Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 22 October 2014



I make a few things for a friend in the village to give as presents...a couple of weeks ago, she asked me to make bags for her grandchildren. Well, the 6 year old girl was easy...pretty little craft type tote with all the trimmings. But a 2 year old boy? He won't want a bag like that....

Choosing the fabric was the easy bit - I had half a metre of this fun owl print and some contrast linings. But I had to go and purchase some extra, very important, plastic bits.

Strap adjusters and D rings?  And no, it doesn't involve any strange hanky panky!! Cute owls, huh?

Can ya tell what it is yet?  ;-)

I thought a little lad would like a backpack in which to stash his lego/blasters/marbles etc etc but had never made one before. I found a tutorial on Sew Mama Sew's blog but if any of you out there fancy having a go, the method is sketchy in places. I'm glad that I have a reasonably good grasp of bag construction, so I was able to make some educated guesses cos the instructions were quite vague at times. Doing the strap adjusters for example. I'm still not entirely sure they're fitted correctly but it's too late now! And the straps slide through ok, so who's checking?!

I'm quite pleased with the result. Will shorten those strings though......

I just hope that the little lad likes it at Christmas!

I admired some knitted Remembrance poppies on Chrysalis' blog last week and she very kindly sent me her pattern....
I could NOT get a decent photo of these..the red was hard to get right.  They're actually so much nicer in real life. Here they look like a mad pair of eyes (or boobs!). But Chrysalis' pattern is so easy to do - I've enjoyed making them :-)

And here's some more In-Your-Face-Red....I grow these Kaffir Lilies together with Nerines at the edge of my raised veg beds in honour of my mum, who always had these for cutting in her garden. The sun was doing some good backlighting this morning - it made me smile and remember some great times when she was alive. I reckon this is a happy photo!

Finally (!), I went over to Julia's yesterday for a crafty day and lunch, we were joined by Fiona (Staring at the Sea) who drove up from lovely Dorset.  Julia kindly let me raid her scraps box for bits to make Christmas labels out of on her Cricut..
I tell you, I ain't a natural stamper! But it was fun.
It's not going to win any prizes, is it? LOL, but I don't care :-)
Fiona was using this really gorgeous SU stamp....
Julia was sorting out papers to go with photos for scrapbooking.....
In short, it was a really fun day!
And I got to riffle through Herself's button stash for black ones to sew onto more poppies! She's a good mate (but don't tell her I said so.....grin!)

Have a great week everyone :-)


  1. I see you were up late like me (unless you had scheduled It). It looks as though you had a great day of crafting and catching up with Julia and Fiona.. Your mention of Kaffir Lilies took me right back as my Mother treasured hers too. Sadly, mine vanished under the new raised beds as I had no idea where they were and no time to search. Hope the little boy loved his new and unique bag. xx Maggie (no number yet)

    1. Jan, I would love some of your Kaffir Lilies and I am looking forward to my next Crop. Thank you so much for that offer. xxx Maggie #38

  2. Crafting is always better with friends.

    Love the poppies and tag.

    Happy WOYWW. Sue #17

  3. The lilies are stunning, as are the poppies which I saw on FB, and the rucksack - am sure that will be loved! What a great day you 3 had yesterday, what fun...Helen 4

  4. THat the bag, the fabric is lovely. Well done you for making it. Looks like you had a fun day crafting.

  5. Holy cow. I read that you three got together, but didn't realize it was so "serious." Look Jan, you definitely can't be a worse stamper than me, and from what I saw, you did a far better job than I would.

