Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


(In memory of the late, great David Bowie - this is a stand out track for me, partly cos I was such a rebel in my younger days. Still am, really!)

I missed last week as there was zilch to see craftwise and I wasn't well :-(  Still feeling pretty rough, but am getting there slowly.

But there is something to see on my desk today! Huzzah....
Weird, freaky baby dolls...that's what!  Someone in band asked if I could make some clothes for them. Now, I don't normally do small, finicky, pernicketty sewing - no patience, you see - but I knew two gals who do!  Wipso and Twiglet were my knights in shining armour and rode to my rescue bearing knitting and sewing patterns! Plus instructions....most important ;-) Thank you girls, you really did save my bacon.  I had to furtle the pattern quite a lot as the dolls are very small...
The boy doll got some smart trousers and a jacket....
...the girlie ended up in a frock and bloomers. These dolls freak me out completely...look at their scary eyes. Evil, huh? I was glad to hand them back to the owner.....shivers.....bbbrrrrrr

I've promised to make a couple of items for the greyhound charity that our Sue supports and was putting together some scraps with which to make a tote bag...
Apart from the Scotty Dog and floral fabrics, all the rest are completely used up...down to the last centimetre. Yeah, careful cutting and parsimony rule :-D
It's a bit of fun!  Hope the charity will like the end result.

And my downstairs crafting box (snigger) looks like this:
Oooh, I do like a nice bit of crochet of an evening. Those colours are guaranteed to cheer anyone up!

Have a great week, y'all :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. The dolls are cute and they are freaky looking but I had one like it when we where a kid they weren't so bad then lol. You scrap bag is going to look so kewl when done hugs Nikki? ?

  2. Sorry you were poorly last week, we missed you! Like Nikki I had dolls like that as a kid, they do look worse now than then! You've sure been busy this week! Such a shock about David Bowie. Helen #?

  3. I did call in last week and wondered where you were. The bugs going around this Winter have been some tenacious little blighters. Hope you shake 'em off very soon x

  4. Good on you girls for getting organised and dressing these dolls.I don't think they look too bad really. I've seen a lot uglier dolls in my travels.

  5. The dolls look like they are doing the selfie pout that all the girls do these days haha.
    My friend got a great baby size doll in the charity shop this week for £1.50. She's going to use it to photograph her baby knits. That one was a cutie
    Lynn // 6. Xx

  6. Well done for clothing the dolls and the bag will be gorgeous as we have come to expect from the rebel LLJ.

  7. I agree some dolls are creepy - like ventriloquist dolls they're worse. I miss having dolls to dress - maybe I could make a not creepy one. I see you have that lovely dog fabric out - great charity the greyhounds. My friend was given one of those 'In case of Emergency Break Glass' Wall art for xmas - no good for me though - no orange. Happy WOYWWW Jackie 26

  8. Once again Jan, I LOVE the way you mix and match fabrics and this is so delightful, especially the tree fabric - I know it will get snapped up! The dolls freak me out too, aren't they creepy! Well done for making clothes for them, I wouldn't know where to start, but the little outfits are very sweet and I'm sure a child will love them - kids often see past creepy!
    Hope you are feeling better now - we need a cold snap to kill all these nasty bugs (or is that a myth?).
    Love and hugs,
    Diana xx

  9. Must admit I thought those dolls looked rather creepy:) Love the outfits you've made for them.

    I know Debbie will be thrilled with anything you send for the Greyhound charity. I sent a parcel off yesterday of some jewellery I made up.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #27

  10. I know so many people who have these dolls and make them into gothic-horror dolls. I had one as a small child and remember sitting under the kitchen table and cutting all her hair off. Sadly, the patchy bald look was not an improvement :D
    Have a wonderful Wednesday - and the rest of the week too!

  11. Lots of crafty gorgeousness - your bag fabrics are lovely and those little dolly clothes are perfect. Hope you are feeling much better this week. Take care. x Jo

  12. Hiya Jan, hope you're feeling a bit better, you poor thing.Yes, I really need to get some ink on those eggs quick, mind you, at least you can't lose them, lol. Those dolls do look a little scary, don't they? Give anyone the creeps. Love and big hugs to you all, Shaz xxxx

  13. Sounding a bit smug about your wool basket missus!!! Very scary dolls, crikey, the child that loves those has definitely learned to overlook differences!!

