Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 8 March 2017



(This blog is a craft-free zone - again!)

Whizz, whizzy whizz whizz - that's what this past seven days has been like! But not all decorating related (hooray!) it's mostly been about seeing wonderful friends (double hooray!!) and playing music (thrice hooray!!!)

That wonderful Wipso and her DH came to visit, so we walked and looked at boats and had lunch and walked on the beach and talked...a lot :-D  Annie bought me some beautiful daffs in pots so they immediately went by the front door:
Goodness, it was so great to see this lovely lady again!! Not only were the daffs beautiful but Annie brought me some new stash too...

Some lavender coloured yarn and six fat quarters which I will definitely put to good use when the JanCave Mk2 is up and running. Annie also gave me one of her patterns - generous crafting buddy that she is...thank you!! I also received a card and fun present from Kelly in the US and another gorgeous card and wonderful canvas from Lisa Mellor:

I love the colours, the beach huts and the sentiment too - that is going on a wall soon, for sure. I'm a very lucky girl to have such thoughtful and generous friends - thank you all xx

I took Annie down the harbour for a mooch - it was really calm that day...

and we walked on golden sands in the afternoon and chatted about anything and everything! Lovely people, I hope we meet up again very very soon ( have already found a direct train between our two towns..)

G and I went down the harbour again on Sunday when the tide and wind were both was a very different place to Annie's visit. The local lifeboat crew were practising...
Getting ready to set off...

It was a LOT choppier out in the estuary...

They sped out over the sea, turned on a sixpence and came back in again - I'd have loved to have been on the boat. Going fast is one of my favourite things :-D

The jet skiers were out too but their journey looked a lot more hazardous when they were out at sea, I was glad they got into harbour safely.

Getting the boats out again was interesting. A brand new boathouse is going to be built for this very busy lifeboat station, starting in August. There'll be a lot more opportunities for volunteering so I'll be putting my name down to help in the future. The crews saved 93 people last year - that's something worth supporting.

Sorry there's not been much crafting (again) but I hope you enjoyed seeing the pics!
Have a great week :-D


  1. Ooohhhh dear dear Jan, I had no idea it was WOYWW day.. and yes it is 3;01pm downunder so you'd think I'd know .. I'm visited out, just at minute washed after one lot this morning and another lot on the way :D but like you do enjoy seeing loved faces...
    and tad weary deary so will have to get my act into gear..
    Great to see dear Annie and do so love the cheery daffs and all your other goodies like fat quarters and cards and the lovely canvas by Lisa!
    I will do a woyww post eventually I hope later today.. :D where do the days go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  2. What a fab visit with Annie and her DH. I love how the changing weather makes a seaside town look so different ll the time - like endlessly living somewhere different. The daffs are beautiful, so is the beach hut scene. Have a great week. Helen #??

  3. How lovely to have visitors to share your new home town with.
    The daffs & gifts are fabulous and I'm sure you will be making something super with the yarn and fat quarters.
    Great to see the RNLI out & about - I love seeing the boats speed over the waves.
    Have a super week Jan.
    Toni xx

  4. What a great time you had and the weather was so kind as well. Awh lovely Annie, she is such a sweetheart. BUT.....I don't see any signs of little Milly,
    hope she wasn't at home sulking.
    Thank you for popping by mine from time to time Jan and your lovely comments and I'm glad you are getting settled
    Lynn #12 Xx

  5. What fab pics Jan....didn't we have a lovely day? Def one I'd like to repeat before too long. Plus it's a friendship all thanks to the wonderful WOYWW....thanks Julia for giving us so much. I feel so blessed.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs x

  6. Hi Jan, So glad you had a lovely time with your friends. Lovely gifts and loads of happy memories.

    You said you would have liked to be on the lifeboat. You could have jumped into the water, they'd have picked you up then:) LOL

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #22

  7. Morning Jan by the sea! Thanks for sharing the pics, they are beautiful. The sun always seems to shine on you too. Glad you had a lovely time with Annie and her hubby. The daffs are so cheerful.
    It's great to be back with you again. Hope your week is going well and glad you liked the canvas. I enjoyed making it for you.
    Hugs Lisax #26

  8. Crafting can wait when you are enjoying yourself with good friends. Have a great week and happy woyww crafting when you get round to it, Angela x 16 x

  9. Friends and family always come first ..... and didn't you have a lovely time?!?!?
    Love that beach hut scene.
    Have a good week
    Christine #27

  10. I enjoyed the photos, seeing what you both look like so I can put a face to your blog name. The day looked so cold but glad you were all able to get out and have a wonderful day. #24

  11. I loved seeing the photos. Glad you had such a great week meeting up with friends. I love that canvas which you got. Gorgeous colours and layout.

