!!) and not have to pivot the fabric around the needle.  I really enjoyed it by the end. Thank you for being such great teachers Jo and Annie :-)

It was such a lovely day - I was welcomed, fed, taught new skills.....oh, and we may have chatted a bit.......grin. What that really means is that we didn't draw breath from the moment I arrived to the moment that Gordon and Rhys came to pick me up!  That's the beauty of meeting WOYWWers isn't it? We already have so much common ground :-)

And here are the fab things that Jo and Annie gave me...

Some gorgeous fat quarters, a beautiful crazy patchwork covered book and a really smashing card...I was so thrilled with all these beauties. Thank you, Jo and Annie, it was a fantastic day. Hope we can meet up again very soon xxxxx

Have a great week everyone!



It's almost too hot to craft these past few days - I've taken some knitting to do outside under the shade of our gazebo, but the manmade yarn makes my hands too hot and sticky!

So here's my desk from a couple of days ago...
More stash busting - I'm making some more lavender pillows for charity. I'm enjoying the cool blues!  In the background, you can see another little zippy bag, made with the cat fabric that Julia gave me as a prezzy.

And here's the 'after' picture!! A basket full of fragrant goodies :-)  I really enjoy making these, they're quick, use up bits and pieces and there's no great project to do...it's like crafting popcorn really.....

I may have bought a little bit of fabric however....cough....Do you remember the pattern? I've used a lot previously but in a bluer colourway. This is warmer toned, so I thought it was worth a try out...dunno what for yet, Any ideas?

And I'm being a good girl this week (fat chance, say my friends!!) and keeping the post short. But I had to show you this pic, taken when the evening sun highlights a couple of knot holes in our fence....

It's the Spirit who lives in our happy tree!!  He's waving and saying hello!!

Well, it keeps my little brain amused anyway........ ;-)

Have a good week - I'm off on my hols next week and am going to have a crafty day with Wipso and Twiglet.  I can't wait!! Get the kettle on, girls :-D



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