Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Sub Heading: Meeting Strangers off the Internet!

I think there were times in this very tough year that neither Julia or myself thought a crop would happen. But we managed to get a new venue and a date and it all happened yesterday - many familiar faces, a few new and the same wonderful feeling of friendship :-)

The new hall worked well, it was lovely and warm and there was plenty of space to spread out - just like Hamish did (he's the huge and gorgeous dog that belongs to Morti and family)

Helen was looking amazing! She really rocked those long suede boots :-D
This man rocks! Doug (hubby of Shaz Silverwolf) worked non stop all day, helping to set up, clean tables, cake waiter and general factotum. THANK YOU Doug, you were such a support xxxxxxx

The gorgeous Shaz Silverwolf used the time to put inserts into all her Christmas cards and pair them up with matching envelopes....

Helen was colouring her stamped images (She bought a suitcase full of stuff again!)

And Margaret (Glitter and Glue) drove all the way from North Wales - it was so wonderful to meet her in person after knowing her (virtually) for quite a while!

Margaret's crafting pile.....

And here's one of the new faces (well, the top half anyway!)  Kathy K joined us for the first time - what a lovely lady she is and very funny too :-D

She soon managed to cover up the table with stash!

Kyla was looking wonderful - it was great to catch up again. She and Peter (Bishopmate's hubby) look as if they're cracking jokes!

And speaking of Bishopmate, it was great to see her again too!

Erika was a new face but she already knew Shaz off a stamping website but used to be Julia's neighbour years ago - it's a small world sometimes!  Erika brought an even bigger case and trolley than Helen and was soon in full flow :-)

The cutting/embossing/die table was in use all day....

Fiona (Queen of the Lemon Drizzle cake!!) was making some really gorgeous origami items using her Stamping Up stuff.....

Dolores, Julia and Mary Anne deep in conversation.....

Livvy was doing the most exquisite cross stitch of a bee with Celtic knotwork. She gets more beautiful each time we meet.....

I love these guys.....

Morti was looking good too - lovely lady :-)

Dolores was making these yoyo puffs with a very clever ring gadget (it's blue, you can just see it in front of her) Mary Anne made commemorative hanging stars for everyone.

Here it is together with ATCs from Dolores, Erika and Christine - thanks girls!

Lovely pic of Dolores - she'd bought lots of fabric for me to have a good rummage through!

The usual motley crew! Back L-R Peter, Dolores, Fiona, Mary Anne, Christine, LLJ, Kyla, Livvy, Morti, Chris, Doug, Shaz, Julia, Erika  Front L-R Kathy, Margaret and Helen

There's always one....... :-D

See, quite a lot of crafting went on - it wasn't all about the cakes and chat!

Hamish was so well behaved all day - I gave him a bandana (super-sized!)

David (Morti's hubby) and Tony (Pear shaped Chris' hubby) were stars and did all the washing up and clearing after lunch - so very much appreciated, thank you gents!

Dolores' Christmas fabric stash - I was very envious, there were some real beauties there!

Now, you know I don't really do papercrafting but Helen's new stamp really caught my eye and she very kindly stamped some images for me to colour...

Kathy was adding some details to her LO...

I love this photo!

And this!

And this! (Two 'virtual' friends meeting in reality!)

And this - lol!!!  Should be on the front page of a craft magazine (or Page 3!)

Nutters one and all :-D

The monies left over from the subs and the sales table raised £101.20, which will go to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal for Homeless people, thank you for your generosity!

It was a wonderful day, I love meeting up with these fantastic people - and we did think of the folk who couldn't attend as well. Maybe next time.....



