Now don't faint but I have a desk to share!!! I KNOW - exciting eh?!

Admittedly there's no crafting on it...yet, but at least it's ready for action. I found the sewing machine foot pedal (in the first box I tried - woohoo!) and I sorted out the buttons, bits and bobs that had got all mixed up in the move. I even have a project to do now, so that may kick my a*%e into gear. It's a dog bandanna for the pooch of my lovely desking visitor who came for a cuppa yesterday:

Lynda B, who lives quite close to my new house - it was brilliant to catch up again!  I suspect we'll be meeting for quite a few cups of tea in the future :-D

Shaz Silverwolf - I took this for you! It's at the National Botanic Gardens (I meant to share it last week but forgot!)

I'd quite like him as a garden feature but couldn't fit him in my backpack.....shucks.....

Mr LLJ and I went for a road trip around the beautiful Welsh mountains last Saturday when the weather was stunning. By chance we came across a place where they feed red kites every day, so we called in. Mr LLJ took eleventy billion photos but I thought I'd share two:

Good huh?  There must have been 80+ kites, they gradually arrived about 30 mins before feeding time and started circling 5 mins before the bloke started chucking the meat...they're not stupid eh?!

And talking of Mr LLJ, we hired a skip in which to dump the 6 palm trees and copious bamboo canes that we cut down a couple of weeks ago. Foliage takes up such a lot of space so in he went:
and performed a stamping dance! It worked though and we got loads more in.
Gawd knows what the neighbours must think........:-D

We've got both boys and DiL-to-be coming to stay for a few days today, I can't wait to see them and give them all a massive hug.
Have a wonderful Easter everyone, see you next week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Helen said...

Mr LLJ got some amazing photos - fantastic!! love the one of him doing his stamping dance in the skip - hopefully it won't be a rain dance too... have a wonderful time with the boys and DIL and happy Easter! Helen #?

Unknown said...

It was lovely to catch up Jan. Your Kite photos are fantastic and I do spy the little puppy bandana on your Desk! Have actually blogged this week too but no number yet. Happy Easter x

Unknown said...

It was lovely to catch up Jan. Your Kite photos are fantastic and I do spy the little puppy bandana on your Desk! Have actually blogged this week too but no number yet. Happy Easter x

Kathyk said...

A desk! I spy a desk! YAY! Fab pix too especially the dragon and the kites



Annie said...

It's good to see progress in the craft room.
I recognise the skip dance....it just has to be done and we've filled many in our time.
Hope you gave a lovely time with your family.
Annie x #15

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jan. Weyhey - a sewing machine out - and it even has its foot pedal!! Brilliant - well done girlie! How great to have Lynda pop over for a panad - good to know you are going to have your family all arrive soon as well. Now I think the neighbours ought to be saying "How sensible to climb in to the skip, press all down and get more in" - 'cos they are just extortionately expensive to hire!!!
Take care both. God bless.
Margaret #2

Lynn Holland said...

Good morning Jan, can you send your other half round here when you've finished with him and tell him to bring the skip as well. I'll pay him well on tea and cake and a beer if he is really good haha
Lynn 16 xx

glitterandglue said...

Sorry Jan - FULLY i9ntended to say congrats to Mr LLJ for those stunning red kite photos - amazing! Well done.
Margaret #2

Sue said...

Hi Jan, So glad you have your desk out and a project to get started.

I am sure you and Lynda will be having many a cuppa and crafting sessions.

That dragon is fab.

How lucky you were to see the Red Kites. Your hubby took fantastic photos.

Hope your hubby didn't disappear into the skip:)

Sue #17

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, just come from Lyndas blog. How fab that she lives so close! The Kite pictures are amazing, and yes, that dragon is awesome and would look good in our garden, rofl! Smiling at Gordon doing the skip dance! Sending big hugs and lots of love to all of you, Shaz XxXx

Mrs.D said...

Good to see you have a desk to work on, but I hope you won't glue yourself to it when there is such beautiful countryside to explore.
Which Red Kite station did you find, Llanddeusant or Rhyader? The Rhyader one is fabulous, because the road is much higher than the farm so the birds come in at eye level beautiful.
Thanks for visiting my desk.
Chris #10

Elizabeth said...

