Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 23 August 2017



Hello lovely deskers - I hope you've had a good week! Thanks for the fab comments about the pics of Julia and I last week. I would like you to know that there is still some gin left in Wales as I write :-D

This was the desk yesterday - a member of the Knit Stitch and B*tch group was asking if anyone had some small items that could be sold at a MacMillan Coffee Morning to be held soon. The offer of some tissue holders was readily accepted and after a quick furtle through the stash, I got some suitable fabrics. They only take a few minutes to make :-D

I made about 14 so hope they help raise a bit of cash!

This is actually my desk from last Thursday.
It wasn't the best of weather so a little light crafting was in order. I'd decided to enter the craft section of my local village show - nothing like a bit of forward planning eh? Lol  Anyhow, I took some of the fabric masterboards made a couple of weeks back and some spotty lining from my stash...

I didn't have enough of the spot to make internal pockets so used another scrap - it sort of worked in a mish-mashy way!

Imagine my delight when we turned up at the show to find this:

2nd place - woohoo!! I was really pleased as there were (to my eyes anyway) far more complex pieces in the category...maybe mine was just a bit different as the patchwork itself was extremely basic.

Yay, happy dance!

The only quandary is what to spend my winnings on - yep, £2  *grin*  All suggestions gratefully received :-D

My mate Helen is a seasoned competitor at many shows in the region and this time was no different - she had a slew of firsts, seconds and thirds in a variety of categories including a clean sweep in one class:

This knitted tea cosy of hers just made me smile - a gift from Wales :-)

I have a friend staying and am playing with the band this afternoon so replies and visits may be a little late......



  1. Hi Jan Lots going on for you. Spend your £2 on a nice cuppa tea, or chocolate bar lol it won't take you far but you can savor your winning
    hugs Nikki

  2. £2 wouldn't even buy a gin in a pub these days would it... hope you found something suitable to spend it on! the bag is great, so I am not surprised it won a prize. Helen #?

  3. Well done with the prize winning bag! - they are a bit miserly with the prizes though!! Great Welsh tea cosy - I suppose the 1st prize was £3!!?
    Bernice #1

  4. You make such beautiful things!! Those wee tissue covers are SUCH a godd idea - a really must get one!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Claire no. 2
    PS I adore the rich reds in that quilt next to your prize-winning bag (big congrats, btw!!) xx

  5. Love the tea cosy, perfect interpretation isn't it, even after we talked about it I think it's nicer IRL! Well done missus, am super impressed by your placing. And that nowadays you just sit at the sewing machine and run off a few this and thats for someone....not many years ago you didnt even own a machine! Hope you have a lovely time with your friend. Am a bit jelly, tbh. Xxxx

  6. Morning Jan. Weyhey!!! Congrats on the prize - now, you will go steady with all those winnings, won't you? I wouldn't like you to rush into a spending spree :-) A great bag, a great way to get to know folk, a great idea to make those little tissue holders - they will sell well. Enjoy time with your friend, and have a great time with the band this afternoon.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  7. Love the tea cosy! Smiles!
    Well done you. You are so modest and well deserved the prize and placing with that lovely bag. The tissue holders made me smile - you say they are easy to do - well, I would spend half a day pondering them and then another half to get started. Sewing like that is just not me - wish it was.
    Hugs for a good week
    Net 10 xx

  8. Yay clapping and waving my hands madly here on your win. Well done.
    When I grow up I'm going to be able to sew like you and Annie you are my heroines. Precision and straight lines are not my forte I'm afraid
    Tissue holders are such useful gifts aren't they.
    Lynn xx 11 (I think)

  9. If you have a friend staying then I'm sure you will have no problem spending your winnings. I loved your patchwork bag so well done you for the award.
    Annie. X #9

  10. Jan, Well done on your 2nd place for the beautiful bag. Well done to your friend as well.

    Think you should put your winnings into the bank, where they will get interest:) :) LOL

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #16

  11. And a fun time was had by all! looks great the prizes were well worthy Lunch Lady Jan. Nice to share it around too ;)
    Enjoy the time with folks.. I do like the colour contrasts in you baggie, too.
    Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration!
    Shaz in Oz.x #14