    Awe, it's nearly time for the poppies, isn't it? Glad you are making a few. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  6. You ladies look like you were having so much fun while crafting. So much better to be able to craft along with others. Happy woyww Jill #29

  7. That bag looks really gorgeous Jan. Gorgeous photos of yet another fun day thanks to WOYWW and one thing is for certain and that is Julia MUST the best of friends if she lets you get your hands on her button stash :-)
    Annie x # 31

  8. Well, I love that rucksack you made. Very impressive. Love the fabric. Gorgeous lilies, rubber stamping too.
    From start to finish that was a good read Jan and how nice to craft with friends like that. I need a day with friends - good that one is coming up shortly.
    Have a good week - Hugs, Neet 34 xx

  9. Wow, Jan, that rucksack is amazing, you clever thing. I love it and so will the little lad I'm sure, you should go into business!!
    What great photos of you all having fun, looks like a great day and we'll make a stamper out of yet, lol, it's a lovely tag,
    Loved the pic of the Kaffir lillies too, they are my favourite at this time of year. I've got them in a really delicate pink too.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs Lisax #37

  10. A fun day crafting with friends, is lovely, I did the same myself this week!
    Well done on the rucksack it looks fab
    Jackie 25

  11. Hiya Jan, great rucksack, I'm sure he'll love it. Looks like the three of you had a smashing day, but with such great company, how could you not? Love your tag too- don't be so hard on yourself! Have a great week, Love Shaz xxx

  12. Jan, I can see one very happy boy beingecstatic over that bag on Christmas day, it is gorgeous,
    Didn't you have fun with Julia and Fiona, that deer stamping is beautiful.
    Chris #15

  13. Is there anything you can't do Jan ;D
    The backpack is gorgeous and yes they are such cute owls.
    I also loved your crochet flowers. Just so clever.
    It's funny how a plant can be such a strong reminder to our missed loved one's. Any rose takes me right back into my Grandmother's garden.
    Love all of the photos of your fun day. I bet there was some giggling done, as well as lots of lovely crafting of course.
    Happy WOYWW Neesie #51

  14. That's an amazingly lovely rucksack, Jan - he'll be delighted. Glad you were able to get some poppies done (and raid Julia's stash!) The lily is beautiful, too. So lovely when you can get together and craft with mates. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 3

  15. Valerieeeeeeeeeeeeeee, valeraaaaaaaaaa lol. I used to belt that one out whilst hiking as a Girl Scout ages and ages ago : D. What a great back pack, if it was a smidge bigger, I'd use the heck out of it lol (being slightly larger than the average 2 yo lol). Brilliant photos, red is my favorite color. Looks like you had a fabulous day stamping and cricuting. Happy WOYWW! #56.

  16. I can see you had a great time! Very kind of Julia to let you raid her scraps and use her cricut!
    By the way that rucksack is gorgeous! He'll be over the moon with that!
    Thank you for letting me have a peep of your workspace.
    Have a good week

  17. Such a fun post ! Always great to see fellow crafters. Looks like they truly enjoyed your stash. The backpack is awesome. Love the owls. You've a variety of things accomplished, and all so adorable. Thanks for stopping by. I've off to do some FUN things. A crafty space is calling.

  18. I love the little tykes backpack! and I'm sure he fill too. That owl print is so darn cute.

    It must be fun to have a day with other crafters, it does make me a little green with envy....grin But I do enjoy the pictures of all of you having a good time together.

    I think your tag turned out rather well.

    Krisha #61

  19. You ladies have been busy! So many lovely things! I adore this cute backpack!!!
    Gabriele 33

  20. What a cute bag - I'm sure the little boy will love it!
    Bernice #36

  21. That little rucksack is so cute. I'm sure it will be well loved. Lovely to see you yesterday. I think I'm looking *ever so slightly* crazed in that photo!