  12. What a lovely visit and great gifts.The canvas is very well done.
    Hope you have a good rest of week, and great next week.

  13. Lovely photos - I grew up between the sea and the Mourne mountains and although I have been inland for nearly 30 years now I still miss both! Nice to have spent time relaxing with good friends.

  14. Beautiful photos! Love the lighthouse - I enjoy visiting them and yours looks unique. You look like you had a great time and got some fantastic goodies. I love the canvas with the beach huts. They are a favourite of mine.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #36

  15. Aw Jan - fab photos of you all! She is a little treasure that little sis of mine isn't she!! Lovely photos of your seaside town - we will get down there one day. xx Jo

  16. What a lovely day you both had and super daffs and happy mail too. BJ#23

  17. Hello fellow speed freak, I remember ( in my thirties) reguarky white water rafting and once we went down a whatsit? ( a tornado upside down in the water is the best I can describe it) you have to immediately follow the Boss as he shouts commands (as a team) or its curtains - we FLEW out the wotsit thing vertically at what felt like 50 mph and shot about 6 foot clear of the water measured from the bottom of the upended boat all of us somehow wrist wrapped to the edge ropes...and then landed SMACK on the water - the right way up - all of us in the boat! I was laughing and shouting 'can we do it again?' my mate (next to me it the boat at the time) - never went on the water again! and yet I HATE roller coasters and she loves them... go figure...lots of lovely gifts you have on your table, all much deserved, and it is clear you are benefiting from being so near the sea - good for your soul methinks? Dx #32

  18. I do love your lyric headers. Always a game to remember where they are from. How lovely that you and Wipso had a great time together. Your new stash looks very exciting . When is JanCave MkII ready? Have a great week - EmbroidRage #5 x

  19. Thank you Jan for a fun post. I always enjoy seeing the other side of the world. Wonderful that you can meet up with the others and I'm sure they enjoy it also. Sounds like a great adventure on that water and volunteering for a good cause always ends up with rewards. Enjoy a good week.

  20. Seeing friends and making music...what could be better! And what I wouldn't give for a nice walk on the beach with mah soul sister across the pond. So happy you are having such fun and not just holed up working and decorating. It's just good to get out. And look at me! I'm back on the desker circuit! I feel like I've been MIA forever. Hugs!! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #40

  21. So nice to have such great friends! And I'm sure you loved showing Annie around your new digs! It must be so nice to live by the sea, and there seems to be so much going on to watch! I am not a speed demon, I would not have enjoyed being in that boat or the jet skis! Oh well, each to his (or her) own! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #43

  22. Hiya Jan, oh I do love that canvas! Gorgeous piece of work. Lovely gifts off Annie too, and smashing pics of her & Hubby. So much to see down your way it seems, lovely to see so many photos. I think it's shocking that services like the Lifeboats and Air Ambulances have to rely solely on volunteers and donations. I'm darn sure theres a lot of wasted cash that could help them!Sending you both lots of love & hugs, XXX

  23. Jan, just so you know one of the things I really love about your blog is all the wonderful photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. ~Stacy #39

  24. Love the British seaside, so different to the one where I live. You have a good friend who brings you pressies fantastic colour of wool. #2

  25. Love all the pictures! How fun your visit with Wipso and what nice goodies! Hope you have a great week!
    Carol N #38

  26. Sounds like it was a lovely week, with a nice batch of goodies from friends as a bonus!

    WOYWW#44 Melissa Gross

  27. How wonderful that you met up with Annie. She certainly seems a lovely lady. Also love the look of where you live. I'm not joining in again - life you know :-( Anne x
    PS did my card arrive? x

  28. Lovely to see you and Annie, and a lovely pic of her and her lovely DH too. You had a good bright day too...honestly visitors to you are always sunshine upon!

  29. Q. What's better than crafting?
    A, Meeting up with friends, especially crafting ones.
    Hi Jan, lovely photos of you and Annie, such wonderful day methinks. What gorgeous gifts too, I especially like the beach hut scene, that is a real treasure.
    Fully intended getting your card done at last but this back is sending me crazy. I don't always put it up on the blog but I seem to have back pain a lot these days. Old age.
    Your lovely smiling face cheered me tonight. As did all your sea related photos.
    Glad you are so settled.
    Neet 14 xxxx

  30. What a great visit and the day was beautiful! I love the canvas art you received. So fun and colorful! Dorlene #42

  31. Oh how lovely to have crafter visitors and lovely weather too.

  32. Hi Jan! You take the best pictures. These are great shots. Love the canvas. Nothing beats time spent with family and friends. Hugs & Creative Blessins! Kelly #37

  33. Ooh, lovely canvas. I'm rather partial to a colourful beach hut. I know this is from last week, but I failed spectacularly when it came to visiting desks then.

    Fiona #35