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  12. Congratulations! Something a little different in the quilting line, should've been first ..... just saying....
    Enjoy your time with your friend buy something really nice with your winnings like ..... bottle of water?!?!?
    Christine #17

  13. Congratulations on your second place. I'd spend the winnings on a cup of tea with your friend; it's great when you have company isn't it? Happy WOYWW Sarah #18

  14. Hiya Jan, was great seeing your prizewinning bag on FB. Well done, maybe spend the winnings on a bottle of tonic to help with the Welsh Gin Lake? Rofl! I still have the tissue cover from one of the crops in my bag- they will definitely go well. Love & Hugs to you all, Shaz XxX

  15. Morning Jan. It's great to be back amongst you all again and thank goodness I can comment again. Sacked Chrome which seemed to be the problem. Anyway, look at you...a competition winning, way to go. Don't spend your winnings to rashly will you!! Love the tissue covers too, I bet they'll go done really well. We are doing the coffee morning at school so will have to look out some new cake recipes. Glad you had a lovely time with Julia...I saw the photos!!! Enjoy your day.
    Much love Lisaxx #22

  16. Happy WOYWW. I have gin in my pantry. Bought a new one at the Pembrokeshire County Show (that reminds me I have not blogged about it). That brings my gin collection to the grand total of two! Think I may treat myself to another if Aldi have any when I get there later. Congrats on the big win at your local show. I was going to enter some classes at our village show, but only gave myself a few days to think about it, so decided that probably better to leave it until next year. Ali x #25

  17. Lovely tissue holder pouches Jan! and well a win is still a win - maybe buy a scratch off lottery ticket for a bigger win? :D xo Cheetarah WOyWW #24

  18. Super win, what a lovely show. My son still remembers winning 50p for 2nd in an art show in primary school. It's not the prize money it's the sense of achievement if you ask me.. Happy WOYWW BJ#21

  19. You have the best fabrics, Jan! They're so bright and cheerful and make me happy just looking at them! Love the tissue holders! They are so cute and practical too! The "Knit Stitch and B*tch" group made me chuckle. Congrats on your 2nd place - I would have given you 1st! Enjoy your time with your friend! xx zsuzsa #23

  20. Gorgeous tissues holders and your bag is so beautiful... I adore the colours... well deserved win... your fabrics are lovely... Happy WOYWW.... May #15

  21. Wow, congratulations!!! Love your creations.

  22. Congratulations on your well deserved win and how kind of you to make those tissue holders to fundraise. You are truly a wonderful person x

  23. Love the fabrics you have been working with Jan. The colours and patterns are so cheerful they just give me a lift looking at them. Congratulations on your win - well deserved too. I'd have awarded it a first! I love the black spotted lining - it's the perfect foil for your 'motherboard' patchwork. As for the £2 prize - I suggest it could go some way towards your next gin :) The little tissue covers are sure to be a winner at the coffee morning. Love the name of your group 'Knit, Stitch and B*tch'! Have a great day with your friend and the band. Hugs, Elizabeth x #27

  24. Congratulations Jan - your totes are always fabulous and well done to your friend too.
    Now what to do with the winnings...LOL
    Toni xx

  25. Sounds like 2 pounds should just cover a cup of coffee? It's about $3.13 Canadian! Congrats none-the-less, great bag, well deserved win! I love the little tissue holders, just in time for those Fall colds! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #33

  26. Congrats on your tote! It is very cute! And how clever the name of the group! Hope you have a great week!
    Carol N #28

  27. Hi Jan, congratulations on the second place! I vote put the prize money towards a bottle of gin! I do love the tissue holders - cute and practical, and the materials are gorgeous. I think it would take me a little longer than a few minutes! A few hours maybe! Have a lovely week. Heather #6

  28. I have to say that I love your bright, colorful, cheery header photo! And, congratulations on your 2nd place. And your friend's tea cozy is great. I have a quilted one, but that one is much prettier. Happy WOYWW! #30

  29. Well done Jan - it's lovely when others appreciate the things we make isn't it. Super little patchwork bag - don't spend it all at once!! lol xx

  30. Such fun! Congratulations on your winning! Pretty awesome. Have a great week. Dorlene #32

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