  14. Love the doll clothes you made, am sure the recipient is thrilled to bits. Good on you for making them, especially as the dolls were a bit freaky to you.
    Hope you are soon over the lurgy that you have, not much fun when feeling ill for so long.
    Take care, thinking of you.
    Neet xx 3

  15. Freakiest doll faces I've ever seen!
    Thank you for teaching me the word furtle :)
    Happy Wednesday

  16. Hi Jan, well you did a great job dressing those scary eyed dolls, some child is going to love them. Another great tote underway and some gloriously cheery crochet are busy. Have a fab week Cheers RobynO#36

  17. Somehow I can't picture you as a rebel, Jan, but I'll take your word for it! Those dolls are not at all freaky, LOL! You must have watched one too many horror movies! They look cute in their new outfits - they are for a child, I take it, not for your band member! Though I'm surprised at anything these days. I tried to crochet once but gave up after the 12th stitch - I got all tangled! I'll give it another go one day! I can imagine that it's relaxing, especially on a winter's evening in front of the fire...hmmm! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #48

  18. Hope you feel better soon! Seems like there's a lot of it going around. My throat can't decide to be sore or not. It feels kind of scratchy but nothing worse -thank goodness!
    Creepy dolls lol. Before my daughter moved out she left one of the dolls her grandma had bought her out in her room. Son came home to sleep (stuck here because of snow)and had me put away the doll before he would sleep in there!
    I like the fabric - very nice. Have a good week!

    Sharon #50

  19. I'll have to search for the photo and show you a really creepy doll. It freaked the DH, our daughter (the recipient) and myself so much that I wrapped it up and threw it in the garbage. Never told my sister (the evil gifter). As always, Jan the bright colours in your fabric uplift me. :) Great to visit again....

  20. Poor you feeling I'll, hope you feel better soon, love the dolls outfits and as usual I love your materials, always brightens my day, you really find some gorgeous ones
    Jan no 33

  21. Glad you're feeling better and back up and running (rebel?). Great looking patchwork tote and I think I had a doll similar to those. The outfits are cute! Oh, love the bright colors in the crocheting! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #47

  22. I'm late, I'm late for a very important date :-) I've been chasing my tail all day but have now managed to get to check out a few of my fav blogs :-)
    I'm glad to hear your on the mend....these things take your time don't they? I'm loving the dollies and was more than happy to help....any time :-)
    Annie x # 11

  23. I missed you last week, and hope you are truly on the mend and not just saying that for our benefit.

    I've always had a thing for those dolls. Not a good thing, either. I know people who use them at Halloween and turn them into even more evil than they are now.

    The great musicians are dying left and right, aren't they? Seems like not that long ago, Scott Weiland, the singer for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, and someone I had met in person (along with his first wife, Mary), died. Now David Bowie. It's all so sad. Thanks for sharing that song. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  24. Oh yes I'm with you on the scary dolls ! Stick with bags for less nightmares I think ! Ali #13

  25. I'm very late joining in - problems with adding photos.

    Hope you feel completely better soon!!!! Like the outfits you made for the dolls! Lovely fabrics for Sue as well. Sad news indeed re David Bowie.
    Anne x #64

  26. Hi Jan, sorry to hear you've not been well. You were missed. And David Bowie will be sorely missed too - such a sad loss and him only a few months older than me, far too young! The dolls took me back. I was given several like them when I was a little girl back in the fifties. I remember the hair very well. My youngest brother used to cut their fringes off and draw moustaches on them - with a ballboint pen!!! Despite much scrubbing it was clear the moustaches were there to stay. Hope you continue to recover and have a good week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #51

  27. Hi Jan Sorry you've not been well. Hope you are feeling better. I had a virus over Christmas and I only just feel better. We all need some sun and icy cold weather! I agree with you on the dolls. Their eyes follow you about!
    Hugs Lynda B 14

  28. Hope you get well soon. I don't envy the task of making dolls clothes - the smaller they are the more difficult they are to make. Lovely bright colours of wool - are you crocheting a blanket?
    Bernice #66

  29. I am so totally NOT a doll person ( collector) so, I think that was very brave of you to make them some clothes :) ~Stacy #57

  30. having a couple of granddaughters I am over the freaky doll part for a while. I don't like dollies whose eyes open and close you said they look evil. Awesome quilt squares and I love the bright colors of your crochet...we need it with this miserable weather. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #61

  31. One Christmas my parents could only afford naked dolls for us 3 girls. My mom sewed each a complete wardrobe up to and including underware. A nice case to put the clothes into and it was a little girls dream gift from Santa. I still smile to this day when I remember this long ago Christmas! Love your outfits! Glenda #34

  32. Hope you're feeling better today? Those dolls are way too freaky so good on you I couldn't keep them in sight! Your crochet is glorious - I'm crocheting baby blankets for my footy friend. Bet you can guess the colours?!! Take care Zo xx 37

  33. My for being sick, you are sure getting a lot done. Love those colorful squares. Peg 66

  34. I hope you are feeling better! Glad to see I'm not the only one who finds some (ok...most) dolls a bit freaky/scary!I only had one Barbie growing up; to take care of the horses! LOL!

  35. Yep! Those dolls sure look freaky!!
    Thanks for the call yesterday. I needed that. We need a meet up as I need you to help me on something crotchety!!