    Fiona #75

  22. Hello!

    It looks like you had so much fun! Your sewing skills are excellent and very creative! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  23. Oooo look at those lovely buttons. I am glad you were able to spend time with friends crafting. There is little better. Peg #20

  24. Looks like you had a great day crafting. I was told that practice made perfect with stamping but it never worked for me!!!
    Love that backpack, he is going to be jumping up and down when he opens the parcel!!
    Have a good week.
    Bishopsmate #60

  25. Great that you are so willing to try something new even though the pattern wasn't very good.... it turned out really well I sure he will love it.
    Looks like you girlies had a fun time and there is nothing wrong with your stamping.... you just need to believe :-0

  26. Jan - something funny happened after I wrote my comment and I think it disappeared! Oh well--I'll just say again how lovely you all are, what a fun time this looks like and how completely amazing your backpack sewing is!! Now lets see if it works to post. Love and hugs! Sandy Leigh #57

  27. Oh wow, that bag looks professionally made! I would so like to be able to sew like that! zsuzsa@ InkyDinkyDoodle #45

  28. Hi Jan, another fun post. Love the rucksack and I'm sure the little boy is going to love it too. I'd love to have a bash at making one myself ... just need to source the adjusters and D-rings. Maybe I'll find them at the SECC tomorrow, there's always a Sewing Fare alongside the Hobbycraft Show. Your crafty get-together looks a lot of fun ... your tag is smashing - you're a quick learner. And what is it about the colour red? It rarely photographs well. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #68

  29. Happy WOYWW Jan, what a lovely long post. I love the little boy's bag. Your flowers are gorgeous and it looks like a lot of fun was had all round.

    Cazzy x #66

  30. There's nothing better than to craft with a friend. Love the fabric and the gorgeous bag.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  31. Hi Wunch Wady Jan! Dis is Dio! I finally gots my mom to dew werkdesk Wed again! She bin bery bizy. I wish my mom wood make me bags and totes. I wik 'em! I waff wen you said da flowers looked like bewbs! I wik bewbs! I wik your pretty flowers too. Happy Days! Dio #79

  32. You are so clever, that bag is super. I love the owls and I'm positive he will love it. What is it with cameras taking red and turquoise. They never come out like we see them. I love your little boobies, oops poppies :) The photos of you all having fun crafting are fabulous. That flower is so beautiful, I thought I was clever keeping a gerbera alive.
    Have a great week,
    Von #13

  33. Hi Jan happy WOYWW, your boy backpack in fantastic and I'm glad you had a fun, enjoyable day with Julia and Fiona. Cheers RobynO#35

  34. Oh, my goodness, so envious! What fun! A great post! Loved the flower photo, too.
    Oh, by the way, that was an adorable backpack! #77

  35. Fab back pack and I can't imagine any little 2 year old who doesn't love "Hoot". You have the most gorgeous flowers - garden and knitted variety. Lovely to see woyww's together making a creative mess. Just wish you were all a bit closer to OZ.
    Sandra de @16

  36. What a brilliant little backpack, he'll love it, as do I. Love the flowers too neither of which are hardy in these climes sadly! But I do have lots of "normal" lilies in my garden. Fantastic to get together with mates to craft, especially ones who let you make a mess, use their stuff, raid their stash and then bugger off home lol!! I turned the heel on the mad yellow sock last night and honestly, I think the thing is going to fit Andrew, yet I'm knitting the small! How did that happen, lol. Pretty poppies too.

    Brenda 54

  37. What fun! and that backpack is adorable! Pretty flowers. Creative Blessings! Kelly #61

  38. Valgereeeeeeee, valgeraaaaaaaaaaa, valgeraaaaaaaaaaa aha valgereeeeee.
    Horrible pics of me, lovely day. You prolly can't have both being lovely!!

  39. That backpack is absolutely gorgeous! And how nice to craft together! What a great day!

  40. ooh lovely backpack and loving that material. I saw Chrysalis' poppies too, they are lovely (as are yours). I always admire those who can knit.

    Sounds like a fabulous day out and I agree Fiona's stamp looks fabulous.

    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    Kyla #11

  41. Blogger wouldn't let me add comments for a couple of days so I am just catching up with my desk snooping! Oh what a happy crafting day you had - so good to see the sharing and caring going on. Your little ruck sack is fab Jan - you are such a talented bag maker and the poppy design bikini top is stunning!! lol. x Jo