  1. Wonderful photos Jan I say next time every time and trust me I will get to see you all a time some point. Life just always gets in the way. Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Fabulous i had a great time again.....hmmm.....cake ☺

  3. Hiya Jan, great photo's of everyone. We all had a fab day, as always. Huge thanks to Julia for bringing us all together in the virtual world, and the two of you for all the organising that gives us such a wonderful time in the real one!Totally agree, Livvy has grown into a stunning young lady. Hamish is awesome- such a huge bundle of fur, and just lies about sleeping! Was lovely to meet the new faces in person, and the 'old faces' are always a joy to see again. Thanks for having us, Huge hugs, Shaz xxx

  4. a wonderful crop, great to see new faces as well as the not so new one too :)

  5. What a happy post Jan! Wonderful to see everyone 'through the screen' and am so glad it all went so well! Ha, Dumbo here printed off Christmas card address labels today and of course forgot you'd moved! Duh. I expect Christmas cards are the last thing on your mind right now though.


    Di xx

  6. oh what fab photos, it really captures the fun we all had..I am going to nick that one of me and Chris - but I'd never make a hand model, would I!! Thanks for as always getting the shots of us being us and so what if we are nutters, lol!!

  7. Had an absolute blast... lovely catching up with Julia and meeting Shaz and Kathy after months of comments on Facebook... thank you all for such a warm welcome.. you do know you are now all stuck with me!!
    Hubby also sends his thanks for the delicious cake package :)

  8. Love this post Jan and your fabby pix too. You're not wrong about the shout out to the lovely Doug for his "front of house" ministrations with cake and photography and for his backstage efforts with the other hubby's David and Tony too - THANKS GUYS.

    I too felt very welcome as a first timer and hope to be allowed back next year!!!


  9. Hi Jan, Thanks for sharing your lovely crop. Looks like you all had a fab time and lots of lovely things were made. Sue

  10. Aw fabulous photos. I really felt it yesterday. Not being well enough to be there. I thought of you all throughout the day. Xxxx

  11. Wonderful post and wonderful photos, Jan. Like Annie, I keep saying next time but never seem to make it - one day I really will!!! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  12. Thank you, Jan, for posting these pictures. I have been following WOYWW for a few years now. Unable to join in the fun so far as I seem to be "blog impaired". But I feel like I "know" so many of you. What a wonderful day!!

  13. What beautiful photos Jan, looks like you all had fun and didmn't miss me a bit! Had to chuckle at your subheading, the firs time I was headed out to meet crafty internet friends my kids gave me a lecture about going off to meet 'strangers off the internet - they could be anyone you know'. And now DD is doing internet dating and I'm not allowed to say a word!!

  14. So Loved reading this post!! I know you all had a blast! Just what everyone needs, good times, friends and food! Have a great week! Ginny M #17

  15. Super photos Jan. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.
    Those fabrics were beautiful and the guys look like they were all stars with their helping out.
    Toni xx

  16. Popped in to say a big THANK YOU for Saturday and read your post .... wonderful! Peter and I had a fantastic day again, met new friends, caught up with longtime ones, crafted and had the advantage of a gorgeous drive there and back ..... don't think the chickens missed us one bit!!!!

  17. Thanks Jan for sharing all those pictures. It was wonderful to see all those faces and put names with them. It looks like you all had a blast of a time. Maybe one year I'll have to coincide my trip home with the get-together.

  18. What fabulous day it was! Thank you so much for making it special once again! I see Helen is nicking that fun photo of us - hope you don't mind but so am I!!! Big Hugs, Chrisx

  19. These photos are so fun - they put a smile on my face! Slowly I'm getting to know more and more faces. The big white dog stole my heart! He looks really cute with his bandana! And those fabrics - OMG! One of these days I will make it to a crop - if only I could teleport myself! Somehow I don't see my hubby volunteering to drive me, let alone take part in the event. Those men folk there deserve a medal! It's hard to imagine men like them exist in real life! I'm in awe!

  20. Took time to peek back at these Jsn, fab photos, thanks so much... Drs was fine which was good, skin Dr and no cut outs is good news, been on new meds for skin and cancers seem to have settled which is a blessing.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  21. Wonderful photos. I hope to get to a Crop one year - hubby is always too busy at this time of year to drive me, and when I investigated the trains it would take over 6 hours, and I knew that I would struggle with that. Shame I can't afford a helicopter! Ali x

  22. Thank you for posting pics of the crop. It looks like everyone had a great time. How nice to meet new people!!!

    If you have my email address, please send me your mailing address. Have you moved already?