Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


                                       COME BACK AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED....

Hello! Sorry there was no post last week but I couldn't join in as (a) I hadn't made anything and (b) was away and couldn't return comments. But I'm back and raring to go :-D

Yep, it's bunting-time again. It's for friends of mine whose beautiful new granddaughter made an appearance a few weeks back. There's an a and an h...could be so many names but it is:

Pretty name, huh?  I decided to go all pink and girly as Charlotte has two older brothers and I thought her mum would like a bit of frivolousnessness.

I got all my buttons out to pick a few and have noticed that I'm definitely down on the spotty ones - oh dear, I may have to go shopping ;-)  My mate Helen was telling me about a new shop that sells yarn and fabrics - ooops, a double whammy!

I've been away at my niece's wedding up in Stratford upon Avon - it was a lovely family event. On the way up, we stopped off in Tewkesbury - it was the first time we'd been there and we loved walking around. There were lots of ancient buildings and charming shops but the thing that made me hoot was this:
Lolol - telling it like it is, huh?

We were walking down the beach a few days back and saw something a little way off... we thought at first it may be a whale or dolphin carcasse that had been washed up but when we got closer, found it was a tree trunk about 20' long, absolutely smothered in these:

They're Goose Neck Barnacles and are not normally found off our coast so goodness knows where this came from! They were interesting but obviously starting to die off unfortunately as the air was quite pungent.

It was an amazing sight - you just never know what's going to get washed up on our beaches. One of the perks of facing out to the Gulf Stream coming across the Atlantic, I guess!

Have a good week :-D  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Welcome back, I did wonder where you were last week! Love that tree trunk, what a fabulous sight. The sign also made me smile too, and Charlotte's bunting is beautiful. Helen #??

  2. Home before you go off again! Fab photos of the barnacle things...the close up, you'd never guess what they were, huh. I wonder which lucky wobble gets to remove that from the shore?!!
    Pretty bunting, so sorry you're low on buttons missus...don't go mad in the new shop (without me). Xxx

  3. That sign can't hang round here, it's been manic lately .... no crafting at all!!
    Love that bunting, beautiful pink .... aaahh!!
    Have a good week and enjoy exploring the shop.
    Christine #13

  4. Missed you last week. Love the pretty bunting but 'shock, horror' at the low stock of buttons (the new shop might come to the rescue LOL). What an amazing sight to find on the beach and that sign is fabulous.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Toni xx

  5. Hi Jan, I'm sure your friend will enjoy all things girlie for Charlotte, especially after having two boys.

    Hope you can get your button supply stocked up.

    Glad you enjoyed Tewkesbury. There is an old house int he village that has a sign similar to that:)

    Have to feel sorry for the Barnacles.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #16

  6. I'm doing a whistle stop trip around my favourite bloggers friends between customers....first arrived 8.30 and I've already shortened 2 pair of trousers. Many more due to come today cos some idiot decided to offer 10% off her Memory bears this week.
    We both have bunting on show today....really love your pretty girly flags. Those barnacles are amazing....I've never seen anything like them before. You never know what you will find next on those beaches of yours.
    Annie x #12

  7. Morning Jan. Lovely to see the bunting back and Charlotte is such a pretty name isn't it. I bet her Mum will be in her element buying pretty things after 2 boys, my SIL went made when F. came along as she has 3 boys and was desperate for a girl.
    Amazing what comes ashore isn't it, you must never get board of walking on the beach.
    Have a good week
    Hugs Lisax #18

  8. Hi Jan, the bunting is gorgeous. I actually laughed out loud as I scrolled down to that notice; there should be more of those scattered around the place. Happy WOYWW Sarah #18 (hoping to make the crop but won't know until after the weekend).

  9. Hiya Jan, the bunting is beautiful, and that is such a pretty name. What's the betting, with two older brothers, she ends up as a tomboy called Charlie? lol. That sign made me laugh- only the British! Only 3 weeks to go- looking forward to seeing you all again. We are staying over on Friday & Saturday night, then going home on Sunday. Love & Hugs to you both,Shaz XxXX

  10. Oh wow, that wood that got washed up is amazing. How lucky you were to get to see and photograph it. My kind of thing! It's arty!
    The bunting is adorable and I love the name Charlotte. Very girly girly and in pink. Mh friend's little girl was brainwashed to love 'pink' but now she is almost ten it is not the colour! She has not remained a girly girl - she was climbing great big walls at the local gym the other week. A definite tomboy. Maybe Charlotte will be girly for a while but anyway she will love her bunting when when is old enough to appreciate it.
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me so early - Neet 9 xx
    ps three weeks to go ...

  11. Those barnacles are aptly named! I've never seen anything quite like them before. Always love to see a bit of bunting. Very pretty.

    Fiona #27

  12. Oh wow! That's an amazing sight and those barnacles are like nothing I've seen before. I can see from your close-up where the name Goose Necked comes from. Sad that they were dying though. The bunting is lovely and, yes, Charlotte is a very pretty name. With two boys in the family already the parents must be delighted to have a daughter to put in tiny dresses. The notice did make me laugh too. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #25

  13. hmm. The barnacles are interesting, and made for a good photo op, too. Beautiful sewing. Happy WOYWW! #30

  14. I love that plaque - good to know they had a sense of humour way back then! The barnicle thing is very interesting - I wonder why they attached to a tree? Have fun shopping! Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

  15. Wow the tree trunk on the beach with barnacles is quite a work of art... Love the bunting so beautiful... That plaque is so funny... Have a great week ahead..... May #10

  16. Love your personalised bunting, but you definitely need more buttons! Amazing seeing the barnacles, takes me back to the days of growing them on bits of string in the lab when I was studying Ocean Sciences (I ditched it as I didn't have the necessary brains!) I do seem to remember something about barnacles having the largest male appendage proportionally though!

  17. Hi Jan, I'm back, well for a while until the next crisis lol
    Love the bunting and a girl can never have too many buttons - you definitely need to go shopping!!!!! :-)
    That tree trunk and it's ' hangers on ' :-) is amazing!!! I will hopefully meet you at the crop- fingers crossed. Anne x #17

  18. Beautiful bunting, love a bit of girliness. Those barnacles look amazing, glad it's not scratch and sniff though xx

  19. Cute bunting! And sounds like you had a good time at your niece's wedding. And what a sign! I've seen similar a couple times when we were out and about. That barnacle-covered tree is weird! Never seen anything like that before! Have a great week!
    Carol N #26

  20. Love the bunting. What an amazing thing to find but it must have looked quite scary from a distance. Happy woyww, Angela x14x

  21. Hi Jan, I love that bunting! it's gorgeous! How odd are those barnacles, they look incredible! Thanks for sharing, Lyns #24

  22. Fascinating chunk of barnacle covered wood - pity it didn't have a label!! I would love to know where it was from. As usual - such pretty bunting Jan. xx Jo

  23. Love that name you've made a great job of it so far, love it. But that sign is brilliant. BJ#21