Oh, yes! A desk at last. Progress indeed. However, I can see that your new home is proving to be a big distraction. Visits from lovely friends and trips into the wilds of Wales! Those kites - how fabulous! We're hoping to see kites when we visit Galloway on Friday - there's a feeding station there too. Have you removed the palm trees and bamboo altogether or just trimmed them? Bamboo can be so invasive and palm trees are not the prettiest of trees so I'd not give over any of my precious garden space to either. Have a wonderful Easter break with your family. Hugs, Elizabeth x #27

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Always fun to see pictures of Deskers together. Great captures of the Red Kites! My friend who lost his twin brother to aerotoxic syndrome, always thinks of him when he sees one of these birds.

Fiona #29

Bubbles said...

Oh, wow... amazing photographs! Also loved the one of hubby in the skip - mine does the same lol

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #26

Cara said...

Woohoo! Desk space at last. Glad to hear you're settling in well. Stunning photos. Cara x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

The skip dance looks familiar, I wonder who trains them Lol! Look forward to seeing the next stage of the desk refit. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafty week,
Angela xXx20

Twiglet said...

Oh Jan - those kite pics are amazing! Also the skip dance shows real talent - has he ever thought of Morris dancing?!! Have a fab weekend with those boys and co. xxx Jo

lisa said...

Yay, you've got your desk back, that must make you feel finally at home again.
Stunning photos from Mr LLJ, I bet that was an amazing sight. We have a couple of red kites here and when they come in low they are stunning.
Enjoy your family and A Happy Easter to you all
Hugs Lisa xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Im going to come and get a massive hug pretty soon, I'm bored of the phone! Those red kite photos are just amazing- they loook like models. Not glamour models...you know what I mean!!
AM super impressed that the table is up and ready for action...now youre going to be really busy with visitors. Have a lovely fun weekend. Xx

Dorlene Durham said...

Great pictures. Have a great time unboxing all your stuff! Dorlene #34

Sarah Brennan said...

Great to see your desk ready for action. Another closet Peter and Jane fan (eleventy billion) I see too. Look forward to seeing your work next time. Sarah #9

sandra de said...

Looks like your house is coming together beautifully. How nice to have your own crafty space again. Well done Mr LLJ for the palm dance. Have lovely easter.
sandra de @23

BJ said...

Did a happy dance when I saw your desk - way hay! Love the red kites, saw my first in Swansea at the airport there when going for a geocache so it was a big bonus. I now want a dragon for the garden too and I think Mr LLJ did exactly what I would have done in the skip although I'd have needed a ladder to get in it! Thanks for visiting me yesterday, just getting round to catching up now. BJ#5

Neet said...

Aaw Jan, you are so lucky to be having the boys and DIL over - have a wonderful time. Warms my heart thinking about it. Wish I was but unfortunately my son is working all over Easter. ;(
How nice to have a crafting friend close by - do you both do the same crafts? If I lived closer I would loan you my sewing machine so you get cracking again - it does have a foot pedal.
Love Shaz's dragon but those red kites, what fantastic pictures. You must have a very good camera to take photos like that. They are beautiful.
Sorry I am so late, visitor got i the way of commenting yesterday and I was flat out trying to do my journal post for today in the evening.
Have a lovely Easter with the family
Love, Neet xx 3

Stacy Sheldon said...

you know when I read kites ( my mind thought of paper and wood and string) so I kept staring at the bird shots thinking those are the most realistic "kites: I have ever seen... ( caffeine is still loading here hahahah) and then I read the words, Jan, enjoy having your family and I hope you have a Happy Easter! :) ~Stacy #32

misteejay said...

Great to see you have your crafting stuff out.
Some fabulous photos Jan.
Have a super Easter.
Toni xx

okienurse said...

Sweet Glad to see you have a desk and have found the pedal to your machine. I am working on getting healthy again and I plan on clearing out a few things... Have an old Singer sewing machine...one of those old black ones...that only sews back and forwards...I think I will get it fixed and start using it for mending and other stuff I don't need a fancy one for. Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk earlier! Vickie #38

Kelly said...

Enjoying following your unpacking progress. Great that you have a place to play and a project in the offing. Your photos are gorgeous! So vibrant. Postcard perfection. I'm going to ask Shaz to share that dragon. He is beautiful. My author name is Angela Drake... I chose Drake because my husband collects dragon figurines in various forms. He'd love this one in the yard. Great you had a chance to visit. Wish I lived closer to join. Creative Blessings! Kelly #33


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